Wikileaks Reaction

This link to the Spiegel’s summary (full coverage here) was quite good, thanks to the emailer who sent that in. I’ve reviewed a bunch of the coverage from multiple sources (but seen none of the actual documents), and I guess my thoughts could be summarized as:

1.) We really are doing everything they accuse us of doing. For me, the biggest surprise is they would openly ask diplomats to spy.

2.) Apparently, near everyone in he world wants the United States to attack Iran. They also want to make sure that it is the United States who is blamed for attacking Iran, and want no credit/blame/perception of involvement.

3.) Iraq is still an absolute mess.

I generally sense that people, overall, will be more hostile towards wikileaks after this dump. The previous dumps seemed to corroborate competing stories. This dump will just be viewed by many as an attempt to hurt the United States. I have a hard time getting worked up about it- a government that views none of my personal correspondence as confidential really can’t bitch when this sort of thing happens.

*** Update ***

One final irony. All this data was available because we changed policies in response to 9/11.

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