Sunday Evening Open Thread: Dragons

Just to continue the theme of the evening. What’s on the agenda as we wrap up the weekend?

Game of Thrones Open Thread

I fancy my fantasy self to be like the faceless man, but more than likely, I’m this guy:


Winter is coming!

Game of Thrones

Is everyone as excited as I am?

Update: Dog Rescue Bleg – LA Lucy Needs A Foster Home

jebediah dutchess lucy

I’ve gotten more emails from the people trying to rescue Lucy. Basically, it’s not a money problem that’s endangering her, it’s a space issue. Per Patty:

I guess details you have.. how to contact me (use my email) shelter location,where she is, only a matter of days, Eldad’s support to cover foster care costs until FORTE can place Lucy into permanent home. The only thing getting in the way of her receiving medical care for necrotized wound is not money but a foster home who will help her through post-op recovery. FORTE needs to be notified when we have a prospective FOSTER. Unless Lucy receives this medical care, she is in ISOLATION in concrete cell, where she receives no people or dog contact. Without this socialization, she becomes less adoptable…

The dog we have come to know and love, Lucy, is at the WLA Animal Shelter Impound #1379706 (holding period of 7 days ended 3/28) needs to be rescued ASAP before she is euthanized, possibly as soon as 2-3 days from today. She is 45 lbs, spayed female and over 5 years old.

The shelter may be willing to give this dog only those few days due to a sore on her buttocks which needs to be treated. Eldad Hagar, of Hope for Paws org, has pledged to do any necessary surgery for the dog once she is pulled from the shelter. In addition, he will pay $1000 to that agency (as long as it is 501C-3).

The dog came to our notice on 3/20 that she was in the flood control channel, when we heard her howl at night, looking for her owners and a way out. She relentlessly ran back and forth in the channels for 3-4 days without a whimper. We were unable to leash her to safety, but during two attempts, although she seemed scared for her life, never growled or showed any aggression. The Mar Vista community pulled together. Two brothers in the area went down in the channel and finally blanketed and saved the dog. Once being placed gently in the trap the animal shelter had provided, the consoled dog ate from the rescuer’s hand and allowed him to touch her teeth. The rescuer had saved another dog in the past and recognizes the trick the channels’ acoustics play on animals – it is a very threatening place to be in and very understandable that the dog was fearing for her life. She is a survivor…

Now that she has been at the shelter for 7 days, she looks as if she has lost her spirit. She needs to be saved and be placed in a loving home.

This is urgent. She only has a few days.Can anyone help?

The West LA Shelter is at 11361 West Pico Blvd, phone #(888) 4LA-PET1 or (888) 452- 7381.

If you’ve got a lead for someone who can provide Lucy a safe place until she’s ready for a new permanent home, send me an email at AnneLaurie (at) — click on my name in the right-hand column — and I’ll put you in touch with Patty.

Just In Time for Chavez’ Birthday

From the NYTimes:

WASHINGTON — The nation’s top business and labor groups have reached an agreement on a guest worker program for low-skilled immigrants, a person with knowledge of the negotiations said on Saturday. The deal clears the path for broad immigration legislation to be introduced when Congress returns from its two-week recess in mid-April.

Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, convened a conference call on Friday night with Thomas J. Donohue, the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Richard L. Trumka, the president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., the nation’s main federation of labor unions, in which they agreed in principle on a guest worker program for low-skilled, year-round temporary workers. Mr. Schumer is one of eight senators from both parties who have been negotiating an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws…

Labor groups wanted to ensure that guest workers would not be paid less than the median wage in their respective industries, and the two sides compromised by agreeing that guest workers would be paid the higher of the prevailing industry wage as determined by the Labor Department or the actual employer wage.

Under the deal, guest workers would be allowed to pursue a path to citizenship and to change jobs after they arrived in the United States…

According to officials with the A.F.L.-C.I.O., the program would start at 20,000 visas, rising to 35,000 visas in the second year, 55,000 in the third and 75,000 in the fourth. In the fifth year, the program would expand or shrink based on the unemployment rate, the ratio of job openings to unemployed workers and various other factors. The agreement calls for a maximum of 200,000 guest visas granted each year…

Business groups, which had long been pushing to allow in 400,000 such guest workers each year, will get what they regard as an adequate number to meet the needs of employers.

Mr. Schumer also spoke on Saturday with Denis McDonough, the White House chief of staff, to update him on the agreement. President Obama is eager for an overhaul of the immigration system and has threatened to step in with his own plan if Congress does not move quickly with legislation of its own…

Open thread

Mistermix and I saw “Nashville” on the big screen (at the local Dryden Theater) on Friday. Amazing movie! When I was in college and grad school, my two favorite things in the world were (though not necessarily in this order) watching 70s movies and reading Pauline Kael reviews of 70s movies. So this weekend made me feel 20 years younger.

What are your favorite movies about music?

Happy Easter

And God Bless Google.