Monday Afternoon Open Thread: Still Fighting


A reminder that good people are still fighting for truth, justice, and the American way seems to be all the positive political news out there right now.

Anybody with good news or positive thoughts, however personal, feel free to share.

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    jacy says:

    I’m not watching the news lately — it just pisses me off.

    In the personal good news category, I finally hit the Amazon bestseller lists with my mystery series last week (yeah it was only at number #98 overall, but it was number one for a day in Mystery: Women Sleuths) and if I can keep having the sales I had the past two weeks, I can quit the day job and actually write full time. Of course, the kids will still be eating dry macaroni for a while, but it’s baby steps.

    Still not watching the news, though. Not until people stop being idiots. And I’m not holding my breath on that one.

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    Alison says:

    Well…this has zero to do with politics but it’s something happy and positive and this is an OT so – in a short while I’ll be heading out to take part in World Book Night, handing out free copies of The Poisonwood Bible to folks around my town. Anyone else in the BJ commentariat taking part or know someone who is? (Read up on it and/or sign up to participate next year here

    I am a voracious bibliophile and am really looking forward to spreading bookish joy :)

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    ruemara says:

    yeah, I could use some positive thoughts. 3 more weeks to go, can’t really commit to a room, can’t work out the funding and I’m sitting on the floor stacked with boxes. I think I blew a fuse somewhere. No more motivation.

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    rikryah says:

    yeah for Ms. Warren

  5. 5
    rikryah says:


    toot your own horn.

    please give us the name of your book. I love mysteries with women solving them, and I’m always in the neighborhood for buying books to read home on the train.

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    Violet says:

    That’s awesome. Congrats!

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    Nellcote says:

    Our local community health center got a nearly 3M grant from the ACA to expand the facilities/services. Yay us!

  8. 8
    Nellcote says:

    It’s looking like we might actually have a good salmon fishing season this year. Yay us!

  9. 9
    Nellcote says:


    Amazon linky please. :)

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    lamh35 says:

    Afternoon/evening guys.

    Well it seems my sister is planning to move back home to NOLA in June. So that would leave me alone in DFW except for the youngest who’s “away at college” so she doesn’t count :(

    But some good news, I just found out my Louisiana pro-license has been reinstated. I am now officially licensed to work in the state of Louisiana as a CLS-G(generalist). Now I just need to find a good paying job. None too soon too. My current hospital in under some stressful circumstances round now. The whole hospital in under inspection and the fear of the regulators/inspectors has been put in us all. We are kinda bascially being told, that the people who will be inspecting us have been known to shut whole laboratories down based on minor deficiencies…which would be bad, bad bad.

    Still waiting to hear from the last job I applied for. The job application was closed to submissions on the 18th, now it’s just a waiting game. I’m not waiting though, I’ve already applied to 2 other jobs, so I’m keeping it on and popping.

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    Shinobi says:

    Saturday night my partner and I helped a neighbor escape from her abusive husband. It obviously would be better if she didn’t need to run away, but we’re glad she made it and are thinking happy thoughts for her.

  12. 12
    liberal says:

    I think she’s probably very good overall, but not so great on middle east/Iran/etc.

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    Shari says:

    A father filmed his daughter from the day of her birth to her 12th birthday. Watch her grow in this 2:45 video.

    It is amazing.

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    Warren Terra says:

    Over at the New York Times, a remembrance of a splendid life:

    Bernard Rapoport, the founder of an insurance company who became a linchpin of the beleaguered community of Texas liberals, died on April 5 in Waco, Tex. He was 94.
    His death was confirmed by his granddaughter Abby Rapoport.
    A major donor to Democratic candidates, progressive causes, Israel and the University of Texas, Mr. Rapoport called himself a “capitalist with a conscience,” using the phrase in the title of a 2002 memoir.

    More at the Texas Observer.

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    trollhattan says:

    Here’s a brilliant solution to a pesky industrial problem. Say you’re a big chemical company named Dow and you’re stuck with a chemical byproduct needing disposal. Why not instead stuff it into an unrelated product as filler and sell it, rather than pay to dispose of it? Brilliant! Lemons, meet pesti-ade!

    Can’t help but ponder how much this might be replicated in the formulation of fracking fluid. Ingredients are proprietary, so how would we know?

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    jacy says:

    Here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page, for those who asked.

    Right now Darker By Degree and Director’s Cut are available only in ebook format, with paperbacks coming at the end of the month. I’ve also got a collection of short stories that’ll be out next week, and then three more novels in the pipe. (I had to start earning enough writing money to be able to find time to write — catch-22)

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  17. 17

    On a sad note, I think it’s rather funny that when I pretend to be a conservative libertarian granny starving type and post comments at conservative sites that advocate cutting off all food stamp aid to families and making the kids go work for their food by washing car windows in rush hour traffic that some people don’t realize I’m being a troll.

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    Warren Terra says:

    @David Koch:
    The primary is in September. If you want a better Senator, your only option is a better Democrat. I advise you to work on that, on replacing or improving Warren, rather than advising people to throw their votes away.

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    serge says:

    Was that a pinkie-swear with the little girl near the end? There is no greater covenant than a pinkie-swear. Ms Warren has me (of course, she already did). I want to fucking move to Mass. for no other reason than to be able to vote for her.

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    donnah says:

    Congrats, Jacy! I too have a book coming out, but mine won’t be available until November.

    It’s a handbook for rug hookers, (so NICHE) but I’m excited to have been published.

    Go to Amazon and type in Rug Hookers Companion


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    Amanda says:

    @serge: Yeah it sure looked like a pinky swear to me too. Great ad. Counting the days until I get to cast my vote for EW :-) Going to the state convention in June as a Warren delegate, and finally got to meet her at my Dem caucus earlier this year. She is an excellent candidate and imo she will make a great Senator, very worthy of the legacy of the great Teddy K.

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    Mowgli says:

    Here’s some good news: I have a two month-old son and he’s amazing. Just looking at him gives me hope for the future. Many people are idiots and lots of bad things happen, but there is always hope.

    I also have decided to find a job I really love instead of just one that pays the bills.

    And it’s been beautifully sunny and windy today.

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    Suzanne Holland says:

    @jacy: Just got your book on my IPad….looks great, as were the reviews!…..can’t wait to read!

  24. 24
    jacy says:

    @Suzanne Holland:

    Thanks, Suzanne! Hope you enjoy it!

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    Dzimbo N. says:

    I’m teaching Tai Chi at the Nature Museum and it’s taken a year, but the class is now at full capacity. My wife finished her PhD this year and my daughter is going to start grad school (if she can get some funding) in biomathematics.

    My decision to retire early from the working world (and let someone else have a chance) is looking better all the time.

    On the down side, if things keep getting uglier here in the US, we’ll probably end up living in Montenegro or Belgrade. I would hate to leave my native Chicago, but the US is turning uglier by the day.

    Oh, and I just learned to play the Coltrane solo from “My One and Only Love” on the chromatic harmonica. That’s a positive, for sure.

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    Mnemosyne says:

    Any cooks available to help me use up some of my freezer stuff? I’m finally getting around to trying to make that tater tot casserole I was thinking about and what I have on hand is:

    pineapple-bacon chicken sausage
    sweet potato tater tots
    cream of celery soup
    shredded Mexican cheese

    So what I’m thinking is, brown the sausage, put it in the bottom of a baking dish, pour undiluted soup over it, sprinkle it with cheese, and layer the frozen tots on top. Ideas? Suggestions? I also have eggs and milk, for once, but those recipes seemed very breakfast-oriented. I may try to mix in some frozen corn, too, since I have some of that on hand.

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    Steeplejack says:


    Probably too late on this thread, but is there a reason your e-books are not (as) available for the Nook? You seem to have a lot for the Kindle but only three (free) ones for the Nook.

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