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This is genius- cats quoting Charlie Sheen.

(via the comments but I’m too lazy to look to find out who exactly posted this)

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    RossInDetroit says:

    Poor Charlie. Totally assholish and unforgivable behavior, but I feel bad for him. I hope he goes the Robert Downey Jr. route and gets himself straightened out. It’s entertaining to be a spectator at someone’s public flameout, but that’s a human being falling apart and it’s tragic no matter how much of it is their fault.

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    Parole Officer Burke says:

    I think it was MikeJ linking to Rumproast in yesterday’s open thread.

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    Good morning guys. Nice to have a day off.

    This was sent to me by my daughter. I think it would be good medicine for the heavy of heart and cynical of soul. It’s a strong argument for the idea that life goes on. And by golly, it does.

    This is the full length Summer. I highly recommend it.

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    And yes, the kitties are cute, even when they are talking trash. :-)

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    cathyx says:

    I heard him say that when he was sober and clean, he was bored all the time.
    I think he needs a nondestructive hobby. Maybe a charitable cause that forces him to look beyond himself.

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    I saw that on the Twittah. I guess I missed the latest Charlie Sheen scandal because I am not familiar with this rant. But really I don’t want to know.

    In other news, here’s an update on Riley the puppy who adopted us.

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    RossInDetroit says:


    I heard him say that when he was sober and clean, he was bored all the time.

    Boredom is a mild form of arrogance. It’s the attitude that nothing is worthy of your attention. Some purposeful work on behalf of other people might change that mind set.

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    cathyx says:

    @RossInDetroit: As Dr. Phil says; “Bored people are boring people.”

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    Boredom is a sign of depression. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sheen is bipolar or has some other mental illness.

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    @RossInDetroit: When my children were young I told them that bored was another word for lazy and that I didn’t want to hear them say it. I can still remember my daughter at age 6 rushing into the house with her (very confused) friend shouting that Eric had “said a bad word” He had told her he was bored.

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    General Stuck says:

    LOL, that was funny.

    Or, Shorter Sheen – I’m motherfucking cured bro, just ask my crack whore.

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    General Stuck says:

    BLIZZArd on the High Dessert. Hurry up spring.

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    Michael D. says:

    This is why I got up at 5:45 this morning.

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    Michael D. says:

    Oh well, for some reason the picture of the building implosion didn’t post. Suffice to say, very cool and very loud!

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    gnomedad says:


    Boredom is a mild form of arrogance. It’s the attitude that nothing is worthy of your attention.

    That’s great; I’m stealing it.
    @Southern Beale:

    Boredom is a sign of depression.

    Fine, go ahead and spoil the snarky fun with compassion.

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    cckids says:

    @RossInDetroit: The nuns in grade school used to tell us that being bored is a sign that you have no inner resources.

    For some reason, that has stayed with me through 35 years, plus I use it on my own kids.

    They roll their eyes, but never say “I’m bored”.

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    Ash Can says:

    @me: Oh, man. We should be so lucky. Still, it sounds legit enough to make me (very) guardedly optimistic. (And I remember thinking about what kind of legal trouble might be involved in instructing someone to lie to federal investigators when I first heard about this — ISTR it didn’t work out too swell for Scooter Libby.)

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    General Stuck says:

    OH my. Wingnut heads goin to esplode

    The White House announced Friday that Jeremy Bernard, a senior staffer at the U.S. Embassy in Paris, has been named the new White House social secretary and special assistant to President Obama.

    Bernard is the first male and the first openly gay person to be named to the post, the Washington Post reports.

    Fortunately, Obama doesn’t like gay people, or he would have repealed DOMA and DADT before taking his first presidential shit.

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    RossInDetroit says:

    I have no boredom in my life. There’s too much that I need to think about. Lock me in a straight jacket and I’ll manage to get something done. I even developed work-arounds for doing tricky math while I’m driving. Idleness is a symptom of an under developed imagination.

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    Gozer says:

    Goin’ shoppin’ with my sweetie pie today ahead of tomorrow’s rain showers.

    Also preparing for OCS this summer…which is gonna kick my ass I’m sure.

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    New Yorker says:

    Can we get an image of Tunch raving about his “flaming fists”?

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    Alison says:

    @RossInDetroit: I am a compassionate person, but there’s a limit to how much someone’s addiction and possible mental issues will sway me when they are also a racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, woman-beating scumbag. None of that is caused by depression or coke, sorry. That’s him, and he’s a turd.

  24. 24

    @Alison: I’ve been wondering about this, actually.

    Paranoid schizophrenics suffer from a disease that makes them prone to perceive bizarre conspiracies aimed at harming them. The exact form of their delusions can be strongly influenced by their experiences.

    I can see how such people could find, say, the traditional anti-semitic conspiracies to be believable when they come across them, even if they don’t actually have a problem with Jewish people.

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    Alison says:

    @joe from Lowell: I have no clue if there’s any truth to that. I have known a couple of people diagnosed with PS who certainly believed messed up shit (obviously) but that didn’t make them sneer out someone’s Hebrew name instead of the name they go by every day of their lives. I’m sorry, but this Jew will tell you that’s bullshit. Believing Israel has Super Sekret Spy Sharks is one thing – calling “Chuck” “Chaim” is another.

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    RossInDetroit says:

    I did say that his actions are unforgivable and assholish, but I believe in redemption. I don’t think he’s beyond change, and I have hope for all but complete sociopaths to reform.

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    West of the Cascades says:

    @Alison: one of the commenters to those photos put it, FTW … “I can has rehab?” It’s pretty clear Sheen needs some professional help, possibly medication. I know a mild-mannered guy who started to act uncharacteristically (vandalism, threatening physical violence) who was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and, with medication, resumed his characteristic good nature. I don’t know enough about Charlie Sheen to know what treatment would yield, but I hope the things he has done recently that have made the news aren’t his real character and someone can help him stop that crap. But he may just be a turd.

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    Alison says:

    @RossInDetroit: I just feel like it’s pretty rare for someone who is that bigoted to get past it all. I mean…it happens, sure…but when you add in the arrogance and all that comes with his position, I ain’t holding my breath.

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    @Southern Beale: Awwww! Riley is super cute (luckily for him, amirite?).

    @RossInDetroit: And yet, you feel sorry for him. I don’t at all because he shows no remorse at all. I hope he straightens his life out as I would hope for anyone, but he’s just a jackass. He and Mel Gibson can go form a “I hate everyone who is not me” society as far as I’m concerned.

    @Alison: Wot you said. He’s shown zero remorse. I actually feel more sorry for someone like Lindsay Lohen who seems very screwed up, but not malicious about it.

    ETA: I don’t find the pairing of teh kittehs and Charlie Sheen very funny, but the kittehs are cute.

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    Alison says:

    @asiangrrlMN: Exactly. When someone takes all their shit out in nasty cruel ways on other people, my sympathy plummets.

  31. 31

    @Alison: I think about it like this. If Charlie Sheen was doing all this shit and mostly only hurting himself, I would feel sorry for him. Once he starts spewing all his shit on other people, then my empathy starts waning. It’s what I said when people were starting to express sympathy for W. in his last year in office (when he went around doing his ‘pity me’ tour). If he had done all that shit and only ruined himself, I would feel sorry for him. But, instead, he did all that shit and ruined a nation. So, no, I do not feel sorry for W. Who also has shown no remorse.

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    sukabi says:

    @RossInDetroit: thing is Charlie’s been down this road before… several times. Don’t think he’s got it in him to pull it together. He’s seeming more like a Mel Gibson flameout instead. Bitter and angry.

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    PanAmerican says:

    My fav AV Club post:

    If you have a chance to die in a fireball of hookers and crack, screaming your own name in defiance of Almighty Zeus, YOU TAKE THAT CHANCE.

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    Turgid Jacobian says:

    I dunno that it quite fits: Cats have a balance of id and superego, while Charlie is all id.

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    Another Commenter at Balloon Juice (fka Bella Q) says:

    @asiangrrlMN: I find the pairing clever, and I admire cleverness. In fact I laughed, then felt guilty for laughing at what is essentially a very public death watch.

  36. 36
    Shadow's Mom says:

    Speaking of Tunch, is a paternity suit pending? Hmmmm.

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    Morbo says:

    Latest open thread? OK. Tell me this headline doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart: Roger Ailes to be Indicted.

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    Martin says:

    @RossInDetroit: Dr. Drew was interviewed about the celebrity addition/flameout and he noted that by the time the media reports on it, the problem has become critical. The rules for celebrities are the opposite of politicians, etc. For most people, the smallest infraction is worthy of a write-up, but for celebrities the media covers up the drugs and bad behavior as long as they can. They’re a product that needs to be cultivated, and the little infractions aren’t worth burning the product when they really need a steady stream of content. Rehab is the last thing the celebrity media wants to see happen.

    So if Charlie looks to be this big of a mess, Drew would say that he’s easily 10x worse than that.

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    Corner Stone says:

    @Another Commenter at Balloon Juice (fka Bella Q): You kind of have to remove the part where there’s a real person actually saying these things.
    Because obviously he’s in deep pain.
    But once you do that, it is mofo’ng funny as hell.

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    piratedan says:

    for those keeping tabs on Congresswoman Giffords recovery, there’s this:

    I continue to hold out hope that she’ll make it all the way back

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    4jkb4ia says:

    Pitt-Louisville actually on my TV. This is excellent period, but Pitt has 22 points at the half. Saw that WVU won earlier.

  42. 42
    Lysana says:

    Then there’s Charlie Sheen’s greatest rants with bunnies.

  43. 43
    4jkb4ia says:

    54-54! Tie! Louisville ball

  44. 44
    4jkb4ia says:

    Knowles for 56-54 Louisville. Unconscious.

  45. 45
    4jkb4ia says:

    Wanamaker shot–McGee block. Tied with about 2 seconds left.

  46. 46
    4jkb4ia says:

    OT–possible foul of Louisville player that wasn’t called.

  47. 47
    4jkb4ia says:

    60-57 Louisville, 37 seconds left.

  48. 48
    4jkb4ia says:

    Ballgame. Sigh.

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