Oh, for Fuck’s Sake, Millbank

Twelve years of primary education at the hands of the Dominican sisterhood left me with a permanent tic against explicit vulgarity, but sometimes the truth can only be expressed rudely. Only an arsehole Media Village Idiot could have written “Barney the Bully“:

… The amiable [Savannah] Guthrie tried again. How does he feel about the worsening tone in Washington?
“Well, you exemplify what I think is a change in the tone,” Frank said. “You’ve managed to ask all sort of negative questions. . . . It’s ‘gotcha’ journalism. It’s ‘gotcha’ politics. And it does lessen our chances to get things done.”
The interviewer gave it a final attempt. Does Frank “feel any responsibility for your own role in, kind of, that tone that we do see in Washington?”
“Well, congratulations,” Frank said with derision. “You’re four-for-four in managing to find the negative approach.”
It was a chance for the nation to see what so many in the Capitol had seen up close over the years: That Barney Frank, liberal lion, gay pioneer and respected legislator, is also one mean and ornery S.O.B….
The Republican strategist Karl Rove, writing on FoxNews.com, welcomed the retirement of the “petulant, abrasive and downright nasty” Frank. Rove, who knows something about nastiness, wrote: “Brilliant, but acid tongued and generally unpleasant, Mr. Frank ruled with an iron gavel, ran over critics with delight and treated committee members and especially Republican colleagues as lesser forms of life.”

Congressman Frank is a smart, skillful legislator who’s spent his life working to pass the best laws possible, even when it meant compromising with proudly ignorant know-nothings, most of them registered as Republicans. Savannah Guthrie is a professional blonde talking head paid for her talents at mouthing partisan right-wing talking points while always remaining “amiable“. Karl Rove is a highly-paid thug who’s done his considerable best to degrade his own party’s standards — such as they ever were — during a career of lying, back-biting, ratfucking, theft, and every other form of white-collar criminality going back to his college days as a Young Republican at the end of the 1960s. Pretending that Frank’s inability to suffer fools gladly has been worse for public civility than Rove’s long campaign against honesty in politics, or embracing our major media’s craven pretense that calling someone a liar in front of a recording device is worse than being a liar, is gutless, dishonest, and behavior unworthy of a well-paid, well-educated individual with the distribution and readership of one of the national papers of record, Mr. Millbank.

Open Thread

I feel like everything I write today is rambling and incoherent, more so than usual, so I am just going to sit back and watch the idiot box until Captain Kirk hangs out with Shawn and Guster tonight on Psych.

Hard Working White Americans Hard at Work Making Life Miserable for Minorities

I’m cursing whoever brought up that damned phrase from election 2008 (I think it was Kay), but I think it is important to remember what was so god damned offensive about the phrase- the Clinton statements were made right before the primaries through a swath of Appalachia that included places like this:

A small Pike County church has voted not to accept interracial couples as members or let them take part in some worship activities.

The decision has caused sharp reaction and disapproval in the Eastern Kentucky county.

“It’s not the spirit of the community in any way, shape or form,” Randy Johnson, president of the Pike County Ministerial Association, said of the vote.

The issue came up at the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church, said Dean Harville, a longtime member who serves as church secretary and clerk.

Clinton made those statements because she wanted to scare primary voters who weren’t racist to vote for her because racist scumbags would keep a Democrat out of the WH in 2008. That’s what was so damned offensive about the remarks.

Another point- I’m betting almost everyone here, when they read about this church, thought to themselves “You have to be fucking kidding me. It’s 2012.” That’s good- you should be horrified by this. But you know what? Change “interracial” to “gay” and this goes on every single day somewhere in America, and not just backwater shit holes in Kentucky.

Policing Our Discourse

DougJ, Atrios, and Glenzilla have already said a lot about the sad spectacle of our establishment media rushing for the fainting couches when someone says fuck or is rude to someone in a position of power, but not batting an eye when someone like Tom Friedman says one of the reasons we went to Iraq was to basically kill brown people so the rest of the region would know who is the fucking boss. I could go on and on and on with examples about how this always seems to conveniently happen to only left-wing voices, as could you, but here’s a crystal clear one- Marcy Wheeler has been basically banned from cable tv because she dared to say the words “blow job” when talking about the Clinton/Lewinsky never-ending saga. On the other hand, Ann Coulter, with a history of saying vulgar and offensive things, was on MSNBC yesterday morning as a guest where she called people douche bags and spit on the corpse of Ted Kennedy. Rather than being shunned by the media, here was CNN’s response to Coulter’s behavior on MSNBC (via an email sent by one of their marketing flacks:

Ann Coulter tells HLN’s Joy Behar what she said about John McCain that caused censors at MSNBC’s Morning Joe to censor her.


Please source: “HLN The Joy Behar Show”

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Karen Reynolds
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NYC 10019

Rather than shunning Coulter like Wheeler was treated by all the networks, CNN’s response was “LET ME IN ON THAT ACTION, BITCHES” and then blasted out a spam email to make sure everyone knew Coulter would be on headline news talking about douchebags. Rock on, media.

On top of this bias, our media elites have decided that anything to the left of Susan Collins is just too controversial to even have the opinion aired. How many serious discussions of nationalizing the banks during the crisis do you remember? How many serious discussions about single-payer did we have during the health care debate? How many serious discussions have there been about just ending the drug war? When was the last time you remember someone on tv arguing “To hell with it, let’s just GTFO of Afghanistan?” And on and on. And on top of it all, you have stuff like this:

I’m not a regular reader of Andrew Sullivan, so I’m not familiar with all of his traditions, but it seems that Moore Award voting happens at the end of December. For those who are regular readers of Sullivan, please help me keep an eye out for when the Moore Award voting begins. You may recall that I was nominated in May, and I am in it to win it. Any idiot can shoot his mouth off on the internet, but it takes a special kind of idiot to win an award for it, and mama always said I’m special.

The offending statement that generated the nomination was made on the date of bin Laden’s death, and was the following:

So many awful things have happened in the battles to find this man, so many awful things have been “justified” in the name of responding to his attacks, that killing him won’t fix a damn thing. There is no justice here. He started it, but our leaders have continued it, and it will not stop.

Anything less than a victory dance on bin Laden’s corpse is just too vulgar to even enter into the public discourse. While Sullivan is babbling about political correctness and getting the vapors because a bunch of racist assholes are being called out for being racist assholes doing shitty research, he’s shunning people for having the audacity to reflect on all that has transpired since 9/11 rather than breaking out the foam fingers because we killed a terrorist.

I’d say this second aspect of the policing our discourse is even worse than the “OH MY GOD A BLOGGER SAID FUCK PUSSY SHIT COCK.”

Siri and Apple: Abortion Madness

Really? can’t we all get a grip?

Look, I’m all for equality, and I’m as pro-choice as a woman can be. But this kerfuffle over Siri not providing abortion locations to iPhone 4s is a serious mountain/mole-hill situation.

Apparently, Apple has been catching flak from pro-choice advocates because Siri does not provide information (or fails to provide correct information) about abortion and other reproductive health services for women.

Some are disappointed that Siri doesn’t provide information about reproductive services while providing answers to such male-centric questions as “Where can I find Viagra?” and “Where can I get a decent blowjob?” and “Where can I look at some naked boobs?”

Alternet has a list of searches that Siri recognizes, and none of them include abortion services (and most of them seem to me to be the result of cheeky programmers): Read more