Poor Timing

Fluff piece on 60 Minutes about Texas Tech.

Timing is everything.

Also, Steelers v. Chargers, almost fourteen years since the “Three More Yards” heartbreak. Loved that team.

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    elmo says:

    Sorry, John. I celebrated for days. I was one of the 10,000 who turned out at the Murph to welcome them home.
    And then wept bitter tears at the craptasmagoria that was that year’s Super Bowl. Sigh.

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    robertdsc says:

    the craptasmagoria that was that year’s Super Bowl.

    The Niners winning helped me get laid that night. My girlfriend at the time, a Cowboys fan, said if the Niners won, she’d give it up. Heh.

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    elmo says:

    Here’s hoping you lasted longer than the Chargers D did. Two touchdowns in the first two minutes? Oy.

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    Pablo says:

    I’m rooting for the Eagles (never, never have I sunk so low!)
    only because I want the Giants to kick brotherly love ass!

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    ppcli says:

    Hmmm…I look forward to their puff-piece on Bernie Madoff’s financial golden touch.

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    The Moar You Know says:

    And then wept bitter tears at the craptasmagoria that was that year’s Super Bowl. Sigh.

    You think you had a miserable Super Bowl that year? I was living in, and had to watch it in San Francisco (I’m from San Diego). I was the only blue jersey wearer at the party I was at. I knew it was going to be pretty bad, but wasn’t quite prepared for the utter humiliation the Niners dished out that day. I’m still bitter. Fuckers totally ran up the score – I would count myself a Niner fan under most circumstances, but that was uncalled for.

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    passerby says:

    Fluff piece = Tunch

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    Peter von Nostrand says:

    Leach is possibly an offensive mastermind. Leach is most assuredly an insufferable, whiny, twit.

    That is all.

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    flounder says:

    I remember that like it was yesterday. I worked at a resort in Jackson, WY and had just gotten off work and went to the resort bar when it started. There was a big ski group in from Pittsburgh, and as a Chargers fan, I delighted in watching them all freak out when the Chargers won. The guy next to me at the bar was such a tool. He was so sure that Pittsburgh was going to win that he already had catering lined up for his big frat boy Super Bowl Party.

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    teak111 says:

    your goin down, cole, again.

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    Church Lady says:

    We went to Dallas for the game. Awesome. All I can say is Hotty damn Toddy and OU better watch out for Tebow. As the crowd chanted, S-E-C, S-E-C.

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    elmo says:


    Didn’t the Stillers themselves record some kind of rap song about going to the SuperBowl — the week before the Chargers arrived? ISTR something like that.

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    Joel says:

    I hate USC, but they were tops in the nation this year, no doubt. For that, thank you Oregon State and your Beavers, however you groom them.

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    eric says:

    USC gets to play a home bowl game against a terrible penn state team that played in a conference no better than the MAC this year. I am sorry. you gak to the Beavers, there is a good chance you gak twice in the Big 12 or SEC. The Pac 10 sux. Luckily (for them) it sux less than the Big 10. I would bet on OU and Florida and Texas. Utah? i dunno. who did USC beat that was any good this year? (other than a crappy Penn State team that had no business playing in that game.)

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    SixStringFanatic says:

    Hard to love any team that has Neil F—ing O’Donnell for a qb. I’ll still punch that guy the first time I meet him.

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    Wesosan says:

    Drove from SD to Pittsburgh with a couple buddies for the AFCCG in 94/95. With no tickets. Got a miracle the night before the game, and practically got killed by Stillers fans throwing stuff at me after Dennis Gibson knocked that pass down in the endzone (in their defense, I was drunk and acting the fool).

    Two weeks later, flew to Miami for the SB. Not quite as much fun as the Pittsburgh trip.

    John Cole can’t lose here – after all, you are supposed to be moving towards Dago one of these days, no?

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    KG says:


    vs No 5 Ohio State, W, 35-3
    vs No 23 Oregon, W, 44-10
    vs No 17 California, W, 17-3
    vs No 8 Penn State, W, 38-24

    All rankings at the time of the game.

    Oregon finished 10-3, Cal finished 9-4, Penn State finished 11-2, Ohio State is 10-2 with one to play (likely finishing 10-4).

  18. 18

    If you all will forgive me for a shameless blogwhore, this is sort of on topic since drinking and ball games go together and this is kind of a PSA announcement.

    If you live in NYC, LA, Chicago, SF, Miami or Honolulu you can find happy hours with free booze. Not to mention cheap appetizer and booze promotions.

  19. 19
    Punchy says:

    Okie is going to trounce Fla’dah. So sick of hearing about da Gator’s D. Oklafuckinhoma is averaging like 60-plus pts a game. Okie by 2 touches, easy.
    Normally a Sooner-hater

  20. 20
    vishnu schizt says:

    there is a good chance you gak twice in the Big 12 or SEC.

    Give us all a break Eric, being a left coaster and PAC-10 alum, it always makes me think of the great myths when I hear how "weak" the PAC-10 is. Other great myths:

    -Republicans are stronger on defense, the economy, etc, etc
    -Democrats are weak surrender monkeys who want to tax you so they can abort your guns.
    – Insert any number of others here.

    I would speculate that on average in the SEC team would lose 1.385965 additional games while playing in the PAC-10, while the PAC-10 would win 0.56984321895768 more games in the SEC. This assumes all games are played on Saturday at noon in Wofford, Mass, infinately. With both conferences playing all games simutaneously with all games aired on USA network at the same time in split screen. I’m sure you will agree my analysis has the same validity as yours….

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    Buck says:

    I am SEC through and through, bone and marrow.

    But USC has one hell of a football team. I would love to see USC play Florida after Florida takes care of Oklahoma.

    I hate the BCS.

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    eric says:

    "vs No 5 Ohio State, W, 35-3
    vs No 23 Oregon, W, 44-10
    vs No 17 California, W, 17-3
    vs No 8 Penn State, W, 38-24"

    Your argument references two big ten teams and two pac ten teams. both conferences blow…know what else those teams have in common? no real passing game; no explosive passing offenses. Plus, Cal??? are you serious abotu that?

    Look, i think that there are a teams in the SEC that were overrated as title contenders (Georgia and Alabama). But both are better than the four you listed above. The point of the SEC (and the Big 12) is that when you have to play LSU, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Auburn, you are more likely to lose the second or third game of a tough run of games.

    UCC dominates the Pac Ten because it has a dynamic offense and a great defense. They can play from behind and protect a lead. Ohio State and Penn State cannot throw the ball. Neither team deserved to be anywhere near the top ten.

    I think USC is a great team, but they benefit year in and year out from playing in a conference of underachieving (soft) teams. Not to mention the fact that they pay better than some NFL teams.

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    terry chay says:

    @elmo: It was a rap video. Technically I don’t think they actually recorded it—if they did, it’d be on YouTube—but they did rehearse it. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and had recently moved to the San Diego. That game pretty much introduced the red zoneish "8 in the box" style defense which pretty much ended the Steelers from ever having a decent offense.

    Seau was amazing that day, but it was heartbreaking to watch. I still think Pittsburgh’s defense would have given the Niners (I live in SF now) a run for their money.

    The Steelers had Eric Green tight end, Barry Foster as running back, and Greg Lloyd and Kevin Greene as outside linebackers, Rod Woodson and Carnell Lake in the backfield. Not to mention one of the best run-blocking offensive lines ever to play. 7 pro-bowlers—a lot of talent but so much cockiness they deserved the humiliation.

  24. 24
    elmo says:

    @terry: Thanks, that’s what I thought I remembered. Sorry for your heartbreak, really, but we spent the whole rest of the afternoon and evening just driving around honking horns with the windows open, celebrating. It had been a looooooooooong time coming.

  25. 25
    terry chay says:

    @elmo That was a great season. IIRC the Chargers began that year with an impressive winning streak. Humphries was the QB and Natrone Means had a breakout running season. I also think they had another pro-bowler besides Junior Seau in the box. I was very amused with the coconut thing that Pupunu used to do when he scored the touchdown. Surprisingly, he only did that 5 times in his career. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Pupunu

    That was also the year the Browns lost three in a row to the Steelers and then Model moved the team to Baltimore. The Browns coach that year was Bill Belichick. I also remember Madden and Summerall announcing the season opener on FOX against the Cowboys at Pittsburgh (blowout by the Cowboys).

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    TheAssInTheHatOnMyCat(Formerly Comrade Tax Analyst) says:

    The Niners winning helped me get laid that night. My girlfriend at the time, a Cowboys fan, said if the Niners won, she’d give it up. Heh.

    So you covered the spread, eh?

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