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    chopper says:

    secret posting area!

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    scav says:

    @chopper: yoikes! yes.

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    J R in WV says:

    I just want to say I would really like to spout an acidic tirade about Republicans and how unAmerican they are, here where no one can see my spittle fly.

    But I won’t because the science that Tom is talking about is so fascinating. Where we live in Arizona in the winter you can see a huge observatory on Brown Mountain while driving north on US 191.

    There are actually 3 observatories on the mountain, and oe has two huge ganged-together telescopes with adjustable shape mirrors to focus the shifting light from the atmosphere. One other is a radio-telescope, and the last is a Vatican telescope for whatever the pope wants.

    The county (Cochise county) has a lighting control code, that keeps waste light pollution from interfering with astronomy, and there is even a sub-division for folks really into astronomy that bans all outdoor lights, so the residents have dark sky every night.

    Our ranchette is at 5500 feet, and we’re a long way from even the small towns of the valley, so I’m planning to do a big ‘scope, and hook it to a CCD imaging device. Then I’ll capture ancient light from all over the visible universe into digital images, which I will display on a huge color-balanced flat panel in the house.


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