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Post deleted because I’m a moron. And you’d think after ten years of blogging, I’d check the date on things.

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    balconesfault says:

    Any community that would like to be as white as possible has the PERFECT tool now available!

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    HumboldtBlue says:

    Where’s the cornflower? I was always mystified by cornflower, I never knew it was color until I got crayons and have seen it used nowhere else as a color other than in the crayon box .



    Always threw me off.

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    Tom Hilton says:

    @balconesfault: yes, and the “perfect tool” is named Joe Arpaio.

    @HumboldtBlue: Cornflower was just one of many mysteries to me when I was a kid. Periwinkle? Burnt Sienna? d’Fuh?

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    cleek says:

    they should change the name of the state to something a little more Caucasian. “Arizona” sounds a little too ethnic.

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    Citizen Alan says:

    I remember once in Con Law a debate between the professor and a student about whether some draconian anti-drug law was worth it since the War on Drugs had been so ineffective. I made the comment that the War on Drugs had been very effective — at that point something like 1 out of every 6 African-American males was permanently ineligible to vote, serve on a jury, run for public office, get a student loan, own a handgun or get most kinds of federal assistance due to our drug policy, which suggested to me that such laws were doing exactly what their authors intended.

    The Arizona immigration law is just a new chorus of the same old song. The goal has been to create a permanent serf class. It always has been.

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    robertdsc says:

    My stars, that Crayola picture is priceless.

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    r€nato says:

    it’s not even an election year for Arpaio. He’s a sadistic prick.

    Believe it or not, not all that long ago Arpaio declared he wasn’t interested in getting involved in immigration enforcement. I guess that was before he discovered the PR value of staged media events relating to immigration.

    That’s what you have to remember about Joe; first and foremost, he’s a publicity hound. There’s going to be a film made about him someday, mark my word. The way he’s abused his office, I’m stunned the feds have not stepped in. He even had arrested an actor who starred in a commercial for one of his electoral opponents.

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    Poopyman says:

    New Prussia?

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    MattR says:


    You’d think, in light of the press the last few weeks, they’d try to avoid this kind of thing:

    Not sure if you noticed that this story is from March of this year.

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    r€nato says:

    There is a small community 2 hours west of Phoenix, along I-10. It’s called Quartzsite. Every winter, tens of thousands of snowbirds descend on it because it’s an inexpensive place to escape the deep cold of more northern locations.

    A fair amount of those snowbirds are Canadians. How much you want to bet none of them ever get asked for their papers? It’s just begging for a Daily Show segment this fall.

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    MikeTheZ says:

    New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s appeal to what he called “common sense” at a congressional hearing Wednesday morning failed to sway two Republican senators who said that giving the government the ability to block the purchase of guns by suspected terrorists would undermine the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms.

    We can keep them from flying, we can lock them up in Arizona, but damned if we can stop them from buying guns.

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    John Cole says:

    @MattR: I’m a moron. I deleted it. Thanks.

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    Bob L says:

    Isn’t this the asshole with the tent city were punishes people for being accused of a crime? Sounds like more of his grandstanding bullshite. Hopefully Mss Ramirez sues him and his county for harassment.

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    MattR says:

    @John Cole: I think it is still a great example of the problems with the new AZ law. Just not proof of Sheriff Joe giving a FU to the protests over it.

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    MikeJ says:

    @John Cole: How about an elction thread? First result is in.

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    AhabTRuler says:

    Years? That’s twice in the past couple of months.

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    Warren Terra says:

    Why delete it? The new law isn’t in effect for 90 days anyway (90 days from when I’m not sure; I’ve heard sifferent versions), and the story was fairly recent and a perfect reflection of just who it is we’re dealing with. Arpaio is the posterboy for Koblach’s Detain The Dusky plans, and the story was something he did in March. It’s who he is. The fact is that the police are getting encouragement, even being mandated with the threat of lawsuits, to be racist assholes, and under the law we’ll just see more people behaving like Arpaio already does, and the people who’ve already been behaving in this fashion will be going further.

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    de stijl says:


    Sheriff Joe’s favorite color is Prussian Blue. Or maybe that is his favorite band. I always get those two mixed up.

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    Zifnab says:

    Can someone post the link in the comments? I have no idea what you people are talking about.

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    sherifffruitfly says:

    Can anyone think of a law that basically only white folks liked, and was a *good* law? Like in the history of the United States.

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    David in NY says:

    And we latecomers will never know what happened.

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    Cacti says:



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    justinslot says:

    Deleted post or not, that picture is fantastic. Will steal for Facebook later.

  24. 24
    freelancer says:


    All of us are quick, but some of us are quicker than others.

  25. 25
    MattR says:

    @Zifnab: @David in NY: Sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin it for everyone else :) Thankfully freelancer just posted the link so y’all can join in our anger.

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    Warren Terra says:


    In addition to a summary of the story Freelancer linked, Cole had a paragraph or so about this epitomizing Koblach’s plans for Arizona.

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    Maude says:

    Let me know when you find out.

  28. 28

    Awesome picture.

    (Has anyone, anywhere ever been as white as the white crayon? Unless they’re wearing a sheet or something.)

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    Comrade Jake says:

    How about we rename Arizona “Whiteracistan”? That has a nice ring to it.

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    Batocchio says:

    Great pic! Did you make this one, or who did?

  31. 31
    Calouste says:


    New Transvaal, New Natal, New Cape or New Orange Free State would be my options.

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    CynDee says:

    @Tom Hilton: Raw Umber.

  33. 33
    CynDee says:

    Thanks, Freelancer for posting the link. Absolutely sickening. Arapaio is sick and should be removed. Let’s everybody call the Department of Justice tomorrow first thing.

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    Mnemosyne says:


    they should change the name of the state to something a little more Caucasian. “Arizona” sounds a little too ethnic.

    I still say there should be a rule that if you live in a city, county and/or state with a Spanish name, you have to STFU about people speaking Spanish. There’s no bigger idiot than a guy in San Bernardino bitching about too many people speaking Spanish around him.

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    PhoenixRising says:

    That last color on the right, there–past Peach–is Sheet White? Or Albino?

    Are these the real crayon colors from the multicultural box? I bought my kid the 64 pack, cause I’m not a self-conscious cheapskate with race issues, so I don’t know the answer…

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    TrishB says:

    @kommrade reproductive vigor: Not quite, but considering I need to wear SPF80 on a daily basis, some days it feels like it.

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    […] article. This piece puts me in mind of this photo commentary on the new anti-immigration law in […]

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    gnomedad says:

    Also: “Where’s the birth certificate?” / “Congratulations, Mr. President!”

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    oklahomo says:

    What about those of us semi-white folk with a fair fraction of Native American in us . . . we tend to tan quite darkly. The Arizona Tourism Board needs to put out a flyer so we know who needs a passport to visit or pass through the state.

  40. 40
    Chuck says:

    I think the second one from the right is also okay in AZ, since I believe the color is known as “Boehner”

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    George Sirrom says:


    OK idiot read below and tell me what you don’t understand about breaking the law. When you break the law YOU GO TO JAIL, UNDERSTAND FOOL? Read below. are you mexican or don’t you understand English

    Illegal immigration to the United States refers to the act of foreign nationals VIOLATING U.S. immigration policies and national laws by entering or remaining in the United States without proper permission from the United States government.

    Adjective (law) Contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.
    1 Not permitted by rules
    2. (of an immigrant) Being an illegal immigrant; residing in a country illegally.
    • (forbidden by law): criminal, felonious, illicit, unlawful
    • (totally fictitious): bogus
    • (forbidden by law): lawful, legal
    Derived terms
    • illegal alien
    • illegal immigrant

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    Elrey says:

    If I had a zillion dollars I’d buy every billboard at the Arizona border and post this box of Crayola. Brilliant!

  43. 43
    jared f hyder says:

    @Citizen Alan:
    spot on……

  44. 44
    urbangreen says:

    @Citizen Alan:

    You are right on target. Arizona’s anti-immigrant law — like Jim Crow statutes that made it dangerous and illegal for African-Americans to travel in the South — are all about control of the population that provides cheap labor.

    The true intent of the anti-immigrant zealots is clear from the fact that they don’t demand draconian penalties for the employers who hire illegal workers.

  45. 45
    Caren says:

    @ George Sirrom

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Now, Americans have rights granted to them under the Constitution, including protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.

    Americans don’t have to carry passports to cross state lines.

    Discrimination on the basis of race is a crime.

    How ya gonna enforce Aryanzona’s lovely law without violating the rights of real Americans? Not simply LEGAL immigrants, but bona fide Amurikens.

    Not everyone born here is lily white. Not everyone’s parents, who were also born here, are lily white. Not everyone’s grandparents, who were also born here, are lily white. Etc.

    You can be American for several generations, and still not be lily white.

    Don’t give me that “if you’re legal, what’s the problem, just show your papers” crap. Americans don’t HAVE to show their papers. It’s part of that little thing known as “freedom”. People have rights.

    Unless they’re brown in Arizona. Want to watch the Cubs at Spring Training? Better take your passport. Because AZ doesn’t give a shit about your Constitutionally protected rights if it looks like your ancestors might have come from south of the border.

  46. 46
    J Carls says:

    I’ll “amen” your reply, but more directly, Sirrom’s post was dead wrong for its typically conservative confusion of what our complaint is actually about. He wants to cure a flu and doesn’t understand that chemotherapy is an inappropriate treatment.

  47. 47
    J Carls says:

    @PhoenixRising: Since I seem to remember seeing this box for sale in stores, I wonder what would happen if Crayola eliminated the pure white (which truly does not exist on anything but Klan hoods) in favor of a Scandinavian pinkish-tan? Would Rush Limbaugh’s head explode? I wonder what color that would be…

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    […] by Shaun Johnson, PhD on May 8, 2010 Interesting image from a largely political blog called Balloon Juice. Yet, is it me, or is the whole multicultural crayon thing kind of creepy […]

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