The Dead Has Arisen…Or Not.

So this happened.

In a special Pre-SOTU episode of TWiB! Radio we were joined by our  #amTWIB lead anchor L. Joy Williams to talk what to expect from SOTU, Dorner and reaction from that particular video that sent folks into a fit. The quote from an official in the area caused the entire team to lose their composure because…well…we’re talking about zombies here. check it out here:

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Then came the post-SOTU analysis. We were live as Rubio tried to ascend to his savior status which apparently caused him to be very thirsty, plus we may be one of the only media outlets to catch Rand Paul’s pre-Tea Party prep. It seems that the folks getting him ready had no clue they were on a live feed that was broadcasting to a minor NBC affiliates website and we just so happen to be broadcasting the responses from there. Hilarity ensued. Check it out here:

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See you guys in the comments…unless the Zombie Apocalypse hits…

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    Comrade Mary says:

    The Dead Has Arisen…Or Not.

    Hang on, hang on: I’m sure something shocking will happen within the next 43 days.

  2. 2
    Belafon (formerly anonevent) says:

    Things my household are giving up for Lent:
    1. Lent
    2. Catholicism

    OK, we were never actually Catholic, though my wife likes to buy a King Cake every year.

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  4. 4


    This also happened:…..f-commons/


  5. 5

    Heh heh heh.

    Or perhaps Muah-hah-hah!

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    Tractarian says:

    Is this an ad?

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