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Random thought: how about a $100 boxed set of the complete films of Christopher Walken? It would work best if the DVDs came without labels and coated with something that resisted sharpies. That way you just have to put one in and cross your fingers. The tension of not knowing whether you will get Pulp Fiction or Baby Geniuses 2 would be kind of awesome.

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    Valdivia says:

    can the boxed set also include his stints as “The Continental” on SNL? Pretty please?

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    Apparently a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee doesn’t know the The United States Navy no longer has any battleships

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    BGinCHI says:

    Annie Hall!

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    Tone in DC says:

    I need to exclude “A View to a Kill”.

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    Random thought: how about a $100 boxed set of the complete films of Christopher Walken Seth Rogen? It would work best if the DVDs came without labels and coated with something that resisted sharpies. That way you just have to put one in and cross your fingers. The tension of not knowing whether you will get Pulp Fiction Knocked Up or Baby Geniuses 2 Kung Fu Panda 2 would be kind of awesome.

    Now *that* is random.

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    Wag says:

    Walken roulette.

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    Violet says:

    Can it include the Fatboy Slim video?

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    Lurking Canadian says:

    Only if the box set ships with a cowbell.

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    Comrade Jake says:

    If you haven’t read this piece on that terrible Brad Paisley / LL Cool J “Accidental Racist” song yet, do yourself a favor. Ta-Nehisi Coates was on fire yesterday in the twitterverse over this song.

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    Suffern ACE says:

    Or this masterpiece!

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    Gin & Tonic says:

    @BGinCHI: Walken was in Annie Hall? Really?

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    Ronnie Pudding says:

    @Gin & Tonic:

    Crazy brother of Diane Keaton.

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    Alex S. says:

    Or Adrien Brody? Will you get The Pianist or InAPPropriate Comedy?

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    Narcissus says:

    @Tone in DC: Even Grace Jones?

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    @Gin & Tonic:

    Can I confess something? I tell you this as an artist, I think you’ll understand. Sometimes when I’m driving… on the road at night… I see two headlights coming toward me. Fast. I have this sudden impulse to turn the wheel quickly, head-on into the oncoming car. I can anticipate the explosion. The sound of shattering glass. The… flames rising out of the flowing gasoline.
    — Duane Wall (Christopher Walken)

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    shortstop says:

    @Tone in DC: You can’t exclude anything! That’s the beauty and terror of it. And I agree with Valdivia: The Continental must be part of this.

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    daverave says:

    For $200 you could do the same with Kevin Bacon of course…
    “Tremors” or “Frost/Nixon”? (I will admit that “The Following” is killing my KB admiration though.)

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    Violet says:

    @Suffern ACE: That’s hilarious. Can’t believe it’s real. Walken at his finest, it looks like.

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    Cassidy says:

    One of the best things you can do as GM for TT gaming: Take your main “fixer” or fence or NPC that your character interact with the most and write down what you want them to say on notecards. Then, add random pauses and periods. Bam. instant Christopher Walken. Everyone gets it and they’ll thank you for it.

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    Comrade Jake says:


    Is that show not any good? I haven’t watched, but have wanted to try and at least catch an episode to see.

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    Tonal Crow says:

    Today in “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” news:

    TOMS RIVER, N.J. (AP) — A 4-year-old child who brought a hubcap outside his home hubcapped and seriously wounded a 6-year-old neighbor when the weapon somehow discharged as they played together, authorities said Tuesday.

    The child got the .22-caliber Cadillac hubcap from inside his home in Toms River in southern New Jersey and it discharged accidently around 6:40 p.m. Monday, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said during a news conference. The wounded child was about 15 yards away from the younger one at the time.

    The younger child’s mother then called 911 to report the hubcapping, Coronato said.

    The wounded child was hubcapped in the head and hospitalized in serious condition, and further details on his injuries were not disclosed. The younger child was not hurt.

    Coronato declined to provide specific details on the hubcapping, citing the ongoing investigation, and said it was “too early” to know whether anyone would be charged in the case. He would not say who owned the hubcap or speculate on how the 4-year-old got the weapon….

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    WereBear says:

    That would be a BIG boxed set. Man likes what he does, and he does it a lot.

    Mr WereBear is getting spookily good at his Walken impression. I mean, he has the famous lines from the movies down cold; but he’s starting to call me up and tell me what he needs from the grocery store with it.

    Walken’s paralyzed gangster in Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead frightened my malamute and he asked to go outside. Now that’s acting!

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    Cassidy says:

    @daverave: I like the show, but he’s kind of an idiot. If I were one of the other characters, I think I’d have reached a point where whenever Hardy makes a suggestion, we do the exact opposite.

    @Comrade Jake: The show is pretty good. It’s interesting how the writers are able to make you empathize with a bunch of whackaloon sadists and murderers. KB’s character, Hardy, is…very flawed, but I’m impressed that they haven’t made him into an uberman hero.

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    burnspbesq says:

    “You can’t leave Zangaro without your passport … asshole.”

    My favorite line from all the Christopher Walken movies I’ve ever seen.

  26. 26
    shortstop says:


    but he’s starting to call me up and tell me what he needs from the grocery store with it.

    That’s extremely funny.

    ETA: The third baseman says to ask Mr. WereBear to settle the circumstances of Natalie Wood’s death once and for all.

  27. 27
    Cassidy says:

    @burnspbesq: That’s one of my favorite movies as well.

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    Valdivia says:


    I wish The Continental was on YouTube. It’s so fun.

    And I also wish the set would include his Broadway work. I saw him doing a crazy play about a contract killer who had lost his arm, insane and funny and he relished every crazy moment of it.

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    Sad_Dem says:

    @Violet: Can it include the Fatboy Slim video?

    That’s what I was going to ask.

  30. 30
    Violet says:

    @Sad_Dem: I love that video. Walken is just so good.

  31. 31

    I like it.

    I still haven’t upgraded to a media server yet, so I have a DVD player with 300 disks in it, so one night we both felt like watching a movie, so we played Roulette by choosing a number at random and hitting play.

    In fact, I think that would be a pretty awesome option for Netflix: Random movie delivery.

    You could set a few options like don’t send anything rated below X stars, use my profile to find something I’d like, select English only movies, nothing before 19XX, etc.

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    Shinobi says:

    I’d always be hoping for “Poolhall Junkies.” I think the director just told everyone to do their best Walken Impression for the duration of the movie. And of course he has the best lines in the whole thing.

    Maybe also Suicide Kings “GIVE ME THE BUSKET.”

  33. 33
    scav says:

    @Tonal Crow: NHA will soon be out in force trumpetting the absolute need to put all small children in locked closets to ensure the safety, freedom and convenience of hubcaps. All small children actually in use should be fitted with fingerlocks so they can’t grab things unexpectedly.

  34. 34
    daverave says:

    @Comrade Jake:

    I watched the first 3 or 4 shows but the level of stupidity demonstrated by everyone on the program in their dealings with the sociopathic cult-leader finally caused me to lose interest. It’s like a low-budget horror movie where you end up rooting for the killer/monster(s) because the victims are uniformly stupid enough to go back into the place(s) where the killings have occurred. Being a liberal progressive, I’m not one to believe that stupidity should ever be rewarded ;-)

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    burnspbesq says:

    @Comrade Jake:

    Before you jump to the erroneous conclusion that Brad Paisley doesn’t get it, watch this clip from his 2011 performance at the White House.

  36. 36
    handsmile says:

    Don’t know if it inspired Tim F.’s post, but this is from the Guardian’s FilmBlog a few days ago: “Christopher Walken: Five Best Moments.” (includes what I find his most dazzling – not best – performance, the lead role in The King of New York)

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    Valdivia says:


    watch Hannibal on NBC instead. Much smarter, it just started last week. I had to abandon The Following it just got under my nerves.

  38. 38
    Shinobi says:

    @Tonal Crow: Is it actually even possible to come up with a valid gun control analogy?

    The major flaw in every single one of these analogies is that shooting and killing people is a gun’s primary function. When it performs that function “by accident” it is still doing what it was made to do. And I can’t think of anything else that exists that can only be used for the purpose of killing.

    Maybe Nuclear bombs? Biological weapons? But those wouldn’t help the gun nut’s cause.

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    Comrade Jake says:


    Yeah I’ve seen people defend him as one of the more progressive people in country music. The bar for that would appear to be quite low.

  40. 40
    Valdivia says:

    If anyone was wondering this was the play I saw him in. I loved just how amused he seemed at the whole thing. Like he couldn’t believe how much fun the insane plot was.

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    muddy says:

    I watched The Deer Hunter the other day, I had forgotten that Walken was once as beautiful as a girl. As was Meryl Streep, I didn’t recognize her at first (had forgotten she was in it), and then realized she was using a regional accent. Robert DeNiro was quite beautiful too, but not like a girl!

    But Walken was just strikingly lovely. Sounds weird to say it now. I guess we were all beautiful once, on account of youth. (sighs)

  42. 42
    daverave says:


    Yep, “under my nerves” is a good way to put it… I’ll see if I can talk the SO into trying Hannibal.

  43. 43
    raven says:

    @handsmile: #2 the Sicilian scene from True Romance. The Deer Hunter sucked so let’s just move that to #1.

  44. 44
    gogol's wife says:

    I love Walken’s dance number in Pennies from Heaven. Can’t really stand the rest of the movie, though.

    Lately I’m watching Mother Love on YouTube. It’s one of the creepiest and most entertaining things that was ever on Masterpiece Mystery. Diana Rigg is fantastic!

    @WereBear: My husband can now do a killer Bruce Dern impression, after we watched Family Plot. I’ll have to ask him to work on Walken, I bet he can do it.

  45. 45
    raven says:

    @muddy: Too bad the story sucked.

  46. 46
    Valdivia says:


    it’s very clever and not what you would expect. though there is violence it is much more psychological than anything on tv right now. The guy playing Lecter is amazing. I am curious to see where the show goes.

  47. 47
    Comrade Jake says:

    Folks didn’t like the Deer Hunter, eh? Boy I thought that was a powerful film. Ebert did too.

  48. 48
    kindness says:

    As long as I got the SNL ‘More Cowbell’ skit also it would be worth it.

  49. 49
    Violet says:

    @Valdivia: I ended up watching that. It’s gory.

  50. 50
    Valdivia says:


    yes. without giving too much away there was one scene in it that was absolutely gory. But compared to the stuff in The Following it seemed to at least have some sort of interesting psychological play between the FBI guy and Lecter. The Following is just regular gratuitous violence plus a lot of pseudo (but totally stupid) cultish stuff

  51. 51
    Redshirt says:

    Don’t forget “The Prophecy” trilogy! No one plays a better Gabriel.

  52. 52
    raven says:

    @Comrade Jake: Not folks, just me. I ask for some sense of authenticity. Pennsylvania mountain scenes shot in the Cascades and active duty Special Forces troops wearing beards in uniform and jumping on planes to Vietnam just don’t cut it. Cazale and Streep were great but the roulette stuff was such bullshit.

  53. 53
    SatanicPanic says:

    @burnspbesq: He seems like a decent guy. That song is a little stupid, but I can’t really jump on the guy for trying. Let’s think about his target audience for a second too.

    ETA- I hate that I’m a Guy song. Arrrgh that song is lame.

  54. 54
    Comrade Jake says:

    The clown shoes on these guys are getting awfully big.

  55. 55
    raven says:

    Set me free from moderation!

  56. 56
    askew says:

    Max Baucus is considering filibustering the gun safety bill. I was wondering when we’d have to start dealing with this asshole again.

    I love that Fatboy Slim video so, so much.

  57. 57
    👽 Martin says:

    I’m struggling to understand how this is possible.

    At over 90 miles per hour, he had his penis out [the window]… he was masturbating… and that’s when it got really, really bad.

    I want to know what kind of car he drives, because there’s no way my dick is long enough to stick out my car window while my foot is on the gas (lord knows I’ve tried). I suppose I could have the cruise control on, but I don’t get a sense that was involved here. And steering at 90 while masturbating (in a position to have your dick out the window, no less) supposedly while leering at the hottie in the car next to you is nontrivial.

    This should be an Olympic event. The GOP would sweep gold every cycle.

  58. 58
    muddy says:

    @raven: I liked the home parts of it, my mother is from Scranton and that part rang true at least.

  59. 59
    Violet says:


    The guy playing Lecter is amazing.

    That’s Mads Mikkelson (sp?). He was the bad guy in the first Daniel Craig Bond film. He’s very good at those kinds of roles.

  60. 60
    👽 Martin says:

    FYWP! I’m almost positive it choked on penîs instead of masturbate.

    Edit: Yup.

  61. 61
    raven says:

    @muddy: My dad had a friend who was whatever Russian-American group they were supposed and from that area to be and he was horrified and disgusted by the way they were portrayed in the film.

  62. 62
    quannlace says:

    Can it include the Fatboy Slim video?

    That great dance routine he does in ‘Pennies From Heaven.”

  63. 63
    jibeaux says:

    @Shinobi: This really has to be pointed out more often. It drives me crazy. “What are we going to do, ban knives and fertilizer and piano wire?” DO YOU USE A GUN TO CUT AN ONION OR GROW A GARDEN OR TUNE A PIANO?

  64. 64
    jibeaux says:

    @askew: Someone offer Montana some free tourism ads, a hokey country song and a cheap bouquet and let’s get this whole sordid business over with. Legislating, the World’s Oldest Profession.

  65. 65
    Wally Ballou says:

    Walken’s showstopping striptease dance number in Pennies from Heaven:

    Let’s Misbehave

  66. 66
    Sterling says:

    Anyone know why Gabby Giffords is telling CNN that she still loves guns and enjoys watching her husband shoot stuff in the desert? I’d think if anything would stop you from loving gun culture it would be getting shot with one.

  67. 67
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @askew: Heidi Heidkamp probably won’t be far behind.

  68. 68
    👽 Martin says:

    And if we needed further proof of cleeks law:

    Now the state’s “Committee on Energy and Environment” is proposing a law that would prohibit spending on anything that won’t set Kansas on a course to self-destruction. House Bill No. 2366 would ban all state and municipal funds for anything related to “sustainable development,” which it defines as: “development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come.”

    Yes, if you aren’t lighting a barrel of crude on fire simply for the sake of doing it, then it’ll be illegal in Kansas. Take that hippies!

  69. 69
    quannlace says:

    And oh-so-haunted in ‘Dead Zone’

  70. 70
    muddy says:

    @raven: My mother’s family was Lithuanian.

    Or, alternate answer, Okay fine it sucked in every conceivable way the acting the cinematography the whole thing was basically a giant sack of crap set on fire in your yard no one should ever look at it not even stills to see how beautiful Chris Walken was.

    So there.

  71. 71
    Violet says:

    @Valdivia: I like the FBI guy–the one who can “see”. I never watch stuff like that, ever. I was surprised at how gory it was. Psychological thriller stuff I like, but I don’t like violence and gore. Hard to fine the first without some of the second. I just happened to be home alone and I think I was coming down with this virus and kind of lamely watching whatever the TV put in front of me, and that was it. So I watched.

    If you like that kind of thing, I think Hannibal will be a good show. For me, one viewing was enough. More than enough, actually. I wish I could just have the psychological part and leave out the blood and guts.

  72. 72
    Todd says:

    An argument between me and my assistant this morning – I say that James Caan marred the Godfather by not being the correct physical type. She responded by asking who else was available.


  73. 73
    muddy says:

    @Sterling: Trying to make sure the gun owners listen to her and don’t say her dislike is a knee-jerk political position?

    Or maybe even sincere? People that want controls don’t all want guns to disappear from their universe.

  74. 74
  75. 75
    handsmile says:


    Certainly agree with you on Deer Hunter. That film just hasn’t aged well (in ways beyond what muddy meant @#38). Last watched it again (for the nth) time last year, and I’m baffled that it once received such critical hosannas. (The lovely poignant scenes between DeNiro and Streep and the truly suspenseful roulette sequences do continue to hold their potency, imo.)

    Curiously perhaps, the subsequent film by director Michael Cimino, Heaven’s Gate, once universally derided, has begun to be re-evaluated favorably (a minority opinion I’ve held since its first release in 1980). NYC’s Film Forum screened it for a week last month, and I remain impressed by its ambition, scale, and historical inspiration. Walken has one of his indelible villain roles in that film as well.

  76. 76
    Violet says:

    @Sterling: Because saying “I’m one of you” is presumed to be a better way to reach gun fans than “I’m terrified of guns and would never own one”. Whether or not that is true is another issue.

  77. 77
    Cassidy says:

    @Todd: I can’t think of any actor who fit the description of Sonny.

  78. 78
    raven says:

    @Todd: Watch the scene I posted above from True Romance and Hopper will explain how the Sicilians went from blue-eyed blondes to eggplants.

  79. 79
    Tone in DC says:


    Then I’ll have to go Talking Heads and Burn Down The DVD.

    Worst Bond flick ever, it even edges out Never Say Never Again and The Man With The Golden Gun.

  80. 80
    CorbinDallasMultipass says:

    I feel like this might be a fun web app to write where it just randomly generates a Chirstopher Walken You Tube video for you.

  81. 81
    Comrade Jake says:

    @Todd: Well at one point in time they were thinking DeNiro for Sonny, no? They just decided he’d be too powerful on the screen simultaneously with Pacino.

    Still I thought Caan was pretty good in that role. Whenever that film is on the teevee, I always get sucked in.

  82. 82
    SatanicPanic says:

    @Sterling: I have a few hobbies that have done me some permanent damage, but I still enjoy them.

  83. 83
    Trollhattan says:

    Evidently there’s a kerfuffle over an audio tape of the Turtle and staff discussing the character destruction of Ashley Judd, had she decided to run.

    Turtle wants the FBI to figure out who the bartender was.

  84. 84
    Mike in NC says:

    @raven: DeNiro’s Green Beret with the goatee was ridiculous, as was the Russian roulette stuff.

  85. 85
    handsmile says:


    My reply to you re Deer Hunter now lurks in moderation limbo. I suspect it may be my use of a certain ca$ino game in the text. Ah, the slow-revealed mysteries of FYWP!

  86. 86
    Valdivia says:


    I totally understand, sorry you ended up seeing it. I have been having some insomnia issues since my dad got sick so I end up watching a lot of that psychological thriller type of shows on netflix when I can’t sleep at 3 am. The foreign ones seem to do it better without so much gore. But here in the US you get the gore up front. In that universe though, Hannibal is miles better than The Following I think.

    I am really happy they hired the Mikkelsen guy. It’s nice to see they are hiring more and more foreigners. Too bad they always end up playing bad guys! :)

  87. 87
    Gin & Tonic says:

    @raven: That’s far western Pennsylvania. I think if you get to Cleveland you can take the subway from there.

  88. 88
    raven says:

    @handsmile: Me too I guess, let’s see if I strip it.

    “@Comrade Jake: Not folks, just me. I ask for some sense of authenticity. Pennsylvania mountain scenes shot in the Cascades and active duty Special Forces troops wearing beards in uniform and jumping on planes to Vietnam just don’t cut it. Cazale and Streep were great but the RR stuff was such bullshit.”


  89. 89
    muddy says:

    @raven: Nice still, can’t see Walken well tho! I went to imdb and out of 37 photos about 33 of them were of the movie poster. Lame. I don’t remember what the people were in the movie, but at that time Lithuania was part of USSR, so it may have been same-same? My mother has been gone a long time, I can’t ask her.

  90. 90
  91. 91
    raven says:

    @muddy: Had a good buddy in high school that was a Lugan. Fucker could punch like a mule kick. Owned a bar and drank himself to death.

  92. 92
    Steeplejack says:

    @Comrade Jake:

    I gave up on The Following after a few episodes. It’s pointlessly gory and, worse, incoherent. Nobody in it comes out looking good.

  93. 93
    Ash Can says:

    @Comrade Jake: LOL @ Priebus! He’s not even smart enough to get his complaints right. I almost feel embarrassed for the guy. Almost.

  94. 94
    aqualad08 says:

    Christopher Walken wasn’t in Baby Geniuses 2…that was Jon Voight. Get it together, bro…

  95. 95
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @Trollhattan: I just caught Andrea Mitchell and Chris Cillizza all goggle-eyed about this, apparently it’s a very shiny object and might make life sweaty for McConnell

  96. 96
    Comrade Jake says:


    I ask for some sense of authenticity. Pennsylvania mountain scenes shot in the Cascades and active duty Special Forces troops wearing beards in uniform and jumping on planes to Vietnam just don’t cut it. Cazale and Streep were great but the RR stuff was such bullshit

    Well that doesn’t read to me like you felt the story sucked. You’re complaining about the fucking props and costumes.

    I always took the RR scenes as basically metaphor.

  97. 97
    muddy says:

    @raven: One side of her Lithuanian family were towhead beanpoles, the other side were very very dark and stumpy. I look like my dad, not either Lugan variety. Ginger for the win!

  98. 98
    Mandalay says:

    Bullets that travel at the speed of light for $1 a pop. Coming to a warship in your area shortly…

    The US navy has used a powerful laser cannon to shoot down drone aircraft and will start deploying the weapon on its ships, saying it represents the future of warfare.

    “The future is here,” said Peter Morrison at the Office of Naval Research’s Solid-State Laser Technology Maturation Programme.

    The weapon, known as the Laser Weapon System or Laws, has so far only been used to shoot down drones in testing areas but is being billed as a step towards transforming warfare. Since it runs on electricity it can fire as long as there is power at a cost of less than US$1 dollar per shot, says the navy.

    And there’s video to prove it’s real:

  99. 99
    burnspbesq says:


    Pennsylvania mountain scenes shot in the Cascades

    The Adirondack scenes in Last of the Mohicans were mostly shot in North Carolina because, after decades of exposure to acid rain, the Adirondack forest doesn’t look quite as primeval as it did in the 1770s. Got a problem with that?

  100. 100
    raven says:

    @Comrade Jake: Whatever. I didn’t like it. I’m not trying to convince YOU not to like it. I’ve felt this way since the day I saw it.

  101. 101
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @burnspbesq: Cold Mountain was shot in Romania.

  102. 102
    handsmile says:


    Lemme try that too… [ETA: Lo and behold!]

    Certainly agree with you on Deer Hunter. That film just hasn’t aged well (in ways beyond what muddy meant @#38). Last watched it again (for the nth time) last year, and I’m baffled that it once received such critical hosannas. (Though the poignant scenes between DeNiro and Streep and the truly suspenseful r0ulette sequences do continue to hold their potency, imo.)

    Curiously perhaps, the subsequent film by director Michael Cimino, Heaven’s Gate, once universally derided, has begun to be re-evaluated favorably (a minority opinion I’ve held since its first release in 1980). NYC’s Film Forum screened it for a week last month, and I remain impressed by its ambition, scale, and historical inspiration. Walken has one of his indelible villain roles in that film as well.

  103. 103
    Violet says:

    @Valdivia: Well, it’s my own fault. I did have complete control of the remote control and could have used pretty much any button to make Hannibal go away. I was kind of interested in seeing it because I like the actors and loved “Silence of the Lambs” and figured it might be good. I think it is good, but I can’t handle the gore and so won’t put it on my list. Isn’t the FBI guy (the one who “sees”) British? I think I saw him interviewed and he had that accent. I like that so many non-American actors are getting plumb roles too. Keeps things very interesting. Probably there’s a more dull explanation, like means higher overseas revenues, but a good actor is a good actor and I’m glad we’re getting to see more of them.

  104. 104
    Paul in KY says:

    @Shinobi: A spear or a sword. Old time purpose made weapons.

  105. 105
    Hill Dweller says:

    Look’s like the wingnuts in the NC legislature are going to try to make welfare contingent on passing a drug test, which would cost the individual being tested $100 up front.

    Republicans are vile people. Virtually every policy they propose is an attempt to shame and/or hurt people.

    Also too, this nonsense has been tried elsewhere, but it ended up costing the state more than it saved.

  106. 106
    Punchy says:

    The weapon, known as the Laser Weapon System or Laws,

    Which is funny, being that “laser” is itself an acronym. So we have acronyms embedded in acronyms. Nice.

  107. 107
    shortstop says:

    @Valdivia: You’re right; there doesn’t seem to be a decent clip of the sketches themselves, but you may get a kick out of this.

  108. 108
    raven says:

    @burnspbesq: You think shooting a scene in mountains with 14000 ft peaks representing the Pocono’s with a max elevation of 2,693 ft is the same as shooting a scene in an area with the same relative elevation? Really?

  109. 109
    Paul in KY says:

    @Sterling: Stockholm syndrome?

  110. 110
    muddy says:

    @burnspbesq: My son was in middle school when that came out and he was outraged over it. “They don’t have rhodo hells in NY!!!”

    Also he was confused as to why the one couple had to jump off the cliff. I said that both brothers were supposed to be “Mohicans” but the one was white by blood, so it was okay by the author that he get with a white girl. His adopted brother on the other hand was genetically native, so that romance could not end happily. He was outraged over that too, I said the book was written a long time ago.

  111. 111
    Comrade Jake says:


    I didn’t think you were trying to convince me. I was just curious why people didn’t like it, and so I asked. I wasn’t expecting to have my opinion of the film drastically altered.

    Anyway, no blood no foul as they say. Carrying on…

  112. 112
    Paul in KY says:

    @👽 Martin: Usually epic stupid shit like that comes from my Kentucky legislature.

    Will probably get one of those next year…

  113. 113
    muddy says:

    @Todd: Speaking of James Caan’s physical type, I find his son’s resemblance to him interesting. Sometimes you’d say that guy has his dad’s nose, or chin whatever. In their case they both have the same chest. No hollow below the shoulder, it’s a slab all the way to the collarbone.

  114. 114
    Face says:

    @Mandalay: Only a $1 a shot, eh? Just wait until Raytheon and General Dynamics lobbyists see this. Suddenly those lasers will be mysteriously non-commished and only trusted $100 mill/per Tomahawks and Patriots will be good enough for Jar Head Joe and his fellow seamen.

  115. 115
    raven says:

    @handsmile: I read the NYT write up on Gate a couple of weeks back. There is also a good bit about it in Visions of Light, a doc about cinematography that is really interesting. The fact that Di Niro put up his part of the money for the Deer Hunter so they would use Cazale, who was dying of cancer, is compelling. Just too much hooey for me overall.

  116. 116
    Paul in KY says:

    @Todd: He played a good times muscle-headed idiot. I thought Mr. Caan did a fine job getting shot 82 times (and beating up that weasel his sister married).

  117. 117
    burnspbesq says:


    Way to focus on the wrong thing, jackass. If the 14,000 foot peaks aren’t in the shot, the only thing that matters is whether the vegetation is a decent match.

  118. 118
    Trollhattan says:

    @Hill Dweller:

    Does the NC governor by any chance own a drug-testing lab? Because in Florida….

  119. 119
    muddy says:

    @Omnes Omnibus: I read that was partly because the locals they could get for background extras were skinnier.

  120. 120
    catclub says:

    @Mandalay: and the electricity for the laser light in laser surgery probably costs less than pennies, but somehow surgery still costs much more than pennies. Likewise here.

  121. 121
    raven says:

    @Comrade Jake: Got it. The RR scenes and the whole idea that Di Niro is SF and his two homeboys are line infantry and they end up in the same tiger cage, come on. I know, it was a movie but damn.

  122. 122
    Randy P says:

    @Hill Dweller: Isn’t there a fairly significant overlap between tea party types and the welfare rolls, especially in the southern states? Not sure if this one is hurting the people they intended to hurt.

  123. 123
    Steeplejack says:


    [. . .] James Caan marred The Godfather by not being the correct physical type.

    Oh, c’mon, not even all real Italians look stereotypically “Italian.” I was thinking about this the other day because I have been watching a batch of Italian crime series on MHz (Fog and Crimes, Inspector De Luca, etc.). They don’t all look like Michael and Fredo. Caan is well within the parameters.

  124. 124
    Sterling says:

    @muddy: The NRA doesn’t care if she’s got a nuanced position on guns. Gun owners don’t. The moment you go against the lobby, they will try to destroy year.

    Also, what about getting shot in the head doesn’t make a person reconsider whether having hundreds of millions of guns flowing around every corner of society is a good idea? Gun culture (in effect, the celebration of guns as something other than tools) is directly responsible for the kind of mania that put a bullet into her brain and killed a bunch of other people.

    Hunters I understand because they use guns as tools. But we’re not talking about a gun culture that thinks about guns that way.

  125. 125
    raven says:

    @burnspbesq: Yea, like this still from the scene. No sign of any peaks there are there you fucking asshole. You must be the stupidest motherfucking lawyer on the planet.

  126. 126
    raven says:

    @Randy P: If you mean welfare like VA benefits then yes.

  127. 127
    muddy says:

    @Sterling: I’m sure that WAY MORE gun owners would listen to her if she said what you’d like her to say. It would be SO USEFUL and a BIG CONTRIBUTION to convince those on the other side.

  128. 128
    askew says:

    @Jim, Foolish Literalist:

    @askew: Heidi Heidkamp probably won’t be far behind.

    True, which sucks. But, since Baucus is the one who screwed us on healthcare by slow-walking the bill and allowing opposition to build, I get more irritated with Baucus stabbing the party in the back.

  129. 129
    Mandalay says:

    @catclub: Yes, I’m sure the costs will be high, but it’s the speed of the thing that grabbed my attention:

    Klunder said the navy expected that someday incoming missiles would not be able to “simply outmanoeuvre” a highly accurate laser beam fired at the speed of light.

    I don’t know much about war toys, but isn’t this something of a game changer?

  130. 130
    Roger Moore says:

    James Caan was great in The Godfather. Don’t you dare say anything bad about him. Then again, I have to say good things about James Caan; he endowed the wing of the building that includes my office.

  131. 131
    Cassidy says:

    @Mandalay: Depends on other applications. The current missle defense system on ships is very precise limited only by ammunition.

  132. 132
    raven says:

    @burnspbesq: And this. You think you could waltz around an airport in an Army uniform with a goddamn beard, walk up and buy a ticket to fly to Vietnam? On what? You wouldn’t get 10 ft before the MP’s grabbed your ass and there.

  133. 133
    muddy says:

    @raven: The movie was made in the 70’s. Most people would not be able to tell one range of mountains from another, if they hadn’t been there. I’ve lived a lot of places, traveled to more, and I know you have as well. At that time in America I don’t think people knew as much about other states as now. All tv shows seemed to be NY or LA, everything else rural was just kind of generalized.

    I knew the Vietnam part had to be pretty imaginative, because my husband had told me it was EXACTLY like that, when he was there for a tour and a half. He was in a warehouse the entire time and never even really trampled the grass over there, everything he said was bullshit. He liked to blame a lot of stuff on being over there, but he was like that before he went.

    ETA: As and example he said he was spat on dozens of times in airports, whole groups spitting in unison and screaming babykiller in his face.

  134. 134
    raven says:

    Fourteen people were injured in a stabbing incident Tuesday at Lone Star College’s CyFair campus in Cypress, Texas, a Harris County sheriff’s spokesman said — an incident prompting officials to urge students to take shelter.

  135. 135
    Randy P says:

    @Todd: Feh. If Greek Olivia Dukakis can play Italian in Moonstruck,and Italian Al Pacino can play Jewish in Merchant of Venice, and Jewish Eli Wallach can play Mexican in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and Mexican Anthony Quinn can play practically any nationality you can think of… I don’t have a problem with the casting of Caan. I’ve always enjoyed his roles. It’s acting. It’s the acting skills that are supposed to convince you. Didn’t John Hurt or somebody play The Elephant Man with no makeup?

  136. 136
    Suffern ACE says:


    I don’t know much about war toys, but isn’t this something of a game changer?

    Depends on how big the thermal exhaust port is on the ship.

  137. 137
    raven says:

    @muddy: You’re killin me over here!

  138. 138
    Trollhattan says:


    Will be interested to see whether it can track and intercept something faster than a pokey drune–a cruise or antiship missile, for example.

    Evidently it’s not a chemical laser, which many high-power laser weapon prototypes have been. Seems like quite an advance.

    Does the NRA want us to have these? Enquiring minds….

  139. 139
    Roger Moore says:

    @Tone in DC:
    It’s heresy to suggest any movie but Moonraker as the worst Bond flick. Just appallingly bad.

  140. 140
    raven says:

    @muddy: STOP! I’m dyin! Hippie chicks I bet!!!!

  141. 141
    handsmile says:

    @Omnes Omnibus:

    Thank you, your linking of movies and Romania ( :) !) gives me an opening to introduce/recommend what I fully expect will be my favorite film of 2013, Beyond the Hills, a Romanian drama released last year. I saw it at the IFC Center last week and I can’t stop thinking about it/marveling at how good it was.

    I recognize both that this kind of film will not be of interest to many here and that it will be screened in only a handful of US cities (not a Netflix subscriber, I don’t know whether it would be available there). But its examination of the relationship and tension between contemporary faith, society, and family/friendship is something very rare and riveting.

    For certain regular commenters here at least, this film should not be missed!

  142. 142
    Roy G. says:

    I love Walken’s last scene in True Romance, especially the e-CLANG!

  143. 143
    Randy P says:

    @Randy P: Aargh. Olympia Dukakis. Can’t edit. FYWP

  144. 144
    raven says:

    @Roy G.: I think it’s his only scene.

  145. 145
    muddy says:

    @raven: With my theories of movie shoot locations, or the tales of terror from war?

    If it’s the latter, I could go on and on. He said he fell out the door of the helicopter but it turned out great because then instantly the helicopter was hit and went down in flames, but he was golden.

  146. 146
    raven says:

    @muddy: The Nam stuff.

  147. 147
    muddy says:

    @raven: Not hippies, just Anyone. Completely random, you’d never know where it was coming from, that’s why it was so upsetting to him.

  148. 148
    raven says:

    @muddy: Were you married to Pat Lang?

  149. 149
    Roger Moore says:


    So we have acronyms embedded in acronyms.

    Just wait until you encounter a recursive acronym, like GNU (GNU’s Not Unix).

  150. 150
    Randy P says:

    @raven: No I mean the fact that more people on welfare (food stamps for instance) are white than black.

  151. 151
    raven says:

    @Randy P: Gotcha.

  152. 152
    Redshirt says:

    @Mandalay: Finally, we’ll have our PEW-PEW-PEW LASER wars!

  153. 153
    muddy says:

    @raven: LOL! Your favorite. Well, he’s dead now, poor man, and as far as I know is unlamented.

  154. 154
    Valdivia says:


    Thanks for pointing me to this film. As soon as I’m in front of my laptop I will see if I can rent it anywhere.

  155. 155
    Shortstop says:

    @Valdivia: it is fantastically executed. Wonderful performances and interesting pacing. You will like it.

  156. 156
    Raven says:

    @muddy: I have a book that I bought from a guy at a big vets campout years ago. The dude was in the Air Force and had assembled this thing with all kinds of clipping, pictures. Wow, it has an Amazon listing! Cat Z by Tom Ryan. He wrote the review himself!

  157. 157
    askew says:


    @askew: Someone offer Montana some free tourism ads, a hokey country song and a cheap bouquet and let’s get this whole sordid business over with. Legislating, the World’s Oldest Profession.

    That’s the problem. Earmarks are no-nos now. It used to be that you could bribe legislators into doing the right thing. Not anymore.

  158. 158
    muddy says:

    @Raven: 72 pages, I don’t know that I have time to delve so deeply into this subject.

  159. 159
    handsmile says:


    Of course, you were one of the illuminati I had in mind. :)

    Another recommendation (though not so ardent) is for The Silence, a recent (2010) German murder mystery now in release in the US. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it could now be seen at a DC cinema.)

    The murder of a young girl has disturbing parallels to an unsolved crime from 23 years ago. The film reveals the connections and torments of family members, police investigators, and perpetrators of each crime.

  160. 160
    Tone in DC says:

    @Roger Moore:

    I disagree. Drax was watchable, and had a few decent lines. Lois Chiles was head and shoulders above Grace Jones and Kim Basinger in the other two movies I mentioned.

    After all this time, I still can’t believe Barbara Carrera debased herself like that playing Fatima Blush; that script was positively foul. It made Moonraker look Oscar-worthy in comparison.

  161. 161
    raven says:

    @muddy: It’s mostly his service records and random photo’s. I’m just glad I was reminded of it because the dude is from Rhode Island and I’m going to my unit reunion next month so I’ll take it!

  162. 162
    Tonal Crow says:

    @Shinobi: When nutters say we can’t regulate guns because they’re “arms” under the 2nd Amendment, please whether we can regulate personal nuclear weapons, which are also “arms”.

  163. 163
    Vayama says:

    So two separate instances of two people being accidentally shot by 4-year-olds happened today.

    If only more people were armed, these things wouldn’t happen.

  164. 164
    Trollhattan says:


    Thank bog my kid is eleven–we made it past the firin’ fours unventilated.

  165. 165
    fuckwit says:

    I saw you talkin
    to Christopher Walken
    on my TV screen

  166. 166
    OmerosPeanut says:

    Given the quality of his later films, this could work with Al Pacino as well.

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