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  1. Moses2317 says:

    Keep calling these folks on health care reform. Let’s win this!!!!!

    Brian Baird – Washington (Vancouver, Olympia) – (202) 225-3536

    Paul Kanjorski – Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Mount Pocono) – 202-225-6511
    District # – 570-496-1011 – they were answering this morning

    John Tanner – Tennessee (Union City, Jackson, Millington) – 202-225-4714

    Earl Pomeroy – North Dakota (Bismarck, Fargo) – (202) 225-2611

    Lincoln Davis – Tennessee (Columbia, Jamestown, Rockwood) – 202.225.6831

    Mike Michaud – Maine (Bangor, Lewiston, Presque Isle, Waterville) – 202-225-6306

    Bill Foster – Illinois (Batavia, Dixon, Geneseo) – (202) 225-2976

    Kathy Dahlkemper – Pennsylvania (Erie) – (202) 225-5406

    Chris Carney – Pennsylvania (Clarks Summit, Shamokin, Williamsport) – (202) 225-3731

    Steve Driehaus – Ohio (Cincinnati) – (202) 225-2216

    Stephen Lynch – Massachusetts (Brockton, Boston) – 202-225-8273

    Rick Boucher – Virginia (Abingdon, Pulaski, Big Stone Gap) – 202-225-3861

    Loretta Sanchez – California (Garden Grove) – (202) 225-2965

    Dan Lipinski – Illinois (LaGrange, Oak Lawn, Chicago’s southwest side) – (202) 225 – 5701

    Joe Donnelly – Indiana (South Bend, LaPorte, Michigan City, Kokomo) – (202) 225-3915

    Marion Berry – Arkansas (Jonesboro, Cabot, Mountain Home) – (202) 225-4076

    Jerry Costello – Illinois (Carbondale, Belleville, E. St. Louis, Granite City, Chester) – (202) 225-5661

    Nick Rahall – West Virginia (Beckley, Bluefield, Huntington, Logan) – (202) 225-3452

    Alan Mollohan – West Virginia (Morgantown, Wheeling, Clarksburg, Parkersburg) – (202) 225-4172

  2. Mike Kay says:

    but the firebaggers and PUMAs tell me Obama is weak and soft and a coward.

    I imagine he’ll have to resign after seeing this threat, being the coward that they keep telling me that he is.

  3. ds says:

    It’s clear that liberals have destroyed the civility in our political debate, so now we’re seeing the unfortunate consequences.

  4. beltane says:

    Oh, McMegan will claim that this is just a fine upstanding citizen who is merely expressing frustration with the CBO’s scoring process. Nothing to see here.

  5. NobodySpecial says:

    Republicans sure don’t care about the deficit, look at all the overtime the Secret Service has to put in to keep up with their base.

  6. Kryptik says:

    No one will denounce this, aside from assholes accusing liberals and pro-reform advocates of being bigots by 1) associating these folks with the Teabaggers, and 2) using the term ‘teabagger’ despite them using the damn term themselves before they realized what they were saying and pulling out every slur imaginable against congressmen and advocates alike. Remember, Obama got 90% of the black vote, so he and his voters are the real racists, not the people who shop Obama as a witch doctor.

    Oh, and Fuck McMegan.

  7. Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    I believe McMeghan’s stated position on political assassination is that democracy leaves people no other choice

  8. Quackosaur says:

    You’d think making a martyr out of Obama would be the last thing that any Republican would want (of course, Democrats would hate it too, but for different, and obvious, reasons). I suppose we are dealing with the crazies, though, so it’s a moot point.

    Remember, Homeland Security was unjustly victimizing those concerned citizens by labeling them as right-wing extremists. They can’t possibly be serious or that insane…

  9. Ash Can says:

    I’m waiting for McMegan to weigh in on some of this stuff.

    I’m sure she’d say that this poor soul was pushed to this extreme by the increasingly blatant anti-free-market totalitarianism of Obama and the rest of the Democrats.

  10. matt says:

    Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) came to the defense of the racists and bigots who shouted slurs at members of Congress Saturday. The Tea Party protesters shouted the ‘n’ word at African American members of Congress the ‘f’ word at an openly gay member.

    Rather than condemn the anachronistic behavior, Nunes blamed the Democrats, saying that they make people do and say crazy things with their tyrannical behavior.

    “When you use a totalitarian tactics, people, you know, begin to act crazy,” Nunes told C-SPAN’s Steve Scully Sunday morning when asked about the slurs. “I think that people have every right to say what they want. If they want to smear someone they can do it. It’s not appropriate–I think I would stop short of characterizing the 20,000 people protesting, that all of them were doing that.”

    Nunes claimed that Democrats were using the racist behavior of health care protesters to distract from the vote itself. “Of course. I think the left loves to play a couple of incidents here or there, anything to draw attention from what they are really doing and that is that they have 250-some democrats in the House. They need 216 Democrats. They do not have them. They are buying votes. Last night at midnight the Rules Committee finished. And for the first time… it is called Slaughter House Rules now, named after the chairwoman of the Committee. This is the first Congress in history where we have not had an open rule in Congress. I do not want to get stuck on procedure, but they never allowed Republicans to offer amendments. Today’s rule that the health care bill is under, that is jokingly being called a super max rule, because we have no ability to even ask the chair anything during the debate. And the debate I think it’s only an hour of debate, for a 1/6 takeover of our economy. This is some crazy totalitarian tactics that they’re engaged in.”


  11. DougJ says:


    What makes you think that twitterer is a woman, let alone black?

    I didn’t catch gender but the twitterer claims to be black.

  12. geg6 says:

    The poor Secret Service is getting a workout this week. They are unsung heroes these days, for sure. These people are just nuts. It’s very frightening but it doesn’t scare me enough to back down. If anything, it makes me even more determined to prevail.

  13. sloan says:

    The bittercling is strong in this one.

    Republicans are fighting a short term political battle to get them through the midterms. Democrats are fighting a long term policy war. It looks like the wingnuts are only just now beginning to understand this.

    Elections come and go but HCR will be here to stay.

  14. Fitzwili says:

    Hi left this on other thread but I called SS and talked to a very nice agent – I emailed him the link and I also contacted Twitter’s legal department.
    He promptly emailed me back and said he was going to follow up on it.

  15. TR says:

    McMegan would probably defend assassination of elected officials as a product of the magical invisible hand of the almighty free market. It’s soc!alism to try and interfere with what individuals want to do with their time.

  16. matt says:

    One angle that confuses is me when people do these things that cause them to attract Secret Service attention is that it costs money to investigate these people.

    Same with the wingnuts complaining about the census. I’m a census supervisor, and we have to pay our enumerators to go to people’s houses that fail or give incomplete information, up to six times if necessary.

    With the rates of my area, if someone were try to completely obstruct, it would cost close to 200 bucks of labor, per person.

    Where’s the fiscal conservatism there?

  17. Jim C. says:


    Solly sounds like a female name to me, and I never said she was black.

    But you’re right. Could be a guy just as easily.

  18. kth says:

    @DougJ: my point exactly; “claims” would seem to be the operative word here. On the internet, everyone is a black female conservative.

  19. JenJen says:

    Steve Benen posted a very interesting account of yesterday’s events from a faithful reader who works on the Hill. Read the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt:

    It was ugly up here today. A complete disrespect for the people and institutions. The well-reported racial slurs and attacks on Barney Frank’s sexuality, but also the little things. At 9am some Tea Partiers were putting a paper placard above a Member’s name outside his door that said “I am stupid” and taking a photo. I shook my head at the disrespect and after I turned the corner, yelled at my back was, “You don’t agree? Then you are, too.”
    Or at lunch when my colleague was “boxed out” from the Coke machine by a group of Tea Partiers who used their bodies to keep him from buying a Coke.
    Or when I left today and the Capitol grounds were littered w/ trash and discarded protest signs.
    Unfortunately I have more stories like that, but you get the idea…. I wonder if I’m watching the death throes of Movement Conservatism up close and personal.

  20. Kryptik says:


    How the fuck is this tenable, when your colleagues are willing to justify your people called the f-word, n-word, facist, tyrant, etc. because he doesn’t like you or your party colleagues? How the fuck do you justify this, what kind of soulless people lay the blame on the Democrats for being called this crap over lies upon lies?

    God fucking christ, I can’t stand this anymore.


    Unfortunately, they seem intent on taking the rest of the nation down with them to justify their insanity.

  21. Carol says:

    The Republican leadership is playing with nuclear fire on this one. If anything happens to Obama, everything he ever wants will be enacted by the following Congress, which will be overwhelmingly Democratic, they will completely lose the Xers and Millennials forever, and the next time there’s a Republican President will be when the current crop of contenders are all dead.

    The teabaggers are mostly old white folks who are reaching the end of their useful lifetime, and there aren’t enough home-schooled Christian types to take their place, or vote for them. A factoid: this year more children born this year are minority than white, which means a minority majority electorate in 18 years. How can pandering to racists help them win seats in the long run?

    Also, thanks to Osama’s antics, the President and the security agencies have a lot of draconian powers they can exercise now to clamp down on the neo-Confederate groups, militias, and the like. Instead of being acquitted by sympathetic juries, anyone pulling stuff like this off and their helpers will find themselves entombed in Supermax, either until the date with the needle or the date Satan comes to claim their souls.

  22. Martian Buddy says:

    It occurred to me last night that if the bill passes, some bitter gun-clinger somewhere might decide the only thing left to do is shoot Obama before he can sign the bill. It’s still a shock to see a fucking twitter page exhorting the moody-loners-with-guns crowd to do the deed. I mean, what are we now, a fucking banana republic?! When did it become acceptable to openly advocate shooting democratically-elected representatives?

  23. loretta says:

    I tweeted the Sully fraud – she/he claims to be black and I suspect it’s a spoof, but it’s disgusting. He/she should be banned, deleted and lose his ISP for a year.

    Also, too, who did MM have to blow (daily? monthly?) to get that gig? She is a terrible writer, never mind an idiot.

  24. batgirl says:

    @Martian Buddy: Yes, we have become a banana republic. Threatening to shoot the president is patriot. Yelling racist, sexist and homophobic slurs at our elected representatives is an expression of frustration caused by said congressman and a valid form of expression. Liberals protesting the war are DFHs and committing treason.

  25. Folderol and Ephemera says:

    @Jim C.:

    Please arrest this woman and lock her up.

    I think that arresting and locking up Megan McArdle is a bit of an extreme reaction. It’s not illegal to be such a bad blogger.

  26. ruemara says:

    I’m reporting this shit too. A large part of the feed is calling for shooting Barack Obama. This is bullshit.

  27. freelancer says:


    This could all have been avoided if Rep James Clyburn would just apologize to the Tea Party.

    “Dear Unhinged Shit-kickers,
    I am deeply Sorry that the President, the CBC, and myself, are about to drink your milkshakes while black. That has got to sting, and know in your grief, that you will find a reasonable and productive outlet for your butthurt.
    Rep. James “Dyno-MITE!” Clyburn”

  28. Jim, Foolish Literalist says:

    @debit: I hope it sticks, and they’re paying lip service to distancing themselves, but almost no one in the MSM will/can draw the connection between Palin, McCain, Grassley et al babbling about death panels and the other idiots wanking on about soshullism and these idiots. The pundits are as guilty as the pols.

  29. Carol says:

    They are hoping a deranged black person actually does it-which is why they are pretending that the twitterer is black. Two activists in my town were killed by “deranged” black people-two people who were working for peace and for housing for the poor. It’s bitterly cynical-they are trying to get someone like that because they are disposable types who can be conveniently “killed” by the police once they do the deed or buried alive in prison or a mental hospital.

  30. sloan says:

    @JenJen: It’s like the 2008 campaign all over again, with Angry White Folk raging against minorities, women, gays, immigrants and the poor. HCR is a proxy for all of their hateful little culture war fetishes – and they are losing.

    The HCR war is bigger than health care, and bigger than any politician or election. Conservatives know this now, and have no clue how to respond when all the tricks they’ve used for the last 70 years have failed (knock on wood). They are going insane.

    I keep hearing that Romney will be the ’12 nominee but I have my doubts. I don’t think he’ll be crazy enough for them.

  31. kdaug says:


    Instead of being acquitted by sympathetic juries, anyone pulling stuff like this off and their helpers will find themselves entombed in Supermax…

    There won’t even need to be a trial. Making “terroristic threats” is, by definition, terrorism.

    We are at War with Terror.

    These people are therefore “enemy combatants”.


    I’ve never been much of a fan of rendition, but in this case…

  32. gf120581 says:

    I wonder if these deranged teabaggers fantasizing about assassinating Obama even consider the fact that doing so would be the worst possible thing they could do for their cause? After all, part of the reason LBJ was able to get the civil rights legislation and Great Society legislation through Congress was evoking the memory of the slain Kennedy. Do you guys really think that, say, a President Biden might not be able to do the same thing? Don’t you think that if one of you psychos actually pulled it off, your movement would be discredited and despised, the GOP would be running for cover like scared rats and the Dems would be carrying on Obama’s agenda in the name of the slain President?

    I guess not. But then, rational thought process doesn’t go well with these guys. After all, rational people do not fantasize about killing the President.

  33. JenJen says:

    @sloan: Exactly right. It also goes to show that, as we have said since February of 2009, the Teabaggers don’t give the first shit about spending, the deficit, or health care reform. As we’ve said all along, these are the same people who populated the Palin Rallies in October of 2008. Nothing more, nothing less, and they’ll go down in defeat now, just like they did then.

    As far as Romney, it will be interesting to watch, since he’s pledging to run on repeal of health care reform. He voted for it (in Mass.) before he campaigned to repeal it. Plouffe is gonna drink that milkshake, for sure. :-)

  34. cincyanon says:

    I read the twitter feed and noticed something odd. A lot of commentors there started off with a qualifier like “As a literate black American, I…” or “This proud black American thinks…”
    Is that a new tactic or one that’s just coming back around?
    I remember trolls in the run up to the 2008 election using qualifiers like “As a lifelong Democrat…” or “I’m a democrat but..”

  35. debit says:

    @Kryptik: I don’t think they will walk away unscathed. Look at McCain: primary with a teabagger. LIndsay Graham: found out what town halls are going to be like for everyone now, D or R. It’s like dating a socipath. Sure, they may kill people, but only the ones who piss them off and you would never do that. Trouble is, they like being angry and will finds things to be pissed off about. And if you ever burn dinner, or come home late, or don’t say “good morning”…

  36. tc125231 says:

    @Folderol and Ephemera: I think it would be enough to make her read the entire body her own drivel 10 times in a row, and then answer questions on it.

    Of course, this would be a death sentence, since it would cause her brain to implode. The stuff is toxic.

  37. Kryptik says:


    They probably wont’ care though, as long as they ‘Win’. As long as they stick it to Dems, liberals, and just plain sane people, it’ll be worth it, because they won and ensured the safety of their glibertarian ideals.

  38. nancydarling says:

    All of this and the brick through Slaughter’s office window reminds me of Kristallnacht. This won’t end with the vote this afternoon. Just finished reading Ian McEwan’s “Black Dogs” and two words in the book sent a chill deep into my soul that I have not been able to shake—Auslander raus—foreigner out. We have so many problems that require people of good will to work together to solve. We have to remember that there are more of us than them. Here’s a quote from Howard Zinn to cheer us up:

    An optimist isn’t necessarily a blithe, slightly sappy whistler in the dark of our time. To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness. What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places–and there are so many–where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.

  39. someguy says:

    It was ugly up here today. A complete disrespect for the people and institutions.

    Yeah, well, that’s just what you get with scumbag repukes. They’re moral filth, and for once, you’re getting to see what lurks in the heart of the typical Republican voter. Like what you see? Then vote Romney, 2012. Otherwise…

  40. JenJen says:

    More reports of teabagging shenanigans yesterday:

    A staffer in Rep. Anthony Weiner’s office reported a stream of hostile encounters with tea partiers roaming the halls of Congress. The less harmful stuff was mockery. But they left a couple of notes behind. One asked what Rahm Emanuel did with Weiner in the shower, in a reference to mess around ex-Rep Eric Massa. It was signed with a swastika, the staffer said. The other note called the congressman “Schlomo Weiner,” among other hate-filled words.
    Rep. Jose Serrano was so disturbed, he called to relay his own unpleasant encounter with a Tea Party activist who accosted him outside, when Serrano went for a stroll near the rally.
    “The Capitol there was pretty ugly,” Serrano sad. “They were shouting, ‘Don’t take away my Medicare, we don’t want socialism, you’re throwing our country away.’”
    “There was a person who saw me go by, and called me a bunch of things, and ended calling me an elitist pig with a cutesy haircut,” Serrano, of the Bronx, said.

  41. JenJen says:

    @cincyanon: Maybe they’ve gone from “I’m no racist! I have black friends!” to “I actually am black!”

    It’s fucking weird.

    Ya know, one way to know for certain that the racial epithets yesterday really happened? I don’t see Malkin posting anything about “they’re calling us raaaaaaaaaacists” today. She actually almost knows better.

    ETA: Hoping DougJ’s around to liberate my previous comment from moderation jail.

  42. wenchacha says:

    I’ve just finished watching the doc “Hair, Let the Sun Shine In,” on Sundance. I never knew that the show attracted so many death threats and bomb threats; I thought only DFHs were the bad guys back in the Good Old Days.

    They interview one former cast member whose wife and baby died in a fire at the cast’s hotel in Ohio. He had asked his wife to stay home with the baby that evening, following a week of bomb threats at the theater. Other castmates also lost family members in the fire. Arson was suspected, and the case was never solved.

    If people could get that nut-assed crazy over a freaking musical, back in those more-repressed 60s, wtf is to stop anyone today when we have a President who dares to be non-white and have a furner for a father? I know it’s a pipe-dream, but I would like just One Lucid Republican (if one does indeed exist,) to tell the GOP to stop playing this dangerous escalation game and STFU.

    Nice touch that the Teabaggers leave all their trash behind to be cleaned up with taxpayer funds. What a bunch of D-bags.

  43. Carol says:


    kdaug, they don’t realize that America really voted for Obama, and would support any and all efforts to suppress whatever it was that hurt him. Nor do they know or acknowledge the legal precedents of detention or rendition that away folks that really get out of hand in a dangerous way.

  44. JenJen says:

    @wenchacha: My father was an old-school DJ, and when I was younger and first discovering the Beatles, he told me that whenever he played John Lennon’s “Imagine,” the studio phones would explode with callers saying “Take that commie pinko atheist crap off the air NOW you anti-American piece of shit.”

    He always said he got a kick out of it. :-)

    I never, ever understood it at the time, as in, “how could people hate that beautiful song?” but I do now. Some things never change.

  45. Nylund says:

    The liberals are scared that conservatives might start (or continue) shooting and killing people over their delusional ideas.

    All conservatives have to fear is the realization that when HCR passes, besides a few friends keeping their insurance, little else will really change, thus proving that their paranoid delusions are all BS and that their leaders and heroes have continually lied to them (while passing the donation plate around).

    I won’t be surprised if more than a few crazies crack long before they realize they were simply just crazy the whole time.

  46. Carol says:


    “As a literate black American, I…” or “This proud black American thinks…”

    They are so ignorant they don’t realize that no real African-American would talk that way. Obama won about 98% of our vote, even some of the ones that routinely vote Republican: and btw, I bet they have lost a lot of black Republicans over this stunt. Even Colin Powell probably has some regrets now: if he was a Democrat he could have been the first black VP under Clinton or Gore, and could have run in 2008 instead of Obama as the old reliable moderate. He could have had a career in the Senate, or been a Governor. Instead he gets only appointed jobs and dissed by the very party that he supported.

    Try dissing Obama around my family and friends. While some people may disagree about this or that-no President is perfect, he’s like one of the family to us.

  47. b-psycho says:


    “The Capitol there was pretty ugly,” Serrano sad. “They were shouting, ‘Don’t take away my Medicare, we don’t want soshalism”

    …fucking idiots. Like they “earned” Medicare somehow.

  48. slag says:


    “Dear Unhinged Shit-kickers,
    I am deeply Sorry that the President, the CBC, and myself, are about to drink your milkshakes while black. That has got to sting, and know in your grief, that you will find a reasonable and productive outlet for your butthurt.
    Rep. James “Dyno-MITE!” Clyburn”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Awesome! The “Dyno-MITE!” at the end just killed me. All in the details.

  49. DougJ says:


    So, the first week or so after 9/11, I heard the Neil Young 9/11 concert version of that all over the radio in Georgia on stations that seemed to have a conservative bent. Lasted about a week. I’m sure they got calls.

  50. JenJen says:

    @DougJ: Kind of like how the Dixie Chicks’ “Travelin’ Soldier” was a huge country radio hit, until…

    There’s really nothing to do but laugh.

  51. JenJen says:

    @Scott: That’s a great read over at Jezebel. Thank you!

    Loved how he backtracked, tweeting that “no good American would ever want to see something happen to our POTUS,” and Jezebel responded in the obvious: “Uh, maybe the President would respect your opinion more if you didn’t, you know, encourage people to kill him. Just a thought.”

  52. JAHILL10 says:

    I think freelancer wins the thread if not the internets for Clyburn apology. Thanks for the belly laugh!

  53. Kyle says:

    Yes, we have become a banana republic. Threatening to shoot the president is patriotic.

    And crashing a plane into a government office is considered even more patriotic, if you’re white and don’t like paying taxes.

    ‘Don’t take away my Medicare, we don’t want soshalism’

    These people are thermonuclear stupid.

  54. Mike G says:

    “The Capitol there was pretty ugly,” Serrano sad. “They were shouting, ‘Don’t take away my Medicare, we don’t want soshalism”

    But St. Reagan claimed in the mid-60s that Medicare would destroy America and turn it into a communist dictatorship. Someone should dig up some quotes.

  55. Evolved Deep Southerner says:

    It is indeed a small world. First I find that I know dengre from “back in the day” in Athens. Then my very own state representative – Michael Harden, (R-Ga. 28th) – gets referenced in some Twitter from a crazy person. (She misspelled his name as “hardin,” but anyway.)

    I’d never write the douchebag under normal circumstances – why waste the pixels? – but I sent him a note earlier this afternoon.

    “Rep. Harden,

    I didn’t know if you had seen this, and I hope you get to see it before it all gets taken down:


    She gives you a shout-out right before some pro-assassination messages that will – absolute best case, for her – get this woman a visit from the Secret Service. I got it from one of the socialist/communist/leftist/fascist blogs I read daily. This particular blog (balloon-juice.com) got 1.2 million visits in February, so it’s not exactly a small one.

    I know you can’t help what some nut posts on her Twitter account, and though I disagree with every political tenet you say you hold dear, I don’t believe in “guilt by association.” That’s why I’m sending you this. If you get ahead of this kind of thing, and renounce it, perhaps the 28th can avoid another black eye. Or perhaps you agree with it. Or perhaps you don’t, but you know this kind of thing plays well with the white trash in the district. I never have known where you really stood on anything.

    Do with it what you please. And please don’t write me back or contact me in any way. I don’t want to hear from you or anyone who admires your politics.”

    For what good it does, I’ve done my civic duty.

  56. cliff says:


    Even Colin Powell probably has some regrets now: if he was a Democrat he could have been the first black VP under Clinton or Gore, and could have run in 2008 instead of Obama as the old reliable moderate. He could have had a career in the Senate, or been a Governor. Instead he gets only appointed jobs and dissed by the very party that he supported.

    um, he supported Obama….

    he was just on bloomberg, it was quite a interesting interview.


  57. Grumpy Code Monkey says:


    And rape victims bring it on themselves by dressing like sluts; never mind all the men who didn’t lose complete control by seeing a little leg. The victim is always to blame.

  58. chris says:

    I don’t deny how ugly it’s getting, but is Sally Forell a random wingnut, or somebody with a following?

  59. maus says:


    I don’t deny how ugly it’s getting, but is Sally Forell a random wingnut, or somebody with a following?

    “Solomon”, not Sally. He seems to be a random wingnut, someone probably came across through the usual twitter searches and tags.

  60. Evolved Deep Southerner says:

    I am just astounded that not only is the damn Twitter Feed still up and extant, this person is just digging and digging and digging.

    Shit fuckamighty. Keep on, Solly.

  61. JGabriel says:

    Well, Solly’s page is gone now. I wonder if Twitter removed it for breaking its terms and conditions, or if they removed it at the request of the Secret Service / Treasury Dept.


  62. johnnybnike says:

    I can’t agree with people using vulgarities in the comment section. Here’s why. Gods name or his presence has nothing to do with your comments, why bring him into it. I have died on the table and seen him. He does not belong in this thread. Contritely, I also do not want to read your BS, if it is deragatory in your terms, it is meaningless except to result in embarassment for the readers.

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