The 12/12/12 Concert

If you are not watching the 12/12/12 Sandy relief concert, my goodness you are missing out. Bruce, the Who, the Stones, Floyd. I’m just so fucking nostalgic right now. When I was 14 and 15, mom and dad had a Chevy Caprice Classic diesel wagon, the kind that had a rear seat facing backwards. I was such an obnoxious prick that I sat in the back seat facing backwards (and I have a sneaking suspicion that dad used to position the luggage so it would fall on me a lot). While back there on our long rides to our lake house at Middle Sebago in Maine or to the beach at Bethany Beach in Delaware, I would sit in the back and use my Sony Walkman and listen to the Stones, Floyd, the Who, or, in other words, all the bands playing tonight. The only thing missing was a little Queen, some Yes, and some Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Watch the show. It’s just the best live music benefit I have seen in a while, and give if you can by calling 1-855-465-4357 or going to

And my goodness, Alicia Keys is so fucking smoking hot she makes me sweat.

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    DCLaw1 says:

    I’ve had a crush on Alicia Keys for a long time now.

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    DCLaw1 says:


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    Hypatia's Momma says:

    It’s nice that everyone wants to help Americans, and many of those Americans are desperately poor, but…

    This just feels wrong, somehow.

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    khead says:

    You ever find those shrooms? :)

    I’ll repeat my comment from the previous thread:

    I’m just glad no one has keeled over on stage yet. Most of the performers are close to my Dad’s age before he died.

    If there had been a concert death pool, I would’ve taken Roger Daltrey. Or maybe one of the Stones.

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    C.J. says:

    I bet there are a lot of uncomfortable white people watching Kanye right now.

    “This isn’t Billy Joel!”

  6. 6
    MattR says:

    As soon as his performance is over, Kanye’s mic is gonna be cut quicker than Romney cancelled his staffers’ credit cards.

  7. 7
    Haydnseek says:

    Get a grip, Cole. I’m older than you, and have seen all of these bands in their prime. Nostalgia is the liver of emotions.

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    👽 Martin says:

    This just feels wrong, somehow.

    That the richest, most powerful nation on earth needs to go begging to raise money to help the richest, most influential city on earth?

    Because, yeah.

    The Who were amazing, but Kanye just isn’t bringing it. Need a bit of awareness of who you follow.

  9. 9
    Keith says:

    This is my first time even hearing Kanye West perform, and I cannot see what the big deal is about. I’d rather stare at Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s exhumed body for 5 minutes than watch Kanye’s supposed flow.

  10. 10
    👽 Martin says:


    If there had been a concert death pool, I would’ve taken Roger Daltrey. Or maybe one of the Stones.

    Roger is 2 years older than my dad, but I’d put my kids college money that he looks better with his shirt off than half of us here.

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    J. Michael Neal says:

    I just realized that I like bands whose members don’t die. Rush. Marillion. Dire Straits. Yes. Asia. Genesis. Rick Wright is just about the only casualty among my top ten.

  12. 12
    Mnemosyne says:


    I dunno, I think Daltrey takes decent care of himself. Townshend is probably the one who’ll be next to go.

    Also, too, they were playing “Rough Boys” in the supermarket the other day and once again I said to myself, “Jesus, how stupid were we all that Townshend had to announce he was bisexual even after that song was a huge hit?”

  13. 13
    Ed in NJ says:


    My Facebook is exploding with comments from my middle aged white friends. “Time for a bathroom break” “Now I can go to bed”, etc. As if middle aged white people are the only ones watching, or that matter. And yes, most of my friends are Republicans, as a matter of explanation.

  14. 14
    TaMara (BHF) says:

    @John Cole: My 20 year old self says, “Leave Jon Bon Jovi alone!

  15. 15
    TaMara (BHF) says:

    @John Cole: My 20 year old self says, “Leave Jon Bon Jovi alone!

  16. 16
    SatanicPanic says:

    @Mnemosyne: That would fulfill my prediction that members of the Who are dying in order of how irreplaceable they are.

  17. 17
    Beth in VA says:

    The Who sounded great. Stones too, but I kept getting distracted by thoughts such as “McJagger’s wearing a wig, right?” Clapton is still amazing. Even didn’t mind Sandler massacuring “Hallelujah” for laughs. Excellent program!

  18. 18
    Punchy says:

    So the obstensibly richest country in the world needs a fuckin telethon to feed the victims of a wind storm. I see. Nice touch….

  19. 19
    Bnut says:

    Is Kanye wearing a leather kilt and black leggings? Good god man.

  20. 20
    John O says:

    I can’t get past Kanye’s leather cheerleader skirt. Plus it seems he’s going on past his allotted time.

    Otherwise, it looks like most of the bands are having a bit of fun out there. I’ve been watching since it came on.

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    khead says:

    I have to admit that I actually thought Daltrey and Townshend looked pretty good. I’m just playing the odds. Heh.

    The Stones will never die and Springsteen isn’t quite there yet.

  22. 22
    👽 Martin says:

    @Ed in NJ:

    And yes, most of my friends are Republicans, as a matter of explanation.

    “Heavens to Betsy, there’s another colored person on the telly. He’s going to scare the dog!”

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    leinie says:

    @J. Michael Neal: Marillion! Oh, I loved me some Misplaced Childhood when I was in college. After my heart was shattered for the first time, I listened to their Fugazi pretty much non stop.

  24. 24
    Matthew Reid Krell says:

    First ABL, now Alicia Keyes…is JGC admitting to liking the ladies of color?

    If so, I fully support this. Also, a JGC/ABL nuptial. Yes.

  25. 25
    Mike in NC says:

    No Ted Nugent or Pat Boone? Shit!

  26. 26
    JS says:

    @khead: I assume that means Vegas took Keith Richards off the board?

  27. 27
    khead says:


    I can’t remember the specific comedian but….

    “The only things that will survive the nuclear holocaust are cockroaches and Keith Richards”.

    I will not lay cash against the Stones. :)

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    Comrade Carter says:

    No punk? I mean, the Sex Pistols wouldn’t get together for this, and Joe Strummer is deceased… But there are a bunch of other so-called bands they could have gotten…I mean, Alternative Ulster are still messing about, no?

    So…. Not much worth listening to.

  29. 29
    JS says:

    Oh crap, I think I divided by zero. Sorry BJers.

  30. 30
    Matthew Reid Krell says:

    @JS: We all divided by zero. Just Shift-Ctrl-R.

  31. 31
    Comrade Carter says:

    Yes, I meant Stiff Little Fingers, but I was so close, I just used the song I wasn’t listening too (I was listening to Barbed Wire Love)

  32. 32
    SatanicPanic says:

    I don’t get the Kanye hate. Insultingn President Bush and interrupting Taylor Swift aren’t really crimes in my book.

  33. 33
    JS says:

    @Matthew Reid Krell: Huzzah! You must be a wizard.

  34. 34
    dollared says:

    JC, how much did your dad get in the GM Diesel Vehicles Settlement? My rich bastard Republican uncle was so pissed about his diesel Caddy that he opted out and sued the General by himself.

  35. 35
    TG Chicago says:

    Not a Billy Joel fan, but props for using the melancholy lyrics for “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

  36. 36
    Keith says:

    @Comrade Carter: Just be glad the planners didn’t go “We need punk, so let’s get Green Day!” or, even worse, “We need punk. Is The Offspring available?”

  37. 37
    trollhattan says:

    Goddamn it, I read JC’s post, get excited, find a link, start it up and now there’s a three-hundred pound Billy Joel on my komputer.

    Arrrrrgh! [shakes fist]

  38. 38
    master c says:

    I just told my husband Kanye is a national hero for bumrushing Taylor and his truth telling about Bush.
    The skirt is so punk rock. I love the old dudes, but get with program!

  39. 39
    Jamey says:

    @SatanicPanic: He doesn’t care about white people.

  40. 40
    SatanicPanic says:

    Oh jeez, I didn’t know Billy Joel sang this song. It’s breathtaking how many songs I don’t like were penned by that man.

  41. 41
    Mnemosyne says:


    There’s another version of that joke that I will quote for my fellow knitters/crocheters:

    In the event of an apocalypse, the only things that will survive are cockroaches, Twinkies, and Red Heart Super Saver.
    — Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

    (Though apparently most scientists now say that cockroaches would not survive the absence of humans because they depend on us to provide us the artificial heat they need to survive in northern climates. If we all vanished, they would die off, too, except in the tropics where they’re native species.)

  42. 42
    Bubblegum Tate says:

    the beach at Bethany Beach in Delaware

    Oh, how I miss that. We used to rent a house that was literally 50 yards from the beach entrance. My uncle and I would fish for blue crabs in the tidal flats. Plus: The BBICP (Bethany Beach Ice Cream Parlor).

  43. 43
    👽 Martin says:

    Credit to Billy Joel – he might be 100 pounds heavier, but he sounds exactly the same as 25 years ago. He’s not really my cup of tea, but he’s held up exceptionally well. Hell, he’s only 5 years younger than Daltrey.

  44. 44
    MikeJ says:


  45. 45
    SatanicPanic says:

    @master c: I like that he’s got kind of crazy, unvarnished opinions, and it’s not like he’s physiclly assaulting anyone.

  46. 46
    master c says:

    hey Satanic…wanted to give you props, reread my comment and it sounded like I was telling you to get with the program, talkin to the haters, Really is a great show, all kinds of folks-now Michael Stipe! lovin it!

  47. 47
    Mnemosyne says:

    @👽 Martin:

    Have you seen Morrissey lately? He looks like Fat Elvis but his voice sounds (almost) like it’s still in 1985.

  48. 48
    MattR says:

    @MikeJ: Not that unexpected given that he was in town to be on Colbert tonight.

  49. 49
    SatanicPanic says:

    @master c: no, I got what you were saying. I know Michael Stipe! It seems like forever since I’ve seen that guy

  50. 50
    Mnemosyne says:


    I’m not watching, but I’m wondering if he’s going to sing “Everybody Hurts” since I remember them using it in Red Cross commercials in the ’90s.

  51. 51
    Joel says:

    @J. Michael Neal: Nick Mason is dead, too.

  52. 52
    sheithappens says:

    You also forgot about fat bastard Christie. If only he was there your spunk fest of happiness would be complete.

  53. 53
    themann1086 says:

    I enjoyed the cameos from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, too. Stewart was right after Waters, and said “was anyone else remembering hiding their pot in 9th grade?” Awesome.

    @Joel: No he isn’t! *checks* oh thank god, he’s not. I believe you meant Syd Barrett.

  54. 54
    👽 Martin says:

    @Mnemosyne: I despise Morrissey. Not many singers I’ll go out of my way to turn off, but he’s one of them. Whiny.

    Nice to see Michael Stipe doesn’t look like he’s on the edge of death for a change.

  55. 55
    Capt. Seaweed says:

    @Bubblegum Tate:

    the beach at Bethany Beach in Delaware

    I lost my virginity on Bethany Beach in 1968. But that’s really none of your business….

  56. 56
    Draven says:


    “Where did everybody go? I saw a bright light and thought we were on…”

    The comedian was Bill Hicks, who said that over twenty years ago, and Keith Richards is still going strong (survived Hicks himself by a long shot).

  57. 57
    Bob says:

    @Joel: Nick Mason is not dead.

  58. 58
    John O says:

    I like how McCartney is sort of the Statesman in Chief of these things lately. It was some sort of national embarrassment for Great Britain when they unplugged Paul and the Boss mid-encore. Bet that doesn’t happen ever again.

  59. 59
    PanurgeATL says:

    @Comrade Carter:

    Your loss. What is it with punk partisans, anyway?

  60. 60
    SatanicPanic says:

    Paul + Nirvana is a lot radder than I thought it would be.

  61. 61
    Wag says:


    Agreed. They kicked ass.

  62. 62
    Wag says:


    Actually, Paul has done pretty damn well. I’m impressed. And now Live and Let Die kicks in with pyrotechnics. Cool

  63. 63
    TG Chicago says:

    Good gravy. I think the pyro guy was asleep all night and Nirvana woke him up. So now he’s doing ALL THE PYRO for the whole night RIGHT NOW.

  64. 64
    Bob says:

    @Wag: Paul is kicking ass, Helter Skelter tonight was better that the album cut.

  65. 65
    SatanicPanic says:

    @Wag: Yeah, not bad at all, though his backing band has a tough job competing with Nirvana. Good to see Grohl behind the drums again.

  66. 66
    MikeJ says:

    I would have preferred to see the Nirvana guys stay on and do Live and Let Die. Guess they didn’t want to have to replace the roof at MSG.

    I rate it not bad.

  67. 67
    Wag says:


    I was worried after his performance at the Olympics. Not worried any more..

  68. 68
    J. Michael Neal says:

    @Joel: I did, indeed. Same band, though. Musicians should be able to save on their life insurance if I’m a fan.

    This turned into a productive night. I’ve gotten about 9,000 words added to my second draft in the last two days. A lot of it is just cutting and pasting from the first draft but it all needs rewriting here and there. Well, almost all of it.

  69. 69
    J. Michael Neal says:

    @Bob: Well, that explains why I forgot that he’d died.

  70. 70
    trollhattan says:

    Cole’s right, Alicia Keys is fi-yi-yine. Also, too, I wonder if McCartney’s drummer was afraid Grohl was going to break his kit. Man’s still a beast.

  71. 71
    PurpleGirl says:

    @Mnemosyne: LOL. Yup, Red Heart Super Saver will last forever…

    (Have you ever met Stephanie Pearl McPhee or heard her speak?)

  72. 72
    MattR says:

    In the NYC area, PBS 13 is a half hour behind so they are just getting to the Nirvana guys coming on stage. (I have already seen the live broadcast on other channels)

  73. 73
    C.J. says:


    Of note, Mr. Grohl will be on drums for the next Queens of te Stone Age album, but not touring with them. If it’s anything like the last time he drummed for them (aka the album that made QOTSA huge) it should be great.

  74. 74
    RadioOne says:

    The Who’s best album was “The Who Sell Out.” It didn’t do itself any favors, with the stupid “commercial interruptions” that they played between songs. But the songs were that good.

  75. 75
    hilts says:

    Missed the Rolling Stones. Does anyone know their setlist?

  76. 76
    MattR says:

    @hilts: You Get Me Rocking, Jumping Jack Flash

  77. 77
    Anne Laurie says:

    @master c:

    Kanye is a national hero for bumrushing Taylor and his truth telling about Bush. The skirt is so punk rock.

    IT’S A KILT if it were a skirt he would be wearing something under it #automaticscotsrebuttal

    Kanye’s probably got as much ‘Scotch Irish’ ancestry as African, truth be told, although he might not appreciate you telling him that.

  78. 78
    mikej(droid) says:

    @Anne Laurie: He had long trousers on under his skirt.

  79. 79
    The prophet Nostradumbass says:

    @Comrade Carter: Stiff Little Fingers, from my parents’ home town, love them. My brother and I ran into them in a hotel bar in, of all places, Seattle. Inflammable Material is an awesome album.

  80. 80
    Anne Laurie says:

    @mikej(droid): In that case, shame on him, the poor confused fella!

  81. 81
    hilts says:


    Having the Rolling Stones play just 2 songs sucks, but I guess they needed to conserve energy for their current tour.

  82. 82
    Yutsano says:

    @Anne Laurie: One would think, if you’re going to wear the kilt, you would at least get the benefit of comfort. Pants under a kilt? That’s just wrong.

  83. 83
    andynotadam says:

    Old joke:

    What’s under your kilt?

    Your sister’s lipstick…

    Thank you Cleveland!

    Is this thing on??? Hello???

    [Mike Drop]

  84. 84
    Platonicspoof says:

    test test

    Liking comments wall-to-wall (on a PC with XP and IE 8).

  85. 85
    Raven says:

    @RadioOne: Bullshit Who’s Next. Live at Leeds and Quadrophenia were all better.

  86. 86
    Robert Sneddon says:

    @khead: One of the Babylon V episodes set a couple of hundred years in the future had background signs in one scene advertising a Stones tour.

  87. 87
    Thlayli says:

    The award for Most Inappropriate Song went to Roger Waters for “Money”.

    “Don’t give me that do-goody-good bullshit.” Great line to sing at a charity fundraiser.

  88. 88
    AxelFoley says:

    Cole, you’re kinda turned on by the colored girls now, huh? Did ABL turn you out at the DNC? ;)

    Once you go black…

  89. 89
    Amir Khalid says:

    @Robert Sneddon:
    alas, it now seems all too plausible that the Rolling Stones will indeed be with us that long. They’ve already spent some 30-odd years as The Greatest Rolling Stones Tribute Band In The World.

  90. 90
    Cassidy says:

    What the hell happenned to ladyfriend?

  91. 91
    Bobby Thomson says:

    “Don’t give me that do-goody-good bullshit.” Great line to sing at a charity fundraiser.

    Given that its use in the song is ironic, yes.

  92. 92
    J.A.F. Rusty Shackleford says:


    My younger sister bought me tickets to see Morrissey in January at the Chicago Theater. I’m not that excited because his recent stuff has been awful but maybe he’ll surprise and put on a decent show. He was hit or miss back in his prime so I’m not getting my hopes up.

    Also, there may be no one on the face of the earth that has a worse sense of humor about themselves than Morrissey.

  93. 93
    Tone in DC says:



  94. 94
    Bulworth says:

    @J. Michael Neal: Got some Rush fired up on the ole workplace computer now as we speak.

    I second all the good stuff said about the lovely Ms. Keys.

  95. 95
    Bill Murray says:

    @Comrade Carter: Mission of Burma is back together and playing shows. I would have watched that (and Stiff Little Fingers)

  96. 96
    les says:

    It was an amazin’ show. Clapton plus bass and drums–who needs huge production? But I had two questions/thoughts throughout–
    What’s with all the Brits?
    The whole city of New Orleans must have been goin’ What. The. Fuck.

  97. 97
    wonkie says:

    Some of those BRits have lived in the New York area as least as much as they ever lived in England–Jagger, fo example has a New York home base and Richards got married and raised his kids in Connecticut.

  98. 98
    burnspbesq says:

    I would have been a lot more interested if the lineup had included artists like, oh, let’s see, Bob Mould, Fountains of Wayne, Adele, Galactic, the Decemberists … you know, artists that have made records worth buying in the last decade.

  99. 99
    Gus says:

    @themann1086: Or Richard Wright.

  100. 100
    Chris says:

    @burnspbesq – I totally agree. As much as I listen to ‘classic rock’ currently, it’s time to stop dragging out the same old geezers. The entire thing was a horrible spectacle. And those actors etc who spoke seemed so ingenuine it’s sickening. They really don’t care, so they should stop pretending they do. Because I know I don’t. When I see civilization destroyed by nature, I smile.

  101. 101
    Legalize says:

    McCartney and Nirvana was pretty bad ass. That song ripped. Dave Grohl is still a maniac behind the drums. This is the kind of unhinged, dirty, burn-the-house-down performance that is missing from these kinds of things.

  102. 102
    J R in WV says:

    We were watching on the Ion network, and just before Sir Paul and Nirvana came on, they switched to a WWE “wrestling” comedy performance ! ! ! Terrible timing, worse than Heidi pre-empting the tail end of a cliff-hanger play-off football game.

    The rest of the show was pretty good, although I never cared much about Billy Joel, he’s good at what he does, meh. But Roger Watters aka Fink Ployd? Wow, and playing Money wasn’t out of place at all, the point is money is meaningless, and if you have a lot, give it away.

    But this morning I saw Paul and Nirvana, and he really rocked some head-banger rock and roll with those guys! Very unlike his style the past 20 years. And what an interesting instrument he played, what was that?! He could make it scream whatever it was!

    And congratulating the guys he played with, and then turning to the mic and saying “Oh, yeah!” was hilarious. What a huge tonnage of talent was present in MSG last night.

    We saw Pink Floyd twice, once at Rupp Arena in Lexington KY and then at the stadium in Columbus, OH the next summer – both great shows.

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