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Emmylou Harris has released a new album, Hard Bargain, which is good news to me at least. Couldn’t find a decent YT of her telling the (rescue) story behind “Big Black Dog”, so you’ll have to settle for this instead…

What’s up for a May weekend, apart from Julia Ward Howe’s pacifist-feminist holiday?

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    Evolved Deep Southerner says:

    Actually awake enough to comment here. But going to bed now. Y’all have a good thread.

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    Joey Maloney says:

    I started my Shabbat morning by walking up to the nearest nonkosher grocery store and buying some bacon for my breakfast. Yom Haatzmaut, Israeli Independence Day is almost here and they’ve got the streets decorated with flags and such.

    Not much of anything planned today. I ought to update my personal blog, and I need to do a bunch of editing I agreed to for a technical blog. But it’s such a beautiful day I’m finding it much easier to sit out in the courtyard with the cat and some Kona coffee.

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    Valdivia says:

    @Joey Maloney:

    Mmmm bacon :)
    I love yoom haatzmaut. Where are you? I loved going to the big concert in Kikar Rabin.

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    WereBear says:

    I must do video editing. Last weekend was lost to the flu (again!) and I’m looking for an entirely new direction this time.

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    Going to engage in battle with some dandelions, then some SharePoint research.

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    Mrs. A says:

    Here in Louisville there’s some kinda horse race happening. I’ll be sippin’ a julep whilest watching it on t.v.

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    stuckinred says:

    Up in Boone for graduation at App State. The dogwoods are just blommin!

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    djesno says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Moms (and my mom, i miss you….)

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    Maude says:

    Dogwood pictures or it didn’t happen.
    Enjoy. I don’t have bail money this weekend, so be prudent.

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    stuckinred says:

    @Maude: Another time I’m glad I don’t drink. They had the biggest DUI roadblock between Boone and Blowing Rock I’ve ever seen1 Graduation isn’t till 4 so we’re off with the pups to sightsee. Mountain pics are sure to follow!

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    merrinc says:

    Getting ready to do a project with my scouts this morning. Just doing my part to indoctrinate America’s youth!

    I have NPR in my FB feed and the first article that popped up this morning was about true believers preparing for the rapture on May 21st. When I read this aloud to my husband:

    …the true believers will fly up to heaven while destruction befalls the rest

    his response was a heartfelt “I hope so!” Now, I’m not often speechless but this had me momentarily wondering about this person with whom I’ve spent the last 14 years of my life. Then he explained that the rest of us would be a lot better off without them. This does have a certain appeal!

    Hope your hand is healing well, Anne Laurie.

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    Kilkee says:

    If that Rapturey thing happens I hope they leave Emmy behind.

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    Emmylou Harris is my neighbor, actually! She lives a few doors up from me. She operates a wonderful animal rescue group called Bonaparte’s Retreat, they go to the pound and find adoptable dogs about to be euthanized because their time is up and foster them out, or keep them at her house, and find them new homes. Our wonderful dog Chaka featured in this recent video is one of Emmylou’s dogs.

    I don’t know the story behind Big Black Dog and I haven’t heard the new album yet but we know Emmylou is a huge dog person. She has a ragtag pack of dogs of her own and we always see her walking up the street to the park with them. She’s a great neighbor, really friendly and nice and not snotty or anything at all.

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    Here’s a link to Bonaparte’s Retreat which features Emmyloy with … a big, black dog!

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    Friday Jones says:

    Wooden Boat Show in Beaufort, NC.

    And, of course, wearing the obligatory goofy hat whilst drinking mint juleps during the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby! (Maybe I’ll skip the hat. And the mint.)

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    @Benjamin Cisco:
    … very interested in your SP research. Big Daddy Co. Inc. is embracing it with the same vigor reserved for lap dances and tequila shots at the Booty Bar, and its time to figure out why.

    Its going to be a beautiful day here in the Buckeye, and the ground is just beginning to de-saturate. After some garage-sale-ing, its a visit to Uncle Johns Herb Farm, with the hopes of being able to actually plant something.

    Then it’s the slow saunter to Mothers Day.

    Thanks, again, Mom!

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    RossInDetroit says:

    Weather is perfect today after weeks of intermittent rain. The yard’s a disaster and I really should rake, mow and clean up before going off to work this evening. But knowing me I’ll get sucked into the intertubes and waste another nice day again instead.

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    Cat Lady says:


    I’m waiting for the rapture too. Less traffic!

    Also, it may be as funny as this.

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    mai naem says:

    I have always liked Emmylou Harris, didn’t know about the dog rescue. Makes me like her even more.

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    Montysano says:

    We saw the amazing Carolina Chocolate Drops again last night. Since we first saw them last summer they’ve lost one member and added two new ones, including Brooklyn beatboxer Adam Matta. Rhiannon Giddens is hugely talented, beyond anything I’ve seen on a stage for quite a while. If you get a chance to see them live, don’t blow it!

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    Joey Maloney says:

    I bought their “Genuine Negro Jig” album after hearing them on Terry Gross. While sipping a latte. In my Prius.

    Seriously, they’re outstanding music-makers.

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    Montysano says:

    @Joey Maloney:

    I bought their “Genuine Negro Jig” album after hearing them on Terry Gross. While sipping a latte. In my Prius.

    The first time we saw them, they were playing for the Prius/lawn chair/sipping wine set. Last night they were playing for a rowdy crowd at midnight in a bar on a Friday night. They tore the roof off the sucka. I’ve never seen anything like Adam Matta, and Rhiannon…. a diva in the best sense of the word.

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    The Golux says:

    Emmylou just keeps getting better. Her voice has consistently become richer and more soulful.

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    Commenting at Ballon Juice since 1937 says:

    I agree with everything Chocolate Drop and Emmylou on this thread. What amazes me is that while her early albums were songs by other writers, her last several are primarily her own writing, and some of her best. What an amazing talent. People are supposed to peak creatively in their 20-40’s. She just gets better.

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    Big Emmylou fan but I don’t think this able is her best effort. But that doesn’t bother me too much because I would buy an album with her singing the ingredient label of a box of Cheerios. Doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes either.

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    dj spellchecka says:

    the new emmylou album has a lovely tribute to the late kate mcgarrigle…

    and nonesuch just released a mcgarrigles set with the first two albums and a whole bunch of demos and bonus tracks

    npr recently did a segment on emmylou

    link to digest article and audio:

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    burnspbesq says:

    A lot of good new music out lately. Emmylou, Steve Earle, Alison Krauss, k.d. lang, the Feelies (back after a 20 year hiatus), James Farm (Johsua Redman, Aaron Parks, Eric Harland).

    Best record of the year so far, for me, is Jason Isbell’s “Here We Rest.” Here’s a taste.

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