Open Thread: Pet Rescue Good News

Good news from Evelyn Bridges (Charlie’s Angels) about Penny, the JRT:

Visited with Penny today and took some new pics. Vets are still attempting to save her front leg and she is receiving therapy and doing daily exercises but still favoring it quite a bit. She will have re-evaluation within 10 days.
Hoping that further surgery will not be necessary..She is a loving and playful girl and loves going to breakfast every morning with her “Dad” at local restaurant..
Will let all know additional progress.
Thanks to all for helping her save her leg.

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    Yutsano says:


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    Jane2 says:

    HOOO!! She’s looking pretty good.

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    Woodrowfan says:

    good news! thanks for the update. Cover-girl for the 2012 Balloon juice calendar?

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    khead says:

    Awesome puppeh news.

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    Aw, what a cute pooch! I’m glad she was rescued. I wish we could rescue them all. But we can get a good start by not going through pet shops or puppy mills. Go to the pound or go to a shelter (especially a kill shelter) and get a rescue. My cat Popeye was literally picked up off the street and, despite his sullenness and surliness, I know he’s grateful.

    Btw, ever wonder what Republicans and evangelicals give each other for Xmas? Well, wonder no more.

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    Kristine says:

    Good puppy news is the best.

    Speaking of which, any updates on the Tiffany fundraiser? Is the goal in sight?

    I can’t forget that photo with her little scarf and that forlorn expression.

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    passerby says:

    Awww, she’s alookin’ good.

    I don’t think she even cares about the leg. She’s thinking about food and good belly attention from her peeps.

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    marianne19 says:

    @ passerby. My vet once told me this “vet” joke re what dogs care about: Dog wakes up after accident and sees leg is missing. “Wow!” he thinks, “my leg is gone. I wonder what’s for breakfast?”

  9. 9
    Maude says:

    She still has the leg. I hope she can use it after a time.

  10. 10
    Arclite says:

    I know that JC has had trouble with his JRT, but damn they are adorable.

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    moe99 says:

    Great news. I remember reading a story about a dog who favored his injured leg even after it was removed from a cast. What the vet did was put the other leg in a cast, so the dog had to use the previously injured leg, and in this way, got the dog to integrate it back into its life.

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    Joy says:

    I am so glad to know she is doing well. Thank you for letting us know.

    I’m hoping for good results for Tiffany the little poodle, too.

    I love animals…

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    pjcamp says:

    What a sweet doggie!

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