A big thick slice of middle-class America

It’s been a long week, already, so I’m going to unwind by dumping some Bobo on y’all without adding any commentary of my own:

I would say the typical golfer at my local course, the Falls Road Golf Course in Potomac, Md., is a 37-year-old Indian-American guy with a mid-range S.U.V. who works in I.T. at an office park and buys into the dream of white-collar America. He’ll be in a foursome with some of his buddies, then there will be a foursome of high school boys, then there will be two older couples playing together, then four women who play together once a week and finally there will be my wife and me in a pair waiting 20 minutes to tee off while those in front of us bounce shots from one side of the fairway to another.

In my experience, in short, golf is a big thick slice of middle-class America.

I don’t know why this amuses me but it does.

Update. I may as well inflict this upon you as well. In for a penny…

Several years ago, I arrived in Madison, Wis., for a conference. It was Saturday morning, and as my taxi got close to campus, I noticed people dressed in red walking in the same direction. At first it was a trickle, then thousands. It looked like the gathering of a happy Midwestern cult, though, of course, it was the procession to a football game.

Pet Rescue Open Thread

Been a while since we had a nice rescue story, so I dug one out of the email vault:

On Sunday Brad walked by that pet place on 81st and Amsterdam and asked them if they had any dogs (there were lots of cats up for adoption). Doug, the dog guy, said that he would have one in a few minutes when she came back from her walk. Brad called us and said come and see. So we did. They told us she answers to Bella. She was rescued from a kill shelter 9 days or something before and she’d just been spayed.

I thought Bella was cute and sweet but Brad wasn’t quite convinced and Rosie [our 8-y.o. daughter] was just a little shy with her (Bella is young, 8 months, and still in that puppy chewing on the hand stage and she is about 35 pounds of puppy muscle).

We thought about it and then went to visit another dog rescue place on Broadway (they had small, older dogs). Then we talked about it and went back. We took Bella to Riverside Park with Shelly, a woman from the rescue organization. Bella did very well, no dog conflicts, no barking like crazy at squirrels or birds, etc. A larger aggressive dog approached and she turned around, so that’s a good sign.

As luck would have it, Rosie was walking her when Bella ran up to a little white dog and started to play a little. I was jumping in the middle since we didn’t really know how Bella would do with dogs yet, especially little dogs, and I said, “Sorry!” without even looking. The other dog’s owner said, “it’s okay,” and we went our separate ways. Then Shelly said, “Wasn’t that Gloria Steinem?” I looked back and sure enough, it was her (and she looked really good for being about 75 years old!)

Of course we thought about Bella Abzug! A good Upper West Side connection for sure, so I’m liking the name more and more (aside from the fact that it’s quite beautiful!)

By the time we got back, Doug was asking us to foster Bella for the week, with his normal dog kennel place in Brooklyn full. Bella seems fairly civilized, although she did pee in the house a few times. No poop though. Life with a little one. She’s ours!

I’m off to rot my mind in front of the television. No cable news, though!

Around the way girl

You’ve probably been following this too. It reminds me of that Twitter dispute Joe Biden had with Snoop Dogg.

I’ve been suffering from Palin fatigue for some time now. But good God, she was almost vice-president, may still become president (I doubt it, but Nate Silver thinks it’s possible), and she’s now engaged in a PR war not only with her daughter’s baby daddy but with LL Cool J and Toby Keith.

And one of the leading lights of what some call “conservative intellectualism” says he “would rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama”.

We all get sick of talking about Sarah Palin. But, seriously, let this sink in. And then tell me you’re not a Mayan at heart.

Update. At the request of readers, I have replaced the link to N-Pod’s crazy WSJ piece with a link to Larison excoriating said crazy WSJ piece.

Sadly, Al Gore is Still Fat, So I’m Not Sure Anyone Will Care

I’m sure the media and right wing blogs will give this the same amount of attention they gave the climate change denialists will ignore this completely:

The UK scientist at the center of the “Climategate” controversy over leaked e-mails has been cleared of hiding or manipulating data by a parliamentary committee.

But lawmakers who had been investigating the row over global warming science said in a report published Wednesday that climate scientists must publish all their raw data and methods to ensure the research is “irreproachable.”


The Commons report said the leaked emails suggested a “blunt refusal” by Jones to share scientific data but its chairman Phil Willis said there was no evidence that Jones hid or manipulated data to back up his own science.

If the NY Times behavior in the ACORN case is any example, I’m pretty sure they will get around to clarifying their part in the climate change denialist binge around the time Manhattan is submerged by ten feet of sea water. And, in fairness, if they continue to employ Douthat, Brooks, and Friedman, I’m ok with that outcome.

Whatever Happened to the Goldberg Theorem?

Remember this (from Glenn Greenwald, who, I have been reliably informed by some of you, never has a kind word for Obama nor has ever defended him):

Last Thursday, when the Dow was dropping to roughly 8,600, various right-wing polemicists claimed that the stock market was plummeting because investors were realizing that Obama would likely win and his policies would be bad for the economy. The Right’s leading intellectual historian, Jonah Goldberg, wrote a post he entitled “The Obama Discount,” and printed this email:

    When are people going to start talking about the REAL reason the markets are down – Obama up in polls. If I was McCain, I’d start telling people, “If you want to lose more money, vote Obama.”

Though Jonah said he had “no idea whatsoever if there’s merit to this, and if there is how much merit,” he nonetheless noted that he was receiving “lots of email like this” — presumably from other geniuses who write emails sharing their economic theories with Jonah Goldberg.

Oddly enough, the Goldberg Theorem never gets trotted out for stuff like this:

Stocks post best first quarter gains in more than a decade

The stock market is taking some ages-old advice to heart: everything in moderation.

Stocks on Wednesday ended a first quarter that many investors and analysts would describe as healthy. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up 4.9% by amassing a string of steady gains that were far from the supersized jumps seen in 2009.

The Dow Jones industrials are up 4.1%, but with unremarkable gains of 50 points here and 15 there. They’ve had few of the triple-digit swings that used to be commonplace.

The market’s relative tranquility has made many analysts upbeat about the chances that its gains will hold. They say investors now have realistic not overoptimistic expectations. And the market has gotten used to the idea of a bumpy economic recovery, including the continuing struggles of the housing market. But analysts warn, for stocks to extend their January-March gains, investors will need to see employers hiring again.

Remember a month after the inauguration and Malkin when was blaming the Bush recession’s market collapse on Obama? Good times. Good times.

The World’s Biggest Clown Show

Stung by the stories about the RNC paying for $2,000.00 binges at bondage themed strip clubs (of course this shit starts AFTER I become a Democrat), the Republicans unleash their vaunted oppo research team:

The DNC spent at least $2,204,000 for luxury hotels & caterers, Including:

The DNC has spent at least $423,000 at Mandarin Oriental Hotels. (Federal Elections Commission, www.fec.gov, accessed: 3/31/10)

The DNC spent at least $530,000 at Hilton Hotels. (Federal Elections Commission, www.fec.gov, accessed: 3/31/10)

The DNC spent at least $7,000 at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. (Federal Elections Commission, www.fec.gov, accessed: 3/31/10)

So the Republican response to blowing a wad of cash at a strip club is “the Democrats pay hotel bills!”

The entire Republican party has been taken over by Red State commenters.

Blame The Fags!

The human cesspool you all know and love as Bill Donohoe has an awesome take on the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals- it wasn’t pedophilia, it was faggotry! Not kidding:

Roberts: Bill is good but you cannot link homosexuality to a pedophilia crisis in the Catholic Church.

Bill Donohue: It’s not a pedophilia… most of the victims were post pubescent…

Roberts: You know…

Donohue: You’ve got to get your facts straight. I’m sorry. If I’m the only one that’s going to deal with facts tonight so be it. The vast majority of the victims are post pubescent. That’s not pedophilia buddy. That’s homosexuality.

I’ll just stop here without any additional comment lest my non-existent militant atheism give some of you more delicate flowers the vapors.