This Was, In Some Respect, Inevitable

The “Dude, You Have no Koran” autotune:

For me, what makes it is how he puts the emphasis in “HAVE” in his interview. “Dude, you HAVE no Koran!”

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    Radon Chong says:

    I think the pony tail is what makes it.

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    cleek says:

    we are a stupid country. not Jacob; because we need a Jacob.

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    Peter J says:

    He doesn’t like like he’s 23.

  4. 4
    Peter J says:

    “look like”…

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    ErinSiobhan says:

    I love this guy.

    Forget about pleas for reason. Forget about, “harming our troops,” speeches. Forget about sending the FBI to talk to the lunatics. Don’t bother getting Obama to point out freedom of religion is a right.

    Just get some dude to swipe the Koran before the idiots can burn it.

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    gbear says:

    Jacob wasn’t the only ‘hero’ on the site. That original news clip mentions that people were holding their hands over the grill that held the gas-soaked Koran so that the asshole with the lighter couldn’t start the fire without burning the hands of the protestors. I think those folks should have been given credit too. They had more to lose than Jacob.

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    MeDrewNotYou says:

    @Peter J: I think you didn’t made a mistake. You were actually about to bust out an Autotune response.

  9. 9
    leo says:

    Finally something to dance to.

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    LanceThruster says:

    We are fortunate that as a society, xians who want to burn their own personal copies of the Koran but have it ripped from their hands do not become angry murderous mobs as a result.

    If they did, then it would be argued that the “Dude, you HAVE no Koran!” guy was irresponsibly inciting violence by his actions, regardless whether you agreed with it or not.

    I am an atheist and have no dog in this fight other than worrying about how the “heckler’s veto” of “Dude, you HAVE no Koran!” guy was seen as an act of heroism because otherwise was to risk the “heckler’s veto” of angry Muslims worldwide who would quite possibly have killed and maimed and destroyed property because their “sacred text” was disrespected.

    That was the reason for the push to pass a flag burning amendment because they wanted the flag elevated to the status of a sacred icon.

    I do not want to disrespect or anger anyone needlessly, but in addition to the lionizing of Dude guy, it would be a great public service to say that going apeshit over burnt paper despite whatever magic writing is on it is stupid, mockable, bullshit no matter what.

  11. 11
    mai naem says:

    This is a very danceable toon. That is all I have to say.

  12. 12
    Arclite says:

    “Dude you have no Koran” needs to become one of the rotating bylines on the blog header. Too classic.

  13. 13
    Ralph Dosser says:

    For some reason, this reminds me of Pickett’s lament: “General Lee, I HAVE no division.”

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    Sock Puppet of the Great Satan says:

    “We are fortunate that as a society, xians who want to burn their own personal copies of the Koran but have it ripped from their hands do not become angry murderous mobs as a result.”

    I wonder if the Xians keen on bookburning realize there’s over a half dozen of the suras in the Koran mostly dealing with Jesus and Mary.

  15. 15
    nethertether says:

    Jacob made me laugh in his imitation of how being and life is-are.

    LanceThruster, I understand the clarity of though that being an atheist may bring with all the nonsense regarding religion. I grew up and was raised as an atheist.

    I then became a believer in some higher power or powers. I sought some paths, presented as religion, which are offered to discover God. I sought where I might find a true religion to follow. I was very disappointed with religion. I abandoned religion then sought it again only to be disappointed again.

    Still, being a believer in God, I became angry at God for creating such apparent horror as life might be for so many, many beings. This anger made my life a horror.

    I now believe-in, am grateful-to, and love Being. There are billions upon billions of beings – Life – that one might observe all around and within one, composing one, such as yourself and myself, and every cell everywhere, which make up meta-beings, like us.

    There is also meditation, a mental discipline, the objective of which might be a state of being with no thought for periods of time. This is not easy and I am not good at it, because I lack much self-discipline. Nevertheless, meditation seems to result in one becoming even more aware of Being.

    I invite you to explore this activity and the unselfish love and kindness, expressed and embodied by people who have sought and found better states of being, becoming better beings through this method.

    Religion is stagnant, like old news, but the information taught by these religion-founding “masters” is informative and instructive when we try to practice and embody the principles as part of us. Becoming a better being is dynamic, unlike religion.

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