I Don’t Care How – I Want It Now

TNC had an great post pointing out the rank amateurism of the teabaggers. He compared their angry, unhinged protests to the civil rights movement, where every move was carefully planned to portray “solemn restraint”.

A more contemporary comparison is the gay rights movement. In addition to protests, they’re working the mass media, placing tremendous pressure on homophobic school boards and communities by putting sympathetic teenagers on network TV.

I wrote about one case in Mississippi last week. Here’s another one in Georgia. This time, the boy involved will appear on the Ellen show, after some classmates organized a protest against his participation at prom. He seems like a great kid — too bad his dad, a high school math teacher who won “Teacher of the Year”, kicked him out of the house.

Like other minority groups who have experienced the real pain of having their rights violated, and who have been kept down for generations, gays plot each of their moves carefully, because they know how much is at stake.

Faux minorities, who have never experienced a day of hate and denigration, not to mention generations of discrimination, throw “give it to me now” tantrums, and they need to be fed and bussed in to do it.

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