Back To High School

This is my last say on this ridiculous matter. I have no idea why ABL has decided that this was all about her, because I have repeatedly stated that what Glenn said was dickish. I don’t think anyone actually thinks she would defend President Obama raping a nun.

This is when several idiots will then pop in and say “But Glenn said he was serious! She really would defend it.” Because no one on the planet has ever made statements like “I am so hungry I think I could seriously eat a horse” or “I am so sick of this I could seriously slit my wrists.” No one really has had to “wait forever” for someone. I don’t really need to point out that there isn’t that much horse eating going on, do I? Hyperbole, WTF IS THAT?

So Glenn repeated something dickish that someone else started. And you know what- I ignored it. Why? Because not sue if you follow twitter, but there is a relentless group of people who, at any given moment, are hurling insults at Glenn. ABL is most certainly one of the members of that group. Hell, she used, and I allowed her to use, this website as a launching point for some of the most scathing attacks on Glenn, some times even thinly sourced innuendo. She’s called him grifter, a liar, a fraud, and so on, and there is ongoing bad blood between the two. So as far as I was concerned, it was all in the game between those two, and I said nothing.

Then last night, after several days of crocodile tears about Glenn hating on rape victims, I lost it. This wasn’t about rape to these people- this was about using whatever they could as a cudgel against Glenn. It completely distorted what he said- he wasn’t minimizing rape, he was using rape as the ugliest example he could think of (and he later added child-killing and assassination), far from minimizing rape and far from making rape “jokes.” It was disgusting. What I saw wasn’t about rape, it was about a new blunt force weapon to be used in the GGihad against “Hamwald.” So I said as much.

And then spent the next three hours letting the Greenwald jihad turn their guns on me- I’m mocking rape victims, I’m attacking ABL, how dare I choose sides (when I didn’t do anything of the sort), this is typical “male behavior,” that I am a privileged white male so therefore don’t understand, I’m a hick libertarian, how could I do this to ABL, is this the hill I want to die on, etc. That’s how they roll- relentless, multiple, frantic, repeated tweets, each one with more umbrage and more outrage, feeding on each other, with each comment working valiantly to prove that the person is more outraged than the previous person. It’s manic.

My personal favorite tweet was from our own ABL, who informed the world that I was “laughing at rape survivors.” You sure can lob ’em, can’t you?

But back to the point, no, I didn’t “side” with Glenn over this juvenile bullshit (in the big scheme of things, if I sided with anyone, wouldn’t it be the person I gave access to the front page to lob grenades at GG?), I just merely pointed out that the people doing a two day “GLENN RAPE RAWR” tweetfest simply to attack Glenn had lost the plot. And I maintain that. What Glenn said to ABL was dickish, but in the scheme of things hurled between the two of them, pretty tame. So I’m sorry to see ABL go, but I’m not going to back down to a crowd of idiots on twitter. For those of you who love to point out I was a former Republican, you are right- and I saw this kind of behavior before, where the “enemy” is always wrong and must be destroyed. Hell, y’all wanna go old school, just drop the rape stuff and call Greenwald an anti-Semite. There’s lots of material already written for you on the internet out there. So maybe I’m a little touchy when I see these manic internet pile-ons when everyone is in shoot to kill mode. Objectively pro-Saddam, anyone? Fifth column, anyone? I watch people unironically invoke “OBAMA DERANGEMENT SYNDROME,” apparently unaware that BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) was something invented by diehard Bush loyalists to deflect any and all criticism of Bush.

So that is that. As far as I am concerned, ABL can write here whenever she wants. If she chooses not to, well, that is her decision.

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