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Via commentor Jebediah, who adds “I rent and we are at our pet limit, otherwise I would grab her”:

The dog we have come to know and love, Duchess, is at the WLA Animal Shelter Impound #1379706 (holding period of 7 days ended 3/28) needs to be rescued ASAP before she is euthanized, possibly as soon as 2-3 days from today. She is 45 lbs, spayed female and over 5 years old. (Note: we found out later her name is not Duchess and the Animal Shelter named her Lucy.)

The shelter may be willing to give this dog only those few days due to a sore on her buttocks which needs to be treated. Eldad Hagar, of Hope for Paws org, has pledged to do any necessary surgery for the dog once she is pulled from the shelter. In addition, he will pay $1000 to that agency (as long as it is 501C-3).

The dog came to our notice on 3/20 that she was in the flood control channel, when we heard her howl at night, looking for her owners and a way out. She relentlessly ran back and forth in the channels for 3-4 days without a whimper. We were unable to leash her to safety, but during two attempts, although she seemed scared for her life, never growled or showed any aggression. The Mar Vista community pulled together. Two brothers in the area went down in the channel and finally blanketed and saved the dog. Once being placed gently in the trap the animal shelter had provided, the consoled dog ate from the rescuer’s hand and allowed him to touch her teeth. The rescuer had saved another dog in the past and recognizes the trick the channels’ acoustics play on animals – it is a very threatening place to be in and very understandable that the dog was fearing for her life. She is a survivor.

Through these 3-4 days before being taken into the shelter, she was a dignified, graceful and very loving dog (went directly up to the high school students next door). I had a couple of fences between me and her, so unable to get up that close when I fed her for those days. I have grown to love this dog for her grace and intelligence.

Now that she has been at the shelter for 7 days, she looks as if she has lost her spirit. She needs to be saved and be placed in a loving home.

This is urgent. She only has a few days.Can anyone help?

Best I can establish, with my primitive Google skillz, the West LA Shelter is at 11361 West Pico Blvd, phone #(888) 4LA-PET1 or (888) 452- 7381. If I’m wrong, or if you’ve got a lead, send me an email at AnneLaurie (at) — click on my name in the right-hand column — and I’ll put you in touch with Jebadiah.

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  1. 1
    Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism says:

    Any chance we could raise funds to help someone foster her if we can’t find a forever home in time?

  2. 2
    RedDirtGirl says:

    I’ll chip in some dosh towards that fund!

  3. 3
    MaryJane says:

    @Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism:

    Excellent idea. I’m in too.

  4. 4
    Jebediah says:

    @Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism:
    We did pretty well with that for Koda, didn’t we? I’m sure we could come up with some bucks.
    Thank you again Anne Laurie for putting this up.
    I should have mentioned that I am not directly involved – I am not part of the “we” that rescued her from the channel or anything. The information was forwarded to me. I realized when I got up this morning that I had not mentioned that – I blame my state of eye-drooping under-the-weather bleariness yesterday. I feel like my omission may have been a blog foul.
    But I really wanted to get this info in front of the BJ community because, while she looks lovely and sweet to me, I have to concede that her big-strong-pitty look might make her harder to get placed.

  5. 5
    Nancy says:

    I will happily chip in to help with anything that can be done.

  6. 6
    jenn says:

    Poor, sweet girl. I hope she finds someone. (I too am at my landlord’s pet limit.) But I’d absolutely chip in to a foster fund if one can be found.

  7. 7
    WereBear says:

    I am in, also. @Jebediah: Have you reached out to Ace of Hearts?

  8. 8
    Jebediah says:

    Thank you for the suggestion – I just did.

  9. 9
    Teddy's Person says:

    I’m a total lurker here, and the BJ community has my respect and admiration for all you do for animals in need. Teddy and I would gladly chip in for a foster fund or any other plan to help Duchess/Lucy.

  10. 10
    lojasmo says:

    Shared on facebook, and tagged all my LA peeps.

    Also, in for some bucks if somebody arranges it.

  11. 11

    Wish we could take her but happy to chip in. I’ll ask the LA people we know on fb as well.

  12. 12
    peri says:

    As a Los Angeles rescuer, a suggestion: normally people state a pledge amount, that way there’s a concrete tally, otherwise it’s too vague. Any amount from $10 on up; for those outside the area, all the Los Angeles shelters are full of pit bulls, so the rescue orgs wind up overwhelmed, and at least half are euthanized do to lack of adopters/fosters. This seems like a good dog, and if Eldad is involved that’s a huge plus for her.

  13. 13
    Jebediah says:

    That makes sense. I can put up $100.

  14. 14
    Kristine says:

    Happy to pledge to a rescue account.

  15. 15
    quannlace says:

    Oh my god. A little less white on the front and she could be my Katie.

  16. 16
    jenn says:

    I’ll in for $50!

  17. 17
    Teddy's Person says:

    I pledge $50 and await further instructions.

  18. 18
    Esme's Mom says:

    In for $25 and standing by…

  19. 19
    Lynn Dee says:

    I’ll put in $50.

  20. 20
    Jebediah says:

    The Mar Vista Neighbors Association has a facebook page.
    Even if somebody can only foster her for a few days apparently that would be a big help.

    I have been trying to figure out who, if anyone, is “in charge” of the effort so we can know what to do with $$ we have pledged. I assume that facebook page will be the most likely place to see updates.

  21. 21
    MaryJane says:

    I can offer $30.

  22. 22
    Elizabeth says:

    I can only put in $10, but will do it gladly. This gal deserves a loving home.

  23. 23
    RedDirtGirl says:

    I can put in $25.

  24. 24
    sharl says:

    I can put in $100, as long as an account at PayPal or FB isn’t required. [Credit card via PayPal is OK; I do that occasionally, with no problems so far…]

  25. 25
    Nancy says:

    I will chip in $100.

  26. 26
    Bubba Dave says:

    awww, hell. Crazy cat dude is in for $100.

  27. 27
    MazeDancer says:


    Money for pet rescue is not the problem at BJ. But finding someone to whom to send the funds can be. If you are a Los Angeles rescuer do you know a group that can take in this pup? And our money, and that of the person in the post? Doggie with dowry – got to be an LA group that can use that.

    People are standing by, they just need a place to send the funds. And know that the money will save this dog.

  28. 28
    Jebediah says:

    The Mar Vista neighborhood Association says they are still looking for a foster and that right now, that is more important than money. Those of you willing and able to donate, maybe you can keep this tab open, and I will update the thread when I find out anything new. Anyone in the area willing and able to take her, even temporarily, could either contact MVNA through their facebook page ( or, of course, go directly to the shelter.
    All the offers to donate have me thinking maybe this place really isn’t a den of vitriolic jackals…

  29. 29
    Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism says:


    Money for pet rescue is not the problem at BJ.

    This. I know that fostering can be expensive, especially for a good-sized dog, and it’s possible that someone who has the space just can’t afford it. I’m hoping that a promise of financial aid will make finding a fosterer a bit easier.

    And don’t forget that we’ve been known to come up with the money to get a pet across the country to a new home. For a forever home, we’re not limited to the LA area.

  30. 30
    sharl says:

    @Jebediah: Thanks for the follow-up. I’ll check in every so often.

    All the offers to donate have me thinking maybe this place really isn’t a den of vitriolic jackals…

    We like critters just fine. I think the general rule is that we reserve the vitriol for others of our own species.

    So maybe we’re more like vitriolic cannibalistic jackals.

  31. 31
    Cain says:

    I have shared it on facebook and g+. I have a decent following on G+ so Im’ hoping someone in the area will be willing to take her up even temporarily.

  32. 32
    peri says:

    so I just looked around, this FB page just posted about Lucy/Duchess yesterday, since apparently their mission is to save “urgent” dogs, I would add a total of your pledges in the comments.
    This is how it generally works: they need to find a rescue organization to sponsor the dog (501c3), and then either that org. supplies the foster (very hard to find, so often it’s about raising the $$ to entice a rescue group to take on the dog, and matching up a foster for the rescue group to use . . .) This can make trying to help pretty confusing. A foster may need dollars for a dogwalker/trainer/food etc, and rescue groups always need money, even if Eldad is covering the medical. I can email Eldad and someone at Ace of Hearts, but no guarantee i get an answer. Meanwhile, how about keeping a running total of pledges, this will help. I can also try to find the a volunteer who may be in charge of networking her (all the LA shelters have very active volunteers trying to rescue the neediest dogs).

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