Not that you need my advice, but if you live in Galveston or Houston, leave. My thoughts are with you. I have a lot of co-workers that work in one or our offices there. Be safe.

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    JL says:

    Ike is one scaring hurricane. I also have family in Clear Lake and hopefully they are on there way to safety. Now I’m going OT.. Sarah has decided that it might be necessary to go to war with Russia according to a breaking news alert from ABC that was in my mailbox. When I went to ABC News online there was not a link to the story yet.

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    Keith says:

    Galveston’s definitely got to evac. Chron.com’s SciGuy’s been recommending leaving only if you are in an evac zone to avoid the Rita logjam or were leaving very early. I’m in way, way NW Houston, so I’m expecting decent rain and some big wind but no flooding or storm surge (which oddly now sounds like something that would bring Victory over Storms).
    I’m gonna ride this one out, good or bad (but then, I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast my whole life, so hurricanes are the norm)

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    Wonk says:

    Off topic, but when I read the title of this post, I thought it was about this:

    Just a headline at ABC News right now, but is the first report from their exclusive.. She says war with Russia may be necessary if Russia invades another country.

    More should be coming shortly.


    And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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    chopper says:

    ike’s wind field is frickin huge. that means his storm surge is gonna be frickin huge. anyone on the gulf coast keep an eye out.

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    DonnaInMichigan says:

    My husband has an Uncle who lives in Galveston, not only is his home at risk, his business as well. Let’s just pray for all of them.

    I’ve noticed that the MSM isn’t harping on this hurricane as much as they were Gustav, because after all this is only Texas, and not New Orleans…

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    Michael D. says:

    because after all this is only Texas, and not New Orleans

    I noticed the same thing. I kinda feel like the media is salivating for New Orleans to be pummelled again.

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    handy says:

    That is one hella big storm. God help all in its path. I mean it.

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    David Hunt says:

    I live about 100 miles north of Houston and we’re suppose to be getting 40 mph winds on Saturday. I’m currently securing my office and the entire system is going to shut down to backup in 15 minutes. Still, College Station is a place that people are going to evacuate to instead of from. If I stay off of the road I figure that the worst that might happen is the inconvenience of the power going out for a few hours. My best wishes for those of you that are really going to get hit by that monster.

    Signing off before the system kicks me off…

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    Halteclere says:

    Here are Houston’s TranStar cameras to see what the traffic looks like. The page I’ve linked to is for I-45 north, which heads to Dallas. The top camera in the list is the farthest south, while the bottom camera in the list is the farthest north. The northern cameras really show the traffic jam.

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    Keith says:

    The northern cameras really show the traffic jam.

    At least it’s not as bad as Rita (knock on wood). I skipped that evac because I figured “what are the odds of two hurricanes destroying major US cities in one season?” and fortunately chose wisely, as colleagues spent 24 hours driving to San Antonio (a 3 hour drive). In hindsight, I should have brought a camera when I drove out to Beaumont later that week (past roadblocks and miles of downed power lines/trees)…I was on some property that got absolutely obliterated by the tornadoes (the only standing tree had its branches removed and its trunk twisted 180 degrees)

    I don’t worry much about the wind here (except for $$$) given how far north I am, but I fear Galveston – which is a glorified sand bar – is going to get obliterated.

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    w vincentz says:

    Go to safety all in the area.
    Houston is a great place (though a bit too hot and humid for these yankee bones). Great food, nice folks, and strange crawly things.
    Get yer cowboy hats buckled down and hop the first stage outta town!

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    mikefromtexas says:

    Here in Corpus Christi it was looking real bad for awhile. Most people were preparing to leave, quite a few already left. But once again we’ve been spared a major hit. I’ll probably only board up a few of the windows. Best wishes to my home town. Hope all my long lost friends don’t have too hard of a time.

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    LiberalTarian says:

    God bless Texas. Good luck y’all, I worry for ya.

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    maryQ says:

    Hi all
    I’m right in the downtown/Med Center area of Houston, and right now, Ike’s projected path runs pretty much over my head!

    Today, I bought cans of food. Tomorrow we are boarding up the windows and moving the computers, photos and documents to the high shelves in the interior closet. Three years ago I tried to evacuate for Rita, but after 4 hours and 20 miles, I turned around and took shelter in my office with my daughter. This year, they won’t let us shelter at work, but I need to be on call for work emergencies, so we’re hoping for the best. And evacuating sucks.

    Where we are, the flooding danger is not so great (the bayous can handle a large surge and the rainfall forcast is modest). I’m kinda worried about wind damage.

    The projected path is moving north, but while that makes me relieved, it is still going to bring the wrath of nature down on many many people. Again. Hard to be happy about that.

    I appreciate all your good thoughts. Keep ’em coming, because we’re gonna need ’em.

    I keep looking out the window for McCain and Palin to fly in with bottled water and the promise of change in Washington, but so far nothing. I promise, though, I will let you all know when the arrive.

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    michelle says:

    Stay safe Mary. I’m a mile north of downtown Houston. You and I will get some strong winds for sure — but from a survivor of Alicia of ’83 please be aware of tornados. Make a place in the center of your place without windows. It’s very important.

    The storm surge won’t hit Houston proper, but lots and lots of people need to get out now.

    Today was a sunny pleasant day and I have heard that some don’t want to move even if they are in the path. Some are even being subborn. They risk not only their lives but their saviours.

    Mayor White is a picture of how to handle the press. In comparing Palin’s stint earlier and White’s now and earlier today. . . no comparison. Palin is a city councilperson with no ideas.

    Let Palin handle what we are going through? Never.

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    SnarkyShark says:

    I live in Glaveston. I surfed my brains out and then spit about 12:00 noon. No traffic really, and I made it up to the North side of Houston in about 2 hours.

    Still expect to encounter 100 mile an hour winds, but no storm surge. The surge is going to prove catastrophic. 15+ in the bay and ship channel. Its never happened before. I predict an environmental disaster of epic proportions. I plan to drink heavily and and blog until the lights go out.

    I learned this approach from John C.

    Alcohol is always the answer, except when pot is.

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    machine says:

    I’m in the West University area, not far from maryQ, where we’ve been told to shelter-in-place. Food, water, batteries and bourbon are in place and everything external is taped/boarded up. It’s all Madden NFL ’09 until the power goes out.

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    voice of reason says:

    At least the hurricane isn’t hitting the United States. It’s just Texas.

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