Note to SC Politicians

NO MORE HIKING. Especially with young co-eds.

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    The Populist says:

    She’s cute. I really hope holy Joe Wilson is caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    They can cry and whine and obfuscate but really they show their true selfish nature when caught in compromising positions.

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    Max says:

    So funny. I see the SC GOP censured Huckleberry Hound again too.

    What a joke that state is. Too bad, because between the upstate and Charleston, its beautiful.

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    The Populist says:

    @Max: I agree, I even LOVE going to Mississippi and driving the roads along the river.

    The problem always comes back to meeting people who have a stick up their butt about the way this country should be run vs. reality. Conservatives truly live in a fantasy world and maybe all these nice places make them more clueless than usual?

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    freelancer says:

    Mr. Wilson has apparently found his own Chunky Reese Witherspoon. Let’s hope they don’t get snowed in and pull a Donner Party, when she really masticates on his neck.

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    SteveinSC says:

    @Max: What, where? I live between the two and I thought they had to be better than here. The upstate is full of the “duelling banjos” crowd and the coast is full of yankees (and rednecks) who don’t want to pay taxes. The state has come under republican domination over the last 40 years, and bad as it was then, it’s worse off now, far worse off, than before.

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    Annie says:

    Is there some law in SC that states it is illegal for an elected official to “hike” with his wife?

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    shortstop says:

    Do people your age really say “coed”? That term was coined in the 1920s when men and women attending college together was a novelty, and I thought it went out 40 years ago. Wait, you’re being saucily ironic, right?

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    dmsilev says:

    @Annie: Or if he is really hiking as opposed to “hiking”, his kids. Or his grandkids, for that matter (per Wiki).


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    cmorenc says:

    I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explaination for this…somewhere. Joe Wilson’s still working on the “somewhere” part, and as soon as he’s ready to inform us what that is, I’m sure he’ll twit…er twitter us about that.

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    Elisabeth says:

    Not just a “young co-ed” but a former intern in DC for a Congressman. Hmmm…

  11. 11
    Martin says:

    @shortstop: I think coed has been marketed to refer to 18 year old females that like to show their goods on camera.

  12. 12
    dmsilev says:

    On a somewhat related note, the ‘talk to hot women’ ad currently gracing the sidebar reminds me of this recent Onion story.


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    Violet says:

    Clearly his wife is just for breeding and raising the kids. Here’s how he refers to his wife on the occasion of their anniversary:

    I am grateful today, my 32nd anniversary, my wife Roxanne has done well raising four sons with three great daughters-in-law, 5 grands!

    Good to know raising the kids is wimmin’s work. Menfolk don’t get involved except for the occasional trip behind the woodshed for a whuppin, of course.

  14. 14
    Admiral_Komack says:

    “You lie!”


  15. 15
    dmsilev says:

    @Violet: Don’t be silly. I’m sure he expects her to cook and do housework as well.


  16. 16
    Indie Tarheel (mobile) says:

    Now his “You LIE! moment makes sense – he was projecting.
    They must make that a requirement or something, also, too.

  17. 17
    shortstop says:

    @shortstop: I think coed has been marketed to refer to 18 year old females that like to show their goods on camera.

    There’s an idea. President’s Scold Gone Wild: Wilson Spotted Schmoozing Fetching Flasher.

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    jeffreyw says:

    On an altogether unrelated note, young Ezra throws down the gauntlet:

    The blogosphere is oddly thick with cat owners, but this is just one more reason dog people are better than cat people.

  19. 19

    Joe hopes to explore Maryanna’s Trench.

  20. 20
    Emma says:

    Good golly. Isn’t it just a tad early in the year for South Carolina to be flashing ass?

  21. 21
    Annie says:


    Yep, them Republicans sure know how to sweet talk to their women….Helps to keep them in their place — home and off the “hiking” trail.

  22. 22
    PaulW says:

    Should Joe Wilson convert to Buddhism to cleanse his corrupt Christian soul?

  23. 23
    General Winfield Stuck says:

    @kommrade reproductive vigor:

    Joe hopes to explore Maryanna’s Trench.

    with his yellow submarine

    his yellow submarine

  24. 24
    General Winfield Stuck says:


    Ezra is right. Only cause you can’t walk the cat.

  25. 25
    shortstop says:

    @Violet: “Three great daughters-in-law and one bitch we can’t stand. Or one wife named Bob that Roxanne and I don’t talk about.”

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    danimal says:

    What’s the CA equivalent of hiking the Appalachian Trail?

  27. 27
    Violet says:

    Heh, was thinking the same thing.

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    Mike in NC says:

    What a joke that state is. Too bad, because between the upstate and Charleston, its beautiful.

    It was reported today that Rep. Henry Jones (R-SC) is retiring. He’s a 74-year-old crackpot and neo-Confederate, so good riddance. They’ll probably just elect some teabagger to replace him. My own congressman is one of those two-faced Blue Dogs who’ll vote for any Pentagon boondoggle but is against affordable health care.

  30. 30
    Violet says:

    Isn’t it hiking the Pacific Crest Trail?

  31. 31
    Corner Stone says:


    On a somewhat related note, the ‘talk to hot women’ ad currently gracing the sidebar

    It’s about time someone helped me learn how to do this! Thank you PW!

  32. 32

    @PaulW: A lot of win there, PW.

    This is the best twitter by a twit I could wish for in the new year. ‘You lie’ indeed.

  33. 33
    Mike Kay says:


    Man, the Firebaggers are gonna be pissed. They love their poodies.

  34. 34
    Elisabeth says:

    @General Winfield Stuck: Ahem, I walk mine all the time. Sam, however, does not like to go face-first into the snow; I find it hysterical.

  35. 35
    The Populist says:


    and bad as it was then, it’s worse off now, far worse off, than before.

    The sad part is these selfish idiots do not see the damage they are causing. Oh well…

  36. 36

    I’m sure there will be yet another open thread tonight, but unfortunately I have work. So completely OT: my cousin (recovering from H1N1) was suppose to go home from the rehab hospital today but demanded to go home yesterday and they accommadated her. She’s fiesty and I really believe that spirit is what has gotten her from coma to recovery in record time. They’ve made a big batch of Italian food to help get weight back on her. She has a ways to go, but she’s home and that’s amazing.

  37. 37
    Elisabeth says:

    @Bad Horse’s Filly:

    Wow! Best wishes for her continued recovery.

  38. 38
    Ash Can says:


    Oh horseshit; let them hike their sorry pathetic asses all the way to fucking Pluto. The nation will be clearly better off in the long run.

    And “co-eds?” Wow, haven’t heard that one in ages.

  39. 39
    ajr22 says:

    Go Hawks!! That is all.

  40. 40
    phoebes-in-santa fe says:

    @dmsilev: That is waaay funny. Thanks for linking.

  41. 41
    GregB says:

    She’s lucky she’s with Joe Wilson and not Joe Scarborough.

    Joe Wilson: You lied!

    Joe Scarborough: You died!


  42. 42
    Ash Can says:

    @Bad Horse’s Filly: That’s aces!

  43. 43
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    @BHF: Yay your cousin! I hope her recovery continues fast and completely. From what you say about her, I know it will. And with friends and relatives like you in her cheering section, she’s just that much closer to getting past this thing.

  44. 44
    HRA says:

    @Bad Horse’s Filly:

    Best wishes to your cousin. Great news!

  45. 45

    @Bad Horse’s Filly: Major fucking awesome! So glad to hear your cuz is doing so well.

    As for Joe “You Lie!” Wilson…dumb as bricks, that one. Hiking, my ass!

    And, my bro uploaded all the food pics from our trip thus for onto Flickr (for those who are not on FB). Enjoy. Actually, this is only a portion of the food pics.

    And, I can walk my Raven…I just walk–and he follows me.

  46. 46
    AhabTRuler says:

    @General Winfield Stuck: Cat walks you, rather. Henri likes to go walkies, longtime.

  47. 47
    General Winfield Stuck says:


    Henri is a cool cat. I stand corrected.

  48. 48
    Max says:

    @SteveinSC: I just think the area is cool. I’ve had a lot of fun in Greenville and Charleston, the rest of the state, not so much.

    I have family in Florence. Don’t like it there.

  49. 49
    jeffreyw says:

    @asiangrrlMN: Yay! Now captions!

  50. 50
    gnomedad says:

    Longer Joe Wilson: “Hahahaha, look at meee! I could eat a baby on the Capitol steps and the wingers would swoon at my patriotism! IOKIYAR, bitches!”

    How long before we hear that the libruls are trying to crucify him over this innocent coaching relationship?

  51. 51
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    @AhabTRuler: If this were an open thread, I would beg prettily for a picture of Henri. As it is, I’ll just send strong Thought Vibey Things in your direction.

  52. 52

    @jeffreyw: Yeah. That’s probably my job. My bro, not so good at that stuff.

    @SiubhanDuinne: Click his name and check out the video of Henri mewing! Precious.

  53. 53
    Notorious P.A.T. says:

    Do people your age really say “coed”? That term was coined in the 1920s when men and women attending college together was a novelty, and I thought it went out 40 years ago. Wait, you’re being saucily ironic, right?

    Well said.

  54. 54
    HRA says:


    Awesome pics! They look like pics from a food magazine or cookbook. Thanks for sharing them.

  55. 55
    burnspbesq says:

    @kommrade reproductive vigor:

    Joe hopes to explore Maryanna’s Trench

    You’d better hope that either (1) St. Peter doesn’t read this blog, or (2) he likes bad puns. Elsewise your stay in Purgatory just got a lot longer.

  56. 56
  57. 57

    @HRA: Thanks. My bro is the photog in the family, obviously. I just point and say, “Take a picture of that.” I will get to the captions later tonight, just for jeffreyw.

  58. 58
    r€nato says:

    I’m not thinking about the hike, so much as I am thinking about what Joe does when he goes to the men’s room. All GOP politicians ought to be required to have a chaperone for that.

  59. 59
    demkat620 says:

    Shame. Less.

    And senseless.

  60. 60
    Corner Stone says:

    Triple option finally starting to take hold?

  61. 61
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    @AhabTRuler (whispering) OK, it will be our little secret. Thanks.

    (normal voice) He looks so much like my dear departed Hamish, even to the little white chevron on his chest. Lovely boy.

    @asiangrrlMN: I tried that first (clicking on ATR’s name) but all I saw was the snow scene with chemical toilet. A thing of beauty, but hardly in the Henri category.

  62. 62
    Corner Stone says:

    There’s football on people! For God’s sake!

  63. 63

    @SiubhanDuinne: There’s a picture of Henri to the side. I just clicked that and then on the Momo & Henri set. The vid is next to the pic that AhabTRuler posted. I LOVE that cat!

    @Corner Stone: Football? What is that, please? Kidding. Go black unis!

  64. 64
    Ash Can says:

    @burnspbesq: Hey, I’m willing to say a few extra litanies for him to get his ass out of the penalty box… Oh snap, that just got me a double minor, didn’t it?

  65. 65
    Nellcote says:

    LaPalin motivates Houston!

  66. 66
    ajr22 says:

    @Corner Stone: I know, I thought I was alone here. Iowa would be dominating if stanzey had not thrown his 8th pick six of the season.

  67. 67
    Seanly says:

    What a joke that state is. Too bad, because between the upstate and Charleston, its beautiful.

    Do you mean the PeeDee region or the Midlands? Coz those are the areas between the Upstate & Charleston…

    I live in the Midlands and don’t know if I’d call it beautiful. I’d rather be in the Upstate or Charleston. Now those areas are beautiful!

  68. 68
    SiubhanDuinne says:

    @asiangrrlMN: Oh, thanks, I’ll try that. Yeah, Henri is a great cat!

  69. 69
    Matthew incontinentti says:

    Erik erickson gave his blessing because no goat fucking was involved.

  70. 70
    Martin says:


    I think it’s ‘driving up the 5’.

  71. 71
    Corner Stone says:

    @ajr22: That was really bad. The DB got like a 5 yard break on that pass, just by reading the QB’s eyes. Inexcusable really.

  72. 72
    Corner Stone says:

    @ajr22: Cole’s off somewhere soaking his toes getting ready for his weekly mani-pedi or some shit.
    Couldn’t hack it when he clued up his GF and we bashed him for it, then he trotted out the tired, treadless “bill-kill” nonsense.

  73. 73
    Corner Stone says:

    @Martin: Well, an escrima stick and/or knife strike to the “5” is the prostate region..sooo…mmkay.

  74. 74
    AhabTRuler says:

    @Corner Stone: It is, after all, California.

  75. 75
    ajr22 says:

    @Corner Stone: Ya stanzey has made a habit of that this year. I visited Iowa City for the homecoming game early in the season, It was a night game against Michigan. First play of the game Stanzey throws a pick six. He just stares right at his receivers. He is the anti Favre. I cant even venture into that next thread during foosball.

  76. 76
    gnomedad says:

    OK, I smell a setup. According to this, Wilson has family along. So he drops a tantalizing tweet, waits for the mockery, then holds a presser with his family and the tearful intern, damning the libruls for slandering her.

  77. 77
    Notorious P.A.T. says:


    Haha ) funny. I didn’t know The Onion did R-rated.

  78. 78
    Corner Stone says:

    GT with the pitch and TD!

  79. 79
    Ripley says:

    “You: Lie!” SC tent talk.

    And I believe the California equivalent of ‘Hiking the Appalachian Trail’ is, simply, ‘fucking.’ Been awhile since I lived there, but this seems right.

  80. 80
    ajr22 says:

    Stanzey out running a 1st round defensive end wow!

  81. 81
    clone12 says:

    I’m going to assume that Joe Wilson is not doing anything untowards, because no one could possibly be that stupid as to tweet…

    … sigh….

  82. 82
    hamletta says:

    @Bad Horse’s Filly: Yay for your feisty cousin!


  83. 83
    Tim I says:

    How could he be this stupid? Oh yeah, he’s Joe Wilson.

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