Election Night Live Blog

Tonight’s live blog is being moderated by some brave volunteers so have a little patience. Please don’t refresh this page, it just slows everything down and costs us a click at CoverItLive. Click Here to open CoverItLive in its own window.

*** Update ***

John here- I’ve shut down the blog in anticipation of the crush. Comments on this post are disabled, please participate in the coveritlive event and do not, I beg you, visit old pages or comment on old threads. Once the election is called I will open things back up for everyone. I am doing this now because we are already hitting 7k page views an hour, so please just find something to do for the next thirty minutes while we wait for Coveritlive to take over. Once you are logged in to the coveritlive event, there is no need to refresh. That is what will kill the blog and I will end up with 9 bazillion whiny god damned emails.

For once, I am asking you to work with me.