This is, hands down, the lamest attempt to smear someone as anti-Semitic as I have ever seen. Just pathetic.

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    LT says:

    Saw that. That’s Human Events level stupid. Hopefully it’s such powerful stupid some of their followers will be awoken by it.

    Nah. Who am I kidding?

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    eemom says:

    That SN smackdown is pretty awesome, though.

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    LT says:

    And since I’m across the line – the start of 2012 looks just as shitty as most years.

    Happy New Year.

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    MikeBoyScout says:

    So, by wingnut logic Dr. Paul Krugman is an anti-Semite????

  5. 5
    eemom says:


    Happy New Year.

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    Jay C says:


    So, by wingnut logic Dr. Paul Krugman is an anti-Semite????

    Naaah, Krugman is Jewish; so by wingnut logic, anything he says that they don’t like is attributable to his being a “self-hating Jew“: a separate-but-equal dismissal…

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    Mark S. says:


    Of course. Also, anyone who disagrees with supply side economics is anti-Semitic.

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    different-church-lady says:

    Wait… polar bears ate the ship?

  9. 9
    SiubhanDuinne says:


    HNY backatcha!

  10. 10
    AA+ Bonds says:

    Jesus, the little Nazi they quote calls it “Porkulus”, Powerline is some sort of time-warping event horizon, I haven’t read that spectacular loser of a phrase in right-wing media in years and I read a lot of blah blah blah

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    LT says:


    You’re very nice. Happy New Year to you, too.

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    LT says:

    @SiubhanDuinne: It took a full minute to figure out what HNY meant.

    Good god.

    HNY to you, too.

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    Professor says:

    Do these idiots realise that SEMITES include Hebrews and ARABS?

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    MikeJ says:

    @Professor: Yes, but the word anti-semitic was first used for self description by people who only applied it to Jews.

    Just as the teabaggers were the first to call themselves teabaggers, anti-semites were the first to call themselves anti-semites.

    In addition to being bigots they’re stupid too.

    Which has nothing to do with how silly it is to call Paul Krugman an anti-semite.

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    carpeduum says:

    Thanks for wasting my time Bed Shitter Cole.

    I don’t know what was more pathetic. The Guy that blogger was quoting whoever the fuk the unknown blogger is or the guy who was trying to make fun of him whoever the fuk that unknown blogger is.

  16. 16
    gbear says:

    @carpeduum: You might want to check your irony meter there, sport.

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    MonkeyBoy says:

    Some people at age 17 have ideas that as they mature realize that they were badly formed, unknowledgeable, or naive.

    Other people (cough Randians) act like they have the intellect of a 17 year old their whole life.

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    DH says:

    From John Maynard Keynes: The Economist as Savior, by Robert Skidelsky:

    On 25 August 1933, he wrote to Professor Spiethhoff, who was arranging the publication of a German translation of “National Self-Suffiency:

    Forgive me for my words about barbarism. But that word rightly indicates the effect in Germany on all of us here..It is many generations in our judgement since such disgraceful events have occurred in any country pretending to call itself civilized…If you tell me that these events have taken place ,not by force, but as an expression of the general will..that in our view would make some of the persecutions and outrages of which we hear…ten times more horrible.

    Some Anti-Semite, there.

  19. 19
    cynn says:

    Should I be pissed or amused?! Help me out because it depends on whether I wear my cruel shoes or my kitten heels.

  20. 20
    wilfred says:

    “Cause hey, if Darwin was a racist then that totally would mean evolution was false, right?”

    Sadly, yes. Or it would mean that anything he said would be drowned out by cries that he was a racist, thus discrediting any ideas he might have had.

    Just look at blogs.

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    The Fat Kate Middleton says:

    @LT: Sent the same acronym to my college professor sister tonight – she couldn’t figure it out either. So don’t feel bad.

  22. 22
    LT says:

    @The Fat Kate Middleton: You’re very kind to tell me that…

  23. 23
    Hob says:

    @carpeduum: What the fuck, strange dude. You’re constantly going on about how much you hate this blog and everything Cole writes. If you not only keep reading this blog, but you then click on all his links and read those blogs too… looks like no one’s wasting your time but you.

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    Comrade Baron Elmo says:

    Dunno, John. That’s pretty pathetic, but for sheer head-scrambling idiocy in Anti-Semite baiting, no one will ever, ever, ever beat Donald Douglas and his flip-out at the kid carrying this sign, reading SASQUATCH IS REAL, whereupon he wrote:

    Then turning around, I saw this kid yacking it up for the crowd, obviously having a blast with this ugly Jew-hating sign. And what does that mean, “SASQUATCH ISRAEL”? This is a play on the “legitimacy myth” of Israel’s existence. As there’s of course a “Sasquatch myth,” it’s worth noting the implied comparison: that Israel is also an ape-like beast existing only in historical folklore. Absent legitimacy, Israel has “no right to exist.” This kid’s sign is but one more example of eliminationist anti-Semitism. And look at how overjoyed he is in boasting this hatred. Creepy

    Even better, Mr. Douglas only doubles down on his analysis of the Jew-hating left when called on this idiocy:

    “Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I’m dumb. I stand by what I wrote, either way.”

    Priceless, man. Priceless.

  25. 25
    Brutusettu says:

    Let’s say Krugman likes landscape paintings. Do you know who else loved landscape paintings? Hitler.
    It would seem that by Steven Hayward logic, Krugman hates Jews on that fact alone.

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