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I wish the Tank McNamara strips were better archived on-line ( only goes back to 1998) because over the years Millar & Hinds have done better real-world commentary than at least 67% of our avowedly “political” cartoonists.

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    Peter J says:

    I just saw this on LGF.

    Balloon-Juice being recognized as the top 10th blog by a right-wing newspaper pushing skepticism about peak oil and global warming, with columns by Charles Krauthammer and Brent Bozell?

    Wait until Jane Hamsher hears about it. She’s number 8.

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    lacp says:

    For what it’s worth, (the website for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News) asksif people are going to vote (doesn’t ask for who, just if they’re voting). Almost 85% said yes. As I don’t know how many people go to that site and how many of such people would answer the question, I have no idea what it means. I did find it interesting, though.

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    Poopyman says:

    @Peter J: WTF? We can do better than 10th, people! Get crackin’!

    Spotlight And Analysis
    In choosing the 10 sites, those tied to mainstream media outlets or foundations, and sites that are mostly news aggregators were eliminated. The focus was on sites that have pretty solid reputations. They’re largely independent and primarily rely on a small pool of editors and writers.

    Hmmmm. He doesn’t say what they have a solid reputation for…..

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    Dork says:

    @lacp: Yes, but Philly has a lot of Negroids. And since they’re mostly minority, they’re not allowed to vote. Being from Urbania and black and all. So there’s that.

    Here’s my prediction — a few baggers make serious hay early in the day at some obscure who-cares voting place in central Mississy, get all the press coverage all day, while thousands of other effective suppression bullshit is executed under the radar.

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    fbihop says:

    But there is no better political commentary than in “Gil Thorp.”

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    lacp says:

    @Dork: How could I forget? Where’s the New Black Panther Party now that it’s needed?

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    Damned at Random says:

    I haven’t seen Tank McNamara in 20 years of more. I thought it had gone the way of my other favorites. Back in the early light beer days, they had a player promoting “Heavy Beer- knocks you out before it fills you up”

    Funny stuff. Guess I’ll spend the est of the afternoon at gocomics

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    fasteddie says:

    There’s 4 kinds of people –

    1) Rich and/or corporate types who will do well personally under GOP Rule ( and are not bothered by their consciences)

    2) People bamboozled by the GOP/Fox News/Church/etc and will vote republican against their own best interests – mostly because they are afraid of/hate brown people and/or Hippies. These are the same kind of folks who go along with any authoritarian regime ( without breaking Godwin’s law).

    3) People who actually are smart enough to do their research and understand macroeconomics, and vote for Dems – not because they are happy, but because the alternative is WAY worse.

    4) People too apathetic or stupid to have an opinion – unfortunately – see #2.

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    Just got a phone call from Barack Obama encouraging us to get out and vote. [Big smile.:-)]

    Daughter, who took the call, says we have gotten other calls but she saved this one.

    Hey. Why not.

    [We have already voted, by the way.]

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    Xecky Gilchrist says:

    @Damned at Random: I haven’t seen Tank McNamara in 20 years of more. I thought it had gone the way of my other favorites.

    Ha! Exactly the same with me. I don’t think I’ve seen anything newer than what was in the old “Tank McNamara Chronicles” collection (which I loved.)

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    PurpleGirl says:

    OT but I have got to tell someone. I just answered a phone call. It was from Andrew Cuomo’s campaign inviting me to rally for him at LaGuardia Community College. The rally was 4 pm. The robo call to me was 6:28 pm. Great timing there….

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    Mnemosyne says:

    If anyone still wasn’t sure whether or not Bill Maher is an asshole — he’s an asshole.

    Maybe it’s just me, but naming your child after a prophet seems a little more sensible than naming it after a “Twilight” character. Number one name in the US for both boys and girls are from “Twilight,” y’all.

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    cmorenc says:

    The Raleigh News and Observer (now a McClatchy newspaper):
    1) about fifteen or twenty years ago, in response to objections from conservatives and Republicans that it was too overtly political and liberal, moved “Doonesbury” from the comics pages to the editorial page;
    2) about four or five years ago, began carrying “Mallard Fillmore”, a very overtly right-wing and overtly political strip – on the comic pages. Democrats and progressives have intermittently objected that if Doonesbury is inappropriate for the comic pages due to allegedly being too overtly political and liberal-leaning, then certainly Mallard Fillmore is, but so far to no avail.
    3) several years ago, stopped carrying Tank McNamara altogether (it previously had been at various times on the comics pages and on the sports page);
    4) a couple of years ago, dropped “Gil Thorpe” as being too anachronistic to suit modern tastes.

    The content of Mallard Fillmore reads like it’s written by a third-rate right-wing talk show host, with the illustrations ghost-drawn by an art mbaugmajor at Liberty or Regent University. Goodness knows, it’s certainly possible to make wicked clever humor at the expense of the foibles of democratic congress critters and the Obama administration over the last couple of years, but this is an utter failure that truly raises the question: why are conservatives so frequently utterly humor-challenged when it comes to making any genuinely funny political jokes?

    What’s ironic is that whatever political edginess Doonesbury once had has largely faded away, and it’s increasingly focused on late middle-aged craziness and the foibles of late adolescents (or perpetual adolescents) or early adults trying to find their way in a confusing, difficult world.

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    Nick says:

    @Mnemosyne: Yeah, but somehow Bill Maher will come back and scream that Democrats cower to fear.

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    Hanspeter says:

    That Tank strip is basically a copy of Asimov’s Franchise, which was written 55 years ago.

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