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That was stressful.

Umm, Folks. That Was Sarah Palin Being Sarah Palin

If I hear one more person tell me that what we really need is for McCain’s handlers to let Sarah Palin be Sarah Palin, as if the real Sarah Palin was not the one offering up rambling gibberish to Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, but the one reading a speech at the RNC, I am going to scream. Michelle Bernard, on MSNBC, stated she can not believe the interview because the Palin speech at the RNC was so good, so obviously the handlers are hurting her and that is why she was terrible with Couric.

That is simply ass backwards. Sarah Palin read a speech off a teleprompter at the RNC, much of which was written BEFORE SHE WAS EVEN THE CANDIDATE. The real Sarah Palin, unscripted, and, if you will, Sarah Palin being Sarah Palin, was the babbling incoherency on display at CBS. That is why they are doing everything they can to hide her from the press. That is the real McCoy.

Heckuva job, Johnny Drama.

Another Open Thread

I feel like I should be blogging about the Wall Street mess, but I have sort of lost interest. There is nothing I can do, and after several weeks of studying it I came no closer to understanding it beyond a superficial level. So, instead, I am going to give you this thread.

Plus, Steelers tonight.

Behold, Armageddon

The bailout bill has failed in the house, and the market is down -500.

I bet the House Republicans are PISSED. They wanted this bill to pass, but on the backs of the Democrats so they could run their populist bullshit about protecting the taxpayers.

*** Update ***

Speak of the devils. The House Republicans are now staging a group whine, blaming the fact that none of the voted on the bill on the fact that Pelosi made a partisan speech. Wankers. Eric Cantor looks like he is confused about whether to smile or cry.

*** Update #2 ***

Barney Frank just nailed the GOP nonsense about being offended.

*** Update #3 ***

Regardless your position on the bailout, you have to be amused by the notion that there were a bunch of Republicans who would have voted for it, but then were offended and said to hell with it. After Frank’s performance here, I think the GOP will stop peddling that nonsense.

On the other hand, the McCain campaign is blaming this on Obama. Heh.

Worst Campaign Ever

Serious question- is Steve Schmidt running the worst campaign ever:

David Axelrod was surrounded by a pack of camera-toting, mike-wielding, pushing-and-shoving media types, one of whom asked whether his man Barack Obama had been “too nice” in the just-completed debate with John McCain.

“I don’t think he was too nice. . . . There were clear differences. . . . He made a very strong case, absolutely,” the onetime newspaperman said in his meandering style.

Twenty feet away, McCain operative Steve Schmidt was robotically hammering home a single number.

“Senator Obama was right tonight when he said John McCain was right 11 times. . . . It was a home run for Senator McCain. . . . The person who is losing the debate, the person who is on defense, is the person who says his opponent is right 11 times,” the shaved-head strategist declared.

I don’t know how much of the fail from the McCain campaign the last few months is is a clash between John McCain’s erratic urges and lack of impulse control (remember the aide who responded that the reason they were in Colombia during an election cycle was because McCain wanted to be in Colombia, andwhat McCain wants, McCain gets) and Schmidt’s style, but this is terrible. Let me explain some more- by every account, Schmidt is an on message kind of guy, and just likes to find one thing and drill it until it is dead. The problem is that when you have a campaign that operates like that, you can not have John McCain running out and shifting the message every few days.

For example, it was taunts of “celebrity, celebrity, celebrity,” then McCain goes on the View and SNL and pictures of him boating in the Mediterranean with Anne Hathaway appear and so on. Then the most important thing ever was “experience experience experience,” and McCain picks Palin. He continuously asserts the economy is strong, then the next day this is the worst crisis ever.

Today is just the latest installment. Spend weeks talking about bi-partisanship, spend weeks saying how McCain can work across party lines, jab Obama during the debates because he is so liberal he can not work with Republicans, spend the week saying the financial crisis needs a bi-partisan solution, and then your idiot campaign manager and ad team want to pretend that agreeing with the opposing candidate is bad.

And so on. They drive their point home as if it is the most important thing ever, make sure everyone knows what their point is (Schmidt is not subtle), then the next day they pull the rug out and something else is the new most important thing ever. The cumulative effect of all of this is to create a staggering level of incoherence, and it is rational to think these guys are insane or full of shit or unstable, or maybe all three. Add to it the foolish jihad against the media, and you have the current disaster.

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