Be Careful Out There: Vampire Beast-With-Two-Backs Edition

Jumping on the CDC’s Zombie-Apocalypse-Preparedness bandwagon, Planned Parenthood offer some very sage advice:

Let’s face it: vampires can rack up a lot of sexual partners over the years. Your vampire might be the same age as you, or she or he might be thousands of years old. But no matter how old you are, if you’re going to jump into bed with a vampire, you’re going to need more than a clove of garlic to protect your health.

Check the link for the rest of the 411.  My favorite bit:

Vampires might be immortal, but you’re not.

True, dat.

Remember — with vampires, you might be thinking of a night to remember, but for them, it’s always fangs for the mammaries.

(Rimshot, please.)

Happy Hallowe’en, all. (And this should serve as an open thread, no?)

PS: really cool old NSFW in our prudish time pic below the jump.

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Herman Cain’s Final Flip-Flop on Abortion [updated w/ video]

He finally got it right! There’s no more flip for him to flop!

Herman Cain really should have read his War on Women GOP Handbook before he allowed himself to be questioned on his stances on abortion. He has flip-flopped so many times, it’s hard to keep track.

Luckily, Think Progress already broke it down:

Abortion Is ‘Her Choice’: Over the course of one Fox News interview on Oct. 11, Cain insisted that “people shouldn’t be free to abort because if we don’t protect the sanctity of life from conception, we will also start to play God relative to life at the end of life.” But when asked whether a rape victim should have the choice, Cain said, “That’s her choice. That’s not government choice.”

Don’t Tell Women What To Do: On Oct. 19, Cain seemed to further his seemingly pro-choice position. “It’s not the government’s role, or anybody else’s role, to make that decision” on whether a sexual assault victim should seek an abortion, he said. “It ultimately gets down to a choice that that family or that mother has to make. Not me as president.”

A Family Can Have An ‘Illegal’ Abortion: On Oct. 20, Cain tried to shut out the uproar over his confusion: “I am 100 percent pro-life. End of story.” But the very next day, he added another chapter to his position. “Look, abortion should not be legal. That is clear. But if the family made a decision to break the law, that’s that family’s decision. That’s all I’m trying to say,” he said on Fox.

Pro-Life, No Exceptions: In that same interview, Cain finally declared that he was “pro-life from conception, no exceptions.” Apologetic for his “problematic” answers, he stated with finality, “I don’t know how much more I can say that if I am pro-life from conception no exceptions.

Pro-Life, With Exceptions: As noted, Cain’s campaign clarified yesterday that Cain actually does believe in exceptions and that “Abortions should be allowed in the instances of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is at stake.”

Today Cain finally got it right: Pro-Life, No Exceptions. Herman Cain now believes that life begins at conception:

Phew!  I was getting concerned!

The GOP position on abortion has grown increasingly radical as they chip away at abortion rights and women’s right to decide whether or not to quarter creatures in their uteri.

The GOP is so radical, that at a certain point, life is going to begin before a man and woman even remove their undergarments. That’s the next logical step: “Life begins when a gentleman looks at a dame and says ‘Hey sweetcheeks! Come ovah heah! How you doin’?'”

It just makes sense.

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(edited to change “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Life.”)

The end of my “Grift-athon” is nigh!

So listen here, y’all.  I made an off-hand joke about sending tote bags to those who donated to my fundraiser.  But then it occurred to me that I really should send a little somethin’-somethin’ to those who donate to my fundraiser.  After all, if I don’t, then you’re not going to give me the rest of your cash next spring, right?

So it’s happening, people!  I’m sending you a tote bag, which I will make with my own two hands!  (If you donated less than 20 bucks, I’ll send you a sticker — maybe scratch ‘n sniff. )1

The amazing Amanda Underwood (aka @underwoodchamp) offered her graphic design stylings to create a logo for my new craft adventure, and voila!

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Was Rick Perry Hammered During His New Hampshire Speech or What?

I’m going with “yes.”

I’m not judging the man for drinking. (Hey, I loves me my scotch.) But if I were running for president, I probably wouldn’t give a speech wasted. (Probably.)

Check out the clip below, which went viral this weekend.  If you don’t have the stamina to watch 8 minutes of Rick Perry (I almost didn’t), you should at least watch the first 3 minutes. It’s… um… interesting:

Fom Daily Mail:

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas told Huffington Post after the speech: ‘It was different’, but added he had never seen anything like it before

A Perry spokesman said in an email: ‘The Governor is passionate about the issues he talks about.’

Those in attendance said that passion is not a word to describe his performance, off the wall, bizarre and rambling though, were more adequate.

One Republican operative who watched the video called it ‘strange and peculiar’, and said it could prove fatal to Perry’s campaign.  Others questioned whether he was on medication or if he had had a few drinks before he came on stage. Nevertheless, he appeared uncomfortable and erratic in parts and sweat glistened on his forehead.

His camp have yet to issue an official statement about the speech.

At least now we know what a pre-wagon George Bush would’ve sounded like.

[via Daily Mail]

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Get ready for your close-up

Can’t Explain has review of one of my favorite movies of all-time, Sunset Boulevard. I saw it at the Castro in San Francisco in the 90s in a double feature with “In A Lonely Place”. That was the most fun I’ve ever had at the movies, partly because I like the movies so much (“In A Lonely Place” I only like in a campy way), partly because it was such a great audience. I wouldn’t have understood half the things they applauded (like Buster Keaton’s cameo) had my hard-core film friend not explained it all to me.

What’s your best movie-going experience ever?

Human Banner in San Francisco Reads “Tax the 1%”

This weekend, one thousand people got together in San Francisco to create a human banner, and it was exactly awesome:

From Human Banner SF:

“I work hard every day,” said event organizer and Bay Area cab driver, Brad Newsham. “It isn’t right that I pay higher taxes than billionaires like Warren Buffet. And actually, Mr. Buffet agrees with me on this.” Recently the “Buffet Rule” has become a touchstone of Obama’s proposal to tax millionaires to fund his job program. Republicans in Congress have blocked both initiatives, but recent polls show that 73% of Americans (including 66% of Republicans, and 52% of Tea Partiers) support the Buffet Rule and want to raise taxes on millionaires. [1]

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A Little Song In Your Heart

So, this just happened.

And I got nothin’. I’m just waiting for the credits to roll.

The thread, he is open. Commence.