Thank Goodness That Menace has Been Handled

Everyone is now safe:

Helen Thomas announced on Monday that she is retiring, moments after the White House Correspondents Association said it was considering stripping her of her front-row press room seat.

Tthe 89-year-old so-called “dean of the White House press corps” had caused an uproar after making remarks in May suggesting that Israeli Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and return to Germany and Poland “or wherever they came from.”

Personally, I am quite relieved there is no one critical of administration or Israeli policy left in the WH press corpse. Not that there is any difference. All those pesky questions about Afghanistan and Iraq and human rights were kind of annoying and got into the way of more substantive stuff, such as questions like this:

Q: Can you talk about the criticism that the President isn’t making that emotional connection with people over the spill?


Q: Does the White House believe that it was a mistake for the President not to meet with fishermen or other local business people during his last visit?


Q Did anyone in the White House yell at him {BP’s Hayward} for making those comments?

I think our democracy will be stronger and more informed as a result of this. if only she’d had the common sense to call them goat fucking child molesters.

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