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How do you all deal with chronic pain? I ran out of advil yesterday, so I didn’t take my morning dose of two pills to deal with my always aching shoulder and fingers. With my fingers it is an aching and throbbing in the joints, and with my shoulder it is a dull pain with occasional stabs of sharp pain if I move the wrong way. I’ve broken every one of my fingers twice-three times, and you all remember the shoulder injury. So I just usually take my advil every day and soldier on. Without it today, though, I was just fucking miserable.

I know this is going to sound insane, but I’ve never told my (new) doctor about the shoulder or finger pain, because I guess I have the old paradigm of health insurance in mind still. I just don’t want him to know about it because I don’t want it in my medical records so insurance companies could use it against me. I have great insurance, but one day I may not. Obviously they are aware of the injuries, because those are in my records, but I never discuss the fact that pretty much every day all day I’m in pain. Again, if I take advil or alleve, I’m cool, so it doesn’t seem worth mentioning, but if I miss a dose like I did today, it sucks.

And I have absolutely NO desire to take anything stronger than advil. When I was on all that percocet with my shoulder injury, I was just miserable. Opiates give me a horrible histamine effect, and I sweat and itch, on top of which I am groggy and confused and doing stupid shit like using softsoap on my tooth brush. I just hate those damned pills.

Again, it’s not anything debilitating, and it isn’t ruining my life. It’s more irritating than anything else, and again, can be solved with two advils. But I imagine one day as I age it is going to get worse, so I should probably look at more creative ways to deal with it.

Here’s What ABC’s Sister Network Has Been Up To

Boy, Team Obama was really out of line when they pointed out that Faux news is not really a news organization:

The four minute anti-Obama attack ad aired by Fox News this morning was the equivalent of $96,000 of free advertising for the Republican Party. Sources confirm to Media Matters that at the current rate of $6,000 for a 30-second ad on Fox and Friends, the cost of airing two four-minute attack ads would cost an outside group $96,000*. Fox News aired their ad at 6:45 a.m. and 8:07 a.m. during that program.

Here’s the spot:

We’re becoming a banana republic, but without the climate to grow tasty tropical fruit. And our media overlords are leading the charge.

And Fox News is not a news organization. In the long history of the world, has an empire ever been closer to being brought to its knees by concern trolls?

Open Thread

Finally got my garden all the way in. What are we all up to tonight?

The Parable Of The Fishes And The Loathes

Who would Jesus have the government mass murder?  A Kansas Baptist pastor believes he has the answer

The pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas says President Barack Obama has gone too far in supporting same sex marriage and it’s time for the U.S. government to begin killing gay men and lesbians.

“Terrorists are dangerous, the economy is a real and present danger,” Pastor Curtis Knapp told his congregation on Sunday. “But there is simply nothing other than the holocaust of the unborn which imperils the safety of our country or places our people in jeopardy as does the leader of the Western world publicly raising his fist at the heavens and declaring that the bedrock institution of society, ordained of God and meant to be protected by the state, is little more than a convention of convenience with the children of Sodom to transform the meaning of something, which is precious to Jesus Christ, and a living picture of his love for the church into a legally protected justification for perversion and a vehicle of hatred aimed directly at that love.”

Knapp went on to read from Leviticus 20: “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death.”

They should be put to death,” Knapp declared. “‘Oh, so you’re saying we should go out and start killing them, no?’ — I’m saying the government should. They won’t, but they should.”

Kill them all, let God sort them out.  We should totally put these guys in charge of the government and vote in hardcore Republican nutjobs like this so that they can make stuff like this happen.  What’s that, you say?  “Morally bankrupt and borderline psychotic”?

Well, sure, but he’s a Real American(tm) from the heartland, you know.  A real crazy American, that is.

Feeling better about that agnostic choice I made in college.  Your mileage may vary.  This guy’s mileage is all little skull symbols, apparently.

Today’s Fauxtrage

And of course, if there is an absurd story that wingnuts will love, Tapper is on top of it:

Poles and Polish-Americans expressed outrage today at President Obama’s reference earlier to “a Polish death camp” — as opposed to a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland.

“The White House will apologize for this outrageous error,” Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski tweeted. Sikorski said that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk “will make a statement in the morning. It’s a pity that this important ceremony was upstaged by ignorance and incompetence.”

The president had been trying to honor a famous Pole, awarding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, a resistance fighter who sneaked behind enemy lines to bear witness to the atrocities being committed against Jews. President Obama referred to him being smuggled “into the Warsaw ghetto and a Polish death camp to see for himself.”

Sikorski, for what it is worth, is a former journalist who wrote for the National Review (the place that pays Jonah Goldberg) and was a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (the place that pays Jim Pethokoukis). That should give you an idea what we are working with, here. At any rate, this is neither the first or the last time this issue has come up. Type in “polish+death+camp” in good ole wikipedia, and you will find this:

Polish death camp and Polish concentration camp are terms that occasionally appear in international media in reference to Nazi German concentration camps built and run by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust in the General Government and other parts of occupied Poland. Usage of the term has been condemned as insulting by the Polish foreign minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld in 2005, who also alleged that it—intentionally or unintentionally—shifted the responsibility for the construction or operation of the camps from the German to the Polish people.[1] Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita has criticized international media outlets, including Haaretz from Israel, as “holocaust deniers” over usage of the term. However, all foreign media articles so criticized by Rzeczpospolita (as of November 2008) make clear that the perpetrators were German, and none claim Poles built the camps.[2]

Opponents of these terms argue that they are inaccurate, as they may imply that the camps—located in Nazi-occupied Poland—might have been a responsibility of the Poles (i.e. Polish), when in fact they were designed, constructed and run by Nazi Germany with no collaboration from Poland or Poles; and, used to exterminate millions of Poles alongside Polish Jews, including Jews transported by the Nazis from across Europe.[3][4] Non-Polish media also make similar references to the German-run extermination program in Nazi-occupied Poland such as the “Polish Ghetto”, “Polish Holocaust”, “Nazi Poland”,[5] etc. Polish Foreign Minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld in 2005 suggested that there are instances of “bad will, saying that under the pretext that “it’s only a geographic reference”, attempts are made to distort history and conceal the truth.”[6]

I guess we are supposed to believe that absolutely no one in Poland had any idea what was going on in the Nazi death camps.

A Quire of Bullshit

Erik Kain and Digby are sitting in for Kevin Drum at Mother Jones. Digby’s post on the Catholic Bishop’s call for civil disobedience to preserve their inalienable right to not pay for contraception made me laugh:

The bulletin insert reminds Catholic parishioners that the bishops have called for “A Fortnight of Freedom”—which they have described as “a special period of prayer, study, catechesis, and public action”—to take place from June 21 to July 4.

Those fuckers are so goddam ancient and out of touch that this is the catchiest marketing slogan they can dream up. I wonder how many Catholics will go a few furlongs out of their way to preserve this special freedom from something almost all of them have used. And will this help us forget the scores of kids raped under their watch? Unless we’ve all partaken of a few gills of intoxicating spirit, methinks not.

sort of like Jackie O cmmenting (sic) on a blog..

I was reading about Senator Kirk of Illinois. It’s a long and convoluted story:

Soon after Mark Kirk’s ex-wife announced she would no longer support his 2010 run for the U.S. Senate, he brought her onto his campaign team, then quietly paid her after his victory.
But Kimberly Vertolli, a lawyer who received $40,000 from the campaign, again is at odds with her ex-husband, filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that Kirk and his then-girlfriend may have broken campaign finance law. The girlfriend, Dodie McCracken, who works in public relations, has acknowledged receiving more than $143,000 in fees and expenses for her campaign work.
A former live-in girlfriend, she is no longer romantically involved with Kirk, according to a campaign aide. Kirk’s campaign has characterized Vertolli as an aggrieved ex-wife and labeled “groundless” her complaint filed late last year about payments to McCracken.
At the heart of the matter is Vertolli’s assertion that the Kirk campaign may have improperly hidden money to McCracken by paying her through another company working for the campaign. Because the money was not paid directly to McCracken, her name does not appear in Kirk’s federal disclosures.

Kirk’s ex-wife, Vertolli, is alleging that Kirk broke campaign finance rules by paying his then-girlfriend through a separate entity without listing the payment. I haven’t been following campaign finance that long, but I’m not sure it’s possible to break campaign finance rules in the US, such as they are, so I think she should pursue something else. This might be a dead end.

Anyway. This next part is good. Vertolli was no longer Kirk’s wife at this point in the story, but he was (essentially) paying her so she would still support his candidacy:

Indeed, when Kirk announced his Senate bid in July 2009, Vertolli told reporters: “He’ll make a great senator.” But as the campaign advanced, he tried to contain Vertolli’s public remarks.

This was the deal-breaker for Kirk, in terms of employing his wife:

When she commented on a political blog — defending Kirk on issues related to his marriage and military service — Kirk emailed her.

The Jan. 5, 2010, email, which Vertolli gave to the Tribune, said:

hey, can I ask you to not post on the blogs? You have unique authority and power with our message, wasting it on the blogosphere is beneath you and me — there will be moments for you to comment but I would not add your name to a post — sort of like Jackie O cmmenting (sic) on a blog …

Wouldn’t it be great of that happened here? If a candidate or famous grifter had a spouse that commented? I’d like it to be Callista Gingrich, but that’s just me.