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Have at it. Don’t forget to get your Balloon Juice swag at the store! All proceeds go to pet rescue.

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    ellaesther says:

    Crap. There was something I wanted to suggest for the store and now I can’t remember what it was.

    Is there anything with “All your base are belong to Tunch” on it?

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    morzer says:

    Anyone notice the dreck Tomasky came up with about Obama today?

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    stuckinred says:

    Shessh, KO has audio of Coburn dissing Fox news!

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    jeffreyw says:

    Alas, edit button, not so much.

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    demkat620 says:

    @jeffreyw: We haz a reply button!


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    geg6 says:

    This country depresses me. I’m gonna watch “Lost,” where the world seems much less complicated and violent and then “Chopped” so I can rev up the foodie in my soul in preparation for the premiere of “Top Chef: Masters” tomorrow. Can’t take another minute of our politics, which is apparently being scripted by The Onion.

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    beltane says:

    @demkat620: And it is a very cool, secret looking reply button.

    Now I totally forgot what I was going to say.

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    demo woman says:

    @jeffreyw: I’m glad you are here because the NYTimes has an article just begging for you to submit pictures.
    They must read BJ and saw your pics.

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    jeffreyw says:

    Watchin “Pacific”. Good stuff.

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    Keith G says:

    @demkat620: Wow! And a neat one at that.

    Sell my clothes, I’m going to heaven.

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    SIA says:


    I’m always surprised by how friendly Obama & Coburn are.

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    debit says:

    We’re Number 1!! You wouldn’t know Minneapolis was voted the most bike friendly city in the US by the comments to the article, however. Apparently, there are a bunch of road ragey jerks here in the Twin Cities who just hate bikes.

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    re lost.

    WTF? This is awesome!

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    jeffreyw says:

    @demo woman: Cool! I uploaded my omelet from today’s dinner. Thanks

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    demo woman says:

    Coburn is still an ass and spread lies about the bill many a time on his own. Maybe he has a guilty conscience because of his own lies.

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    demo woman says:

    @jeffreyw: Hopefully you make the list. You should!!!!

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    SIA says:


    I hadn’t read it till I clicked on the link. Wow. For fucks sake, the guy can’t even write. “Boilerplatey”? “Obama kind of refuses to do this.” What a wanker.

    But his words were boilerplatey and delivered with little emotion. Granted that most politicians in these instances summon an emotion that is partly real, I’m sure, but also partly fake. These are the kinds of situations in which people understand this but want the fake emoting anyway.


    Obama kind of refuses to do this. It was the same in the immediate wake of the Ft. Hood shooting. I seem to recall he was at some event and it took him 20 minutes or something even to mention it. He was fine later at the official memorial service, but not in the first moment.

    The unbearable lightness of journalism.

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    stuckinred says:

    WASHINGTON — A federal court threw the future of Internet regulations into doubt Tuesday with a far-reaching decision that went against the Federal Communications Commission and could even hamper the government’s plans to expand broadband access in the United States.

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    MattR says:

    My aunt got her birthday Tunch and Lily mugs and loves them. Nice service from CafePress. They got there in less then a week.

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    geg6 says:

    freelancer @18: I am looooooooving this last season. Just loving it. It makes me sad that it’s gonna be over soon, but it has been, so far, an epic season and has answered my questions (though, of course, created others) to my complete satisfaction. Truly, this show has been one of my most satisfying tv viewing experiences, ever. The pilot was amazing and drew me in and the ending has, so far, been brilliant.

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    SIA says:

    @General Egali Tarian Stuck:
    Indeed, and here’s another for ya. Not My Cross to Bear.

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    Elie says:

    My vacation pics to Vietnam… when you activate the link, controls on the bottom appear to allow either slide show or one at a time viewing.

    Best journey in a long time… we so don’t get it here sometimes — we think we are forever the center of the universe…

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    this shit with Desmond just got bananas.

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    morzer says:


    Could Michael Tomasky be the next Bob Shrum? His gibberings about how Michelle should take Obama in hand seem remarkably silly to me. I mean, what did Tomasky want Obama to do, beyond being dignified, compassionate and presidential, and making sure the federal govt was ready to help out in WV?

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    demo woman says:

    This is a question for the West Virginia folks. Most of your representatives whether democratic or republican seem to protect the coal mine industry, not so much the workers though, who was the last representative that tried to improve the economy of the state by encouraging different industries?
    Just like Michigan was to dependent on American cars, it appears that WV is to dependent on coal.

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    Elie says:


    Can’t take another minute of our politics, which is apparently being scripted by The Onion.

    You are in top form tonight!

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    mr. whipple says:


    Gorgeous, thank you!

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    jeffreyw says:

    @Elie: Cool, takes me back. I love the way they can carry those baskets on the shoulder bar, tried once my self only to lose control after about two steps. I can still see the odd gait, and the bending of the bar as the load bounces.

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    mr. whipple says:


    Can I ask how you arranged travel? Did you go with a tour or wing it on your own? Looks fantastic. Did you write about it?

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    SIA says:

    @Elie: Elie, wonderful photos. The fabrics and colors are so beautiful. Also loved the water shots, especially the red bridge.

    My father was there in 67-68, and to this day I’ve never wanted to watch a movie about Viet Nam. It’s nice to see these photographs showing a different side of the country than I was ever able to imagine.

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    SIA says:

    @morzer: Yeah, I have been thinking about that. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a parallel universe. I saw the clip when O. addressed the mine tragedy, and in my mind registered, “Serious. Thoughtful. Thinking of families and the pain to come.” It was his restraint that I felt expressed his emotion more powerfully than any “I feel your pain” emoting.

    But then what do I know. I’m just an O-Bot. :)

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    Elie says:

    @mr. whipple:

    My husband arranged and researched everything. I am happy to “lay it bare” both in the itinerary (mostly North – Ha Noi and Sa Pa) and Hoi An in the South. Our hotels were modestly priced (about $40.00 per night) but excellent with great bathrooms (MY thing) and good beds, very clean but not fancy but with great breakfasts. If you want, I will lay it out with hotel names and such and our stops. We took the night train to Sa Pa and back to Ha Noi before flying to Hoi An. We flew Eva Air to Tai Pei and then to Ha Noi. Our whole trip was 2 1/2 weeks…

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    morzer says:


    Well, I prefer to be an O-bot. At least I have a logic function.

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    SIA says:

    Heh. Wish I’d had this to post in the I-Pad thread:

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    Elie says:

    @mr. whipple:

    Trip was also very helpful to us with the accomodation recommendations. Would highly recommend Elegance Hotel/s in Hanoi

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    Sentient Puddle says:

    I see a reply button! Holy fucking shit!

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    Woo! My other internet addiction, besides Balloon Juice – for all its flaws, and they are many, there is no other resource better for researching holidays than the TA hotel reviews and the TA city forums.

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    Comrade Kevin says:

    My OBEY t-shirt arrived in the mail today.

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    Yutsano says:

    Goddammit. Totally forget at a new desk and a new computer so all my cookies are gone. I’d say FYWP for not allowing me to go back a step but it was really my new desk’s fault. Been yelled at three times today and I get on a plane and disappear in two days.

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    Elie says:


    Yeah, it was a good source for almost everything and a lot of fellow travelers were frequent users… as you said, not perfect, but pretty damned reliable…

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    Yutsano says:

    @Elie: Jst ran through your Viet Nam photo spread, some of those pictures are just stunning!

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    Steeplejack says:

    Not liking the new hover-y reply arrow that appears and disappears as I move my mouse over the thread. It irritates me in a you-kids-get-off-my-lawn way. I hope this is merely a transitional thing. If not, FYWP. The old arrow was better (in its functionality). If it wasn’t visually obvious enough, change the icon and put the word “Reply” in it, by all means. But the on-off blinking/hovering smacks of excess chrome and giant tail fins.

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    Cain says:


    My vacation pics to Vietnam… when you activate the link, controls on the bottom appear to allow either slide show or one at a time viewing.

    Beautiful pictures, Elie. You have a talent. Your eye for color is excellent.

    Vietnam looks really nice. It reminds me of India but without the pollution and the mess. I’m always jealous how Asians have a civic sense and Indians don’t have any past their threshold. I can never understand why a people who will keep their house clean spotlessly but cannot be bothered to put something in the trash when they are 5 steps away from their home.

    I want to visit Vietnam now!

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    Cris says:

    I’m a little bit annoyed that the “Reply” link inserts a superfluous “comment-page-n” as though the posts are broken into pages of 50 comments each.

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