A New Pope

Also, it’s Wellness Wednesday on #TWiBRadio and #TeamBlackness talked fitness, the food industry, and the managing ADHD.


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And this morning on #amTWiB, the #TheMorningCrew discuss Steubenville rape trial, Michelle Williams channeling Native Americans to play a munchkin, and Winnie Mandela at the center of a murder investigation.

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  1. 1
    Yutsano says:

    It’ll kill my Cahtolic grandmother to say this, but don’t care. Oh wait, she’s already dead. Never mind.

  2. 2
    SFAW says:

    “A New Pope”? If you were DougJ, you probably would have also written “Help me, Pope-y-Wan(Juan?), you’re my only hope!”

  3. 3
    afishstick says:

    Longtime lurker, delurking.

    I read on LGM that Google Reader is going the way of the dinosaur, so I’m posting to find out if anyone has any recommendations for another rss feed? Sad to see it go. :(

    Figure I’d rather get a rec from someone here than elsewhere. Trust you guys more.

  4. 4
    SFAW says:


    “My father is turning over in his grave!”
    “Your father is ALIVE!”
    “This will kill him.”

  5. 5
    scav says:

    So far, the bit I’m listening to it’s all Munchkins and no beanies, but I snuck out to the real site when BBC4e failed me. I’m not sure either of my dead grandmothers had opinions either way about muncnkins. Or the yellow ones, Quadlings? I’m pretty sure Quislings is wrong.

  6. 6
    muddy says:

    I’m surprised that Elon seemed surprised about Winnie Mandela.

  7. 7
    muddy says:

    I really enjoyed the part about ADD, thx.

  8. 8
    sparky says:

    Ouch. Seven comments at this place in two hours? Ur doing it rong. (Pro-tip: use the keyboard and shut-up. It’s a media-is-the-message thing.)

    The people here are generally old and need their posts to be succinct. They don’t have the attention span you kids have.

    OK. I’m making this the eighth comment. Look thru John’s archives and you’ll see that such a low count hasn’t happened in a decade.

    Sack up, son! The Blogmeister didn’t bring you aboard ’cause he thought we wanted to listen to wankers yak about this and that. I’m guessing he liked your perspective and ideas. And I suspect he was hoping you’d condense them into short posts.

    TOGTFO. Type or get the fuck out.

    Yr. fren,

    PS. CLick on my blog for further emphasis.

  9. 9
    Mnemosyne says:


    Maybe if the podcasts were offered in shorter bursts? I mean, I’m interested in the “Running is Stupid” podcast and downloaded it to listen to later, but it’s an hour and 45 minutes long. I have a short commute, so I don’t really have an opportunity during the day to listen to something that long in a single stretch.

    ETA: In fact, this is my problem with most podcasts — do they really have to be the length of a frickin’ feature film?

  10. 10
    scav says:

    @sparky: Stick to your own damn space to issue pronouncements in, Francis. No skin off your nose how John and the TWiB crowd organize their content.
    What’s with the fly-by pontificating? The usual agenda, trying to drive a little attention to your “I know what I’m doing and am perfect” domain?

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