The Accidental Bombings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I honestly have no idea what we are doing in Afghanistan any more other than pissing people off, losing troops to a lost cause, wasting billions, and creating more terrorists. We’re not bringing freedom to anyone, we’re not making ourselves any safer, and I have yet to see any long term plan articulated (mind you- we’re ten years in and still wondering what we are doing. Whack-a-mole is not a plan). Hell, we aren’t even honest enough with ourselves to demand that the Pentagon give us a possible plan for withdrawal, and I guarantee no one can tell me what we are trying to accomplish without the response turning into “blah blah Taliban blah blah they hit us first blah blah Pakistan nukes.” No one knows what the fuck we are doing, no one knows what a “win” in Afghanistan looks like, and sure as shit no one can gauge whether we are “winning.”

There’s this odd institutional paralysis where we have convinced ourselves that leaving will be worse than the disastrous status quo, but no one can really explain why, yet anyone who suggests we unass the area of operations and go home is castigated as wanting to “lose” or hating America. We’re just sort of there, meandering around, clueless and breaking shit and pissing people off, like a 60 year old burnout on acid at the Dead show campground three days after the concert. Ask them what they are doing and it will resemble our plan in Afghanistan with less bloodshed and fewer visions of rainbows. The smell will be about the same.


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