Be Still My Fluttering Heart

This will be awesome:

Hillary would have gotten the public option. Just sayin’.

Although these guys are setting themselves up for disaster. If my memory is correct, the Clintons are pretty good at avoiding being drafted.

Open Thread: Thursday Night Menu

From our faithful correspondent TaMara:

It’s been in the 90’s all week, but nights are cool enough for me to start thinking of fall menus. I’ve promised to fulfill some squash soups requests, which I’ll post over the next few weeks, but to get you started, there are a couple of Sweet Potato Soups here. If you have other fall menu requests, let me know. I’m happy to look for something new to try. One O/T note: Homer is now officially a member of the JeffW household. Yeah, I know, we’re all surprised by that now, aren’t we? Tonight’s menu is a diverse group of flavors with no discernible theme that I can see. Lots of light fall fruit notes, though, so it has that going for it.
On the board tonight:
1) Roasted Salmon in Orange-Ginger Soy Sauce
2) Fresh Spinach Salad
3) Herbed Potatoes
4) Blueberry Crisp

As ever, recipes and shopping list at the link.

(In her email, Tamara added: “BJ people are so predictable – Homer has gotten a couple thousand hits since he became our mascot.” Lots more where that came from, over at her blog.)

Open Thread

It took three oatmeal stouts and an order of gutbomb wings, but I think I am no longer stressed out.

War is over if you want it

An interesting story from yesterday’s comments:

The First World War will officially end on Sunday, 92 years after the guns fell silent, when Germany pays off the last chunk of reparations imposed on it by the Allies.

The final payment of £59.5 million, writes off the crippling debt that was the price for one world war and laid the foundations for another.

Germany was forced to pay the reparations at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as compensation to the war-ravaged nations of Belgium and France and to pay the Allies some of the costs of waging what was then the bloodiest conflict in history, leaving nearly ten million soldiers dead.

The initial sum agreed upon for war damages in 1919 was 226 billion Reichsmarks, a sum later reduced to 132 billion, £22 billion at the time.

This goes to show how dangerous debt is, and justifies a lot of the Villager fear about the size of our debt.

Consider this an open thread.

We approve this app

I haven’t pissed people off by making fun of the Snooze Hour in a while (via Wonkette):

My Dogs Are Driving Me Insane

I have no idea what is in the air, but my dogs are driving me damned nuts. Rosie in particular. They’ve been walked multiple times, they’ve been fed, groomed, petted, loved, and it still is not enough. Rosie is walking in between my legs pacing as I sit here trying to work, every now and then letting out a sigh to let me know just how bored she is and just how awful I am. Then she sits down on my feet to let me know she is here, and if I move, she growls and grumps. Then, every now and then she will itch herself out of boredom, making as much noise as she possibly can with her collar, looking at me with those damned JRT eyes just so I know she is bored and WANTS TO DO SOMETHING.

I’m trying to get something done with a software package I have never used before, and she’s doing everything she can to make me mental. I have got to get my yard fenced in.

Terrorist plot

I don’t know why this story isn’t getting more press, given how much attention other planned terrorist attacks have gotten:

Intelligence officials and people familiar with an unfolding terrorist plot to target Europe tell NPR that Osama bin Laden is involved.

Several months ago, source say, bin Laden used couriers to send a message to al-Qaida’s affiliates and partners: He told them that he would like to see a Mumbai-style attack on at least three strategic targets — the United Kingdom, Germany and France.