Do I look like a motherfucking role model?

I haven’t read watched the interview yet…what’s the over/under on the number of times he said “man”?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tells TMZ that his favorite songs of all-time are NWA’s Straight Outta Compton, Eminem’s Lose Yourself, and Tupac’s Killuminati.

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    ruemara says:

    Is the Onion now sending out actors to these interviews, because this is straight up satire.

  2. 2
    Cacti says:

    I have a feeling that Ice Cube is not a reciprocal fan of Marco Rubio.

  3. 3
    Narcissus says:

    He has never heard any of those songs.

  4. 4
    BGinCHI says:

    Cue the CPAC seminar on “colored music.”

  5. 5
    MomSense says:


    The Republicans are totally ruining satire. I honestly can’t tell the difference sometimes.

  6. 6
    Keith G says:

    Hey, Obama likes shooting shit. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  7. 7
    Tonal Crow says:

    Wait! I thought the problem with gun violence wasn’t the guns or the violence, but the music and the video games? FSM it’s so hard to keep up with Republican “thought” these days.

  8. 8
    Cassidy says:

    Well, those were easy picks. Any self respecting white kid from the 90’s knows those. Follow-up should have been ot name his favorite albums by those guys.

  9. 9
    Shrillhouse says:

    @Narcissus: Simple way to check: ask Rubio if he’d like to meet Eazy E someday…

  10. 10
    Jewish Steel says:

    @Cassidy: Or maybe even better, why he likes those songs?

  11. 11
    Hill Dweller says:


  12. 12
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @Shrillhouse: I would like to meet Joe Strummer someday – and Otis Redding – I just ain’t counting on it happening.

  13. 13
    Cacti says:

    @Tonal Crow:

    Wait! I thought the problem with gun violence wasn’t the guns or the violence, but the music and the video games?

    Someone should ask him what he thinks of the Ice Cube song gangsta rap made me do it.

    Since he’s an NWA fan and all.

  14. 14
    Belafon (formerly anonevent) says:

    Why doesn’t he also admit that he liked Cop Killer? Maybe he could talk about being Miami’s OG.

  15. 15
    Forum Transmitted Disease says:

    I appreciate the effort to reach out to the late thirties/early forties white Gen-X demographic, but really, he ought to be focusing his energies elsewhere.

  16. 16
    gordon schumway says:

    Is Scarface his favorite movie?

  17. 17
    PeakVT says:

    NWA’s Straight Outta Compton

    Dude needs to work on his lying. That’s not even close to believable.

  18. 18

    If Obama ever admitted to liking a NWA song, the Fox “News” outrage machine would go into overdrive…

  19. 19
    kdaug says:

    Oh, god, next he’ll be tweeting “l33tsp3@k”.

    Turn your ballcap backwards – it’s over.

    ETA: Somehow the l-word above triggered a mailto: link. Fitting.

  20. 20
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @PeakVT: Maybe saying he is down with OPP (yeah, you know me) would work better?

  21. 21
    gordon schumway says:

    Do he have a poster of Rottweiler puppies in the trunk of a Benz?

  22. 22
    Cassidy says:

    @kdaug: Oh I wish. I’ll take a backwards cap over the 3 sizes too big for your head any day of the week.

  23. 23
    Hunter Gathers says:

    Am I supposed to be impressed with some square’s knowledge of popular music from the late 20th century? Does he get a cookie now?

  24. 24
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @Hunter Gathers:

    Does he get a cookie now?

    If you are handing out cookies, I would like one. Please and thank you.

  25. 25
    srv says:

    Well, he doesn’t say that in the interview excerpt at TMZ, but his points on Tupac vs all the new stuff is quite erudite.

  26. 26
    Bulworth says:

    “What rap/hip hop artists do you listen to?”

    “All of ’em!”

  27. 27
    Waynski says:

    So a United States Republican Senator likes an album that includes a song called “F&%$ the Police”. Uh huh.

  28. 28
    Felanius Kootea says:

    He once did an interview on why Tupac was better than Biggie, so this is nothing new.

  29. 29
  30. 30
    Cassidy says:

    @Hunter Gathers: Naw, man. He gets some baby bottle pops.

  31. 31

    Look, they’ve got nothing else. They’re not going to meaningfully address immigration reform. They won’t address racial profiling by police. They won’t address drug policy reform. They won’t address sentencing disparity guidelines.

    They think the real racism is affirmative action or calling someone who makes a racist statement a racist.

    They’re trying to gut the Voting Rights Act so they can more easily stop the blah people from voting.

    Really, the only possible minority outreach they have left is for rich men in suits to say, “The GOP isn’t just for old white dudes, my… homies… I too enjoy your people’s musical stylings… such as… the hip hop… and the rap music. I am cool. Vote for me, slightly darker colored human creatures.”

  32. 32
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @srv: @Felanius Kootea: I know conservatives who are fans of Billy Bragg and a number of other flaming lefties from the punk era. The Bragg thing is the one that really cracks me up though.

  33. 33
    Paul in KY says:

    @Jewish Steel: I’d like to hit him with some of the more provacative lyrics in those songs. Alright for us to like them, we’re godless hippies.

    However, a pure-in-heart Republican is not supposed to. Would be fun watching him sqirm.

  34. 34

    How to connect with the youth = “liking” hip hop acts from the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s? Shoot, even Cantor is doing this better than Rubio. Cantor said he liked Wiz Khalifa.

  35. 35
    Bokonon says:

    Watch the right wing media start spinning this as demonstrating Rubio’s “authenticity” and his appeal to young voters. The same way that they did when Ryan did his Led Zeppelin shout out during the GOP convention.

    Countdown in 3, 2, 1 …

  36. 36
    jrg says:

    Wasn’t it McCain that said he liked NIN a few years ago, and had to walk it back?

    I want to f*** you like an animal… A confused, angry, geriatric animal, with limited mobility.

  37. 37
    hells littlest angel says:

    Cut tha motherfuckin budget, man. Ya know, Fuck Tha Police.

  38. 38
  39. 39
    max says:

    I want to f*** you like an animal…

    ‘I want to to f*** you like I’m having a seizure in my scooter…’

    what’s the over/under on the number of times he said “man”?

    Dude! He is the Great Offwhite Hope.

    [‘They’re repainting the party in Wheat & Bone.’]

  40. 40
    Forum Transmitted Disease says:

    I’d like to hit him with some of the more provacative lyrics in those songs.

    @Paul in KY: I dunno. I think they’d be down with some of the lyrics that definitely endorse the exercise of one’s Second Amendment rights:

    I kick ass, or maybe cuz I blast
    On a stupid assed nigga when I’m playin with the trigga
    Of any Uzi or an AK

    Shooting black folks: definitely OK

    Make ya think I’m a kick your ass
    But drop your gat, and Ren’s gonna blast
    I’m sneaky as fuck when it comes to crime
    But I’m a smoke em now, and not next time

    Smoke any muthafucka that sweats me
    Or any assho that threatens me
    I’m a sniper with a hell of a scope

    A ringing endorsement of “stand your ground” laws, no?

    and the motherfuckin’ weapon
    is kept in a stash box

    Concealed carry! These guys are awesome!

    The jury has found you guilty of bein a redneck,
    whitebread, chickenshit muthafucka

    oh shit we got a problem

  41. 41
    kdaug says:

    @jrg: Careful, now.

    There are some confused, angry, geriatric jackals with limited mobility on this site. (See last Friday).

    Let’s all just play nice.

  42. 42
    Citizen_X says:

    Well, at least it’s not someone truly controversial, like Common.

  43. 43
  44. 44
    jibeaux says:

    Pull up your damn pants, Marco.

  45. 45
    AnonPhenom says:

    Yeah, republicans are huge fans of the music the ‘kids’ are listening to. It’s just the hip gyrations (*cough*Elivis*cough*), the long hair (*cough*Beatles*cough*), the skimpy clothing (*cough*Madonna*cough*) and the bad language and anger (oh, fuckme just about any rap music) that they have reservations about. You know, it can be done tastefully.

  46. 46
    swoof says:

    I wonder if Marco now yells at inanimate beer cans, too.

  47. 47
    Cassidy says:

    @kdaug: Should we break out the Lawrence Wlek?

  48. 48
    Mike G says:

    I’m not a scientist, man

  49. 49
    ellie says:

    @jrg: hahahahaha. can’t breathe… laughing too hard…

  50. 50
    kdaug says:

    @Cassidy: Too risque.

    Johann Strauss, and perhaps a bubble machine on Friday nights.

  51. 51
    Legalize says:

    In what respect?

  52. 52
    Joel says:

    Did Marco Rubio read “Word Up!” ?

  53. 53
    Joel says:

    Did Marco Rubio read “Word Up!” ?

  54. 54
    Hoodie says:


    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tells TMZ that his favorite songs of all-time are NWA’s Straight Outta Compton, Eminem’s Lose Yourself, and Tupac’s Killuminati.

    Those are spirituals too, right?

  55. 55
    Mike E says:

    Ice-T in Body Count, em efferz!1

  56. 56
    Cassidy says:

    @kdaug: WOOOOO! Mix some regular in with the decaf, cuz we’re going…zzzzzzznkzzzz…

    ETA: One of these days, I’ll learn to type and proofread before I hit submit. Today is not that day.

  57. 57
  58. 58
    kc says:




  59. 59
    Trollhattan says:

    Rubio diggin’ the rap is as convincing as Boehner’s favorite yoga poses or Rand Paul’s favorite Emily Dickenson verses.

    Does. Not. Compute.

  60. 60
    Jamie says:

    Crazy motherfucker named Rubio, from the gang called Crackers with Attitude.

  61. 61
    chopper says:

    @Hunter Gathers:

    if you ask me, this rubio guy sounds hip and edgy!

  62. 62
    smith says:

    These are the songs everyone knows – even those who aren’t necessarily fans of hip-hop or rap. These are the ones I (still) hear on the radio.

    It’s easy to name the songs everyone knows – I dare him to try and recite the entire catalog. Until then he’s a fucking poser.

  63. 63
    Baron Elmo says:

    Why are so many here convinced that Rubio is lying (other than ’cause he’s a Repub, I mean)? It’s not as if an admission of liking gangsta rap is going to help him win over a single black voter… in fact, I betcha if he does run in 2016, some cracka opponent pulls out this li’l confession to peel away crucial redneck votes. I can practically hear Bill O’Reilly giving Mario the third degree, confronting him with specific lyrics from “Fuck Tha Police.” (Memo to Ice Cube: great potential sample for your next album!)

  64. 64
    Perspecticus says:

    Otto West: Apes don’t read philospohy!

    Wanda: Yes they do, Otto, they just don’t understand it.

    From “A Fish Called Wanda”

  65. 65
    GG says:

    Wrong song, Doug — your title is from “Gangsta, Gangsta,” possibly the most deliciously quotable song in rap history.

  66. 66
    Librarian says:

    He just wants to show that he’s a cool cat who’s hip and with-it and listens to the same music as the other hep cats, daddy-o.

  67. 67
    Paul in KY says:

    @Forum Transmitted Disease: But those are blahs with weapons! The lyrics make that clear ;-)

  68. 68
    Paul in KY says:

    @swoof: Someone should ask him if he knows how magnets work.

  69. 69
  70. 70
    Kyle says:


    Maybe Rubio likes Barney’s cover of Tupac —

  71. 71
    PeakVT says:

    @Warren Terra: I wish the Repukes would save the extra stupid ideas – like fucking over all hourly workers – for fall of 2014.

  72. 72
    chrome agnomen says:

    twenty-three skidoo. oh you kidz!

  73. 73
    Paul in KY says:

    @Warren Terra: Sounds like a great idea for the Republican House Whip to propose that. I’m sure all the Repub sheeple who happen to be ‘hourly workers’ will get behind that!

  74. 74
    S-Curve says:

    I wonder whether Rubio will die on the way back to his home planet. ‘Cause I don’t think this new character is pulling in ratings the way they hoped …

  75. 75
    Patricia Kayden says:

    @Narcissus: HA!

    Wasn’t NWA anti-police (among other things)? He should have picked some Christian Rap singers instead.

  76. 76
    Redleg says:

    He has pretty limited exposure to music or just bad taste.

  77. 77
    Redshirt says:

    Sock it to ME?!

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