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From the way that dogs act in the late morning, you would think they are solar powered.

A sunny spot

Chat away.

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    Jerzy Russian says:

    All life on Earth is in some sense solar powered. Sunlight lets plants do their thing, and various critters eat plants, and other critters eat them, and so on.

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    quannlace says:

    Never let a drop of sunshine go to waste!

    I always know when Spring has really arrived, when I see Kate sprawled out on the garden patio for the first time.

  3. 3
    Yutsano says:


    It’s supposed to snow where I am. Or at the very least be icy and terrible on the roads. And I have to drive home today. Cwap.

  4. 4
    gogol's wife says:

    I wuv Max

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    ThatLeftTurnInABQ says:

    The NYT asked a reviewer to demonstrate that your dog doesn’t get as many miles as advertised. And don’t even start with any DOG LOG nonsense.

    The fact that the reviewer chosen normally writes about cats is purely a coincidence.

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    bemused says:

    One of our cats and I checked in on Ripley’s kittens livecam not long ago. Whew, playful kittens are extremely playful tearing around like crazy. They must be almost ready for new homes.

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    a hip hop artist from Idaho (fka Bella Q) says:

    MAXPUPPEH. Thank you for sharing.

  8. 8
    Anoniminous says:

    Adulterated honey.

    Horse meat sold as beef.

    Lying drug companies.

    Pink slime. (No link, I’ve hit the limit.)

    Can we finally put the “private companies won’t defraud the public” meme to rest?

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    Betty Cracker says:

    So cute how he’s curled up with his toys in reach! My two beasties are ignoring their extra-large, plush dog beds as usual and sleeping on the couch. They are extra cute when it’s chilly because they cuddle up together.

  10. 10
    Alison says:

    That is some serious happy right there. Love it.

  11. 11
    monkeyfister says:

    Mississippi finally ratifies the 13th Amendment!

    Next thing ya know, they’ll start admitting that the Confederate Army might be losing the war. Apparently, they ratified it back in the mid-90’s, but forgot to send the proper letters to D.C.

    Onward, Mississippi! To the 20th Century… and BEYOND!!!

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    Comrade Luke says:

    Hey Tim, I’m really close to getting an Olympus OM-D E-M5.

    I used to have a Nikon D700-based system, but it’s just too darned big and heavy for day to day or vacation use. I’ve sold off everything but the body and flash, and will rent nice lenses when I need to.

    Anyway, how do you think the Oly will compare to your Panasonic? I’m already planning on getting some Panny lenses. They’re so nice and small, they’re a joy to use.

  14. 14
    SFAW says:

    OK, so if the doggie is solar-powered, why does he seem to be sleeping, instead of running around doing doggie-like things?

  15. 15
    srv says:

    I don’t feel like working today either.

  16. 16
    quannlace says:

    Mississippi finally ratifies the 13th Amendment!

    Wow. So I guess that scene from the Simpson’s parody of Mary Poppins had some truth.

    Skinner: “Boy for sale. Boy for sale”
    Jimbo: ” Is this legal, man?”
    Skinner: “Only here, and in Mississippi”

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    trollhattan says:

    @Comrade Luke:

    Do it. Unless you plan to shoot a lot of video (in which case get the GH3) the E-M5 is the most complete µ4/3 camera to date. It works fine with the Panny lenses, but for some in-camera correction for chromatic aberration that you might need to do in post processing.

    Have had mine since last summer and love it. The high-ISO performance and the IBIS system are the best Oly has yet put in any camera.

  18. 18
    Mnemosyne says:


    Because he’s recharging his battery.

  19. 19
    Roger Moore says:

    @Jerzy Russian:

    All life on Earth is in some sense solar powered.

    Not quite all. There is some life at deep sea vents that is chemotrophic and basically powered by geothermal energy./pedant

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    WereBear says:

    Rub Maxie on the chest (much safer than going for an unknown dog’s head.)

    I mused on the “cats in sunlight” constant and came up with this:

    Why do cats lie in the sun?

    In short: they are (partly) solar powered!

  21. 21
    Roger Moore says:


    Can we finally put the “private companies won’t defraud the public” meme to rest?

    Of course not. That meme is a core part of the success of every company that’s trying to defraud the public, so there’s no way they’ll let it die.

  22. 22
    Emma says:

    @jeffreyw: Aaaaw. The kitty looks so content…

  23. 23
    Just Some Fuckhead says:

    My dog is snack-powered.

  24. 24
    Tim F. says:

    @Comrade Luke: Nearly every photo site picked it as their camera of the year for a reason. The sensor, the 5-axis in-body stabilization and the solid weather-sealed body all make it a huge step forward for the m4/3 format. If I did not already own a GH2 I’d buy it in a second. Among other things the stabilization would revive the magnificent OM 135/2.8 and Nikkor 180/2.8 lenses that are gathering dust since I retired my EP1. They are too long to use without stabilization.

    However, take a look first at the E-PL5 and the E-M2. They have the same sensor and stabilization, but they cost less due to a simpler and less rugged body. Depending on what you need they might be the best option for you.

  25. 25
    Roger Moore says:

    @Comrade Luke:
    I’ve found that the key to enjoying a heavier camera is a good carrying system. Even a pro DSLR with a pro lens isn’t that heavy in an absolute sense; it just seems to weigh a lot because you’re resting the weight wrong. I switched from the stock Nikon strap to an aftermarket one from OpTech. The strap is better, and when I want to carry it for an extended time I can unbuckle the part that goes over my neck and attach the camera to a backpack instead. Then I’m carrying the weight on my shoulders and hips instead of my neck, and it’s easy to carry for a long time.

  26. 26
    Mnemosyne says:


    The whole thing is weird. Apparently her boyfriend’s suicide of a couple of months ago was still under investigation because the cops weren’t completely convinced it was suicide.

  27. 27
    Yutsano says:

    @Mnemosyne: She was pretty much already at some kind of breaking point since she was also having financial difficulties. It’s tragic she took the permanent soilution.

  28. 28
    WereBear says:

    @Yutsano: And I understand she had two kids. I hope they have someone who can step up to the plate for them.

  29. 29
    Mnemosyne says:


    In one of the stories about her late boyfriend, apparently he got himself in trouble with the authorities because he was harassing McCready’s mother, who had taken custody of the older boy. IIRC, this was before she had the second baby.

    It unfortunately sounds like that destructive relationship was the last straw as far as McCready’s own sanity went. As I said, she was apparently a suspect in the boyfriend’s death, though we probably will never know for sure what happened. Sad all around.

  30. 30
    MikeJ says:

    @Roger Moore:

    I switched from the stock Nikon strap to an aftermarket one from OpTech. The strap is better, and when I want to carry it for an extended time I can unbuckle the part that goes over my neck and attach the camera to a backpack instead

    Which one is that? I was looking at their website and couldn’t tell.

  31. 31
    jake the snake says:

    Chuckles Krauthammer writes some nonsense about drones, but on the upside, admits he lives on a different planet.

    Now, for those who believe that the war on terror is not war but law enforcement, (a) I concede that they will find the foregoing analysis to be useless and (b) I assert that they are living on a different and distant planet


  32. 32
    Cacti says:

    RIP to Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss.

    Not a fan of LAL, but he’s certainly on the short list of all-time great professional sports owners.

  33. 33
    trollhattan says:

    @Tim F.:

    Good summary. One slight correction: E-M5 IS is unique to that model, not available elsewhere. The others’ systems certainly aren’t bad, just not as effective as the “5-axis” system. (I’m expecting it to migrate to whatever the next E-system body might be.)


  34. 34
    Maude says:

    I have a Kodak. If it’s sunny, I can’t see the little view screen too well. I click the shutter and hope the picture comes out. It does, for some reason.

  35. 35
    Exurban Mom says:

    MAX! Yay. So glad you still pop by for Max photos.

  36. 36
    PurpleGirl says:

    @bemused: Tomorrow they get snipped, and if all goes well then on Saturday they’ll be at an adoption event at Petsmart. They are now just over two months old and all are over 2 lbs. (I keep the kittencam open on a browser tab.)

  37. 37
    PurpleGirl says:

    Thanks, Tim, for the picture of MAX! He looks so peaceful and content.

  38. 38
    Another Halocene Human says:

    Hey, suggestions from the BJ brain trust needed!

    So, one of our [insert profession here] got nailed for [felony charges] on the job. Specifically while on private property where we had an informal arrangement to let us use the bathroom! Ouch!!

    I want to send an open letter to the property’s newsletter apologizing–signed by (my goal) about half of us if I can get it.

    Does this work?

    Like you, were were shocked and saddened to learn that one of [our team] had been charged with [felonious behavior]. We know that trust is important, both when you graciously allow us to come onto your facilities and when you choose to [use our services]. We hope that we can reestablish that trust in the days and months to come.

    Do I need to add anything else? [So Fired Already]’s actions do not reflect the high standards we set for ourselves, or some shit like that?

    I’m a union rep, although I’m not going to limit signees to union membership and it won’t be an official union statement, although it will be as far as management is concerned, lolol. Management said they will “spin doctor” but quite frankly they suck at it. All I want out of them is [so and so] fired yesterday. Apparently all I’m getting is fired tomorrow but that’s doing fairly good for them so I’m not complaining.

  39. 39
    Comrade Luke says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, everyone. Will probably be getting the Oly within a month. Can’t wait!

  40. 40
    ekmuk says:

    you have the only Doberman that doesn’t doesn’t make me worry that it’s going to rip my lungs out at the slightest provocation.

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