And We Are Live

The Pets of Balloon Juice 2013 Calendar is now live and ready for purchase! Act now and get yours just in time for the Holidays!

cover final review

Much thanks to Beth, who spent hours making this a reality. And remember, all proceeds go to the Marion Animal Resource Connection.

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  1. 1

    OMG whose cat is that? That’s a hilarious photo.

  2. 2
    SteveinSC says:

    Cover looks great. Will talk to “She who must be obeyed” to see if she will let me buy one.

  3. 3
    Corner Stone says:

    That cover photo makes me feel Like I’m DiCaprio sketching Rose on the Titanic.

  4. 4
    ruemara says:

    Wish I could but I hope it sells tons and every pet is cared for. Plus cover kitty is totes adorbs.

  5. 5
    Maude says:

    Susan Rice sent Obama a letter saying if she was to be nominated, she would refuse the offer. Thank you Senator Keating Five McCain.

  6. 6
    auntie beak says:

    ooo! you put my beloved (late, this april) big guy in! see the cat standing on the fountain in may. thank you!

  7. 7
    Just Some Fuckhead says:

    That cat looks broken, like someone sat on it.

  8. 8
    Libby's Person says:

    Beth, it looks great! I just ordered mine. It looks like June is going to be my lucky month next year – that’s when my Libby shows up!

  9. 9
    gogol's wife says:

    Just ordered one. My canine nephew is on the Feb. page. So excited!

  10. 10
    👽 Martin says:

    Cole’s asshole theory is getting some surprising adherents.

    Back-bench freshmen Justin Amash, Tim Huelskamp and David Schweikert are gaining martyr status among conservative activists after they were “purged” from House committees for what they say is a matter of sticking to their principles on tough votes.
    But some of their colleagues say the trio got yanked by the leadership-driven Republican Steering Committee because they’re jerks — or worse.
    In an interview with POLITICO, one member of the Steering Committee called them “the most egregious a—holes” in the House Republican Conference.

    When even Lynn Westmoreland thinks you’re an asshole, you’re definitely a goatse-level asshole.

  11. 11
    MattR says:

    @👽 Martin: It really is such a shame their boss is treating them so unfairly. If only they had worker protection laws to fall back on.

  12. 12
    mai naem says:

    Schweikert is a POS and currently my mofo Congressahole. He won against an incumbent in 2010, a very good Dem congressman who got kicked out for Obamacare. The Dem guy is one of the very few politicians I voted for enthusiastically, not just as the better of two bad choices.

  13. 13
    22over7 says:

    Just ordered one. Had to call Cafe Press to get it, as the internet seems broken today, but the person on the other end of the phone was sweet as can be.

  14. 14
    AndoChronic says:

    Thanks Beth, just ordered mine. Thanks for putting Wilhelmina in there (Maine Coon cat third from the right top row in June, sticking out her tongue)!

  15. 15
    Santiago says:

    Kitteh porn!

  16. 16
    Miki says:

    Ordered mine – and yes – my poo-boy contributions can be found in May (sweetestminiaturepoodlefaceintheuniverse) and October (my Tucker in the M-Ears, who passed just 2 weeks ago – RIP my sweet boy).

    Thank you so much for doing this, Beth – I know it’s a lot of work – xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.

  17. 17
    Karen in GA says:

    Beth, very nice calendar!

    And three of my four cats — Phoebe (January), and Smudge and Elwood (August) — made it in! (Note to self: take better picture of Boo the Psycho Calico for next year. Although I think I did all right, given that Boo had no interest in being photographed, refused to sit still, and knows how to kill a human using only a neatly-trimmed claw and a look. True story: I saw Valhalla Rising on DVD a few months ago. And so did Boo. Seriously, she sat in front of the TV absolutely transfixed for the entire movie. That cat ain’t right.)

    Ordering two tonight. Thank you, Beth!

  18. 18
    geg6 says:

    OMG, Beth put my beautiful boy Otis in November. November is my favorite month ever. It bring my birthday and Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday of all. And now it brings me a whole month of looking at my sweet boy.

    I’ll be getting mine tomorrow. Can’t wait until John sees it.

  19. 19
    The Other Chuck says:

    Ordered one for me. I don’t even use paper calendars, but figured it’d be nice to have my two kitties in a calendar, especially Max who passed away about 4 years ago (he’s the tuxedo longhair with the imperious gaze sitting on the purple blanket)

  20. 20
    leinie says:

    Thanks Beth! All four of my babies made it, including my adorable Buttsey-Wiggle in the tree in December.

    It was especially nice to see Squeaker (April) since we lost him last month.

    Ordering now…..

  21. 21
    JPL says:

    Ordered four. I hope Anne will front page this tomorrow morning so it gets the attention deserved. My brother took a picture of his rescue with mine and he’s gonna be so excited to receive it.
    Beth did a wonderful job again. Thanks

  22. 22
    Woodrowfan says:

    @Corner Stone: “Draw me like one of your French poodles….”

  23. 23
    Raven says:

    Lil Bit and Bohdi in the truck!

  24. 24
    Raven says:

    Tried to buy with Pay Pal twice and got a Cafe Press error both times.

  25. 25
    nalbar says:

    I guess mammals need only apply.


  26. 26
    Raven says:

    @nalbar: Yea, I wanted to put my flesh eating beetles in too!

  27. 27
    ET says:

    Is it just me or are there a lot of black or black/white kitties? My black kitty is laughing on October.

  28. 28
    Howard Beale IV says:

    My ornery orange Ozzie made October! (he’s the smush-faced rescued Persian in the lower right-hand corner.)

  29. 29
    PopeRatzo says:

    I didn’t realize you were going with full frontal this year.

    I dig the French Postcard Kittahs.

  30. 30
    Kurt Montandon says:

    Is there any way to see which pictures were used without buying the calendar? I never use a paper calendar, and can’t justify even that small of an expense right now anyways.

  31. 31
    Kristine says:

    King and Gaby made it into September! Thanks, Beth!

    Calendar is bought and blogged about and tweeted.

  32. 32
    Kristine says:

    @Kurt Montandon: CafePress lets you page through and has a Zoom function, but the photos are still pretty small.

  33. 33
    Kristine says:

    @Raven: I just made my purchase through PayPal. Used Firefox.

  34. 34
    Platonicspoof says:

    @Kurt Montandon:
    As Kristine suggested, you can start at The Balloon Juice Store button on the right side of this page for all items, or go directly here.

    And thanks Beth!

  35. 35
    Woodrowfan says:

    Bought mine, thank you to Beth for her hard work! And my pups made it, as did one of my feral kitties…

  36. 36
    Sparrowgal says:

    Damn, I knew this was an animal-luvin’ bunch of folks, but this is impressive (my first-ever BJ Calendar view, obvs). Beautiful job on the arrangement, and the photography. My Katie is the gal burrowed in a sweater in January, center left.

  37. 37
    Suzanne says:

    @mai naem: I worked really,REALLY hard on that Schweikert/Mitchell campaign. Thousands of phone calls. I cried when Harry lost, because he’s a statesman and an amazing person. Schweikert is a total tool. I got drawn into the new district 9, though, so Sinema is my new Congresscritter.

    My Scout and Zelda are in February, and my Luna is in October. This is the best calendar yet.

  38. 38
    WaterGirl says:

    Are you guys getting the zoom to work? I can’t seem to make the calendar big enough to find my guys.

  39. 39
    JPK says:

    I ordered mine immediately. My cats are what make the months of March, April, and August so special.

  40. 40
    Evelyn says:

    Great calendar for 3rd year in a row..Have already ordered mine too. Neglected to send in pictures of my 6 pets this year but will be sure to get them in early next year. Beth you did a great job. John thanks for helping my hometown animal rescue group, MARC, in TN with proceeds going to them to help more dogs like Garnet and of course all the cats too. BJ is the “cat’s meow”

  41. 41
    Cain says:

    How awesome, they were able to fit my kitties in at the last minute. I see my cat who I have called ‘yellow’ as part of November!

  42. 42
    jurassicpork says:

    “Ah’m too sexee fer my fur.”

  43. 43
    pete says:

    Buy Calendar was on the list I made of things to do tomorrow, and crossed off before tomorrow ever comes.

  44. 44
    kideni says:

    Looks like my fur kids didn’t make the cut :-(

    I’ll still buy the calendar, though, since it looks great!

  45. 45
    nobadcats says:

    Awww! Our beautiful Zuzu and Mishna made it into the December spread. Mishna, my Mishna, after far too short a life, left us just a week ago, due to some crazy auto-immune blood disorder (she’s the gorgeous harlequin-face tortie with the beautiful mocha-face Siamese mix). I am still in shock over losing Mishna. She was only with us for nine months. I am thrilled though that her face will be featured forever in print.

    Despite my shock and grief, I am going to forgo my usual mourning period, and do as all my friends have urged me, for once I am going to adopt a new KITTEN as soon as possible. Zuzu needs a sister, it has been made clear.

  46. 46
    PeakVT says:

    Beth is awesome!

    That is all.

  47. 47

    Thank you so much John for supporting us! You all are making a huge difference for our program and enabling us to help so many animals. Thank you Beth for creating this beautiful, entertaining calendar! I can’t wait to get mine!

  48. 48
    Jill Tasker says:

    So happy & excited to see my girls in the new calender. I just bought two–so far!

  49. 49
    RK Watkins says:

    My wife and I are very proud parents. Our rex is the cover boy. And congratulations to all the other proud parents of their furry offspring. Now I just need to get him an agent and wait for the big bucks to start flowing in.

  50. 50
    comrade scott's agenda of rage says:

    Just ordered mine!

    Sadly, Bozo the Three-Legged Dog was put down on election night. 14.5 years old, he was an antique and had a seizure the day before. It was time. We just got his ashes back.

    Bozo, you were a Very. Good. Boy.

  51. 51

    Thanks Beth! Lucy and Bianca in Jan and Elway in his santa hat for Dec. We are excited.

  52. 52

    Not enough birds. ;-)

    Full disclosure: My oldest Lovebird, Wylie, who turns 18 on Jan 3, is in the lower right hand corner of August, taking a quick nap on my old laptop. He is SUCH A GOOD BIRDY!!!

  53. 53
    Evelyn says:

    John reports that sales of calendar are booming..All of you are amazing..And so very sorry about Bozo..It is never easy to lose our beloved pets.

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