Wednesday Evening Open Thread

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Busy week out there, eh?

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    trollhattan says:

    This does not make me a happy camper (or breather of atmosphere in a non-attainment city).

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    Cris says:

    I’m going to take the afternoon off tomorrow and watch the final launch of Discovery with my four-year-old. Huzzah NASA TV!

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    Cris says:

    Is anybody else getting this weird behavior: when I pull up (no www.) I see what appears to be a cached version of the home page. The top post, right now, is “Paging Conor Friedersdorf” which is at least four posts down on

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    lllphd says:

    gosh; how’d lukovich miss obama in this federation??

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    Svensker says:


    Yeah, where are the nigrahs? You know, those folks who caused the housing crisis and thus the financial crisis by forcing those delicate yet feckless (white) bankers to loan them money for houses which said cunning nigrahs really spent on Caddies and T-bones while selling their food stamps to single mothers who then used them to buy drugs! ! ! (This is pretty much what my wingnut brother AND my broker told me, anyway.)

    Otherwise, excellent cartoon.

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    Dennis SGMM says:

    Hey, they only exempted 187,000 small (Whatever “small” means) incinerators and boilers from meaningful regulation. What’s wrong with that?

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    trollhattan says:

    Who the hell is Wilkinson and why is Sully quoting this tripe?

    There’s something about the union demonstrations in Madison, and the excitement it has caused on the left, that reminds me of the Tea Party. I think I’ve figured it out what it is. The advent of the labor movement is at the heart of the left’s sacred creation myth. The sense on the left that unions are under siege gives the them something to fight for with a bracing sense of historically-rooted identity and moral authority. Similarly, the sense on the right that America’s foundational values are under siege gave the Tea Party something to fight for with a bracing sense of historically-rooted identity and moral authority.

    Yeah, other than one being funded and scripted to the smallest detail and the other being a shocked reaction to a surprise govenmmental overreach, they’re exactly alike.

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    trollhattan says:

    @Dennis SGMM:

    You’re probably right, a small rounding error and they disappear completely!

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    BobS says:

    @Svensker: My thought exactly. Before they were hating on Muslims, gays, the jobless, etc., they were hating on the blacks.@trollhattan: Wouldn’t collective bargaining be a “foundational value” of labor?

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    satby says:

    Hey, since it’s an open thread, can I put in a bleg for my former foster son? He’s doing a St. Baldrick fundraiser and could use a few donations. I’m really proud of him, he’s unemployed and selling plasma to make ends met to support his family, and still managing to do something to try to help others. His goal is really modest, and I’d love to surprise him with donations from folks he doesn’t know. Thanks!

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    mick says:

    left out jews and hippies. and some others.

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