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Via Wonkette, you too can make your own Kenyan Birth Certificate.

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    Hunter Gathers says:

    I’ve been having fun with this all morning. Whoever wrote the code for it should be awarded one million internet dollars.

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    I made one yesterday. Posted it here. We are all Kenyans today!

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    Hey did you hear about the baby rhino born in Uganda being named “Obama” cause his dad was from Kenya and his mom was from the US? Cue the birfers looking for a Ugandan birth certificate in 3, 2…

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    I did one earlier this morning for el Rushbo.

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    dmsilev says:

    Saw that yesterday over at TPM. They found John McCain’s Kenyan birth certificate (and contrary to popular belief, it was not translated with the aid of the Rosetta Stone).


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    Michael says:

    I’ve already had too much fun with it.

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    Comrade Darkness says:

    Oh, f*ckin’ awesome. I’m making one for everyone in my family.

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    Oh it gets better, check this out


    It looks like the birfers were “punked” (fyi the blanket and everything in those four shots matches the blanket used in the Orly BC that she submitted to the court).

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    ET says:

    I laughed until I cried. Best mid-day boost I have had for a while.

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    Pablo says:

    I neglected to tell my insurance co. that I am a tea birther. Now they won’t pay for my lobotomy.

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    shelley matheis says:

    Love how over at Free Republic they’re all huffy about how the big bad Libruls are acting all juvenile with this.

    And the whole original Birther nonsense is…?

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    dmsilev says:

    @shelley matheis:

    Love how over at Free Republic they’re all huffy about how the big bad Libruls are acting all juvenile with this. And the whole original Birther nonsense is…?

    …A hidden part of the Obama Administration’s stimulus package, the Comedian Full Employment Program. After the end of the Bush Administration, there was the prospect of so many political comedians who were suddenly underemployed. Something had to be done.


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    joes527 says:

    @shelley matheis:

    Love how over at Free Republic they’re all huffy about how the big bad Libruls are acting all juvenile with this.

    I’ve spent WAY too much time at freerepublic this week. It is like watching a traffic wreck. It is horrible, but so hard to turn away from.

    My favourite bit was a thread started when someone re-compressed the image and a couple of the characters looked a little different. They spun elaborate schemes where the changed version was actually the original and the original was a plot to discredit Orly.

    But then the person who started the whole thing figured out that this was just an artefact of image compression. He fessed up and even showed how you you could re-run the compression and get the same results yourself. But alas, it was too late. The die hard freepers were convinced that it was all a plot, and no amount of “information” or “facts” or “common sense” would turn them from their conspiracy theory.

    Beyond belief.

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    matoko_chan says:


    I’m doing a play by play of Obamas tit-for-tat strategy that bearded came up with.
    Ridicule is definitely part of Obama’s ground game.

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    Chris DOwd says:

    The kook-i-fication of the GOP continues full speed.

    By the way- let’s suppose Obama was born in Kenya?


    Do Freepers and the rest of the Kook brigade actually believe that McCain (born on a federal imperial military outpost in Panama) would represent their interests with any more concern or care than a foreign born “leader”?

    This country was ruled by an idiot princeling of the Beltway for 8 years (nominally a Texan). He may as well have been a foreigner as far as I am concerned.

    This idea that our federal politicians “care” about “America” (whatever that is) is absurd. They don’t have our interests at heart. How can they?

    So I just have to laugh at these boobs and their birth certificate imbecility.

    Anyone who gets in the oval office has been vetted thoroughly by the powers that be. They take care to represent the interests of the United State of DC. Rarely- once in a while those interests and our interests are the same. Most of the time- those interests are not our interests- and quite often they are in direct conflict with them.

    But go one Kooks- keep sniffing around Obama to make sure he was born in “America”. It really really matters.

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    Da Bomb says:

    I had fun with mine. I found it on FDL. I wonder if wingnuts would believe that I am the product of Harriet Tubman and Booker T. Washington born in France, or maybe the motherless child of Frederick Douglass born in a busted up chiffarobe.

    Good times!

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    pattonbt says:

    I dont buy into all the Obama-fu jedi mind trick five layer chess stuff many do. But one thing that seems to be consistent is that his long approach to things has some really fun consequences for his opponents. It infuriates me on a base level at times because I want to see some fight. But what has been apparent is that by going at his pace and not addressing the crazy, he lets the crazy factor wind up to eleventy which eventually causes it to become parody and implode.

    Sure, the nuts will keep the birther stuff up forever, but its funny things like this that turn it into a joke and force people to either buy it for good or run from the crazy. Its the whole tire gauge thing. Let them ramp up the idiocy and then they have to walk it back when it becomes a joke. In their goal to ‘win the day’ they lose the game. Idiots.

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