I’ve Done Everything I Can

So I made up fliers with the found doggie (current operating name is Rosalita- my mother read that in the comments and likes it), and I have now papered every business and stopped at very home within a ten mile area of where I found the dog. The Humane Society has not called back, and tomorrow I will contact vets in the region and deal with craigslist and all the local rags. Other than that, I don’t know what else I can do but wait.

For now I’m operating under the assumption that she is a lost dog, so I’m doing what I can to find her owners. I know how distraught I would be if Lily was missing, so I’m just assuming there is some little girl who lost her pooch.

Dogs get along fine now- I took them to the park and they romped the fields. The JRT, as they often are, is more obedient than Lily. All I have to do is whistle and she comes. She hasn’t so much as made a funny look at Tunch, which is good, because if she so much as looks sideways at him she is gone.

Every single farmhouse I stopped at (and I don’t think you all realize how country the roads are where I found her- half of you would be making Deliverance jokes) had dogs, and every single one of the dogs was someone who had been dumped. They all seemed to take great joy at looking in the back seat and saying “Those two seem to get along. Looks like ya got two dogs now.”

I don’t know why I am even fighting this. We all know how this is going to end. I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

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    stuckinred says:

    I had an aussie that I found on the road and kept her for about 2 months. One day I was at the store and she was in the back of the truck and a kid said “that’s my dog”. Seemed like it was so I turned her over.

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    benjoya says:

    ha ha, sucker. good work, john.

  3. 3
    JAHILL10 says:

    As a fellow sucker for both dogs and cats, I salute you!

  4. 4
    bkny says:

    and another happy ending… looking forward to the group shots. :-D

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    elmo says:

    My area’s the same way. And you think you’re a sucker? The dog who sent me to the damn emergency room when I picked him up was upset last night because I didn’t let him sleep on my bed.

    I thought she was dumped when you first posted the story, and then when you said you thought she was pregnant, that about sealed it for me. She was just damn lucky — so damn lucky — that you came along when you did.

    Well done.

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    Guster says:

    JRTs are often more obedient?

    I must have a real lemon.

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    EconWatcher says:

    You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

    Slightly OT, but my wife and I are thinking about getting a pair of goats, mostly as pets (our daughter loves them) and maybe also for milk. Anyone have experience? We have an acre of land and our area appears to allow them.

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    Bella Q says:

    JRT are often obedient. When it suits them, or it was their idea to begin with. Otherwise, not so much, ime.

  9. 9
    CynDee says:

    @Guster: I’ll bet it’s a sweet lemon . . .

  10. 10
    sukabi says:

    you should have known from the minute she jumped in your car without question.

  11. 11
    licensed to kill time says:

    That dog claimed you when she jumped into your front seat. Her name ought to be Lucky Rosalita, because she jumped into the best front seat in all of West Virginia, bar none.

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    Violet says:

    You really have “softie” written on you. They know when they’ve found a friend.

    It’s all good. Lily has a new friend. John has a new doggie. Tunch has another nemesis. What’s not to love?

  13. 13
    Comrade Darkness says:

    Dude, you should be running for office at the same time as driving around with this dog.

  14. 14
    John Cole says:

    JRT are often obedient. When it suits them, or it was their idea to begin with.


  15. 15
    Mike Kay says:


    not tickle my belly.

  16. 16
    jeffreyw says:

    A few years ago a guy drove up to the house with a dog cage in the back. Said it was a Brittany he had but needed to get rid of to make room for another dog. Said if I didn’t take it he was going to drop him off at the Humane Society. That’s when I met Jack for the first time.

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    ciotog says:

    My dog was probably a dumped dog, and probably on his own for a while. Taking him was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

  18. 18
    Carnacki says:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

    Sucker or very lucky from the looks of her.

  19. 19
    CynDee says:

    @ John Cole: You have “Exceptionally decent man” written on you in a language everybody can understand.

  20. 20
    kdaug says:

    Heh, Cole’s gonna get a bit more than he’s bargaining for if he doesn’t find the owner… remember, she’s pregnant.

    On the upside, I would suspect Tunch will take to a litter of pups more than full-grown dogs – less threatening.

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    CT Voter says:

    Lily and Tunch send out happy signals. You’re their radio. That’s how Rosalita found you.

    More pictures?

  22. 22
    schrodinger's cat says:

    So is Rosalita pregnant or is she just Tunchesque? Inquiring minds want to know.

  23. 23

    What kind of heartless prick would dump a nice dog like that? Never mind, stupid question; there are millions of them. On good days, I believe nice fellows like yourself outnumber the cruel assholes. On bad days, I’m not so sure.

  24. 24
    CynDee says:

    @jeffreyw: Great doggie. You’re both lucky.

  25. 25
    Mike Kay says:


    Slightly OT, but my wife and I are thinking about getting a pair of goats, mostly as pets (our daughter loves them) and maybe also for milk. Anyone have experience?

    I hear Mickey Kaus is an expert.

  26. 26
    PeakVT says:

    Rosalita jump a little lighter
    Senorita come sit by my fire
    I just want to be your love, ain’t no lie
    Rosalita you’re my stone desire

    I can haz pics of goggies together? kthxbai

  27. 27
    EconWatcher says:

    Mike Kay:

    That’s not nice. Funny, but not nice.

  28. 28
    Violet says:

    @schrodinger’s cat:
    Cole said in the last thread that he thought she wasn’t pregnant but just Tunchesque.

  29. 29
    elmo says:


    Re: goats. I’ve had a small herd for almost a year now. Observations:

    Do NOT get only one. They are extremely social creatures and get very very lonely. I’d recommend at least three.

    DO NOT get an intact buck, at least not at first. Not until you learn to deal with goaty behaviors. Get a wether or two(castrated male) and a doe or two. Intact bucks will, among other things, pee on their own faces and then rub on your leg.

    ABSOLUTELY DO get goats. I couldn’t believe how hilarious, charming, friendly, affectionate, and clever they are. They come running up to the gate when I get home, bleating, and won’t let me get by without petting and scratching. They’re like puppies.

    DO NOT park your car where the goats can climb on it. I am presently learning this the hard way. They can climb and jump amazingly well, which leads to…

    DO (if you can) build or obtain some kind of climbing fort for them to play King of the Hill on. You know what works well? Those huge wooden spools you see sometimes at construction sites. Sit it on its end and watch the entertainment.

    Seriously, I am so happy I have goats, it’s been worth the damage to my cars. Get them. You’ll be glad you did.

  30. 30
    Rosalita says:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

    Word’s out dude… we welcome our new doggeh overlord

  31. 31
    tams says:

    Sam looks forward to meeting Ms. Rosalita this weekend. Also, I am officially in the running for one of her puppies, free of charge of course!

  32. 32
    EconWatcher says:


    Good advice, thanks! We’d heard that if you get only one, she might literally die of loneliness, so we were thinking two. Why do you say three?

    Also, is it practical to rely on a doe for milk? Our kid already drinks goat’s milk by the gallon because she has trouble with cow’s milk, but the stuff is incredibly expensive, so we thought we’d seek dual purpose pet/milk source.

  33. 33
    Chat Noir says:

    It’s the universe telling you, “this is meant to be.” When I got my black kitten two years ago, I already had two cats. But I couldn’t turn away that tiny little face that said, “Please give me a good home.” Now, I can’t imagine our lives without him. He’s personality plus (and comfortably napping upstairs on the daybed in our annex).

    I will keep sending virtual best wishes to the Cole household. A cat and two dawgs! That sounds right.

  34. 34
    schrodinger's cat says:

    @Violet: Really? I was so looking forward to puppeh pics on the blog, so much better than firebaggers, totebaggers and tebaggers combined.

  35. 35
    D-Chance. says:

    and I don’t think you all realize how country the roads are where I found her- half of you would be making Deliverance jokes…

    No, we wouldn’t. After all, those people along those back roads are mostly what you would call “small people”. And we do luvs us some small peoples around here.

    Someone should start a thread about our luv for them…

  36. 36
    Poopyman says:

    You’ve done well, John. Now the hardest part is sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring.

    Trouble is, you’re afraid it will.

  37. 37
    Mike S says:

    We used to have all of the neighborhood cats comming into our place to eat. We figure that there must be a Fodor’s for cats and the description of our place was “humans not home, always food, indoor plumbing box and comfy couches.”

    Your entry must be “sucker for a cute face, melts when sitting in lap and willing to feed all animals.”

  38. 38
    Punchy says:

    my mother read that in the comments

    Oh fuckin christ on a pogo stick. What the fuck does she think about all the fucking swearing that other commenters are constantly fucking engaging in?

    Clearly she’s not easily offended.

  39. 39
    Josie says:

    John Cole – If I weren’t old enough to be your mother, I’d fall in love with you. Animals know a good heart when they encounter it.

  40. 40
    Violet says:

    @schrodinger’s cat:
    Yeah, me too. Cole said in his comment that the vets were in surgery and so they didn’t find out if she was preggers or not. But after spending time with her, he thought she might just be fat. So it’s still unknown.

  41. 41
    David R Morgan says:

    Not sucker, lucky man.

  42. 42
    jeffreyw says:

    @CynDee: Fortunate, there is a difference. He’s our “happy lil feller”.

  43. 43
    peach flavored shampoo says:

    current operating name is Rosalita

    Ah….shit. Here comes a Springsteen lawsuit.

  44. 44
    schrodinger's cat says:

    @Violet: The audacity of hope?

  45. 45
    Steller says:

    Good on you for making every effort to find her loving owner, if she has one. If not, she’s found a wonderful home. All lost doggies should be so lucky. More pictures please! I need my daily other-people’s-puppehs fix!

  46. 46
    randiego says:

    man, did you hear that? Cole’s MOM reads the blog! Clean up and for christ’s sake can’t you please put on a nice shirt?!

  47. 47
    Sentient Puddle says:

    @Punchy: That’s it?

    Oh fuckin christ on a goddamn pogo stick. What the fuck does she think about all the fucking swearing that other asshole commenters are constantly fucking engaging in?

    You missed a few adjective hooks.

  48. 48
    jake the snake says:

    Every dog or cat we had when I was a kid was either a dumpee or their offspring.

  49. 49
    Violet says:

    @schrodinger’s cat:
    Lolz. I’m trying to imagine what Cole’s life would be like with the addition of several new puppies. As if Tunch and Lily don’t rule the roost already.

  50. 50
    YellowJournalism says:


    It’s all good. Lily has a new friend. John has a new doggie. Tunch has another nemesis. What’s not to love?

    And from the looks and sounds of it, a true nemesis of Highlander proportions.

    There can be only one…on John’s throw.

  51. 51
    Ivan Ivanovich Renko says:

    Okay, I have to say this because that’s just the kind of bastard I am– John Cole, you’re way too decent of a guy to have ever been a fucking movement conservative. I’m going to assume it was a species of temporary insanity.

    Good on ya.

  52. 52
    elmo says:


    Three because if you only have two, and something happens to one… but that’s just my paranoia talking, really. Two would be okay. I started with two. Now I have eight. :-)

    As to milk: like cows, goats only give milk after they’ve “freshened,” or given birth to a kid. So if what you’re really after is milk, you will have to either (a) get a buck or (b) have the doe artificially inseminated.

    None of my does have freshened, although now I have an intact buck (very young) and I expect kids next year. So I can’t speak intelligently about milking, not really. I do know that you want a “milk” breed (Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, Oberhasli) instead of a “brush” (pygmy) or “meat” breed (Kiko, Boer). Especially for a beginner, I can’t recomment Nigerians strongly enough. They are ADORABLE, not very big, sweet, friendly, and they can give a lot of milk for their size.

  53. 53
    Ivan Ivanovich Renko says:

    @peach flavored shampoo: Naaah. The Boss is more likely to dedicate the song to her (and her rescuer), were he to find out about it.

  54. 54
    John Cole says:

    She also likes baths. She sat there and wagged her tail while I washed her a minute ago. She did grump a little while being dried off.

  55. 55
    Violet says:

    @John Cole:
    Awww…..she sounds like a sweetheart. Did you figure out why she was soaking wet when you found her? Someone suggested she had possibly escaped from a bath, but if she likes them that doesn’t seem likely.

  56. 56
    Guster says:

    @CynDee: He is a very sweet lemon. Was found on the side of the road, too.

    Cost at shelter: $58.
    Cost after he tried to take down a pickup truck: $1640.
    Cost after he tried to take down a porcupine: $225.

    Hasn’t slowed him down. I actually had to stop taking him to the dog park because after he bullied two Great Danes and three pitbulls and a Rottweiler for long enough, they got (understandably) fed up and kicked his ass. I was okay with that, he was okay with that, but I think their owners were freaked that six big-ass dogs were forcing a 15-pound Jack to submit.

    He was just thinking, ‘If only there were just _five_ of you …”

  57. 57

    A couple of things:

    1. This story of you and the new dog has tickled me this week.

    2. I was in WV last week. You have a beautiful state (at least the parts I saw). And the food at the Bluegrass Kitchen in Charleston is really good.

    3. Did I mention that this dog story is cracking me up?

    Good luck with her.

  58. 58
    Rosalita says:

    @John Cole:

    You SO have another dog…wait’ll your parent’s JRTs meet her

  59. 59
    EconWatcher says:

    Elmo: Excellent, thank you! (One more reason to love this blog.)

    At the risk of overstaying my welcome, one last Q: Can you use an invisible electric fence with collars for goats? What kind of fencing do you have? Do you keep them tethered?

  60. 60
    Betsy says:

    Damn, you’ve about persuaded ME, and I live in a 4-room apartment where I can’t even have a dog!

  61. 61
    kay says:

    We all know how this is going to end.

    Yes, yes we do. Still very funny, though. This is the best thing I’ve read all day.

    I was laughing beginning with her having an “operating name”.

  62. 62
    Ash Can says:

    @Violet: If she really is pregnant, has puppies, and Cole’s stuck with the whole menagerie permanently, I wouldn’t blame him if he decided to put the blog behind a subscription wall. I for one would pay cash money to read his descriptions of the ensuing circus.

  63. 63
    Poopyman says:

    @Sentient Puddle:
    I think we found which commenter is Ma Cole.

  64. 64
    MTiffany says:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

    Perhaps “alpha-dog,” instead?

  65. 65
    ArchTeryx says:

    “I just met you and I love you!”

    Truer words never, er, spoken.

  66. 66
    robertdsc says:

    I know how distraught I would be if Lily was missing

    We remember how you bawled after Tunch got out of the house.

    Here’s hoping Rosalita has found a new home.

  67. 67
    Poopyman says:

    @John Cole:
    Ha! It is so over. You’d better go around town rounding up those notices you put up today.

  68. 68
    Roger Moore says:


    I don’t have goats, but I’ve observed my sister’s. A few moderately important points:

    1) Do remember that you need to breed a female animal before she will give milk, and you’ll need to do it again after she stops giving milk. That means you’ll need to decide what you’re going to do with the kids, or you’ll wind up with a whole herd of goats before you know it.

    2) Related to 1): you must keep milking a goat (or any other lactating animal) regularly or it will stop giving milk. That means you need to arrange for somebody to come by and milk the goat twice a day if you can’t, or you won’t have a milking goat anymore.

    3) Goats head butt each other as part of their dominance hierarchy. They will head butt non-goat animals whose heads are at about the same height, including children. So be damn careful about letting children spend time with the goats or you may wind up with a badly hurt child.

  69. 69
    Sheila says:

    There are no accidents.

  70. 70
    EconWatcher says:

    Thanks, Roger Moore!

  71. 71
    elmo says:


    Oh, I love talking about my goats! I’ll talk your ear (eyes?) off if you let me.

    Goats can be exceedingly hard to contain. My own goats flaunt my fencing with impunity, mostly by jumping onto the roof of my shed (about five feet) and then jumping over the other side. But I live way out in the country, and they don’t range far, so I’m not worried.

    For you, there are a few solutions. If I bothered to do a good job with it, I could keep Nigerians fenced in behind 4-foot garden-type welded wire, supported by T-posts every 10 feet. You can buy rolls of it at Lowes or Home Depot or Tractor Supply.

    Cheaper would be electric wire, also available at Tractor Supply. The folks there can be a wealth of knowledge.

    You can also use electric netting, which usually just uses step-in posts — very easy!

    I’ve never tried an electric underground with a collar, and I’d be concerned for the following reason: Goats are stubborn. If one decides to “rush” through the zap, and is now on the other side, he is NOT going to want to come back home. You’ve essentially locked him out.

    I don’t keep them tethered; it’s dangerous in any area where coyotes or stray dogs might come by. Fencing is not just to keep the goats in, but to keep predators out.

    You’ll need some kind of shelter for them as well, but it needn’t be much — a 3-sided run-in will do unless you have harsh winters.

  72. 72
    Something Fabulous says:

    @Betsy: Me too! I had totally forgotten how much I loved the goats at the petting zoo across the street from my grandmother’s apartment as a kid (see what I did there)! We used to go to her place every weekend, and a trip to check in with the goats was a must. Can’t believe I forgot that. And just had goat cheese on my sandwich before reading this thread. Hmmm… Cute and fun and so useful! How can I make this happen!?

  73. 73
    elmo says:

    @Roger Moore:

    Regarding head-butting: this is part of the reason I suggested Nigerian Dwarfs. They are smaller than average, and they are also quite trainable.

    My goats have never actually butted me, but I pick them up and carry them around, and they don’t have any question who’s boss. I don’t have children.

  74. 74
    bemused says:

    Rosalita is remarkably free of issues for a dumped dog. She sounds pretty mellow. She’s bonded with John & settled into his home with Lily & Tunch right away. iirc, it took Lily a bit longer to relax & realize she had a home where she is treated like a queen. Rosalita doesn’t act like she’s been mistreated, more the opposite if that pudginess can’t be blamed on puppies. If only she could talk. I sure would like to know her story.

  75. 75
    Quaker in a Basement says:

    We all know how this is going to end.

    Of course we do. But kudos to you for going through all the steps to make sure it’s right. If you can assure yourself that there’s not a sad little girl missing her pup, you’ll be able to look the fellow in the mirror in the eye.

  76. 76
    Violet says:

    I want to know too! She certainly seems like a happy, well adjusted dog. That doesn’t point to her being abused or abandoned.

  77. 77
    QuaintIrene says:

    Some times the best additions to a family are ‘accidents.’ ;-)

    I do hope, for how you feel right now, that her owner joyfully finds her.

    But whatever happens, (lift my wine glass) you are going to Heaven.

  78. 78
    kindness says:

    I’m wanting to know how Rosalita(?) gets along with your folks pups. When that happens, you need to show us pictures you know. Maybe even a Flicker account in your future.

  79. 79
    TuiMel says:


    But, WHAT a lemon…

  80. 80
    EconWatcher says:


    Thanks again! We’re still talking, but I think we’ll probably do it this summer.

  81. 81
    bemused says:

    Yes, it seems odd. Now I have this whole scenario in my head that Rosalita’s owner was a senior citizen who doted on her & fed her too much no matter what the vet said. Many senior citizens with pets that I know think they’re babies are starving if they don’t get 3 hefty meals a day plus all kinds of treats. Rosalita must be used to a one level home if she was timid about stairs. Maybe her owner wasn’t physically able to take her for walks.
    I better stop imagining her life pre-savior John. My next scene was her doting owner got ill or died, the rotten kids didn’t want her so they dumped her.

  82. 82
    Maude says:

    @Something Fabulous:
    At the rate John’s going, he’ll have his own petting zoo.

  83. 83
    schrodinger's cat says:

    @bemused: Or her owners were in financial distress and could no longer care for her and let her go.

  84. 84
    Bella says:

    Just want to chime in on the goat topic and add the old saying: “Won’t hold water, won’t hold a goat”. They are serious escape artists. They need to be wormed and have their hooves trimmed periodically too. That said, they are pretty darned entertaining to have around.

  85. 85
    BC says:

    JRTs like to rule the roost, so it won’t be long before she has John and Lily under her little paw. Tunch, not so much. Our son’s JRT would do “drive-by kisses” to our cat simply because the cat hated it so much. Wouldn’t put it past this little Rosalita to find something like that to pester Tunch.

  86. 86
    Steve R. says:

    Animals know a sucker when they see one. They just do. My latest acquisition has ideas about that, though. He was unhappy enough that I already had one cat when he showed up and now he is ruthless about driving off any stray that dares to show his face in the immediate area.

  87. 87
    alhutch says:

    @Bella Q:

    JRT are often obedient. When it suits them, or it was their idea to begin with. Otherwise, not so much, ime.

    I think this accurately describes many of the terriers. Our Wire has his own ideas and isn’t afraid to share.

    John – Very nice thing you have done. I see it as positive doggie karma, in case your own gal ever goes missing.

  88. 88
    RandyH says:

    Have you checked to see if she has an ID microchip installed? I don’t know how common that is in your neck of the woods but it’s really common here. Any vet or animal control facility should be able to read it if there is one. BTW if you haven’t already gotten Tunch and Lilly chipped, it’s not a bad idea. Should only cost about $15 per pet, it’s about the size of a grain of rice and they inject it between the shoulder blades.

  89. 89
    D-Chance. says:

    Red/blue is so boring… it’s much more entertaining when the sides turn and begin eating their own.

    The O-bots vs MSNBC kerfloo-floo is sooooo tame in comparison.

  90. 90
    Roger Moore says:


    Regarding head-butting: this is part of the reason I suggested Nigerian Dwarfs.

    My sister has mostly Nubians, which are big enough to be quite dangerous to children. My nephew is now tall enough that butting shouldn’t be a problem, but I know he was very nervous around the goats when he was smaller.

  91. 91
    bemused says:

    @schrodinger’s cat:
    Ha, now you’re doing it too.

  92. 92

    @elmo: I remember your story and you are still a hero to me. Glad it’s worked for all of you :-)

  93. 93
    Hob says:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand

    I think the way it works for dogs is, all humans can be assumed to be suckers unless proven otherwise.

  94. 94
    abo gato says:

    @Guster, we laugh at our two JRTs since they act like they are 180 pound dogs in their 20 and 12 pound bodies. Hilarious. There is nothing they are afraid of, anywhere.

    I swear, if an African lion came into the back yard, they’d look at it and say, hey, it’s just a cat! Let’s go get it!

    @elmo, I’d love some goats too! I bet they’d give those JRTs a run for their money! Like EconWatcher, we’ve got the room and the area that allows for things like that, but I keep vacillating between wanting goats and wanting chickens. I love your stories about them, they sound quite charming.

    Know anything about those fainting goats? They crack me up.

  95. 95
    PTirebiter says:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

    My wife and I have long suspected dogs of having their own version of Hobo Code. Covert chalk markings left in various places to warn other hobos of dangerous spots, good situations etc. Directions to your house are probably getting underlined and given 4 stars as we speak.

  96. 96
    Elizabelle says:


    First, I have always secretly wanted goats, and who knew there were kindred spirits on this blog.

    Some who even have them!

    Second: did wonder if someone dumped an older person’s pet rather than arrange for its care.

    I hope Rosalita has found a new home. We are all going to cry if her previous owner appears.

  97. 97
    TuiMel says:

    John Cole, there is a vast difference between suckerhood and decency and kindness. You are decent and kind. Rosalita’s mellowness and plumpness seems to point to a former home that was happy. One would think that a loving owner would be searching for this little dog. But, if she bolted and then became frightened there is no telling how far she might have wandered. My brother’s (dearly loved) Shiba Inu escaped from her walking harness and ran about four miles and then jumped into a river for good measure – in Maine / in March. [My brother, who was ailing with the flu, chased her for about one mile before becoming too exhausted to continue on foot. A passing motorist continued the chase.] After the dog jumped in the river, some guy, who happened to see her go in, jumped in after her and brought her to shore. I am still not clear how my brother found his way to the point – far up the road in another town – where said Shiba Inu had been fished from the river. So, Rosie could have wandered a fair distance from her owner. Luckily she will have a happy landing – whether Cole finds her owner or she becomes part of his “brood.”

  98. 98
    Violet says:

    Cole said in a comment on the earlier pet thread that the ‘Rosalita’ isn’t chipped. He took her to the vet today and they checked. So unfortunately no help from a chip in finding her owner.

  99. 99
    phoebes-in-santa fe says:

    I know as a cat person that I don’t know much about dog breeds, but will someone tell me what a “JRT” is?


  100. 100

    I have often said that there is an invisible sign in my yard written in lolspeak “nice hoomins, gud noms, free noms at frontz dor, treets for brekfast, stop heer” and with shocking regularily cats do.

  101. 101
    TuiMel says:

    @phoebes-in-santa fe:

    JRT = Jack Russell Terrier

  102. 102
    You Don't Say says:

    I must say I’m glad to read the tough talk about protecting Tunch as that is my only concern and always is when dogs and cats are introduced. Did you ever say if you found out if Rosalita is with litter?

  103. 103
    fourlegsgood says:


    oh, sorry. But I knew how this was going to end yesterday. You are a good person – Rosalita knew she’d found her forever home when she jumped in your car.

    I have often said that there is an invisible sign in my yard written in lolspeak “nice hoomins, gud noms, free noms at frontz dor, treets for brekfast, stop heer” and with shocking regularily cats do.

    Funny, it says that on my door too.

  104. 104
    You Don't Say says:

    @phoebes-in-santa fe: Jack Russell Terrier, like Eddie on ‘Frasier’.

  105. 105
    Violet says:

    @You Don’t Say:

    Did you ever say if you found out if Rosalita is with litter?

    From a previous Cole comment:

    Not trying to keep everyone in suspense- the vets were in surgery and we don’t know if she is pregnant. After spending some time with her, I think she might just be fat.

  106. 106
    daveX99 says:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

    …sure, But with Feline subtitles. You’re gonna need a bigger house.
    – d.

  107. 107
    Paula says:

    @phoebes-in-santa fe:

    Jack Russell Terrier.

    Hmmmm. Add me to the list that thinks Cole doesn’t want that phone to ring.

  108. 108
    t1 says:

    It’s a long shot, but have you had the dog scanned to see if it had a microchip implanted?

    (Sorry if this was suggested before)

  109. 109
    EL says:

    And this is why I love this blog. Politics, intellectually honest blog hosts, and suckers for pet-forced adoptions.

    I’m right there with you. After I lost my two cats to two different cancers this year, I was talked into taking a cat left outside an apartment complex 2 years ago by previous owners. I classify her/him as “converted feral” and it’s taken two weeks for him to come out from under the bed and allow me to pet him. I can already see he’s sweet and will be skittish for a while.

    (Written while drinking from my “Welcome our new pet overlords” mug.)

    Good luck, John, with your new dog.

  110. 110
    EL says:

    @t1: Yes, he said previously that the vet scanned for a chip and there wasn’t one.

  111. 111
    bemused says:

    The question is, who will be more heartbroken if Rosalita’s owner is found, John or the rest of us?

  112. 112
    phoebes-in-santa fe says:

    Thanks for the info – Jack Russell Terrier.

    I was confused because somehow I thought the dog was a corgi. I was at a local pet store today and met a guy with a corgi and it was a very ugly but sweet dog.

  113. 113
    WereBear says:

    @bemused: You just described what I think was the most likely scenario; such a nice dog.

    That’s often how it happens.

  114. 114
    Comrade Darkness says:


    More obscure but very fun song:


    Scroll down for Rosalita

  115. 115
    Mnemosyne says:


    Do you have any idea if your possible-former-feral likes other cats or not? I ask because our extremely shy middle kitty Annie lived in a feral colony for a while (but was not herself feral) and she came around a lot faster because there was a second cat around and it made her feel more secure that we weren’t going to eat her or something.

    Of course the other cat (a) was already in residence and (b) is Mr. Charm & Personality, so those were two important factors in getting her to settle in. Apparently at her first adoption attempt she spent a week behind their TV and refused to come out, but she was letting us lure her out to play with the feather toy within 24 hours of bringing her home because Keaton was playing with it.

  116. 116
    Skepticat says:

    @PTirebiter: I’m convinced that my house has been hobo-coded, especially because the symbol for a kind-hearted woman (in my case, soft-headed) was a smiling cat.

    JC, I went through the same routine as you’re engaged in (plus contacting the town’s animal control officer) for the third hobo cat, who seems to be a purebred Maine coon. I’d have been heartbroken if the phone had rung, though the thought of being able to reunite a lost pet with hir human was appealing.
    No call, however, and now this is the only one left of the three. As we have fisher cats and coyotes in the area, I doubt that there’ll be any more strays arriving. Once I get through the process of moving (assuming I survive), I think it might be time for a visit to a rescue group. In the meantime I’ll live vicariously through your new adventure.

  117. 117
    RedKitten says:

    Good thing you got the new house, John — it looks like you’re adding to its population. Rosalita (LOVE the name, BTW) will be a very lucky lady if she winds up staying with you.

    And I do hope that if you DO find her owners, that they are kind, loving people who will send you regular updates on their doggie, and that they will let you visit her.

  118. 118
    Tom Traubert says:

    Well done, sir.

  119. 119
    Bubba Dave says:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

    No, I’m pretty sure we all understand that by now.

  120. 120

    Sniff sniff sniff. So touching, Cole. I’m glad you’re looking out for number one, though (Tunchie). I truly think she was meant to be a part of your household. I kinda hope the phone doesn’t ring. At any rate, you did a good thing. Have a cookie.

    @jeffreyw: That’s how you got Jack? You’re a good man, too (in addition to being an awesome cook). I’m glad the other guy stopped by your house first.

  121. 121
    Ben Mays says:

    In our household, we refer to it as “sap” written in dog across your forehead.

  122. 122
    PeakVT says:

    @Comrade Darkness: The page says, “Sorry, the information you requested is not available at this time. Please try again later.” So I’ll do just that.

  123. 123
    Shell Goddamnit says:


    Hey, I just went to look at two goats tonight. For brush-eating purposes. They are full grown brown goats. I love them and once I fix my fence so they can’t get under it they are mine mwahaha.

    Re: found dog. When a creature comes to you and asks for help, what can you do? I said no only once, a beagle that threatened the smaller dog and made a dash at one of the cats. She went to a no-kill shelter, fortunately. Probably still there.

  124. 124
    EL says:

    From what I was told, he has little or no experience with other cats. He was an only cat for the first few years of his life, then lived behind the apartment complex, fed by some kind neighbors.

    I was able to feed him treats (after a little work) and even pet him before we relocated him to my house. I suspect that much of this is panic reaction and natural wariness from a cat who lived outside for a few years.

  125. 125
    fordpowers says:

    rosalita is a chiuahah name.
    rosa, however, sounds snuggly.

    also. dibs on a puppy.
    i hope its some kind of ridiculous mix like jrt/malamute

  126. 126
    Mnemosyne says:


    There’s always a Feliway diffuser. I haven’t noticed much effect on my cats, but some people swear by it.

  127. 127
    Comrade Darkness says:

    @PeakVT: It’s doing that to me too. Here’s a different site:

  128. 128
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    @Roger Moore #68:

    I don’t have goats, but I’ve observed my sister’s.

    Thank God for a man who knows his apostrophes.

  129. 129

    To John Cole:

    I must have “sucker” written on me in a language only dogs understand.

    No, Sweetie. The language is not restricted to canines. A number of us humans can read that sign, as well.

    Why do you think that we love you? :-)

  130. 130
    jnfr says:

    Bless you, John. And don’t hesitate to ask for donations.

  131. 131
    LiberalTarian says:

    Two of my four cats found me. One when I was living in student housing and couldn’t keep him–so he stayed with my daughter until recently. The other just showed up one day, hungry and lonely. She hung out with me in my garden and started coming by two or three times a day for food, so one day I just brought her inside permanently. These two are dichotomous–Milton doesn’t like to go far from the house. Gris likes to run outside, shimmy up trees and leap over fences if she gets a chance, but she always comes running back when I call her or shake the treat package. The other two were adoptees, and while sweet, don’t have the “OMG it’s tough out there for a kitty” factor. Abby is a doll in a lot of ways, but everywhere he goes chaos and destruction follow. Kitten is super sweet, but very timid. Four cats is pushing the envelope though … I can only handle so much poopy cat litter.

    Neither of the cats who found me had chips, but if I had found who they belonged to after having them for a while I would have been very happy for them, but heartbroken for me, too.

    You guys are making me wish I had a place to keep goats. I really want chickens, too. Some day. For now, I’m happy with my kitties, my tomatoes and soon I’ll have my first eggplant. Peppers to follow … :)

    I think you would really like having puppies John. As if you heart could melt anymore, right? And yet, you and puppies. I know you would get them good homes. For you, I hope she is preggers and not just fat. :):)

  132. 132
    Capri says:


    Goat breeder here (hence the screen name Capri). Goats are wonderful animals if you have a barn and very good fencing. If you want milk, be sure to get a dairy breed. Pygmy goats can be milked, technically, but it’s probably easier to milk a cat. Also, a buck will have to be in the picture at some point, but unless you have no sense of smell, probably not in a 2 acre “spread.” I’d suggest finding a local farm to taking your does to be bred in the fall. Expect kids and milk 5 months later.

    Goats prefer browsing to grazing – which means if you let one loose in you back yard, they will eagerly eat all your bushes and flowers and completely ignore the grass.

  133. 133
    Deb T says:

    My Mom lives on a farm. Mom is a tottery 87 years old. She had 3 adult female cats show up at her door after the family down the road moved out. They were crying at the windows wanting in.She felt she had to feed them. They rush the door whenever she opens it, but can be enticed back out with food. What do you get when you feed stray female cats? 12 kittens.
    Talk about sucker. I’m taking 2 of them (I already have a cat and had no intention of becoming a “cat lady”. I think my cousin is going to try to round them up at some point and take them to a shelter. We may have one of the older females fixed so Mom can have a farm cat.

    I hate people who dump animals–especially after they’ve made pets out of them.

  134. 134
    Capri says:


    Nigerian Dwarfs are my breed. Love, love, love them.

    For a novice milker, however, I’d go with something easier to extract milk out of. Having also milked Nubians regularly, the larger size of everything in a standard sized goat makes a world of difference.

  135. 135
    zippity says:

    @ArchTeryx: UP is the best movie about how dogs think! Our kids want to watch it all the time, and we don’t mind. I hear something new every time we watch it.

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