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You’ve probably been following this too. It reminds me of that Twitter dispute Joe Biden had with Snoop Dogg.

I’ve been suffering from Palin fatigue for some time now. But good God, she was almost vice-president, may still become president (I doubt it, but Nate Silver thinks it’s possible), and she’s now engaged in a PR war not only with her daughter’s baby daddy but with LL Cool J and Toby Keith.

And one of the leading lights of what some call “conservative intellectualism” says he “would rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama”.

We all get sick of talking about Sarah Palin. But, seriously, let this sink in. And then tell me you’re not a Mayan at heart.

Update. At the request of readers, I have replaced the link to N-Pod’s crazy WSJ piece with a link to Larison excoriating said crazy WSJ piece.

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    Jon H says:

    So it was basically a show where she had to do no work.

    Just how desperate is Fox to funnel money to the woman?

  2. 2

    that Twitter dispute Joe Biden had with Snoop Dogg.


    And here’s smudge checking out her latest toy.

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    Josh Huaco says:

    Love that song.

  4. 4
    NobodySpecial says:

    So, does she quit midway through the first episode or at the end?

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    Bubblegum Tate says:

    When I first saw the story that Cool J was gonna be on Caribou Barbie’s show, I thought c’mon, son! But now that the truth has come out and he’s dissed her, I just keep saying, “Eat ‘Em Up L Chill.”

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    El Cid says:

    It takes a brave TeaTard to rile up Toby Keith.

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    HumboldtBlue says:

    OT, but Bill-O does a solid

  8. 8

    @HumboldtBlue: broke clock, blind squirrel, etc.

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    mcd410x says:

    Starvin like Marvin for a Cool J song.

    This is awesome. Unrelated, I love that the human race hasn’t mastered the equation “chain emails = bullshit”.

    Also, too.

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    MikeJ says:

    @HumboldtBlue: When Phelps did his demonstrating here local news called them “anti-war protesters.” I’m guessing this sort of thinking ties into BillO’s actions.

  11. 11
    Bubblegum Tate says:


    Whoah. It feels kind of strange to say this sans sarcasm, but way to be a stand-up guy, Bill.

  12. 12
    delurker says:

    you son of a bitch. you made me click on the wsj link to see who the author was and made me give norm podhoretz a page view? screw you.

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    Mike Kay says:

    You guys are just bashing Sarah because she’s a woman, the same way you OBots dumped on Hillary just because she was female.

  14. 14
    KRK says:

    @Bubblegum Tate:

    More reason why the ladies do indeed love Cool James.

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    AB says:

    2012 is going to be kinda lol.

  16. 16
    Mike Kay says:

    @AB: I can’t wait to see who the Firebaggers run to primary Obama.

  17. 17
    Cat Lady says:

    @Mike Kay:

    We’re bashing her because we’re terrified of her awesomeness.


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    Libby says:

    The cynic in me says Fox deliberately flubbed the promos to get more exposure. Which they got in spades because of the Cool J thing.

  19. 19
    Arkon DougJ says:

    @Mike Kay:

    You forgot that we dump on Jane Hamsher for the same reason.

  20. 20
    Art says:

    Any Palin news is excruciating, but take my advice: booze helps.

  21. 21
    Arkon DougJ says:


    Sorry. I changed the link.

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    RedKitten says:


    OT, but Bill-O does a solid

    You know, when you think about it, Fred Phelps actually serves a weird sort of purpose. He unifies people, mainly because EVERYBODY thinks he’s an evil asshole who deserves to fry in hell.

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    El Cid says:

    It makes me very sad to have to defend the truly mean and nation-harming Ronald Reagan from being compared to the brainless, personally corrupt, thoughtless, lazy quitter grifter Sarah Palin.

    After all, I’m pretty sure Ronald Reagan was able to finish his term as Governor of California without having to leave to grab a multi-million dollar book deal serve his people better in other capacities.

  24. 24
    Arkon DougJ says:


    I’m one step ahead of you, Art.

  25. 25
    David says:

    Is there any non-political enterprise she’s touched that has turned out well? Even her book tour, which was a golden opportunity for her and which she controlled every aspect of, turned out badly because she wouldn’t even ride in the bus and wouldn’t put the hours into it actually sitting there and signing the books.

    She must be impossible, or too stupid, to manage — or maybe she’s just interested in whatever short term gain there is to be had.

    If it’s Sarah Palin® it’s got to be slipshod!

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    scav says:

    I’m laughing too hard to be coherent. Somebody get me a show on faux.

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    Mnemosyne says:

    In the words of Steve Jobs, Fox News has no class. And I don’t mean that in a small way:

    However, as it appears that Mr. Smith does not want to be associated with a program that could serve as an inspiration to others, we are cutting his interview from the special and wish him the best with his fledgling acting career.

    Wait, which one of you draws 19.5 million viewers against “American Idol” and which one draws 1 million on a good day?

    That’s what I thought. Yeah, I’m sure that not appearing on a crappy Fox News clip show is totally going to tank LL’s career.

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    South of I-10 says:

    Acorn clearly got to LL Cool J.

  29. 29
    Annie says:

    She is the gift that keeps on giving. Her children are running wild, she’s in the middle of a “Twitter” war with LL Cool J and Toby Keith, and she inciting motorists to violence…And this all happens while she is out of office. Imagine what she could do if she actually held another government position….


    Did Lady Smudge buy you a new bed since she has taken over yours………:)

  30. 30
    scav says:

    Code Red at Comedy Central!!

  31. 31
    The Moar You Know says:

    @HumboldtBlue: All right, I’ll will grudgingly give Mr. “Fuck it, we’ll do it live” some real, no caveat kudos for that, so here goes:

    Thank you, Bill O’Reilly. That was a good thing you did, and I’m glad you did it because I don’t have the money to do something like that, but if I did, I would. Way to go.

    Of course, if I had the kind of money Bill O’Reilly has, I’d be talking to some unsavory characters to “solve the problem” that the Phelps family presents to society, so maybe it’s best that I don’t.

  32. 32
    El Cid says:


  33. 33
    furioso ateo says:

    Wait, I’m confused. Am I supposed to like “The American Conservative”? Because everytime I’m linked there, it seems sage words are to be found. But then I read it was founded by Pat Buchanana. And then my head hurts.

  34. 34
    Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @Mnemosyne: I notice they don’t get quite so snotty with Toby Keith, who also seems unamused.

    Rupert and Robert don’t have the guts of the Dixie Chicks.

  35. 35
    Mnemosyne says:


    I just realized that I misquoted Steve Jobs. What he actually said was that Microsoft has no taste, and not in a small way.

    It’s a geek classic.

  36. 36
    Annie says:

    @El Cid:

    Actually, I think he is the only child I am not mocking….

  37. 37
    Joseph Nobles says:


    Since she’s not doing any of the interviews, I’d say that the show is pre-quit. Any time she bolts, they just plug in Shephard Smith reading the copy.

  38. 38
    John W. says:

    I think it’s worth pointing out that this entire fiasco was started by a single law student on Twitter who pushed LL Cool J to respond. Also, it’s the same guy who’s single handedly run the boycott against Beck the last 6-7 months (Color of Change started it, but he’s done it since by himself for the most part).

    This one law student has had more actual effect on Fox than Politico or the democrats – despite never once “winning the morning.” And for some reason, he gets no credit whatsoever in any story on this – despite being the equivalent to what TPM did in the attorney’s scandal.

  39. 39
    Mike Kay says:

    @South of I-10: Oh god. When Howard Dean came around to supporting HCR, their was a rash of people saying, somehow RAHM! got to Dean

  40. 40
    Mike Kay says:

    @South of I-10: Oh god. When Howard Dean came around to supporting HCR, their was a rash of people saying, somehow RAHM! got to Dean.

  41. 41
    Arkon DougJ says:

    @John W.:

    Very cool. I will do a post about this when I get a chance.

  42. 42
    Mnemosyne says:

    @furioso ateo:

    The Rhodes scholarship was originally meant to only be awarded to white American men so they would be prepared to shoulder the white man’s burden and keep the black and brown people properly subjugated.

    Things don’t always stay true to their founders, thank God.

  43. 43
    Mark S. says:

    What the hell is this show going to consist of? Sarah pretending to interview people?

    @El Cid:

    For the most nauseating piece in this genre, here is Reagan’s own son:

    Welcome back, Dad, even if you’re wearing a dress and bearing children this time around.

  44. 44
    Arkon DougJ says:

    @furioso ateo:

    We only link to Larison, usually, and he is very good. Some of the other stuff is less good.

    But, all in all, it is better than you would expect. A lot better.

  45. 45
    kth says:

    Norman Podhoretz was kind of a big deal once, so, after you’ve split your gut laughing at what he’s become, you can’t help exhaling a sigh or even squeezing out a tear. Then you laugh some more.

  46. 46
    Athenae says:

    From the Larison link:

    We know that the qualifications of a candidate and policies endorsed during a campaign have little or nothing to do with the responses of most voters. What I cannot quite understand is why people who claim to be “conservative intellectuals” act as if this is perfectly fine.

    Love me some Larison but sometimes he seems terribly, deliberately naive. Conservative “intellectuals” act as if this is fine because they don’t really care about anything except booyah, touchdown, we win, they lose! Because A WINNAR IS US! Because winners win and losers drool, or something. Because people like feeling like they just kicked somebody’s ass and that’s how being on Sarah Palin’s side makes them feel.

    I mean, Jesus. It actually is a point in her FAVOR that Madam Sarah is completely immune to reality or any kind of comeuppance. After all, if she never admits to failing, her supporters never have to feel stupid for supporting a failure!


  47. 47
    Violet says:

    @John W.:
    Thanks for letting us know. I’ve followed Color Change’s posts at GOS but didn’t know it was one person. Nor did I know he was responsible for today’s situation. Pretty amazing stuff. Good for him. Pretty cool what one person can do.

  48. 48
    stannate says:


    It’s official: Sarah Palin has the Sterculius touch (as seen in this early Beavis & Butt-head cartoon).

  49. 49
    furioso ateo says:

    @Mnemosyne: I learned something new today! But that thing made me sad. :[

    Today was a wash.

  50. 50

    Popular conservative blogger Allahpundit tweaked liberals who accuse Tea Party supporters of racist sympathies, saying they’ll be “shocked to find the alleged Grand Dragon of the tea-party movement making chitchat with a hip-hop legend.”

    Or. Not. Other things that won’t shock us: Racist rants directed at Cool J.

    When contacted by Yahoo! News for comment, a Fox News spokesperson explained that LL Cool J had been informed in 2008 that the interview was planned as a segment for “Real American Stories”

    Even the schmucks at Faux new there was no chance the SnowGrift and the Grumpy Old Man would be elected.

  51. 51
    John W. says:


    Thanks. In honesty, he’s a friend of mine who’s put a shitload of work in on twitter (insert joke here) and elsewhere against beck and fox (and cnn for erickson) and has basically gotten about 1% of the credit he deserves. BTW, in case anyone thinks I’m a troll, I don’t comment all that often but I read everything. Keep up the great work.

    And I’ll stick up for Larison too. He’s one of the sharpest foreign policy minds blogging anywhere. Sort of like Cohn and Chait at TNR for me.

  52. 52
    Martin says:

    @Mnemosyne: Actually, Apple dropped all advertising on Fox a few weeks ago because of Glenn Beck, so I’m pretty sure you were still correct.

  53. 53
    Anne Laurie says:

    @HumboldtBlue: Alternately, it could be framed as “O’Reilly finds a reason to give money to fund Fred Phelps’ hate campaign.” But that would be wrong. I hope.

  54. 54
    Mike Kay says:

    @Mark S.: he wasn’t really Reagan’ son. He grew up with his first wife Jane Wyman.

    Interesting how Jane Wyman never-ever commented on Ronnie.

  55. 55
    Martin says:

    Actually, perhaps it would be more accurate to give John W.s friend credit for Apple dropping Fox.

  56. 56
    scav says:

    @kommrade reproductive vigor: I don’t think they necessarily envisioned here as the plug and play presenter at that point. They just are jump-starting this show off a similarly named show I think.

  57. 57
    Pasquinade says:

    Roger Ebert having fun

    #Palin There’s this to be said for interviewing existing clips from old Fox interviews: You’re not surprised by the answers

    Will Palin’s Discovery show consist of her interviewing old clips of Carl Sagan?

    Palin on new Fox show: “How did it feel, President Reagan, to be runnin’ for elective office? Thrillin’ I’ll bet!”

    The last two belong to #SarahGump category.

  58. 58
    Amy says:

    Pissing off Toby Keith doesn’t seem to be a good idea for someone with Palin’s limited demographic appeal.

    Elaine Schock, a publicist for Mr. Keith said: “I have no idea what interview they are using. Toby’s talked to Fox a number of times, and I had no idea that this was going to be on Sarah Palin’s special. Fox has never contacted me — not now, not when they were putting this together, not at all. I have no idea what they’re using.”

    [S]everal accounts of the special reported that Ms. Palin herself would be talking to the guests in the show. One of these, on the Fox Nation website, which is owned by Fox News, reprinted an account from the website The Hill, which said:

    “Sarah Palin will kick off her new Fox News series with one of the most diverse guest lineups in memory: LL Cool J, Toby Keith, and Jack Welch. The three very different guests will speak to Palin for her inaugural episode of ‘ American Stories ‘ on April 1st.”


  59. 59
    wasabi gasp says:

    Apparently two out of three Real American Stories end with “I ran as far away from that psychotic freak as fast as I fucking could and lived happily ever after. The End.”

  60. 60
    JGabriel says:

    TPM fronting a Reuters story with the headline:

    Army Chief Sees Defacto Moratorium On Gay Discharges

    Really? You couldn’t find a better way to phrase that?


  61. 61
    David says:

    I can’t wait for her “travel” show.

    I’m picturing her standing in front of a screen onto which old stock footage is projected in an Ed Wood-ian style.

  62. 62
    Mnemosyne says:

    @Mike Kay:

    Sorry, pet peeve: Michael Reagan is Ronald Reagan’s son. He is not his biological son, because he was adopted, but he is still the man’s son.

    You can speculate about how his parents’ divorce affected Michael Reagan’s relationship with his father since his half-siblings don’t seem to have the same worshipful attitude towards their father, but Ronald Reagan was still his father.

  63. 63
    demo woman says:

    @David: OMG.. she’s traveling with flat max.

  64. 64
    Svensker says:

    You do realize what a huge favor John McCain did the world when he agreed to Palin on his ticket, don’t you? She may have been the difference between a McCain win or an Obama win, pushing sane undecideds over to our side.

    Plus, she is just so full of unintended win on an almost daily basis.

  65. 65
    Joseph Nobles says:

    Oh, God, I thought that and rejected it — they are going to have Palin read off the questions and cut it into the existing interviews?? I rejected that in favor of her as a talking head leading into the interviews done by others, a la Oliver North’s War Stories.

  66. 66
    Veritas78 says:

    Now if I were the publicist for a celebrity, would I recommend that my client be interviewed by Fox, knowing that it could be repackaged as ANYTHING??

    I wonder if anyone at Fox realizes what a long-term mistake this was.

  67. 67

    You’ve probably been following this too.

    No, actually I have been a bit curious about this Palin item.

  68. 68
    Pasquinade says:

    Remember the “interview” that Stephen Colbert did with Hannity? LOL!

    Colbert Treats Hannity Like A Prostitute (VIDEO)

    Maybe Palin is going to try it.

  69. 69
    Rosali says:

    She’s not an around-the-way girl. She’s the other way. (Marlo)

    Keith O is getting ready to talk about this with the intro “Mama said knock you out”. More fitting.

  70. 70
    Liberty60 says:

    @furioso ateo:

    Wait, I’m confused. Am I supposed to like “The American Conservative”? Because everytime I’m linked there, it seems sage words are to be found. But then I read it was founded by Pat Buchanana. And then my head hurts.

    Like most commenters, Pat Buchanan can hit the mark once in a while. While he is the bigoted uncle that embarrasses everyone at Thanksgiving, he correctly saw through the nation-building crap that the neocons slipped into conservative circles like a virus.

    I don’t actually read much at TAC except Larison, who is dead on target 90% of the time.

  71. 71

    She may have been the difference between a McCain win or an Obama win, pushing sane undecideds over to our side.

    May have?

    No, Obama & his campaign team were awesome but let us be honest. America realized it was ready for its first black president in part because the alternative was a president, an old president with health issues, who was crazy enough to pick Mrs. Word Salad Shooter as his Veep.

    This is why I don’t understand people who hate McCain. Or the PUMAs, God bless ’em.

  72. 72
    MattR says:

    @Pasquinade: So does that mean next week she is going to interview herself ala Stephen’s Formidable Opponent

  73. 73
    burnspbesq says:

    @furioso ateo:

    We’re DFHs – we are allowed to do nuance and subtlety.

    It is totally OK to like Larison and hate the rest of the crap that spews forth from AmConLand.

  74. 74
    El Cid says:

    @kommrade reproductive vigor: I think we all need to be thankful for (1) the McCain campaign’s general blinding incompetence combined with McCain’s personal battiness; (2) the combined Sarah Palin freakout on interviews / Tina Fey impersonation-fest; and (3) the collapse of the economy occurring before, and not somehow after, the election.

    Maybe McCrazy/Palinocalypse still would have lost, but I’m glad we didn’t have to find out.

  75. 75
    lamh31 says:

    Okay…wait, I’m sure someone else noticed this already, but I didn’t until Keith O just pointed this out. Who’s idea was it to premiere Sarah Palin’s new show on April Fool’s Day!!!


  76. 76


    I put AmConLand into the gps, and now I am totally fucking lost. Again.

  77. 77
    Cat Lady says:

    @furioso ateo:

    Yeah, read some of Buchanan’s stuff at He’s a Nazi sympathizer and a nativist, and he hates him some neocons. Uncle Pat’s a weird dude.

  78. 78
    Mike Kay says:

    @Mnemosyne: okay. I wasn’t clear. my bad. let me put it this way, clown shoes wasn’t raised by Saint Ronnie. To me, seeing a kid for breakfast a 4 weeks out of year isn’t parenting.

  79. 79
    someguy says:

    Larison is cool and all but the paleo-con project he is associated with is the raving anti-semitic and racist heart of conservatism. I feel guilty clicking through there, as if each click onto that site is going to be counted as a vote for the notion that the Holocaust never happened, or at least as a vote for “Hitler wasn’t all that bad, really…”

  80. 80
    Josh Huaco says:

    Larison is a Confederacy apologist, so don’t fall in love with him.

  81. 81
    Martin says:

    Next week, Palin interviews William F. Buckley, Ronald Reagan, and Jesus.

  82. 82
    tomvox1 says:

    When Toby Keith is trying to disassociate himself from Palin, you know that she’s never going to be President/Vice President/Secretary/Dog Catcher/Ms. Congeniality of Jack Shit.

    The fact that Podhoretz prefers a dumb and powerless Israel-firster to a smart fair broker President is mutually exclusive to that and not relevant. It just proves that, for him, the good of the United States is absolutely secondary to Israel’s right to do anything they damn well please to anyone they damn well please at any time they damn well please.

    In short, he is a treacherous neocon asshole who can rationalize anything to suit his venal convictions, AKA a typical member of today’s Right.

  83. 83
    Annie says:

    @Chuck Butcher:

    Willow was caught breaking into a house for the purpose of drinking with her friends; Ms. Sarah’s oldest son apparently had a drug problem before going to Iraq. Bristol had her much publicized baby….One thing that really pisses me off is that Ms. Sarah gets a pass on the “family values” narrative.

    If a progressive candidate had these types of family issues, all hell would break loose — conservatives, particularly the religious right, would be questioning his/her moral compass. They would rant endless about the cultural wars, about taking pray out of public schools, and about the forced separation of church and state…They would attack and attack, linking the inability to guide the family with an inability to guide the country.

    Ms. Sarah has a permanent “get of out school” card…And, she uses it well….

  84. 84
    Annie says:


    I heard it is a panel discussion….

  85. 85
  86. 86
    robertdsc says:

    As attractive as I think she is, the complexity of her fucking-up everything she touches renders me incapable of coherent thought. I wish she would go away.

  87. 87

    I wonder if this is going to grow legs? I plowed through the comments to see if this thing had local credibility, seems to have that. It is scarcely a newsflash that the rich and powerful are treated differently, maybe it ought to be news.

  88. 88
    El Cid says:

    @Cat Lady: Oh, c’mon. Sure Crazy Uncle Pat things the intellekshuls are a bit unjustifiably harsh on Hitler, and Pat admires his spunk, but he’s really a <i>Francisco Franco sympathizer, nay, fan of this “Catholic savior”.

  89. 89
    Pasquinade says:


    Next week, Palin interviews William F. Buckley, Ronald Reagan, and Jesus.


    Sarah’s “news” show is one big Forest Gump movie. I can’t wait until they show Sarah prancing on the moon with Neil Armstrong.

    Wonkette comments:

    Also, too, from Wonkette:

    Sarah: “enough about me, lets talk about what you think of me.”

  90. 90
    Seebach says:

    Is this a joke? Sarah Palin is doing an interview show with clips of old interviews?

    It can’t really be this good, can it?

  91. 91
    Annie says:

    @Chuck Butcher:

    Somehow all of her ethical lapses, lawsuits, family issues, rotten governing skills, reliance on government-provided perks, etc., all fade away.

    She is a case study on the miracles of good PR…and on the complete bankruptcy of the conservative movement…

  92. 92
    Annie says:


    I can’t wait until they show Sarah prancing on the moon with Neil Armstrong

    LOL…However in her defense, she did say she could see the moon from her house…

  93. 93
    IndyLib says:


    The was our very own RedKitten.

    Local commenter Krista, now RedKitten, famously responded, “And when I look out my window I can see the moon. Doesn’t make me a fucking astronaut now, does it?”

  94. 94
    DougL (frmrly: Conservatively Liberal) says:

    Sarah, the grift(er) that keeps on grifting. So Faux is giving her a ‘show’ that’s comprised of footage that’s already in the can? Like from a long time ago? Shit, they must be scared of letting her loose on people in front of a camera.

    Gee… I wonder why? Did they say “Fuck it! We’re not doing it live!”? ;)

    @John W.:

    I know who you are talking about but I was not aware of this. Thanks for the info, credit and kudos where it’s due and all that good stuff. I hope he gets broader recognition for his efforts but I think we know how that stuff goes. DougJ and a few blogs is probably all he is going to get right now.

    Sucks that the M$M pretty much tunes stuff like this out.

    On BillO: Kudos for him doing something really good and decent for someone who really needed it, that was very big of him. It doesn’t change my opinion of him but I do have to say that that was a nice thing to do.

    Edit: Weird but when I clicked on SUBMIT for this post I was redirected to this page. I copied the URL and pasted it into another tab, hit back, reloaded the page and resubmitted the post without a problem.

    Is Pat Buchanan or FAIR taking over here? The horror!

  95. 95
    Pasquinade says:

    Wonkette’s UnattendedConsequence says at 12:50 pm, March 31st, 2010

    In solidarity with Mr. J, I would like it known that I too have not been interviewed by Ms. Palin.

    Also, too, I have not been interviewed by Sarah Pain.

  96. 96


    Sorry, but this is a no brainer, all of the right wing nut job radio hosts would have done this, Hannity, Ingrahm, Limbaugh, every single one of them, cause they could not do anything else, they could not screech “support the troops” and then sit by idly while a father of a fallen marine was charged with the court costs, I am just surprised that Bill got there first to be honest. I am sure, Hannity, Limbaugh et. al. are spouting piss and vinegar cause they didn’t come up with it first.

  97. 97
    El Cid says:


  98. 98
    Pasquinade says:


    Limbaugh is taking his sex vacation this year in Bangkok. Otherwise, I’m sure he would have manned up.

  99. 99
    Mike Kay says:



    talk about copyright infringement

  100. 100
    Citizen_X says:

    he “would rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama”

    Hah! So N-Pod admits that, if they had won, Palin would have shoved McCain down the stairs inside of six months? For once, I agree with him.

  101. 101
    Elie says:


    I’m wicha.

    Got my glass of wine/s

  102. 102
    Elie says:


    LMAO — for sure. Though Cindy may be more Ninja than we know and send ol Miss.Moose down the stairs instead!

  103. 103
    Elie says:

    I have to say tho —

    If I am Sarah — what a horrible reality to know that people — people that you have NEVER ever seen or met, despise you. That is a HUGE psychological stressor that trust me, is negative to a huge huge degree (remember Avagadros number?) Its psychologically and spiritually damaging… by ITSELF —

    One day, we may pitty her and her family

  104. 104
    Texas Dem says:

    I love the idea of doing an “interview” show where the host never actually interviews anyone. Could we call these “virtual” interviews? How fucking stupid is that? I thought the guys at Fox were supposed to be smart operators. They really screwed the pooch on this one.

  105. 105
    jron says:

    so is Jack Welch actually planning to be on the show?

  106. 106
    Steeplejack says:


    To put O’Reilly’s gesture in perspective:

    If he makes $10 million a year, as another poster said–and which I have no idea is true or not–his take-home might be estimated at $10M – 15% (agent) = $8.5M – 40% taxes (assuming his accountants are complete idiots) = $5.1M net, or $425,000 a month.

    His paying the $16,500–which, make no mistake, I think is a damn fine gesture– is the equivalent of you paying $78 if your monthly take-home is $2,000, or $155 if your take-home is $4,000.

  107. 107
  108. 108
    jimBOB says:

    If I am Sarah—- what a horrible reality to know that people—people that you have NEVER ever seen or met, despise you.

    If you’re a true sociopath, you don’t even notice the opinions of others.

    BTW, every famous person has people they’ve never met who hate them. Even people who aren’t famous but who comment on the internets may pick up an anti-amen corner.

  109. 109
    Mike P says:

    @Elie: Wait…what? I’m sorry, but when you go out of your way to provoke and smear MILLIONS of Americans you don’t know, then I have little sympathy for her or her family. One, any politician, especially a vocal pro-life, “family values” conservative politician, has to know what they’re getting themselves into. Two, Sarah Palin makes jokes about coastal elites and divides the country into “Real Americans” and…what, exactly? I suppose less than real Americans, which basically turns out to be, what, I don’t know…the over 50% of the country that you know, VOTED FOR THE OTHER GUY in the presidential election.

    She a talentless, do-nothing hack who came to prominence via no discernible abilities of her own and somehow extended her 15 minutes for another 45. There are lots of public figures out there who may deserve some real sympathy. Sarah Palin and her millions of dollars and fawning base of support is not one of them.

  110. 110
    Brachiator says:


    I wonder if anyone at Fox realizes what a long-term mistake this was.I wonder if anyone at Fox realizes what a long-term mistake this was.

    You know, any problems could be resolved in a hot second if Faux would only put “Real American Stories” behind a paywall.

    Also, too, is Palin going to write her interview questions on her palm?

  111. 111
    GregB says:

    If America were to ever degrade to the point that Sarah Palin was elected president, we would deserve every ounce of Mayan curse apocalyptic shit storm we get.

  112. 112
    YellowJournalism says:


    I can’t wait for her “travel” show.
    I’m picturing her standing in front of a screen onto which old stock footage is projected in an Ed Wood-ian style.

    For some reason, that comment reminded me of an episode of King of the Hill where Luanne did the weather report in front of a blue screen while wearing a dress that was blue except in the busom area, which was stark white. I’m wondering if anyone at Fox has sent Palin that episode with a sticky that says, “Take notes.”

  113. 113
    YellowJournalism says:

    Okay…wait, I’m sure someone else noticed this already, but I didn’t until Keith O just pointed this out. Who’s idea was it to premiere Sarah Palin’s new show on April Fool’s Day

    That’s Fox’s back-up plan. When the show goes south, they can just cry, “April Fools! We sure got you, Lamestream Media.”

  114. 114
    Donald G says:

    @Mark S.:

    What the hell is this show going to consist of? Sarah pretending to interview people?

    My money, such as it is, is on Sarah standing on a set reading intros and outros off a teleprompter to interviews done years before by her “wonderful Fox colleague [insert name here]”. And then after the pieces air, she’ll say something about how proud and honored she is to have been “given the opportunity to present these wonderfully inspiring Real American stories to you.”

    Actually conducting interviews and overseeing the production of the show would’ve been something like work, which is, as we all know, a four-letter word.

  115. 115
    Comrade Kevin says:


    I can’t wait for her “travel” show.
    I’m picturing her standing in front of a screen onto which old stock footage is projected in an Ed Wood-ian style.

    “Look at these beautiful wolves. Now, watch me shoot them from a helicopter.”

  116. 116
    asiangrrlMN says:

    @arguingwithsignposts: Love Lady Smudgey and her new bed.

    As for La Palina, she’s not gonna be prez. Even running for it is hard work. She won’t be able to duck from the ‘lamestream’ media (hey, isn’t she the one who made a fuss over the use of the word retarded?), and she would get eaten up. I refuse to pay any attention to her because she fucking bores me. I would rather listen to Michelle Malkin screech all day long–ok, no, I wouldn’t.

    @HumboldtBlue: Good for him. Seriously.

  117. 117
    jimBOB says:

    Actually, she’s not bad reading off a script, so long as she had nothing to do with writing it. If you remember the initial convention speech didn’t make her look like the sawdust-headed ditz we later saw in the Couric interviews. So as long as she’s just a reader, and it’s not live, she’ll probably do OK. OTOH if it’s she’s expected to talk off-the-cuff (or better, off-the-palm), then it’ll be a trainwreck.

  118. 118
    Zuzu's Petals says:

    @Arkon DougJ:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the insightful review one of its writers gave to Jonah’s opus. Scathing might be too strong a description, but it came close.

  119. 119
    RedKitten says:


    If I am Sarah—- what a horrible reality to know that people—people that you have NEVER ever seen or met, despise you.

    If she went into politics expecting to be universally adored, then she’s a bigger fool than I thought. If you have political fame thrust upon you through no choosing of your own, that’s one thing (see Clinton, Chelsea). But Sarah went into politics of her own volition. She was in smaller politics and knew that a certain degree of unpopularity always comes with the territory. So then she goes and seeks the vice-presidency? No, I don’t feel sorry for her in the least.

    I would hate to think of so many people loathing me. That is why I would never, ever seek political office. Heck, I didn’t like it when Darrell would get mad at me, for pete’s sake.

  120. 120
    fucen tarmal says:

    dammit, this is way to late to be arriving at this party, but….

    “i can represent queens from my house”

    doin it and doin it and doin it well.

  121. 121
    Little Dreamer says:

    @Mike P:

    It’s all games, and usually she is playing different games at different times. She switches from one game to another, so she doesn’t continue the same reality from one game to the next. That is how she can accept so much dissonance in her actions and not feel any guilt about it at all.

    You want her to actually spend time on self-introspection? That’s for liberal ninnies, Sarah Palin don’t need no stinking introspection, she just needs outward signs of affection from the idiots that gather around her to prove she’s doing everything JUST fine!

  122. 122
    AxelFoley says:

    @Bubblegum Tate:

    When I first saw the story that Cool J was gonna be on Caribou Barbie’s show, I thought c’mon, son! But now that the truth has come out and he’s dissed her, I just keep saying, “Eat ‘Em Up L Chill.”

    LMFAO! Jinglin’, Baby!

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