Another Kitty Update

Currently rolling with the name Stella. We’ll see if it fits. At any rate, fat boy knows something is up:


He knows that because Stella is like the Honey Badger, and doesn’t give a shit. She’s not hiding or being timid, she is exploring the space of the spare bedroom/kitty penthouse I have assembled to assimilate her:


When she is ready to come out, she will. We’ll just keep everyone calm on the outside until she decides to make her grand entrance.

She is an aggressively affectionate cat, btw. She’s just so tiny- I guess my idea of cats has been Tunchified.

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    Baud says:

    Cool. Did I come up with Stella first? I don’t want to be unjustifiably proud of myself.

    Congrats, Cole.

  2. 2
    bemused says:

    She’s a beauty and has a smiley face.

  3. 3
    Rosalita says:

    She’s a beautiful girl! I love the name Stella for her.

  4. 4
    bemused says:

    She’s got white pantaloons. I bet she looks adorable from the back side. Pictures some day, I hope.I adore watching our floofier kitty run to her food dish or a thrown toy. I call her bouncy butt.

  5. 5
    Xecky Gilchrist says:

    Wotta cutie!

  6. 6
    Bobby_D says:

    I’m not a cat fella (yet), but have recently come to the conclusion that I can’t have a dog. My lifestyle isn’t fair (gone a lot, work 9hr days, etc) for a dog, but maybe a cat?

    Anyhow, I know almost nothing about cat breeds. So what kind of cat this beautiful Stella?

    I’m after a breed that isn’t particularly bad for people with sensitivities to hair/dander, is moderately affectionate, and isn’t super high strung and crazy. Any suggestions?

  7. 7
    Schlemizel says:

    Mr. KowalskiCole is too busy making a pig of himself… Your face and your fingers are disgustingly greasy.

  8. 8
    ruemara says:

    She is a tiny beauty. And remind me of Takkun who is also a tiny fuzzbutt who LURVES every thing and one and does not give a shit. Walk into my apartment, you will be approached for love. And then climbed on. Be forewarned, Cole. She will nuzzle you to death. SLowly.

  9. 9
    Yutsano says:


    Proper authoritehs alerted. Maybe I’ll get spared the tongue lashing. Probably not.

  10. 10
    Litlebritdifrnt says:

    Yeah the gate may keep the other pets out of the bedroom but it certainly won’t keep her in if she decides to explore. I just hope you don’t wake up at three o’clock in the morning to out and out bedlam in the living room. That would be no fun.

  11. 11
    Bodacious says:

    Oh yesssssssssss,
    Cole in a wife-beater, out on the porch, in the rain, hands on his head yelling, “Stellllllaaaaaaa!”

  12. 12

    Lady. Fluffy. Pantaloons. Damn it.

    And, TUNCHIEEEEEEEEEE! He’s gonna be a GREAT big brother to LFP, I can tell.

    @Yutsano: You’re spared. For now. ::evil eye::

  13. 13
    Angela says:

    I am very intrigued by how her aggressive affection will go over with the other four-legged residents of the Cole household.

  14. 14
    My Truth Hurts says:

    In my experience black and white cats are generally very friendly, very affectionate, very outgoing and very social with people. I had one with an oramge tabby and when my weekly poker game landed at my house once a month or so the black and white would come out and say hello to everyone and sit in the middle of the poker table. The tabby would just hide under the bed for 8 hours.

    I am generalizing because they do all have their own personalities but the black and whites Ive known have all been very social and affectionate.

  15. 15
  16. 16
    Bobby_D says:

    WTF? In moderation for what? FYWP.

  17. 17
    Rosie Outlook says:

    When Tunch sits around the house, he sits AROUND the house!

  18. 18
    Alison says:

    Yay! New buddy :)

  19. 19
    Dee Loralei says:

    What a gorgeous girl, Cole. Stella is a great name too. Hope Tunchie and Rosie are good to her too.

  20. 20
    gogol's wife says:

    She is simply gorgeous. Good luck!

  21. 21
    indycat32 says:

    she looks just like my cat, Bones. Originally belonged to my ex-husband. He was the only thing I asked for in the divorce. Bones would never set on my lap, but would sit next to me so I could pet him.

  22. 22
    raven says:

    Normally female dogs will dominate males. I don’t know shit about gatos, is it like dat?

  23. 23
    Vasya says:

    It kind of looks like I’m in the minority here, but I’d really like it if BJ was more about politics and less about cats/pets. About 100% less. Just thought I’d state a dissenting opinion.

  24. 24
    Spaghetti Lee says:


  25. 25
    Bobby_D says:

    Since FYWP has me in moderation, I try again:

    What breed is this new kitty?

  26. 26
    raven says:

    @Vasya: Stuff a pike.

  27. 27
    mellowjohn says:

    rescued a calico cat named “velma” once. immediately changed her name to “ashcroft.”
    p.s. she looks a little skunk-ish. maybe “flower” (from bambi).

  28. 28

    P.S. LFP is too damn adorable for her pantaloons by far!

  29. 29
    Ted & Hellen says:

    Stella was the right way to go. You were wise to heed my advice.

    I love her more exotic patterned and spiky fur. Nice contrast to Tunch, who is beautiful but slightly vanilla.

    They will be lovers soon.

  30. 30
    Bobby_D says:

    FYWP! FY with a rusty chainsaw. Goddamnit, I’ll try AGAIN:

    I’m not a cat fella – yet, but have recently come to the conclusion that I can’t have a dog again. My lifestyle isn’t fair – gone a lot, work 9hr days, etc – for a dog, but maybe a cat?

    Anyhow, I know almost nothing about cat breeeds. So what kind of cat this beautiful Stella?

    I’m after a breeed that isn’t particularly bad for people with sensitivities to hair/dander, is moderately affectionate, and isn’t super high strung and crazy. Any suggestions?

  31. 31
    Vasya says:

    Now that I’m actually posting on the site, I see that there is a “cat blogging” tag. I get BJ through RSS though, and it doesn’t look like there are different feeds, are there?

  32. 32
    Baud says:


    Don’t agree about 100%, but it has been light on politics lately. The site upgrade might have something to do with it.

  33. 33
    Bobby_D says:

    Can someone please unfuck this thing? Every GD@#$MN thing I try to post goes to moderation.

  34. 34
    Bobby_D says:

    Can someone please unmoderate me?

  35. 35
    raven says:

    @asiangrrlMN: Hi, how are ya?

  36. 36
    Ted & Hellen says:


    It kind of looks like I’m in the minority here, but I’d really like it if BJ was more about politics and less about cats/pets. About 100% less. Just thought I’d state a dissenting opinion.

    BJ is essentially DougJ’s and Anne Laurie’s blog now, with intermittent visits from ABL.

    Cole is just the crazy cat lady in the attic.

    Ignore Raven. It’s a bitter, lonely PTSD victim with unresolved rage issues. As you can see.

  37. 37
    J.A.F. Rusty Shackleford says:


    I think she looks like the female skunk that Pepe le Pew is always swooning over.

  38. 38
    salsify says:

    Stella is a fabulous choice for her name, she is a star! Really, she is beautiful. So what BJ shameless ( kidding ) merchandise will she inspire???

  39. 39
    Bobby_D says:

    Does anyone actually deal with the mod stuff here? everything I try to post goes straight to mod. No trigger words I can see…WTF, over.

  40. 40
    gogol's wife says:

    I’m captivated by the picture of this cat! She is really cute! I so hope Tunch likes her and Lily can handle sharing John. For some reason I’m not worried about Rosie, despite all the JRT warnings.

  41. 41
    JPL says:

    She’s so petite. Have the dogs discovered the new housemate yet?

  42. 42
    Mudge says:

    Tunch was a lineman. But she seems more like a Blanche….

  43. 43
  44. 44
    amk says:

    She looks lovely. Keep her away from that fat fucker.

  45. 45
    PaminBB says:

    Cute kitteh.

  46. 46
    geg6 says:

    Not a cat person, but she’s very cute, John.

    Meanwhile, John and I are still trying to figure out if we should get another dog. Right now, Otis is such a needy attention hound and his usual neurotic digestive problems are flaring up. All because, probably, John and I have been working a lot of hours and he’s not getting the attention he needs. Wouldn’t you know I’d end up with a dog with colitis, after dealing with it in my family all my life. My mom had it, younger sister has it, and oldest sister has Krohn’s disease. And now my dog.

    I’m afraid my Otie may not take well to a companion. Though he’s always super interested in the neighbor’s dog and is fine with my sister’s. But it’s been a year since we lost Henry and Otis is used to being an only dog now.

  47. 47

    @raven: Hanging in. How about you? Oh, and anecdotal evidence suggests that female cats tend to dominate male cats, but I have no hard data on that. And, I’m too lazy to Google that shit.

  48. 48
    CatHairEverywhere says:

    What a gorgeous girl! She looks like a petite version of my Jones. Hope everyone assimilates soon. I have had many cats over the years, and have never had one not get along with everyone else. Hope you have the same good fortune.

  49. 49
    MikeJ says:

    @J.A.F. Rusty Shackleford:

    I think she looks like the female skunk that Pepe le Pew is always swooning over.

    Penelope, which was the name I suggested. Or Comic Sans since he didn’t like Ariel.

  50. 50
    jl says:

    My sense from the pic is that Tunch senses that a talented young student has arrived. (Bwa ha ha ha!).

    Tunchie seems to have slight Yoda aspect going there.

    And looks like Poor Cole is anticipating a sweet little feline Lily.

    I’m sure we’ll hear how it comes out.

    Edit: and what is this with ‘too much pets’. Here we see unfold before us, a battle shaping up between two immutable forces, Tunch and Cole, for the soul of sweet little kitten. It is like Art of the Highest Order unfolding before us.

    And, OK, a battle between an immutable force and a clumsy hapless dude who steps in pet doo naked at 3 AM. So, between two immutable forces, give or take a little.

  51. 51
    different-church-lady says:

    She’s just so tiny- I guess my idea of cats has been Tunchified.

    My tuxedo is a reasonably solid, beefy fellow. I have a good friend with a dainty little shorthair, and every time I go over there the size difference makes me think, “Oh how cute, you have a scale model of a cat.”

  52. 52
    Bobby_D says:

    Oh fuck this piece of shit site. EVery damn thing hangs in mod

  53. 53
    LT says:

    They will fight John. You may be all over this, but just in case – they will fight. We introduced a new cat – a small female – to our big Tom several years ago. They still fight. While they’re not sleeping cuddled up next to each other. They play fight, Formula-1 fight/race around the house, and real fight sometimes. No biggie. Don’t freak out if they fight.

    Best of luck. She looks like a sweetie.

    EDIT: Should note that we had to leave them – wiht a sis in NY, from regon – when we moved overseas. Blerg. They’re doing great.

  54. 54
    different-church-lady says:

    @Vasya: Pssst: taking newbie advice from Ted & Helen is not the most prudent course one could choose.

  55. 55
    Concerned Citizen says:

    @Vasya: I disagree. Politics is boring and lame at times. I like the animals and food posts. Just skip the ones you don’t like. It’s easy.

  56. 56
    Bobby_D says:

    Do it work? Test.

  57. 57
    Bobby_D says:

    What kind of cat is this Stella?

  58. 58
    Mike E says:

    Uh oh…looks like somebody left the troll gate open.

  59. 59
    Mike E says:

    @Bobby_D: That’s Justice Bork to you, buddy.

  60. 60
    Mike E says:

    @Bobby_D: That’s Justice Bork to you, buddy.

    ETA Oh, the delicious irony.

  61. 61
    LT says:

    @LT: That should have been “with” a sis, and from “Oregon.”

  62. 62
    Darkrose says:

    @Vasya: Yeah, not gonna happen. Most of us are here because of the pets and the food and the gaming talk–and yeah, the politics. It’s kind of a package deal.

  63. 63
    Calouste says:

    @J.A.F. Rusty Shackleford:

    That’s not a female skunk. It’s a female black-and-white cat that in every Pepe story by some kind of accident gets a white stripe painted on her back that makes her look like a skunk.

  64. 64
    Darkrose says:

    She’s a gorgeous girl!

    I frequently look at Ogdred and think he’s small. I have to remind myself that he’s cat-sized; the problem is that Alistair is fucking huge. (Seriously, he’s only smaller than Tunch because Tunch’s white fur makes his ass look fat.)

  65. 65
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @Vasya: There are a whole bunch of political threads. You might want to gravitate toward those.

  66. 66
    raven says:

    @asiangrrlMN: Not bad, meat of the BG1 season. Tough run for Tubby.

  67. 67
    raven says:

    @asiangrrlMN: My brother’s Floyd cover band is about to light it up on the stream here.

  68. 68
    Gloryb says:

    @Bobby_D: Try an oriental shorthair.
    Also, I understand that females are better than males, although I don’t remember why.

  69. 69
    La Caterina (Mrs. Johannes) says:

    She’s gorgeous! Hope she and Tunch are cuddling happily together in the near future. . . .

  70. 70
    Jane2 says:

    She’s quite lovely!

  71. 71
    22over7 says:


    Exactly. jeffreyw needs to post one of his delectable foodpron pics, and the thread will be complete.

  72. 72
    Mike in NC says:

    Sweet looking kitty.

    We have friends in the community who had to have their poor little guy put to sleep yesterday. He was 6+ months old but hadn’t grown or gained any weight since they adopted him from the shelter. The vet said even after $1000+ in treatments, the prognosis didn’t look good. Pulmonary embolism was among the problems, I believe. He was listless and had trouble breathing and staying warm. Needed long-term equivalent of ICU care, which isn’t even available locally.

  73. 73
    Mnemosyne says:


    IIRC, one of the odd things about cat allergies is that most people are allergic to either short-haired cats OR long-haired cats, but usually not both. You might want to have the allergic person try to figure that out before you fall deeply in love with a kitty.

  74. 74
    gbear says:

    Good news. Young cat Edward (who I had to return to the animal shelter because he and my old cat Halley couldn’t get along) has been adopted today. I’ve been checking the shelter’s website a couple times a day (OK, hourly) and his picture is off the ‘available animals’ page after 10 days. I called to find out if he was still around and they told me nope he’d been adopted this afternoon. I hope that he’s in a home where he gets lots of love and always gets to be the center of attention. Hopefully the tears will stop in an hour or so…

  75. 75
    John Cole says:

    Someone fucking get Bobby_D a hockey puck sized valium.

  76. 76


    Anyhow, I know almost nothing about cat breeds. So what kind of cat this beautiful Stella?

    She’s probably a moggie (i.e. mixed breed). Relatively few cats are purebred or even pedigreed. Most cat people don’t care about fancy stuff like that; they just get a cat whose individual personality fits with them. You can sometimes guess part of a cat’s ancestry based on body type, hair length, and/or markings, but it’s chancy.

  77. 77

    @raven: I haven’t been following. That bad, eh? At least he can dance.

  78. 78
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    Stella is like the Honey Badger, and doesn’t give a shit.

    Stella is a lovely name, but jeez, why not just call her “Honey” and be done with it?

  79. 79
    raven says:

    @asiangrrlMN: He said his loss to Iowa was the worst of his career and he had some bad ones when he was here.

    eta I never liked him much and then I heard an interview with him and he really is good people when it comes to his players.

  80. 80
    eemom says:

    She’s a beautiful kitty! Congrats Cole!

    Love the kitty, love Cole, love the whole world! I don’t have to go to fucking Dallas after all, yaaaaaaaay!!!!

  81. 81
    Omnes Omnibus says:

    @eemom: I’ve been to Dallas twice. It was better than Lawton, OK.

  82. 82
    MazeDancer says:


    Get two cats. When you’re gone all day they will keep each other company. Also, at the shelter, or rescue place, there will be plenty of sibling or otherwise bonded pairs. Their personalities will be known. You can get what you’re looking for – except the non-allergenic part. There is no poodle of cats. They don’t come in non-allergenic.

    Now there are several BJ threads tbat include discussions of cat allergies (Google is your friend finding them, but here’s one Maybe these cats are still available.)

    But short version: You can adjust to your own cats and still be allergic to other people’s. It takes time. But plenty of BJ posters, myself included, can attest to that reality.

    Also, high quality food – no dry food except when you’re gone over night, no low quality cheap stuff ever – matters as well. Cats are obligate carnivores and detox through their skin. Anything that is not meat is going to detox and affect you.

    Spend time with other people’s cats. See how that feels to you. People who haven’t spent a lot of time with kitties can be surprised what complex and compelling creatures they are. And how much love they will bring to your life.

    And, congratulations, John Cole, on your beautiful Stella!

  83. 83
    raven says:

    @MazeDancer: You’re not from here are you?

  84. 84
    22over7 says:


    Oh yay. Fingers crossed for a good match, and don’t beat yourself up. You did the right thing. Yes, I know, that doesn’t help.

    And YAY eemom for not having to go to Dallas! When I left that hole, I never looked back. Don’t get me wrong–my dad was a Texan, so I’m half-Texan, but Dallas…oh geez…

  85. 85
    Mike E says:

    @Mnemosyne: My friend who is asthmatic, and is allergic to sulfites and nearly all cats can tolerate Himalayan cats for some reason.

  86. 86
    mainmati says:

    @raven: We have one male and one female. Both are neutered. The male (a Jakarta cat, almost no tail; it’s genetic) thinks he’s a dog and acts like one. The female is a local rescue tabby and doesn’t take any sh*t from the male. They mostly only fight right before breakfast.

  87. 87
    JenJen says:

    I adopted my new kitteh Jonesy on Boxing Day. Day 1 was chill but after that, it took a good week for him to come out of the basement and another few weeks until he was totally comfortable with my dogs. We’re still not 100% but it’s so much better now than eight weeks ago.

    Patience. It will be tricky with Tunch.

    Stella is a perfect name!!

  88. 88
    Janet says:

    The best cat we ever had was named Stella. It suits her (your new girl). I hope it sticks. Congratulations on the new addition.

  89. 89
    a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q) says:

    @Bobby_D: The breed you seek is American Rescue Shorthair. They can be found at many shelters nationwide.

  90. 90

    @gbear: ::gentle hugs:: Don’t be too hard on yourself. You did what was best, and now, hopefully, Edward will have a happy forever home.

    @raven: I’m indifferent to him, really. But, yeah, he does seem to be good to his players.

  91. 91
    peej says:

    @Darkrose: Tunch’s ass IS fat…along with the rest of him.

  92. 92
    MikeJ says:

    @Roger Moore:

    Most cat people don’t care about fancy stuff like that

    My ex-gf never, ever, ever got anything but Siamese. Seal point, chocolate point, didn’t matter. Had to be a Siamese. Wasn’t at all interested in showing them, but always went to a show quality breeder, got a pedigreed cat, and clipped it.

  93. 93
    a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q) says:

    Feliway is your friend Cole. Things may go fine, or they could get tricky. The new missy is lovely, btw.

  94. 94
    debit says:

    @MikeJ: If a person likes a particular breed I don’t see the harm in it. I would get another Turkish Van in a heartbeat, except I suspect two in the house would cause more mayhem than my nerves can handle.

    ETA: I forgot to offer Cole my congratulations. She’s lovely and I suspect will be a great fit into your household.

  95. 95
    22over7 says:


    If you can afford that sort of thing, why not? My ex bought our daughter a show cat, and he turned out to be the most socialized, friendly cat I’ve ever had. But he’s also the only bought cat I’ve ever had–all the rest have just sort of showed up at the front door.

  96. 96
    General Stuck says:


    Dude, you got to roll with the word press flow. It’s like a spider web, the more you struggle the more you are caught.

  97. 97
    Rosie Outlook says:

    @Bobby_D: Yes, go to the animal shelter and the right cat will pick you out. For allergies, it really doesn’t make much difference, despite the claims of people selling various kinds of expensive cats, because the allergens are in the saliva and all cats, even the hairless ones, lick themselves.

  98. 98
    waratah says:

    The look in her face makes me think that John will be yelling Stella quite often. I do not think she will be another soft loving Lily.
    I think she will be a demanding loving.

  99. 99
    Grover Gardner says:

    Oh she’s cute! And I like Stella FWIW.

  100. 100
    Mnemosyne says:

    Type-wise, I’m guessing Miss Stella is what vets abbreviate as DLH — Domestic Long Hair. “Tuxedo” is a description of her coloring, not a breed type. Furminating will definitely be necessary.

  101. 101
    Gemina13 says:

    I’m not fond of “Stella,” but if she likes it, and it fits her, kudos. She’s a beautiful little girl. Can’t wait to see how fast she has the whole damn household wound around her finger.

    In my experience, female cats do tend to dominate males–especially neutered males. Right now, between all the housemates, we’ve got three cats–Palpatine (a black male), Lucky (my black-and-white boy), and Solstice, a lynx-point old lady. Solstice had Lucky whipped into shape within weeks of my moving in; Palpatine, who’s only 2, still needs some discipline, but Solstice rules the roost. She eats from their dishes, drinks from their water fountains, and takes the best places to sprawl, sit, or curl up. They have no recourse.

    As for black-and-white cats, Lucky has been sweet and affectionate from the day I brought him home. The SO was won over when he first reached to scratch Lucky’s chin, and was rewarded with an offer of cat belly, without swats or bites. The household calls him “Loaf-viathan” for his size–he could be Tunch’s brother by another mother–but he’s friendly and lovable.

  102. 102
    RoonieRoo says:

    In that photo she is a perfect copy of my very first cat, Kizzy. When I got Kizzy, I was a teenager and Roots had been broadcast for the first time and I was enamored of the series.

  103. 103
  104. 104
    imonlylurking says:

    @Baud: Nope, ’twas I:

    ETA: I can’t figure out how to link to a single post, so:

    Greetings from a Crazy Cat Lady, post 128.

    Don’t worry-I’ll share my winnings with you.

  105. 105
    imonlylurking says:

    And yes, congratulations on the kitteh! She has the look of love-I get that from Bob all the time. It will be a contrast to Tunch, that is sure.

  106. 106
    Aaron Baker says:

    She’s a pretty little thing. Her coloration reminds me of our Isis (who’s a short-hair, though).

    Congratulations, and I hope Tunch doesn’t eat her.

  107. 107
    South of I10 says:

    John, your new kitty is beautiful. I missed the names, but Stella would be a lot of fun to yell from the porch.

  108. 108
    Princess Leia says:

    @MikeJ: Actually Pepe is the skunk. Someone had the name for the lady cat he woos on one of the earlier threads. But Stella is a dead ringer for her. So cute- she’ll have everyone wrapped around her little finger in….about 48 hours!

  109. 109

    @jayboat: Mr. Cheese is a cutie, too!

  110. 110
    Joy in FL says:

    She’s beautiful.

    Keep us posted with photos and updates.

  111. 111

    Big Kitteh is watching you!

  112. 112
    koalaholik says:

    @My Truth Hurts: My black and white boy helps the plumber when he comes and the washer repairman and the mailman and anyone else who shows up. He is the friendliest cat I have ever had – until you try to pick him up, then he goes all whiney “let me down” kitty. Stella looks a lot like Spookers in the face, but he has less white on his body. She’s a real cutie pie

  113. 113
    MLC says:

    My wickedly awesome kitteh Timmeh is missing. I live in the country and worry that coyotes got him. He is a great cat, with a loud purr and very communicative and he snuggles with my dogs. Please think some good thoughts for Timmeh as he hasn’t come home for about a week. He’s a really good cat.

  114. 114
    mai naem says:

    Pretty Kitty. People,that is not a birthmark or booger. That is a nose ring.

  115. 115
    phoebes-in-santa fe says:

    @My Truth Hurts: I have a wonderful tuxedo boy named “Robin Obama”. He’s about 3 and a half and is very, very timid around people – other than me – but gets along great with his tabby older sister, “Alice Obama”, who’s about 6 years old. Both are rescue cats and “Alice O” is the most outgoing cat I’ve ever seen. She could be a dog. Anyway, she and “Robin O” adore each other – they’ve been together about two years now and they spend hours grooming each other and sleeping together.

    So, in my case, my tuxedo is shy and my tabby is out-going. By the way, they’re both in the 2013 Balloon Juice calendar. I think they are one of the later months and are pictured together, sitting on a table, looking out the window at a birds nest.

  116. 116
    gbear says:

    @mai naem: It looks like her nostril blew a rod.

  117. 117
    kindness says:

    Stella Blue!

    And Cole goes for the Jerry influence. Next thing you know he’ll have in a tie-dyed t.

  118. 118
    Steeplejack says:


    You know, there’s this advanced technique where you can skip the threads you don’t like. You should check it out.

    And it’s not like there is a finite amount of blog space where cat posts are bulldozing heavy-duty serious political stuff into the ether.

  119. 119
    Steeplejack says:


    Go to a shelter, look at the short-hairs (possibly less of a dander issue) and pick one that seems simpático. You’ll get a good cat and you’ll be doing a public service.

  120. 120
    dexwood says:

    Late to the party… Stella works.

  121. 121
    Ted & Hellen says:

    Why do people say “kitteh” on the intertrons? Is it just one of those inexplicable memes that people use to feel they belong to something larger than themselves and are in the know?

  122. 122
    Tomolitics says:

    Stella. That was my first cat’s name. Great name, Mr. Cole, and a lovely little kitteh. Well done on the latest adoption & congrats.

    Edit: “Kitteh” used retroactively just to piss off Ted & Hellen.

  123. 123
    kc says:

    Haha, I can just see Tunch now. Been there.

    Seriously, give extra love to the big guy, Cole, and stop calling him “Fat Boy.” You’ll give him
    a complex.

  124. 124
    kc says:

    She is really pretty, btw. Tuxies are the best!

  125. 125
    kc says:


    Please, John has been talking about Tunch since he (John) was a Republican.

  126. 126

    I’m sure there are some cat people who really prefer specific breeds; there wouldn’t be breeders if there weren’t. But cat people are a lot less likely to care about breed than dog people are.

    I suspect a lot of it is that we haven’t bred cats as intensively as dogs. There are literally dozens of kinds of dogs- not breeds but classes of breeds: sight hounds and scent hounds, cattle dogs and sheep dogs, guard dogs and lap dogs, etc. Different tasks require different physical and mental attributes, so there is a huge range of dog types to choose from, and those choices give you very different dogs. Most cats have been kept for pest control, which tends to select for similar traits in every breed. Picking a cat breed is mostly about appearance rather than personality. Sure, some people care, but it’s not an overriding concern the way it is for dogs.

  127. 127
  128. 128
    kc says:

    @Bobby_D: @John Cole:

    Geez, what a grouch. I see the new kittie hasn’t mellowed you out any.

    Fix your mobile site already and your commenters will be less anxious.

  129. 129

    @Ted & Hellen:
    Someone is not aware of all Internet traditions.

  130. 130
    Steeplejack says:

    Stella! (I will allow myself one Brando-esque outcry.)

    Vindication is mine.

  131. 131
    Maude says:

    You got it wrong. We’re jackals, not nice people.

  132. 132
    danielx says:

    Fat Bastard is alert.

  133. 133
    FlipYrWhig says:

    @Ted & Hellen: why would someone say “intertrons”? Is it just one of those inexplicable memes people use to pretend that they’re part of something larger than themselves and are in the know?

  134. 134
    SuzieC says:

    Oh My Goodness! She is a beautiful kitty. If things don’t work out with Teh Tunch, I want her.

  135. 135


    Please, John has been talking about Tunch since he (John) was a Republican.

    What party does Tunch belong to, anyway?

  136. 136
    Roger Moore says:


    What party does Tunch belong to, anyway?

    Tunch isn’t old enough to vote. The requirement to be eighteen years old to vote discriminates against nonhuman Americans.

  137. 137
    Ted & Hellen says:


    Yes, it is.

    Why so defensive?

  138. 138
    kideni says:

    Such a gorgeous kitty she is! I hope she and Tunch work it all out quickly. How are the dogs dealing with the changes?

  139. 139
    clayton says:

    @Baud: Stella

    She was the big one. The only one for me.

    That’s a keeper name for a survivor girl.

    I’ll cry now. Remembering my Stella.

  140. 140
    Poopyman says:

    She really looks scarily like our own Tux/Poopyman/Shithead, and I’d bet anything she’s got a lot of Norwegian Forest Cat in her, for those that asked for a breed. Otherwise, I’d say she’s purebred American Rescue Cat.

  141. 141
    Ann Marie says:

    Congratulations, John! She’s beautiful. Tunch thinks you’re cruel, though, bringing him a beautiful lady friend and then keeping them apart. (Not that you shouldn’t keep them apart for a while.)

  142. 142
    Mnemosyne says:

    By the way, if you catch Tunch and Stella playing patty-cake under the door while she’s still in isolation, you’re in.

  143. 143
    RoonieRoo says:

    @Poopyman: Norwegian Forest Cats are freaking huge. The small ones are a good 12 lbs when a healthy cat weight. Not Tunch weight. I highlight “healthy” weight as a large percentage of cat owners don’t know what healthy weight actually looks like.

  144. 144
    tess (formerly librarian) says:

    Until my ~10-lb. Duncan, my smallest cat was a not-fat, all-muscle 13-lb. female tortie. I spent the first year we had him, as his brother grew to 15 lbs., wondering if we should take him to the vet to see why he wasn’t growing. Now, I realize that if he were a big boy with the same ratio of personality to size, we’d need a bigger house and round-the-clock petting service to appease him. Bet you discover the same trait in Stella. :-)

  145. 145
    Anne Laurie says:

    @Roger Moore:

    But cat people are a lot less likely to care about breed than dog people are.

    Well, cats are less genetically plastic than dogs — barring advanced technology that does not yet exist, there’s only so much variation you can get with cats. It can be iffy even using traditional methods — for instance, the ‘Manx’ gene is lethal, which means all surviving tailless Manx cats have a mixed Manx/normal gene set. So even before humans could look at genes under a microscope, Manx breeders knew that their purebred Manxes whould have smaller litters — the Manx/Manx embryos would be re-absorbed or die shortly after birth — and one of every three or four surviving kittens would have some kind of tail.

    But the real difference between professional cat people and professional beauty-show dog people is that cat shows have a separate category for “household” cats, non-pedigreed (rescue!) cats who win their own ribbons for being beautiful & healthy. The AKC has grudgingly admitted “not certified purebred” dogs into various performance activities (like obedience, agility, flyball) but they will give out ribbons for pretty-but-not-papered dogs on approximately the twelvth of Never… maybe.

  146. 146
    Violet says:

    Congrats, John. She’s gorgeous. Love the name Stella. Looks like it fits her perfectly.

  147. 147
    Anne Laurie says:

    Cole, Stella is a close ringer for our late beloved Figaro, Marquis de Carabas… those are not ‘pantaloons’, they are swashbuckling musketeer boots! And you will shortly discover that she can use that lovely feathered tail as adeptly as any musketeer uses his broad, featherd cap…

    From her pictures, and your description of her behavior, you have just adopted a “Maine Coon type” cat (you lucky basterd). The first thing peple notice about purebred MCs is their enormous size, but the markers Maine Coon breeders look for are little bobcat-type ear tufts, dense furry ‘snowshoe’ paws, and a pronounced ruff & squirrel tail.

    Also, the Maine Coon personality. MCs are pirates, they love people, they love to be in the thick of things, but they are not biddable cats. Tunch has trained you well, so don’t be getting any foolish ideas about you telling her How Things Work.

    If things don’t work out between her & Rosie (although I’m 99.99% sure Stella will compensate just fine) I call first dibs. Yes, we will drive down to West Virginia, if necessary!

  148. 148
    InternetDragons says:

    Stella’s gorgeous – though not at all a Maine Coon type — far too fine-boned.

    To Bobby_D: Not sure you should get a cat; you don’t sound like you even particularly like them, and you sure as heck got impatient here over a very minor issue. Pets require patience =P.

    To respond directly to your question, though, there ARE cats that are known (and backed up with research to demonstrate this) to be less prone to producing the dander that typically creates allergic reactions. They’re all purebreds, though, so you’d have to be prepared to either pay purebred prices or go through applying with a breed rescue organization to adopt one that needs a home.

    You may be lucky enough to find a mixed-breed that doesn’t trigger your allergies, but it would require setting up some visits with your local shelter to see which cats may work out for you.

    The breeds I am aware of that are known to be hypoallergenic include Cornish and Devon Rex cats, Balinese, and Bengal cats. I have rescued Bengals – they are beautiful, and I love them dearly. There are a couple of other breeds that tend to be hypoallergenic that I can’t recall at the moment.

    The hairless cat breeds like the Sphynx are hypoallergenic also, but a lot of people don’t like the way they look and they are pricey.

  149. 149
    Ford powers says:

    Ugh. Fine.
    Tunch can be Leonard
    + Ariel can be Skynard
    But Stella = meh

  150. 150
    opie_jeanne says:

    @Bobby_D: I’d recommend a very short-haired tabby, which is not really a breed but we have one now and have owned others. And males tend to cause more allergies than females, something to do with their saliva, so a female.

    We have had both males and females, both make fine companions as long as they are fixed.

    You need to find out if you would enjoy a cat for a pet, though, before you adopt one. If you have friends with cats, ask if you can spend time with theirs. They do need some attention, they get lonely just like a dog will but aren’t quite as obvious about it usually.

  151. 151
    Jean says:

    Why not name her Honey Badger–Honey for short?

  152. 152
    Montarvillois says:

    Love the name Stella. My heart goes out to the confused Tunch but he will adapt, eventually.

  153. 153
    Baud says:


    I trust you (meaning I’m too lazy to confirm your statement). Congrats!

  154. 154
    Ken J. says:

    Probably no one will see this as the thread is hours old… my wife pointed out last night that Stella’s shape in the photos, and the descriptions of her size and behavior, match very closely to our much-missed purebred Siberian cat. See Wikipedia for more Siberian cat photos.

  155. 155
    Ken J. says:

    Probably no one will see this as the thread is hours old… my wife pointed out last night that Stella’s shape in the photos, and the descriptions of her size and behavior, match very closely to our much-missed purebred Siberian cat. See Wikipedia for more Siberian cat photos.

  156. 156
    Butch says:

    Probably late to the party, too, but that kitty couldn’t look any more like our Mooch, who was found as a kitten wandering around a trailer park.

  157. 157
    Bulworth says:

    Yes, such a pretty girl, Stella. Welcome to the BJ family! More kittehs all around!

  158. 158
    gvg says:

    Hypoallergenic breeds….I too have heard that ONE of the rex breeds is claimed to be. They are called Rex because they have curly coats. their fur has regular waves in it like a perm or a royal coat from long ago. Odd look but some like it. both rex breeds are skinney slim siamese types.

    I have been told the commonest allergen is the cat saliva not so much the dander and that because cats groom themselves so much, they cause reactions in more people than other species. I was told soaking in water cleaned the saliva off (no soap). A rinse won’t work, it had to be soak. This is a problem for most cats unless they are raised to it from kitten hood and then it’s no big deal.

    I had a show bred Angora that was raised to put up with baths and she was easy all her life. all other cats have been dangerous to bathe but they just arrived or I as a non allergic person didn’t bother to raise them that way. Any breed you get young can be taught to put up with baths.

    Vacuming is also a good idea and many cats and dogs hate the sound so raise a young un to think it’s nothing.

    If you still have problems you may need to keep cat out of safe zone bedroom. Vet also recomends that you make bed before work so that comforter keeps cat hair and dander off sheets, then remove comforter to sleep on if you get congested while sleeping (some allegic people not all have mainly problems while sleeping). Allegy meds are cheap, common, over the counter and much better than the past so mild cases are no problem.

    I’ve always wondered if a Turkish Van cat-the ones that like swimming-would be nearly hypoallergic because of the water baths. I love the idea of a swimming cat but I’ve never owned one. Tunch’s markings imply he may be part Van.

    Google pictures of the breeds. CFA is the main cat breeder org and they must have a web site but it’s been years since I cared about shows. All the cat registry orgs (there are rivals unlike the dog AKC) have non purebred personality shows for ribbons and also allow showing of spayed/neutered cats which I think is better ethicly (don’t litter)

  159. 159
    Karounie says:

    @a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q):

    We recently took in my deceased brother’s two cats, bringing the total number of cats in our two bedroom apartment to five. There was much drama, so we put in a Feliway diffuser which did help. After about two weeks, the new cats – who are a spayed female and a neutered male and both seriously senior citizens – started behaving as though the female were in heat. We unplugged the Feliway and the behavior stopped but the drama increased. We asked the vet, who said Feliway can’t bring about the effect we were seeing, so we plugged it back in. Two days later, more heat behavior yowling etc. so we unplugged it again. two days after that, no heat.

    Anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

  160. 160
    Andree-Anne says:

    She is a beautiful kitty. Enjoy!

  161. 161
    Mararama says:

    Stella is a beautiful, petite kitty! Just remember to GO SLOW on her introduction to Tunch. I know you’ve received lots of advice on other threads already, but it bears repeating (I speak as someone who currently has eight cats at home. Each one is different!)

    Remember that it is Tunch who needs to feel that he controls his home, and not the newcomer. He the senior member, and it is Stella who needs to adapt to him. Start by letting them trade places 30 minutes or so – let Tunch spend some time in the bedroom, smelling Stella’s scent, while Stella gets to explore the house. Once Tunch starts sniffing at the door a lot, or they are poking their paws under it, open the door just an inch or so and let them eyeball each other. Continue from there, open the door a bit further while you supervise so that no one charges the gate.

    After a day or two, your might find it easiest to bring Tunch into the new kitty lounge and close the door so they can meet quietly, face to face,under your close supervision. Without the dogs. If you can make this a gradual process, especially one where the cats don’t feel threatened, it can work out very well. But a lot depends on each cat’s disposition, and that’s a hard thing to predict!

    You’ve got to show a bit of patience – some cat groups say that this process should take weeks, which is a bit excessive, I’ve usually accomplished it in a few days. Other folks just throw them together and hope for the best, and sometimes it works, but it can also backfire. Take your time and make your decisions based on Tunch’s reactions. A bit of hissing and growling is okay, but back off and try again later if things get heated.

    Good luck, it will be worth it to take your time and have two cats who are best buddies!

  162. 162
    Keith G says:

    From the few pics I have seen showing Stella’s eyes, posture, and ear and whisker positions,the young girl seems to have a out going personality that would allow her to become quite an operator.

    Assuming there are no non-recoverable personality conflicts (Rosie), a year or two from now she may be playfully running the show – particularly if her Maine Coon ancestry kicks in and she gets to be the size of some of the mixed girls that roam my neighborhood.

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