Happy Cat – Rescue Updates

Samantha in Maryland has her forever family! Update from commentor Mystical Chick:

Tommy took such great care of Samantha, getting her all cleaned up and spiffy and delivered her to my very door in a new carrier with food, toys and a bed. She is a darling little thing – still kind of skittish (hiding under the bed at present) but has come out to get some love and use the litter box. I’m hoping for a peaceful alliance between Sammy and my cat Sophia and dog Brogan when we all get together. Right now, those two are *very curious* about the newcomer!

I’m still not sure what possessed me to claim her other than the hand of the Universe (and as you can see by my signature, I’m all kinds of woo-woo) so I trust that it was for a reason and I’m very thankful for the kindness and generosity of Tommy and his wife. Truly compassionate people (and clearly Democrats!).

And news about the Brooklyn feral colony from La Caterina, Saturday afternoon:

Ballon Juicers are, as always, the best. We’ve received contributions for the kitty cleanup/restocking in the amount of $300 so far, and one volunteer, commenter AMD, who’s plunged right in there with us. We’ve been here at the Navy Yard since around 10:30, and have buried oily sludge, moved feeding stations and installed winter shelters, and replaced Kitteh food in serious size bags.

The biggest station, at the Annex, is being cleaned, refurbished and winter shelters are being set out.

The donations will feed and house our feline friends well into the winter, and we are very grateful!

(More pics below the fold)

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    jnfr says:

    Bless all the good creature caretakers. All of you, seriously.

  2. 2
    Baud says:

    Why would you post something of substance, AL, when there is so much trolling yet to be done?

    Yea to the cats, BTW!

  3. 3
    Johannes says:

    Guys, since I wrote to Anne Laurie, donations have kept coming in, and we are so grateful. We wil be writing to everyone individually, and have started doing so, but just wanted to reiterate: Y’all are the best!

    Johannes and La Caterina

  4. 4
    Violet says:

    So glad the kitties are being taken care of. You guys are doing great work!

  5. 5
    srv says:

    A new study says that ones proximity to a bar impacts the level of alcoholism.

    I wonder what the cat equivalent is.

  6. 6
    TaMara (BHF) says:

    Oh, good a pet thread. Always happy to hear about the success stories. And now I have a question. I may be adopting a Tibetan Terrier (rescue) and wonder if anyone has had any experience with the breed?

  7. 7
    Johannes says:

    La C and I were there again today, and found several cats not seen since Sandy hit. So the news is better than we feared; we have seen all but 7 of our roughly 50-55 cats. We’re hoping that some stragglers may show up in the days to come.

    Thanks for all the kind words, support and for this community.

  8. 8
    SIA says:

    Way to go Mystical Chick! That’s a beautiful kitty. See ya at the other (mystical) blog!

    Thanks Anne Laurie, you are a saint. :)

    And you too Caterina, Johannes and AMD! I missed the first round of passing the hat but will be glad to contribute if you’ll tell me how!

  9. 9
    Woodrowfan says:

    I tend a feral colony (a much smaller one) and it’s very rewarding. For more info go visit Alley Cat Allies.


  10. 10
    the Conster says:


    Me too, in my back yard, which has somehow become a haven. How does the word go out in catspeak? I have the 101 Dalmation barking the news from Perdita and Pongo scene in my head, but how do cats communicate wide and far that there’s food and water and shelter in my back yard?

  11. 11
    Anne Laurie says:

    @TaMara (BHF):

    I may be adopting a Tibetan Terrier (rescue) and wonder if anyone has had any experience with the breed?

    The few I have met have been somewhat stubborn and VERY smart! In obedience classes, they picked up every routine quickly, but they would only cooperate if their human partners made the benefits clear… and they got bored with the dummies & space cadets who had to repeat the same trick 17 times before they could understand.

    You’ve got experience with dogs (and cats, who are also self-willed) so if you’re ready to deal with a dog who’ll be your ally — or your boss, if you let him get away with it — but not your slave, go for it!

  12. 12
    Robin G. says:

    Sometimes I really love this blog.

  13. 13
    Anne Laurie says:


    I missed the first round of passing the hat but will be glad to contribute if you’ll tell me how!

    Send me an email (click on my name in the right-hand column) and I’ll send you Caterina’s PayPal address. Thanks!

  14. 14
    Woodrowfan says:

    @the Conster:

    I don’t know. I think they must have a code like hobos did in the Depression.

    It started with a mom cat and a bunch of kittens in a shed in my neighbor’s back yard. Mom and two kittens survived and having been fixed and vaccinated they moved into a cat shelter in my yard. Right now we have 4 fixed and 2 new comers that need to be trapped and fixed still. We also have five shelters by our deck.

    Mom and the boy cat will follow me around and keep me company while I work in the yard. I worry about them in winter, but they have warm shelters and food and fresh water and I have been told (repeatedly) that they are not adoptable.

    Alas, my wife is VERY allergic and 2 of our 3 dogs are VERY cat unfriendly or I’d install a cat door.

  15. 15
    Another Halocene Human says:

    Awwww. What a cwute widdle tubbie kitty.

  16. 16
    imonlylurking says:

    @the Conster: Do you have any orange cats? We had two (Sawyer is still missing, sad face) and they have “invited friends over” for food and medical attention before.

  17. 17
    Pisica says:

    Pretty kitties! I’m glad things are turning out well for them and you.

  18. 18
    Woodrowfan says:

    Is there still time to send pics for the 2013 Balloon Juice calender?

  19. 19
    TaMara (BHF) says:

    @Anne Laurie: Thanks! That’s what the rescue people said, too. I’m on board for smart dogs.I take no guff from the 4-leggers, my cats KNOW they are not allowed on counters or tables and they don’t break that rule, not because I threaten them but I think just because of the attitude I bring to the game.

    I used to walk all three Danes at once – they taught me much about being pack leader. It’s not about how big you are, it’s all about ‘tude.

    I think that’s why this little ball of brains appeals to me. I’m all for unconditional love, but the idea of a dog that looks at me and says – ‘prove it’ is really my speed.

  20. 20

    Yay for kitty rescue!

    Been working all weekend on the new website. Click on my name to get a look at it.

  21. 21
    La Caterina (Mrs. Johannes) says:

    @WereBear (itouch): Nice!

    Love the design & the Covercat (Tristan?)

  22. 22
    Mystical chick says:

    I’m so happy to have Samantha. She’s a sweet cuddle bug! She’s been out from under the bed and is checking out her new digs bit by bit.

    Also been keeping in touch with Tommy and his wife who really went above and beyond for the wee kitty. I’m going to pay it forward to Caterina and Johannes in the morning.

    Thanks to everyone for being so supportive of our furry babies. :-)

  23. 23
    ShyLurker says:

    @Mystical chick: Aw, that’s great news! I’m glad to hear that Samantha has found herself a forever and loving home :-)

  24. 24

    @La Caterina (Mrs. Johannes): Always Tristan!

    He is the Brad Pitt of cas.

  25. 25
    ADS says:

    @the Conster: The word gets out very quickly. I feed a colony, usually in the evening. One morning, I was stopping by on my way to work to add some dry food, which I saw had run out the previous night. A couple of blocks away from the location, a couple of the colony cats were playing in a yard and saw me. By the time I reached the location, those two cats and almost the entire colony were there to greet me. Fortunately, I was carrying some canned food and could give them an early snack.

  26. 26
    lizzeymac says:

    @WereBear (itouch): The site looks beautiful.

  27. 27
    nota bene says:

    Love that 1st picture of the black & white kitty chilling in the leaf bag.

  28. 28
    Eugene Murphy says:

    Info on winter feral cat shelters.?. So eastern Carolina winters.

  29. 29

    May you and your family be blessed as well Deborah.

  30. 30
    Wm Marruffo says:

    big thanks monsieur DjPaulT, absolutely magnifique song, post, & quality. Many super thanks.

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