How do I set up a facebook page for this website independent of my personal FB page, so people who want could “like” and then have BJ posts fed to them through FB?


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    slag says:

    Ask Alberto Gonzales’s former chief of staff.

    Yes. I do hold a grudge.

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    samara morgan says:

    Facebook is evil.
    in the Utah desert an abomination is rising.

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    Joey Maloney says:

    In the left column you have an item called “Pages”. Mouse over it and the word “More” will appear to its right. Click on that, and a button “Create a page” will appear in the center content area just below the banner.

    This explanation does not constitute legal advice or the endorsement of any particular course of action involving you with a huge, evil, worldwide datamining operation.

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    GregB says:

    Consult your closest 14 year old relative.

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    ant says:

    fuck assface

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    jheartney says:

    You could try the “Create Group” function. I’ve never done it, but it looks to me like the sort of entity that would do what you need. You have the option of having a closed group (visible only to invitees, so you could keep out trolls) or an open one (so all the People Who Know Your Name around here could visit unimpeded, assuming you can persuade them to dirty their beautiful minds over at Facebook).

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    Mark H says:

    open it as a business account.

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    MattR says:

    I don’t spend much time on Facebook and certainly don’t know the inner workings, but I am guessing that creating a group from your personal account will link the group to that account in some way so you will want to create a separate account before trying to create the group.

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    Shalimar says:

    Use another email address to set up an additional account for Balloon Juice.

  10. 10
    Narcissus says:

    wait what did assface do

  11. 11

    John, I would tell you… but There Be Dragons.

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    trex says:


    “A civilisation is a struggle to keep self-control, and in this it is like some great tragic person, some Niobe who must display an almost superhuman will or the cry will not touch our sympathy. The loss of control over thought comes towards the end; first a sinking in upon the moral being, then the last surrender, the irrational cry, revelation—the scream of Juno’s peacock.

    W.B. Yeats (“A Vision B 268)

    Slouching towards Total Data Awareness.

    What revelation is at hand? Why…everything. Literally everything about our lives.

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    jheartney says:

    Just FYI – having multiple Facebook accounts is a TOS violation, and can get you banned, apparently. Or at the least, you may get one of your accounts deleted. You can only set up a business account if you don’t already have a personal account.

    Yes, FB is evil. Stop the presses.

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    VividBlueDotty says:

    What @Joey Maloney says. Or just go to this link:

    I don’t know how much effort you want to put into it, but if you want a free and easy tool to make a nice landing page for first time visitors, you may want to look into You would want to do that after you make your page. : )

    I checked out many tools for free landing pages, and this one was by far the easiest to use. Of course, a landing page is not necessary, but could be helfpul if you want to grow your audience at this page through the Facebook page.

    I’m an admin on many Facebook pages; please feel free to message me if I can be of help. I’m a longtime lurker, long ago poster under a different name, and new daily visitor to Balloon Juice. : )

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    VividBlueDotty says:

    @jheartney: I believe you are misinterpreting the Facebook terms of service. You can only have one personal Profile page, but owners of “brand/business” pages can have those in addition to their personal pages. You just can’t use a second personal page, either for your business, yourself, your alter ego or whatever.

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    THE says:

    Open an account in Tunch’s name.
    Jk. I don’t know the first thing about FB

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    ruemara says:

    It’s darned easy, John. I see you already have expert help on it. Join us!

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    Feel free to start a page, John, but I find the Share button up there very amenable to share individual posts. It lets me do a initial comment, and I can usually get the FEED thumbnail to accent the post.

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    Lojasmo says:

    Ask ABL.

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    Ksmiami says:

    I abandoned fb : hipsters are trying to bring back my space

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    Walker says:

    You want to make a page for an organization, not an individual. It is not a TOS violation to have both a personal page and an organization page. It is like making a page for a company.

    Just Google facebook organizattion pages.

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    kindness says:

    Balloon Juice Facebook page?

    Oh John, are you going over to the dark side?

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    Cynthia Dudley says:

    You use the create a page option. The set-up is just like a regular page but then you need to invite some people to join. With 25 members you then have a more independant page and any of those members can be activated as an admin to off load some of the work. It isn`t as hard as it looks and as an admin you will be able to go between your personal page and any additional pages with a simple link.

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    Marcellus Shale, Public Dick says:


    i just joined that group.

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    MoXmas says:

    Wow, you really got a lot of help, up there.

    Log in to FB, then go to:

    Probably be most useful to pick “cause or community” instead of “organization”, but it’s up to you.

    The rest, the FB system will walk you through.

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    Rob says:

    @MoXmas: Seriously, I can’t believe it took over 20 comments before someone just posted the link.

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    Just Some Fuckhead says:

    Hey rocket scientists, he’s looking for integration.

  30. 30
    Mark H says:

    @jheartney: I’ve had both for several years now.

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    Congratulations Roger and the entire ERICKSON’s team.We are very proud of you

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    Lex Lurker says:

    FB and CIA

    That is all

  33. 33
    Lex Lurker says:

    BookFace and CIA

    That is all

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    VividBlueDotty says:

    @Rob: Actually, it only took 14 (and less than one hour) for this post in the wee hours of the morning for most people. //sarcasm tag//Are the posts of newbies invisible?

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