Immigration rallies again

I have not been able to find any info about immigration rallies in Rochester proper though there is one in nearbyish Albion.

Anne Laurie has already touched on this but I would be curious to hear any news coverage of immigration rallies in your area. And of course first-person info is great.

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    Violet says:

    I mentioned this below, but in my area, the local news, at the half-hour breaks during the Today Show, mentioned nothing but the May Day rallies. They put up a screen with time, location and so forth. I had paused the TV and fast forwarded through it when I got back to it, so noticed they did this at all breaks during the Today Show.

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    mr. whipple says:

    /Bot alert: Obama speaking at U of M, Cspan.

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    gbear says:

    DougJ, If you’re still around, could you please go repair your last thread? The dreaded strike-out has struck (I blame dmsilev at comment 8).

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    Yesterday and today they featured the protests at the capitol in Denver. I was pleased. They seemed to be taking it very seriously. Denver School District also banned all work related travel to Arizona.

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    Violet says:

    Dang! What is it with DMS and his (her?) dashes that cause such a big striketout problem? I’ve consciously tried to change my posting style to avoid using dashes. Revisiting the semicolon and colon is like going to a foreign country. Lolz.

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    gbear says:

    Here’s a copy/paste of the rally info for Minneapolis. The state republican party is just finishing up it’s nominating convention in downtown Mpls (they endorsed a guy that will make Michele Bachmann VERY proud) and the immigration rallys will cross paths with the repubs.

    UPDATE: Three marches expected to number in the thousands will converge as one in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday. MIRAC and allies will march from Martin Luther King Park at 41st and Nicollet at 2pm. (A radical labor contingent will feed into the MIRAC march as well, meeting at Phelps Park, Chicago and 40th, at 1pm.) Also at 2pm, marches with the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network will convene at Franklin and Chicago Avenues in south Minneapolis and University and Central Avenues Northeast, respectively.

    The marches will meet outside the Republican State Convention at the convention center downtown, before moving on to Loring Park. Both Republican contenders for governor, Tom Emmer and Marty Seifert, have announced their support for the new racist Arizona law, SB 1070–the passage of which promises to give this year’s May Day mobilizations nationwide an extra urgency.

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    Josh says:

    On the better side of the news, right now President Obama is giving the commencement speech here in Ann Arbor for the class of 2010 for U of Michigan.

    A graduate sitting near the stage shouted, “We love you!”

    And Obama answered, “I love you all!”

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    Keith says:

    Your best place for information on the rallies will be Fox News, where various FN personalities, such as Griff Jenkins, Sean Hannity, the Fox n Friends gang, and Neil Cavuto, will be on location across the country at said rallies. I think one of them will even be riding in a tea-party-themedan anti-immigration-themed bus to one of the rallies.

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    New Yorker says:

    Not sure. Downtown Manhattan (near the civic center) is usually where the NYC rallies of any stripe occur. As for my neighborhood, most of the illegal immigrants around my neighborhood are from Eastern Europe, and thus don’t “look” illegal, so they tend not to get up for this sort of thing.

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    mr. whipple says:

    @Josh: He’s really on today. Great speech so far.

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    Chyron HR says:


    And Obama answered, “I love you all!”

    How long will True Real Americans allow this serial rapist to defile the White House?

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    Chat Noir says:

    @mr. whipple: Yup. Watching it now on one of the local channels. He is such a gifted speaker. I could listen to him for hours and not get bored.

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    Josh says:

    I missed getting a ticket for it. I can hear the speech from my apartment because I live maybe just a block from the Big House.

    Still, it’s pretty damn awesome.

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    stuckinred says:

    @Chat Noir: Wonder if John Sinclair is there?

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    stuckinred says:

    He’s dissin the whacko left, bet they are having a fit at FDL!

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    sloan says:

    OT – Obama giving a pretty good speech in defense of government right now on MSNBC.

    edit – I should read the other comments before I post.

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    BDeevDad says:

    Here’s a list of rallies.

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    Michael D. says:

    I went to the one in Atlanta. We left a little early because my dog was nervous around the crowd. But we generally estimated 500-600 people were there and more were still coming as we left. It was very emotional to be around that many people who, solely because of the color of their skin, would be “reasonably suspicious” in Arizona.

    My album of the rally is here.

    My guess is that white people will be harassed in Arizona, too. Just so the cops can “prove they’re not racial profiling.”

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    Mike Kay says:

    funny how the corporate media doesn’t cover these protests.

    funny how the corporate media doesn’t write breathless features of this political movement.

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    Mike Kay says:

    @stuckinred: no way. what did he say?

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    Mike Kay says:

    @Keith: win.

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    stuckinred says:

    @Mike Kay: That there are idiots on both ends of the spectrum.

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    Mike Kay says:

    @stuckinred: SCREAMS of “hippie punching” from atrios et. al. in 3… 2… 1…

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    gbear says:

    @Mike Kay:

    No reason to get your undies in a bundle. Obama basically said that people shouldn’t get stuck just reading and watching news sources that they already agree with. He said that Limbaugh listeners should go check out The Huffpost and vice-versa. He only mentioned the whacky left to balance out having mentioned the whacky right.

    I get a little annoyed when Obama starts going on and on about why we’re the absoulte bestest country in the universe no doubt about it so suck on it everyone else. It always seems like he’s spreading it on a bit thick in order to appease the right. If I was in Canada, I’d be going ‘Yeah, whatever’.

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    MikeJ says:

    Ok, what are the teatards saying now? I googled Obama michigan and one of the suggestions was “obama michigan speech lip sync”.

    Are they getting dumber faster?

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    eastriver says:

    I would think Canadians would gather in Rochester to protest. Damn snow Mexicans.

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    Comrade Luke says:

    OT, but whatever…

    Now the oil spill is being spun as “No One Could Have Predicted”.

    Think I’m exaggerating? The headline is literally

    Underwater oil gusher a crisis no one imagined

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    Salt and freshly ground black people says:

    @Michael D.: Great pictures. Some of the signs brought tears to my eyes.

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    El Cid says:

    So, I see this AP story:

    Arizona deputy shot; illegal immigrants suspected
    By BOB CHRISTIE (AP) – 12 hours ago

    And I read through the article, because I’m wondering how these illegal immigrants coming in become heavily armed.

    And then I read this:

    Puroll was found in the desert after a frantic hourlong search, suffering from a gunshot wound, Pinal County sheriff’s Lt. Tamatha Villar said. The 15-year department veteran had been performing smuggling interdiction work before finding the bales of marijuana and encountering the five suspected illegal immigrants, two armed with rifles.
    “He was out on his routine daily patrol in the area when he encountered a load of marijuana out in the desert. He obviously confronted the individuals and took fire,” Villar told The Associated Press. “I was speaking with him just a bit ago, and he’s doing fantastic.”
    The deputy was alone about five miles from a rest stop along Interstate 8, about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. The area is a well-known smuggling corridor for drugs and illegal immigrants headed from Mexico to Phoenix and the U.S. interior.

    These aren’t “illegal immigrants” in the sense of some guy coming up here to work in construction.

    These were god-damned drugs traffickers & producers who already DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEY’RE ‘ILLEGAL’ AND THAT POLICE CRACK DOWN ON THEM.

    What the fuck? Since when did we start pretending that narco-trafficking was “illegal immigration”?

    Does anyone think that Mexican and Colombian narco-traffickers and narco-paramilitaries give a shit if Arizona declares them MORE illegal?

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    @El Cid:

    Christ, did Anton Ghigurgh and Llewellyn Moss show up too?

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    HRA says:

    @El Cid:

    Absolutely right in your last sentence. They are not here to stay. I think they needed a confrontation to sweeten the pot so to speak and this one was currently available.

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    DougJ says:


    I don’t know how to fix those. I have tried.

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    sloan says:

    @Michael D.:

    Conservatives really do not understand how it looks when an almost pure white Republican party passes laws that they know damn well will adversely affect non-white Americans.

    I think the emerging minority-majority might have something to say about this.

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    Bnut says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of people using Mexico’s stricter immigration policy as an excuse to enforce harsher laws here. I am surprised no winger here has trotted out a France/Switzerland type bill where hijabs and minarets are banned.

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    Violet says:

    Can you edit comments? You could remove the hyphen before the “dms” at the end of the comment, because that’s what causes the problem.

    I realize it’s sketchy ground to edit comments, but in this case it’s probably acceptable to because it would not change the meaning of the comment in any way whatsoever.

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    El Cid says:

    @Bnut: Mexico does get a stream of immigrants, but most are passing through to get to the U.S.

    Mexico’s #1 protection against illegal immigration isn’t so much harsher policies but poverty and lack of jobs.

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    mrsmarks says:

    Here in New York, it’s the lead story on NY1’s web site, with video from the gathering in Union Park. NY1 is also broadcasting live on the teevee.

    New York Times is fixed on, as predicted on the innertubes yesterday, oil spill and Kentucky Derby.

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    Dr. Loveless says:

    I couldn’t find anyone to go with me to the rally in San Diego (I use a wheelchair, and I avoid big gatherings of pissed-off people unless I’ve got someone to watch my back), so I’m home working.

    They’re expecting over 100,000 in Los Angeles. I’ll be surprised if San Diego’s tops 1,000. This town just isn’t all that protesty.

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    Randy P says:

    I thought the Philadelphia spanish paper Al Dia would be likely to have a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, a lot of the news links on their front page seem to be broken.

    Meanwhile, here’s an editorial called “Thanks, Arizona”.

    De la misma manera como Birmingham, Alabama, se convirtió en el detonante de la legislación radical en defensa de los derechos civiles en 1964, Arizona está convirtiéndose en el epicentro de eventos que podrían forzar al Gobierno federal a arreglar su inoperante sistema de inmigración de una vez por todas.

    In the same way that Birmingham, Alabama made itself the trigger for radical legislation in defense of civil rights in 1964, Arizona is making itself into the epicenter of events that could force the Federal Government to fix its broken immigration system once and for all

  41. 41

    @El Cid: This was my thought when I finally heard the whole story. These were smugglers, plain and simple.

  42. 42
    Randy P says:

    @Randy P:
    OK, I found some mention in The Inky:

    In this region on Saturday, protesters will gather at a park in Southwest Philadelphia, on a soccer field in Kennett Square, and at St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral in Camden to urge elected officials to “respect the dignity of immigrant families.”… The Southwest Philadelphia rally at Elmwood Park, 71st Street and Buist Avenue, begins at noon. The Kennett Square rally, on Anson Nixon Park soccer fields, starts at 3 p.m. and will be followed by a march into downtown Kennett Square. The prayer rally at St. Joseph’s, 2907 Federal St., Camden, begins at 4 p.m.

    Weird that I couldn’t find this in Al Dia, but maybe it’s just my spanish that’s at fault.

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    Comrade Kevin says:

    There is one later today in San José, at the corner of Story and King, which is a pain in the ass for anyone who doesn’t already live in that part of the city.

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    demo woman says:

    The AJC’s article is here…

    Teodoro Maus, founder of Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, said 5,128 attended. Atlanta police agreed, giving an estimate of 5,000.

  45. 45
    Dr. Loveless says:

    Looks like the 2011 MLB All-Star Game is going to be the whitest, dullest ever.

  46. 46
    Michael D. says:

    The rally in ATL apparently got a LOT bigger after we left.


  47. 47
    tammanycall says:

    Local coverage from the LA Times is here.

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    licensed to kill time says:


    What the fuck? Since when did we start pretending that narco-trafficking was “illegal immigration”?
    Does anyone think that Mexican and Colombian narco-traffickers and narco-paramilitaries give a shit if Arizona declares them MORE illegal?

    If only the sheriff had asked them for their papers to prove their citizenship, he wouldn’t have been shot, amirite?

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    Cat Lady says:

    Boston’s rally info is here. Way more people rallied here than turned out for the Wasilla Whackaloon. Shocking, I know.

    ETA: I refuse to read the comments. Too nice a day.

  50. 50
    handy says:

    Way more people rallied here than turned out for the Wasilla Whackaloon. Shocking, I know.

    Heh. You say. It’s obvious most of the people there weren’t real ‘Murkans human beings so they don’t count.

  51. 51
    Allison W. says:


    Uhm, we are the best country. I wasn’t born in the US and I still prefer the US. We have our faults and so do other countries, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else —- permanently.

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    Charity says:

    My fiance and I ran into the immigration reform rally in Chicago today. Quite large. They (8,000 protestors) marched about 15 city blocks or so and ended up in downtown Chicago. At one point we saw a crowd control unit from the state police that was running down the street and was two blocks long. That is a lot of cops and was reminiscent of Kent State images I have seen.

    One of Chicago’s Congress-Critters (Louis Gutierrez) was arrested in front of the White House today as well.

    Here are some links:



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    Peter says:

    Canadian here, I know they got at least mentioned on CTV news.

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