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I’m so damned stressed out right now I think I could explode.

Oh, and Rosie has another eye infection. There’s another 50 bucks.

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    SIA says:

    Me too, and we’re having a string of gray, drizzly days. Too much to do, and I just don’t have the drive any more to attack the work load. Plus the US is f’d up to no end.

    Other than that, all is well. And I really mean that.

    ETA, AND I live over the shop, so to speak, and my assistant and an art dealer both got 100.00 parking tickets for parking in front of my house today, which I feel obligated to pay. And Angel the Cat (our version of Rosie) is driving me INSANE.

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    cleek says:

    i find that scotch gets me through times of severe stress much better than severe stress gets me through times of no scotch.

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    beltane says:

    We’re getting another 4 inches of snow to freshen up the 2 feet that are still on the ground. Oh, and we found that one of the cats has been sneaking into the linen closet and peeing on the towels. Other than that everything’s fine.

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    srv says:

    Chill – the Wurlitzer for arming the amateurs or putting troops into Libya is still warming up. Have a few weeks yet.

    Question is if we’ll go big or be happy with partitioning it up. I’m sure these canny rebels can be trusted to behave well in Tripoli if we decide to go big. Of course, any genocide there would just be karma for the moralists here.

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    pragmatism says:

    i feel your pain on the vet bills. came home from a ski trip on sunday and our dogsitter fertilized their yard over the weekend which one of our dogs ingested. we were lucky that she survived and luckier that the bill was only $700.

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    eemom says:

    the Q poll thingie says Obama’s ratings are lower than they’ve ever been. I don’t know if they’re a reliable pollster or not. Anyway I think polls are bullshit, especially cause no one’s ever asked me to be in one.

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    Joe Beese says:

    Anyone who predicted in 2008 that Obama and Clinton would soon join hands to launch a new foray into Libya without consulting Congress would have quickly been dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and delusional crank. But now, it’s as if the 2008 election never happened. And the fact that once again we’re launching bombs at an oil-rich country doesn’t seem to phase the same people who were horrified at Bush’s interventionism. It’s apparently okay now that “our team” has given it kinder, gentler messaging and some snazzy new skins. It apparently wasn’t nation-building, regime change and war-for-oil that liberals opposed. Just the fact that George Bush was the one doing it.

    Guess who?

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    Our CEO is starting to show overt signs of Alzheimers. Not the gentle, forgetful kind, either.

    The violently lashing about rage kind.

    Not good.

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    Oh my gosh! It’s snowing again! It’s been, what, 2 or 3 weeks? I thought we were through with that stuff. Arghhh!

    Big, fat, fluffy flakes that are pretty, I must admit. Maybe it won’t stick.

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    Bob Loblaw says:

    Just another reason why being the first black President in a white supremacist nation really sucks:

    Poor guy can’t even get a war bump.

    Also, why is Nick now posting as OzoneR? Does he think he’s passing?

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    freelancer says:

    Jesus. I don’t partake anymore, really, but if ever a man needed a prescription for weed, it’s you, Cole. ‘kinnel.

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    FoxinSocks says:

    Could be worse. In the last two months, the vet thought my cat had cancer (she didn’t), she just had very aggressive stomatitis and hypothyroidism. Then my beagle had a seizure. Then my foster cat had some weird illness straight out of a vet-themed episode of House, but we got that finally figured out. Oh, and then last week my Rottweiler vomited blood all over the house.

    By some miracle, all my pets are now doing fine (including the Rottie). I am, however, selling organs to pay off the vet bills. Anybody want a kidney?

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    cleek says:

    i’d just like to echo the consensus that Obama sucks and is ruining this horrible country.

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    beltane says:

    @eemom: People are pissed about food and gas prices. All I hear at my kids’ sporting events is parents complaining about food prices. No one is very happy right now.

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    Mary G says:

    I am swamped too. It’s supposed to turn into summer tomorrow here in So California, 80 degrees, and I will be stuck at my desk.

    My cat, Sophie is acting strangely; she keeps coming up and poking me even though she has fresh baby food in her dish, two water fountains and a newly clean litter pan. She is also yowling a lot more than she ever has. She does it only when she’s alone in a room, sounds like she’s talking to herself. For years she’s done it only at night when we are asleep, now she does it all day long. Ii made an appointment at the vet last week, then chickened out. I don’t know if I can bear to hear bad news. My head knows it’s coming sooner rather than later because she’s about 21 years old, but she is my comfort and companion. Yes, I know there are plenty more pets in the shelters, but it’s not the same.

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    elmo says:


    I am within $300 of finally paying off a massive, massive vet bill that we incurred last year trying to keep a rescue puppy alive. About two months ago, one of my rescue dogs — who had always been extremely neurotic — finally had to be put down. So my partner, in an entirely expected fit of grief, pulled a baby rat terrier mix from the shelter on its last day.

    Three days later (on a Sunday), we were rushing the baby to the emergency vet with classic signs of parvo. Confirmed. Two days in the doggy ICU, and the pup comes home fine.

    Two days later, one of our other rescues — who had been vaccinated — pops with parvo as well.

    I am never, never, never going to get out from under my vet bills.

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    Waratah says:

    John, can you call the Vet and ask if you can just pick up a prescription? If not, can you ask for refills on the next one? I want to add that I ask my daughter this every time she has to take her pets to Vet for allergies but she loves to spend my money.

  18. 18

    @Mary G:

    Ah, Sophie.

    But we don’t know what she is experiencing in her world. Maybe she is frightened and lonely. Poor baby.

    Speaking of weed, does Sophie like nip?

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    Genine says:

    Hang in there, John. I’m sending good mojo your way.

  20. 20
    Danton says:

    Fifty bucks? Be thankful, John I just spent $700 on a kitten from a shelter that had to be spayed, given her shots, and then put on an IV for three days when she developed a serious upper respiratory infection. And I put out $97 on the black Lab yesterday, who ate something weird and developed colitis.

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    Graeme says:

    Get rid of that dog, already.

  22. 22
    FoxinSocks says:


    You’re a saint! Did both dogs survive? I wasn’t quite sure when I read your story. Either way, you’re amazing.

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    Tim, Interrupted says:

    John, from time to time you post how stressed you are without saying WHY?


    BTW…talk/cognitive/behavioral therapy is awesome.

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    Bulworth says:

    Poor Rosie. Feel better.

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    dave says:

    Heck I’ll add mine too. I’m just back from an 8 week layoff but I have nothing to do, my wife is a 50 something teacher in Wisconsin and is wondering if she’ll even have a job even at a 10% reduction in salary. Oh, kids need $9000 for braces.

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    cckids says:

    Yeah, vet bills are the only reason I do not have more animals. (3 cats + 1 dog right now) Just dropped $200 on my fat cat, Olivander, who was having, ahem, “digestive issues”, leading to quite the mess in & out of the litter box. The vet wanted to do x-rays, massive blood tests, etc., to rule out. . .well, anything and everything. Bill was going to be $900. I politely declined & asked what they mostly NEEDED to do. Meds for 2 weeks & he is fine. (he never seemed that sick, just the diarrhea, so I was not inclined to panic). Critters. I hope you & Rosie get thru this easily.

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    @Tim, Interrupted:

    Talk therapy can be wonderful. Supportive. Highly recommended by all the cool kids.


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    Mikeg says:

    jeebusfckingcrise. Just returned from a $300 vet trip (annual, lyme vaccine, xrays, sedation, and “miscellaneous”) Our lhasalier (half lhaso, half cavalier king charles) appears to have botched her back-left ACL. Doc says surgery “should be” between $1500-$2000. Are they fcking serious? Anyone out there have this kind of surgery performed on their dog? God that sounds high.

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    Amanda in the South Bay says:

    I’m strongly leaning in favor of canceling the surgery I had planned for late April; even if my Gi Bill benefits continue, blowing through my savings for surgery whilst the crazy fuckwads shutdown the government…gives me massive amounts of stress.

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    Crusty Dem says:

    At the risk of being thatguy, can I suggest Vet insurance (this is where I’d insert a link) to anyone? We’ve had pretty good luck with it, it’s not that expensive, and I haven’t heard a single complaint about death panels…

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    Katherine says:

    @29 Mikeg

    My, now deceased, yellow lab had surgery for a torn ACL about 3 years ago and it cost about $3800.

  35. 35
    WaterGirl says:

    Over a year ago, I spent an entire day researching pet insurance. There was a clear winner: PetPlan

    I was going to link to their website but it’s down at the moment. I have been very happy with the process of filing a claim, their approval process (they have approved everything I hoped/expected them to) and the speed of check receipt (within a week of filing each claim).

    in case you want to check it out tomorrow:

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    Paul in KY says:

    @elmo: Sometimes you have to let them go. The pet would never want you to go to the poor house on their behalf.

  37. 37
    Crusty Dem says:


    That’s who I was going to link to if anyone was interested. We haven’t had to make a claim yet (woot!), but have had many friends who did and gave them a major thumbs up.

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