Sometimes I feel so happy, sometimes I feel so sad

There are those who say that we should root for a sane Republican to win the primary, because all that matters in a general election is the economy and if it’s in the tank, we want Generalissimo Romney not Generalissimo Perry to become president. Sometimes I feel happy that Republicans will probably put a possibly unelectable lunatic up as their nominee, sometimes I feel sad that said lunatic may be the final nail in this NASCAR nation’s coffin.

Super Dave Osborne used to go on David Letterman and read inappropriate jokes from a book that was supposed to be inspirational. One went like this…a man with a talking dog walks into a bar. He bets the bartender 100 bucks his dog can say “pour me another beer”. The bartender takes the bet, the dog says it, and the guy collects 100 bucks. He gives the dog 20 of the 100 he collected, then drinks his beer. When he goes outside, he finds his dog in the road humping another dog. He says “Fido, I’ve never seen you do that before”. Fido says “I’ve never had 20 bucks before.”

Democrats have never won a presidential election because of a weak Republican nominee before. No Republican nominee has ever called Social Security a “monstrous lie” and a “Ponzi scheme” before.

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: “Good News”

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… that being the root meaning of ‘evangelize’, according to the evangelists. I remember a couple of the BJ regulars had their own opinions about Touchdown Jesus, so this seemed ripe for sharing.

What’s new in the idealogical-idolatry-construction in everyone else’s neighborhood, this evening?

What’s the Point Of This?

Has anyone else been following this Dan Choi saga? What is he on trial for, exactly?

I don’t know what the point of trying him is, anyway, if it is for civil disobedience. He just wants attention. Just give him a fine and ignore him would be the smart thing to do. On a somewhat related note, with DADT gone, I was under the impression he wanted to go back in the service. Was I wrong about that, too?

This is a feel good news item that will make people on the teevee cry…

I would agree with Steve Benen that President Obama calling to address a Joint Session of Congress is a good sign. And beyond that, I like how a coincidence of scheduling puts this important speech at a time that will pull focus from the silly season of the GOP dog and pony show.

I think stepping on the Politico/NBC News Republican Candidate’s debate is a nice touch and an opportunity for these would-be-Presidents to demonstrate how they respond to events out of their control. So far, the response is a pretty predictable symphony of whimpers, belly aches and name calling. Naturally our media and the very serious wankers orbiting them are singing back-up.

Which is why this response from Press Secretary Jay Carney was so delightful:

“There were a lot of considerations,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters today. “And, obviously, one debate of many that’s on one channel of many was not enough reason not to have the speech at the time that we decided to have it.” [snip]

Carney suggested the organizers could move it. [snip]

“There is one president,” he said. “There is 20 some odd debates.”

And a post over at Politico Pravda on the Potomac reported this response:

“There are many opportunities for the American people. There’s a choice they can make to watch the president, to watch the debate,” he said. “A network could make a decision to alter the timing of the debate by an hour.”

Carney later elaborated, saying that if “sponsors chose and the candidates so chose to adjust the timing of their debate … that would be completely fine with us, in the spirit of democracy.”

I’m sure this wee bit of political hardball will be presented as a sign of President Obama is a gangster and weak at the same time, but it made me smile all the same.


Endnote: The transcript of the press conference is here and you could watch it at this link. One thing shines through–Ed Henry is one of the stupidest fuckers working in any profession. He is an epic idiot. No wonder Fox News “hired” him away from CNN.

Obama’s upcoming job speech

This is a smart analysis:

If you’re going to propose things that can pass Congress and they create jobs, then I don’t think it matters whether or not they’re popular. The job creation will be rewarded. But if you’re going to pass something that can’t pass Congress, then it doesn’t matter at all whether it would hypothetically work, all that matters is that it polls well. And as Chait says, the things that Keynesian analysis suggests would create jobs — much larger budget deficits, higher inflation — are not popular things to campaign on. The smart move, if you’re just going to give a speech for speech’s sake, is to make the speech be full of nonsense bromides that voters like to hear. Except one problem President Obama will face is that for a “nonsense bromides” strategy to be maximally effective, it would be really useful for the entire progressive echo chamber to get really excited about his bromide agenda and start loudly insisting that the bromides would be super-successful in reducing unemployment if implemented. But Paul Krugman, Rachel Maddow, etc. won’t do that. A speech full of bromides will be disparaged as bromidish. These are the wages of the “hack gap,” the fact that the progressive media ecology is less leadable than the Conintern.

This gets right to the heart of why the 11-dimensional bully pulpit doesn’t work for Democratic presidents very well. Pulpits are for spewing bullshit and the left is queasy about cheering bullshit too loudly.

More Friedman than Friedman

People like this are truly enemies of our society. Go live under Putin if you really this way, Matt Miller.

(here’s a link to the article, though I’d rather no one actually click through)

Ah, Glibertarians

PZ Myers reads Reason so we don’t have to.