RIP True/Slant

I actually enjoyed that site. Lot of good writers and interesting people there. Wish I had given it more attention, but I’m sure Kain/Kilkenny/Taibbi and all the others I enjoyed there will find new (and have) forums to voice their views.

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    DougJ says:

    I liked it too. It was a bit disorganized and badly named, though. I wish they’d tried a redesign or something. I think it was doomed as was.

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    TBogg says:

    Bought by Forbes. Ick. Looking forward to the look on Matt Taibibi’s face when he is assigned the “America’s Sexiest CEO’s” story.

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    Professor says:

    I used to read it until Matt Taibbi left.

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    Yeah, the navigation and design was truly bad, and the name didn’t really make sense either. Taibbi was the only person I ever actually went there to see, and he went over to Rolling Stone over the summer.

    And I wasn’t crazy about that Roston article. Talk about burying a lead. Nowhere on the front page of the site is there anything saying the site will shut down, and you have to get at least halfway through the article to figure out what he’s talking about.

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    Cat Lady says:

    And yet the Daily Caller and Dick “dick” Cheney still live. Jeebus wept. Also.

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    RandyH says:

    Taibbi was forced by Rolling Stone to move his blogging activities to their site recently. That may have been the beginning of the end for True/Slant.

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    jnfr says:

    Technically speaking, Cheney hasn’t left the hospital yet, so we can’t prove he’s among the living.

  8. 8


    Technically speaking, Cheney hasn’t left the hospital yet, so we can’t prove he’s ever been among the living.


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    Yutsano says:

    @jnfr: And congestive heart failure is just a way of dying. Very slowly dying. And about all they can do is ameliorate the effects. He is not long for this earth, so The Hague better get their act together.

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    Alien-Radio says:

    I like Counterpunch obviously it’s not 100 % right on I’ve read articles I’ve disagreed with, but it’s a good read.

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