Not sure if you all bothered to watch Woodward on Hannity, but what happened there tonight was the journalistic equivalent of “Two Guys One Cup.” If Brent Bozell had any consistency, he’d be demanding the FCC fine Fox news for showing fellatio during primetime tv.

Oh, never mind. I see everyone else on the blog watched, too.

And yes, I am kidding.

In Soviet Politico, story debunk you

Watching Bob Woodward on Fox. His family should put him down. It’s the humane thing to do. He had a lot of good years.

Even Sean Hannity doesn’t seem to want to have go along with the “threat” stuff.

Update. I started writing this before mistermix’s appeared. Sowwy

Hannity Exclusive Must Credit Hannity

God help me I’m watching Hannity.

Woodward is walking back the “threat” quote – “I’m not using that kind of language.”

The Obama Administration “got caught” as the “father of the sequester”. He’s repeating the obvious point that the sequester is stupid – of course it’s stupid, that’s the fucking point. “It’s an old trick – make the conduct of the press the issue.”

I wonder how Woodward feels when a moron blowhard like Hannity commiserates with him about being a victim of the “liberal media”, i.e., Woodward’s employer and his peers.

Woodward isn’t here for himself, he’s here for the younger reporters who are getting “roughed up”. Daddy will make it all better.

Later on Hannity – just how black is Keith Ellison?

After Hannity gave Bob’s wrinkled old anus a careful tongue bath (“you don’t look a day over 50”), Bob is now validating Hannity’s journalistic credentials.

Well, that was mercifully brief. Now for some time with Ann Coulter, and did you know Keith Ellison is black and a Muslim?

Dog Rescue Bleg – Santa Monica/Westside Area

jenna d koda
From lurker JennaD:

My name is Jenna and I need to find a new home for my dog. I took her on when my brother had a baby, and I can’t financially support her anymore. I’ve posted her on Craigslist, but I’m worried that she’ll go to an unsavory home on there…

I think she’d do the best in a home where she can run around outside a lot, in a back yard or something – she’s a high energy 1.2 year old chocolate lab, around 48 lbs. Her name is Koda, she’s up to date on all of her shots, has all of her vet records, and is fixed, microchipped, and registered with the city.

Koda was trained at LA Dogworks. She is a submissive pee-er but with time and effort this is diminishing. Basically I just make sure she’s “empty” when she comes inside, and let her mingle with people before they start giving her attention.

Other than that issue, she’s an amazing dog. Very sweet, quick to learn, loves training, and a wonderful companion. If I were older, with a more stable home and disposable income, I’d keep her forever – but my main concern is for her well being and I simply cannot provide that.

If you are interested in Koda, or know someone who might be, contact me at anne laurie (at) (click on my name in the right-hand column) and I’ll put you touch.

This Post is Full of Racial Entitlement

We’ve been known to name an asshole of the day, but when you have Antonin Scalia saying stuff like this:

Now, I don’t think that’s attributable to the fact that it is so much clearer now that we need this. I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement. It’s been written about. Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.

And then Bob Woodward reported that the White House said he would regret his Washington Post op-ed published last week. When really, the White House said:

I apologize for raising my voice in our conversation today. My bad. …
But I do truly believe you should rethink your comment about saying that Potus asking for revenues is moving the goal post. I know you may not believe this, but as a friend, I think you will regret staking out that claim.

It’s really hard to choose the bigger asshole.

Okay, that’s not true. Scalia is the bigger asshole.

Today on #TWiBRadio, we also discussed Justice Sotomayor’s BOSS status, and my discovery of Trap Music. God help us all.

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And this morning on #amTWiB, an Ohio bartender was fired for calling the cops on a drunk driving customer, a dad threw a burrito at his kid, and L. Joy is shocked to learn that a movie still costs $6.75 in some parts of the country. Check it out:

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Open Thread

Prepping for the trip to Austin. Day has been a hot mess or I would have written a sub-par post. Instead, you get this.

BTW- Zsa Zsa is about a week away from declaring the entire house her oyster. She’s all over the place, and with the kinds of mad energy this household has not experienced in a while. I have also come to the conclusion that I haven’t really been a cat owner the last decade with Tunch. I had an ottoman/heavy throw rug/purring pillow, but I most certainly did not have a cat.

Jill Stanek is Exploiting a Family’s Tragedy to Promote Her Forced Birth Agenda

Jill Stanek and her band of merry Forced Birthers have invaded the privacy of a woman (“Marie”), who recently died during a late-term abortion procedure in Maryland, and are violating HIPAA and common sense standards of decency to do so.

As Bridgette Dunlap describes in detail in her must-read new article “Unethical, Cruel, and Likely Illegal: Anti-Choicers Make Family’s Tragedy Public Without Their Consent,” Stanek has been gleefully blogging about Marie’s death, pretending to care about a woman that she never met but whose loss apparently cuts her to the core.

Not only has Stanek posted private medical information from sources untold, she has posted information that can have no other purpose but to harass Marie and her family. (In one post, Stanek linked to Marie’s baby registry, and when the registry was taken down by Marie’s family, Stanek updated her blog with a screenshot of the registry.) Stanek has also posted photos of Marie snagged from Pinterest, while strangers spurred on by Stanek’s tactics have been tweeting photographs of Marie’s husband leaving Marie’s funeral.

Read more