Mitt Romney and the NAACP: Heavily-Edited Campaign Ad of LIES

So, remember how Mitt Romney went and gave a speech before the NAACP, he got booed, and he stood there looking like his emotions processor chip had malfunctioned? And then later, he essentially called black people lazy because they want free stuff?

It was like, two weeks ago — how can you not remember?

Let’s recap:

First, Romney went and gave a speech before the NAACP and he got booed.

Then, Romney went on Fox News and said he has double-seekrit black supporters.

Then Romney went to a fundraiser in Montana and talked smack about black people. As Zandar aptly put it:

Because it seems to me Mitt Romney here is saying that black voters only care about getting free stuff, and that he’s more than happy to advance the most awful stereotypes about the “lazy welfare parasites” of black culture while dripping with privilege himself. More importantly, it reveals that Romney was never interested in speaking to black America, but speaking down to us, which is a huge difference if you’ve ever been in a situation like that. Of course Romney was going to get booed when his speech was laden with red state red meat and delivered in a tone where the Superior White Male is telling us Poor Dumb Black Folk what we need to know, and if we knew what was good for us, we’d vote Republican.

Now, Mittens is doing what he does best — lying his ass off:

Mitt Romney’s speech at the NAACP was defined in the media by the resounding chorus of boos he elicited from the crowd. Campaign staffers had a different interpretation, insisting that he received “thunderous applause over and over again.”

Reflecting this idea, the campaign’s new video targeting African American voters, “We Need Mitt Romney,” rewrites history by splicing together Romney’s speech with shots of a couple audience members nodding as if in agreement.

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    NonyNony says:

    Okay, now I have to believe that this entire Mitt Romney campaign is some kind of elaborate hoax on the Republican Party, the media, or maybe just the world.

    Really it seems like at this point they’re lying just to watch the “fact checkers” squirm and come up with ways to say they’re not lying.

    Has anyone checked to see if Mitt Romney’s campaign is taking advice from Stephen Colbert? Or if maybe one of Romney’s advisers isn’t Andy Kaufman in disguise?

  2. 2
    Steve says:

    The impression I got from the coverage was that the crowd, other than the fully-justified booing at the mention of repealing the ACA, was appropriately respectful of a presidential candidate and gave him a nice round of applause at the end. Which is not to say they were impressed by the substance of what he had to say, but then again, who is?

  3. 3
    Valdivia says:

    I saw that ad and it made me want to throw my laptop out of the window.

  4. 4
    Ohmmade says:

    No way. You mean the full post is somewhere else and not here?

  5. 5
    Evolving Deep Southerner says:

    I know they’ve got virtually infinite money to waste, but why in the world would the Romney campaign make “a new video targeting African American voters?” Why bother? They need to just write that shit off and try to win with the white trash vote and whatever else they can get. The White Trash Bloc is formidable – and in most of the states down here, unbeatable, at least for now.

    ETA: Herman Fucking Cain, once he’s behind that curtain, won’t vote for Mitt Romney. If he votes at all.

  6. 6
    Enhanced Voting Techniques says:

    Well going by Mitten performance in England insulting people and then expecting them to be his friend for it is just Romney’s style.

  7. 7
    Steve says:

    @Evolving Deep Southerner: Just as with the never-ending Republican campaign to show how Jew-friendly they are, the object is not really to get votes from the targeted group, or at least not a significant number. The idea is to reassure mushy independent white voters that you’re an inclusive party and that they don’t have to feel squeamish about voting for a party of bigotry. Having said that, I actually think Republicans are getting to the point of believing their own propaganda about how their policies are best for black people, best for the poor, etc.

  8. 8
    hep kitty says:

    @Steve: I think it’s the opposite and that’s the whole point, that it’s worse for black people, worse for the poor. The undeserving, so to speak

  9. 9

    It’s not just Mitt that is rewriting history….have you seen the trailer at for this supposed documentary called Runaway Slave? It has an African-American preacher narrating and asking questions. Then halfway through you see Glen Beck and Andrew Breitbart spouting their BS and you realize it’s a right wing piece that’s meant to appeal to AA voters. What a load of crap!

  10. 10
    folsom ca says:

    to abl, off topic, is it ok to distribute flyers against chik fil a. I live in a conservative area, but it is getting younger and hipper. I know I get nail coupons, etc. on my windshield. Can I do the same. I will not hold you to it, but I feel it is a free speech item. I am assuming you can e mail me back. The new store is either opening this month or next. Can I freely quote their own business model, and not get in trouble. I know the right lies on a daily basis, without problems. Can I tell the truth and be ok. I must tell you they (the city council) discuss tatoo parlors, underwear stores, etc. It is all local, unless it is a business tax base. Thanks.

  11. 11
    Scott says:

    You do a great job ABL, but it’s times like these that I miss the great Steve Gilliard.
    I can only imagine what his reaction would be.
    A whole lotta F-words, I’m sure.

  12. 12

    Damn, bit Mitt Rmoney sucks ass.

    I remember Michael Dukakis running in 1988, and I was barely politically sentient by then, but I recall thinking, “Why the hell are we nominating somebody for president who obviously doesn’t want to win badly enough to try?” Hell, that campaign was political malpractice. I’d have thought you’d have to work to fuck up the answer to that (admittedly dumb) question about the death penalty in that debate, but Dukakis found a way. And then in 2004, I thought, “Jeez, here we go again with an emotionally inert zombie who just stands there and takes it while his opponent lies about him by calling him a coward and a traitor.” And, Lord knows, Bush the Elder wasn’t the greatest politician who ever roamed the hustings, nor were a lot of candidates over the years.

    But, damn if Rmoney doesn’t take political ineptitude to a whole new plane. Hell, I don’t know if he could beat Dukakis, and that’s saying something. He doesn’t seem to have even the most rudimentary instincts at all for this. I can’t understand how he even won the governorship of Massachussetts after watching him for the last year. How can you not know that you shouldn’t go abroad and insult the country you’re in? How can you not know that bragging about all the friends you have who own nascar teams is a bad move?

    I’ll be damned if I can fathom why he’s even running. He doesn’t like not being in charge; he doesn’t like not getting his way. And, whatever the movies and television might show, there’s a shitload of not getting your way when you’re president. Just ask President Obama. And he clearly doesn’t understand other people or care much about them, or even, as far as I can tell, like being around them much. These are odd qualities for a politician.

    And in all truth, Rmoney could be kicking Obama’s ass right now. The Republicans in Congress have pretty much made sure that the economy hasn’t gotten a whole lot better over the last 3 years; the Republicans have all the money they could ever spend and more to run on; and the sitting president is a scaaaary-ass black guy with a funny name who, rumors have it, might not have been born here, and might even be–the horror!–a Muslim!

    And yet here he is, losing. Shit, he could barely shut down the sorriest collection of liars, clowns, idiots and certifiables in the primaries that we’ve ever seen in this country. He was losing states to Rick Santorum in, what, March or April? I mean, yeah, I know President Obama was still fighting off Senator Clinton in June in 2008, but that was Hillary Clinton, not some feculent, sexually repressed dickwad who lost his own Senate seat by 20 points.

    This guy is the saddest, sorriest excuse for a candidate I’ve ever heard of, much less seen in my lifetime. He makes Warren G. Harding look like Theodore Roosevelt. Why is he doing this? I don’t get it.

  13. 13
    damn good mr. jam says:

    @Evolving Deep Southerner: He’s appealing to racists who want to convince themselves they’re not racist, because no one likes a racist.

  14. 14
    ABL says:

    @folsom ca: you sure can. as long as you’re telling the truth, you’re fine from a legal standpoint.

    of course, this isn’t formal legal advice, etc. blah blah blah.

  15. 15
    Evolving Deep Southerner says:


    The idea is to reassure mushy independent white voters that you’re an inclusive party and that they don’t have to feel squeamish about voting for a party of bigotry. Having said that, I actually think Republicans are getting to the point of believing their own propaganda about how their policies are best for black people, best for the poor, etc.

    If that’s the idea, then they need to write that shit off, too. If any “independent” is torn between Barack and Rmoney, then believe me, that “inclusive” business isn’t even on their radar. Or – more likely – if it is, they’ve done mighty things to block that whole arena of debate out. They’re “winning” people they’d have had anyway.

  16. 16
    ABL says:

    @Ohmmade: if you give me your phone number, i’ll call you and read all my posts. clearly clicking a link is too onerous for you.

  17. 17
    Silver says:

    A standing O for Mr. Slapp there, please!

  18. 18
    Unsympathetic says:

    Romney’s speech at the NAACP is going over as well as the short white guy at open mic night who said

    “I know why black folks hair looks how it does. They took the grease from the fried chicken and smeared it all up in their hair.”

  19. 19
    Caz says:

    He only got booed after a particular statement. For the most part, he was applauded. Of course, the liberal media edited it and presented it as if he was booed the whole time, which is simply not accurate.

    If you rely on the liberal media for your facts, then you are sorely misinformed. It’s by design, and it appears to work fairly well as evidenced by this post.

    Of course, I also think that the NAACP hates Romney and only applauded him out of politeness. They don’t hate him for any particular reason other than he’s not a minority or a liberal. They’d support Louis Farahkan before they’d support someone like Romney, and Farahkan is a blatant racist, hate-monger, extremist, and subversive. But he meets one of the requirements on their list: he’s African-American.

    And people wonder why 95% of blacks voted for Obama. Not racist at all, of course not. Not much will change this time, as Obama is sure to get over 90% of the black vote again, based purely on his being black. Yet all we hear from the media and you liberals is how racist white conservative America is and how racist Romney is. Romney is struggling to stay even with Obama and has FAR LESS of the white vote than Obama does of the black vote.

    It’s sad that the race card keeps gets pulled out in the same one direction these days – against white conservatives, whether they are actually racist or not. Most are not, but the media and liberal overlords have convinced a wide swath of Americans that most white conservatives are racist and that racism is a major (if not THE major) principle in their ideology.

    We are never going to progress as a nation in this area as long as there are so many dishonest race-card-pullers running around stoking the fires and creating more racism than would exist without them.

    Romney has never said or done anything racist, yet the minority community and liberal community continue to paint him as a raging racist who hates anyone who doesn’t look like him. You’re all doing a great disservice to the nation and to the causes of prosperity, unity, and progress by throwing around the race card like it’s going out of style.

    There is racism in this country, it goes both ways, and it will never be totally eliminated. But if we don’t honestly address the actual racism, and instead keep pushing the popular but untrue racism, things will only get worse.

    Liberals are becoming more and more divisive every day, pushing class warfare, race warfare, whatever warfare they can come up with. Instead of trying to work with others, liberals just seem to want to divide the country into the haves and have-nots, the whites and the blacks, the men and the women, the Christians and the non-Christians. What cause is advanced by pushing all these divisive fights among different groups of people? All it does is cause our nation to fail from within and cause waning problems to pick back up. Who is that good for in the end?? Yeah, it might help get a divisive guy like Obama elected, but aside from a 4-year power grab, it helps no one.

    Technology and the catching-up of the poorer nations has made the world a smaller place in the last 30 years or so, and we need to be united as a nation in order to succeed in this global arena. The liberals are more interested in stoking fights within the nation than standing together as Americans and winning in the global arena.

    Grow up, people, and either become better informed or stop lying, depending on which is the reason for pulling your race card out!

    Say what you want about conservatives, but they aren’t interested in pulling the race card out all the time, even when it is justified. Race is simply not an issue that fuels the conservative movement. A minority of conservatives may be racist, just as a minority of liberals are racist, and those include both blacks and whites. But these minority groups don’t dictate their respective parties’ policies, so stop creating a problem where one doesn’t really exist anymore.

    We’re basically at a point where there is about as little racism as any society can hope to achieve, so having won that fight, let’s move on to real issues.

    Hopefully, as you keep crying wolf all the time, more and more people will wise up to the tactic and you’ll lose credibility across the board. It will eventually backfire on you, and for what? You’re not gaining anything with this race card routine except placating those who you’ve already sold on the nanny-state idea anyway.

  20. 20
    Tonybrown74 says:


    @Ohmmade: if you give me your phone number, i’ll call you and read all my posts. clearly clicking a link is too onerous for you.

    Psst! If you do call him (or her – to be fair), don’t mention you’re a black woman. Or else he might think the call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

  21. 21

    Can somebody pull the ban card and play it agiainst Caz, por favor? There’s nothing wrong with people not seeing eye to eye, but, shit, both sides have to be disagreeing about the actual world, not some magic fantasy world.

  22. 22

    Oh, and here’s a little tale about how little racism there is left in the U.S., and how the liberals and darkies are just as bad as, if not worse than, the oh, so open-minded conservatives:

    My wife works as a consultant doing i.t. work for a non-profit that helps soldiers and veterans when they have financial trouble. They work with the Defense Department, and the guy who runs it is a retired general.

    Well, until last week, there was a woman working there who is, as my wife described her, a southern “good ol’ girl”. She sent out an e-mail to everybody at the non-profit–from her work account–a “joke”. A really “funny” “joke”. It showed a warehouse full of watermelons, and the hilarious punchline was that that was the Obama’s new walk-in freezer at the White House. That’s a real rib-tickler, right?

    Well, the general dude didn’t think so, so he suspended her without pay and is likely going to fire her after he gets everything taken care of with the legal department. And the woman doesn’t understand why everybody got all pissed off at her, since she didn’t do anything wrong.

    Now, we’ve all heard that old saw about how the plural of “anecdote” is not “data”. And it’s true. But this is hardly the only manifestation of this rot on the right. It happens once a week, it seems like, and these are only the stories we hear about because the dickwads who make the news are elected officeholders or Republican Party officials. How many incidences are there of some black dude or woman sending out anti-white racist “jokes” to people at work?

    This shit is rampant on the right. It’s systemic. I wish you assholes would clean up your mess on the right before keening and wailing about this all but non-existent racism on the left.

    And one last thing, Spaz: I don’t know of anybody who’s called Rmoney racist. I haven’t. I do know he’s happy as a clam to troll for the votes of unreconstructed racists, and lets them know in his veiled way that Republicans have to do this these days, that he’s dependable on the things that racists care about. He might not hate blacks, but he’ll put in place policies that will make their lives harder.

    It kind of reminds me of when people said about Strom Thurmond, “Oh, he isn’t really a racist himself; he doesn’t have anything against black people. He only says this stuff and votes the way he does to win office.” I don’t see how that makes what he did any less vile. You could argue that it even makes it worse. Same goes with Rmoney.

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