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    cmorenc says:

    It’s highly improper and offensive to criticize Republicans for being people afflicted “special challenges” or needs. Republicans can’t help it that people with severe irony impairment or rhythem impairment are disproportionately likely to become….Republicans.

    Shame on you.

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    Grand Moff Tarkin says:

    I have no idea how these people (on both sides mind you) keep a straight face.

    I could never be a lawyer or any other kind of spin related person.

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    pharniel says:

    seriously. why is this not on every goddamned news broadcast.

    if i were an honest journalist i’d come with these quotes and while being interviewed play them when someone predictably contradicts themselves.

    seriously. these people need to just get beaten down.

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    Glocksman says:

    Here’s a picture of McCain giving an interview on the convention floor where he questioned Obama’s patriotism;

    Interview Pic

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    r€nato says:

    During the Friday News Roundup on Diane Riehm, one of the commenters did remark that the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report seemed to be the only TV shows doing any serious analysis of the bullshit spread at the RNC.

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    Joshau Norton says:

    So, what were their issues of “substance”? Palin bitched and moaned and cried about being a “real American” with “small town values” who’s not taken seriously by those Democratic meanies – and Barack Obama’s an “elitist” (read uppity!! WAH! WAH! WAH!

    Also, ‘Patriot Extraordinaire’ John McCain was shot down 40 years ago and even though he never shuts up about it, people still have a much higher favorability rating towards Obama. WAH! WAH! WAH! NOT FAIR! NOT FAIR!

    JEEZ! ! ! Accusing the left of “whining” considering that the rightwing’s entire platform for 2008 is to cry FOUL incessantly and avoid any talk of the economy, health care, lost jobs, skyrocketing deficit, Bin Laden’s victory, and the horrifically botched Iraqi & Afghanistan clusterf*cks is pathetic even for the predictably whimpering bitchboys of the Republican Party!

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    DrDave says:

    Sarah Palin kept the people of Alaska safe from moose and polar bears. And the Russians. And she kept her daughter’s boyfriends hockey skates sharp. Tim Kaine did none of these things.

    And if Sarah Palin is elected VP, she can scare John’s server into not sucking.

    Why would anyone think that Tim Kaine could do any of these things?

    But seriously, Jon Stewart is one of the few people on TV whose bullshit filter works all the time. No agenda but cutting through the crap. And then presenting it in a funny way. How refreshing.

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    Common Sense says:

    Submitted to my newspaper (for a purple city in a conservative state):

    Over the next few weeks, politically motivated people on both sides will be attempting to define Sarah Palin to the average American. Some may be dissatisfied members of the party she is storming, others will be determined to see the other side elected. She will be tarred as a face who is only there due to her gender. They will accuse her spouse of unAmerican activities, and will smear her through associations from years ago. There will be pundits explaining why her pastor makes her unqualified, and others claiming moose hunting in Alaska is just too exotic and non-mainstream for the average American. Some will say she is too young and doesn’t have the experience that is apparently a constitutional requirement for election. Others will say that Alaska is too corrupt of a political environment, and that any politician who came from such a fetid swamp must be automatically corrupt due to their roots and the politicians they had supporting them when they started their career. There will be claims that she is an extremist who cloaks her radicalism behind a pretty speech — it’s only a matter of days before someone claims she is the most extreme candidate ever nominated to a major ticket. If she claims a media bias, others will brush off any claim of discrimination as a feeble excuse from a campaign that is losing on the issues.

    It’s up to each of us to determine which (if any) of these critiques are politically motivated and which are valid. But please keep in mind that every one of these criticisms has already been made of one of the candidates — on the same media outlets that supposedly adore him. And please try in the future to remember how it feels to have such meaningless fluff thrown at a person, and above all try to remember and argue only the issues that really matter when casting your vote.

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    Neal says:

    Common Sense, I just cried. Thanks.

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    Gus says:

    Common Sense Says:

    Fuckin’ nice.

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    I’s sure that most of you have heard that the unemployment rate went up to 6.1% after the economy lost 84,000 jobs in August. That last brought the total of jobs lost this year to 605,000. How hypocritical do you have to be to stand up with a straight face and say that more of the same economic policies that caused this situation will also cure it?

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    smiley says:

    This is moderately amusing.

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    libarbarian says:

    Common Sense says that someone that in love with “loyaty tests” and firing those who “fail” should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be allowed anywhere near the WH.

    I don’t care about Moose or guns or pregnant daughters and their loser boyfriends. I care about a zealous religious person who thinks God told her to build oil pipelines and take revenge on anyone who has ever spurned her in any way.

    Seriously – am I only one who thinks that Palin is the kind iof mother who would cut the breaklines of her daughter’s rival for head-cheerleader?

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    David in NYC says:

    Wasilla, the “second largest city in Alaska”, according to Turd Blossom?

    Curiously, according to the US Census Bureau, it is 9th. (Those damn bureaucrats and their abacuses.) Granted, it may have moved up a notch or two since 2000 (an additional 1,000 residents would place it 7th), but it is less than one-quarter the size of the #2 and #3 cities (Juneau and Fairbanks, respectively).

    Republican: Just another word for “lying douchebag”.

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    vaux-rien says:

    and above all try to remember and argue only the issues that really matter when casting your vote

    Of course there were some well-meaning people who actually bought Bush’s compassionate conservative, thousand points of light, uniter not a divider, no foreign military adventures shtick, so we have a very powerful recent example that character is important and the candidates’ stated positions on the issues can’t be taken at face value.

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    mannemalon says:

    Gotta say, David Schuster is money sometimes. I think it’s time for him to get his own show. Give him the extra Hardball’s slot. He actually knows the issues, and challenges the bullshit that somehow consistently goes unchallenged by today’s reporters.

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    NonyNony says:

    Curiously, according to the US Census Bureau, it is 9th. (Those damn bureaucrats and their abacuses.) Granted, it may have moved up a notch or two since 2000

    The Wikipedia entry on Wasilla says that the current population estimate for Wasilla would have it be either the fourth or the sixth largest city in Alaska, depending on which estimate you think might be more accurate.

    Where Douchebag McGillicutty got “second” from I have no idea. Well, I suspect he pulled it out of his ass because he knew he couldn’t get away with “largest” and figured that if he went for “second largest” no one would ever call him on it. He should have went with “one of the largest” – which is both true and weaselly, given the population of Alaska.

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    PC says:

    Seriously – am I only one who thinks that Palin is the kind iof mother who would cut the breaklines of her daughter’s rival for head-cheerleader?

    No. It took about two days for me to get that impression. My wife got the same impression after the acceptance speech.

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    chopper says:

    oh, that rove. he’s such a special boy.

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    JL says:

    Common Sense, Send it all to other outlets. Jonathan Alter at “Newsweek” might be a good start.

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    jibeaux says:

    That is awesome, but WHY is possessive punctuation so difficult for people? A fantastic fake ad that mocks the Republicans’ stance on education that includes the phrase “it’s slogan” is, well it’s such ironicness* is what it is.

    * “Such ironicness” is from an extremely old episode of the Daily Show, possibly even the Kilborne days, before they really honed their political skills and mostly made ordinary people look stupid, which made them seem kind of mean. Some dude who had a deer run into his house said the situation had such ironicness, and I’ve used it ever since.

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    John Rohan says:

    pharniel Says:

    seriously. why is this not on every goddamned news broadcast.

    I swear you guys are so deep in your own echo chambers that you start believing your own BS.

    There are a few reasons why it’s not on every news broadcast:

    1) Because Jon Stewart is a comedian, not a hard newsperson, which leads to #2

    2) Some of these clips were taken totally out of context (the Dick Morris ones especially) to distort the meanings.

    3) If it were broadcast outside of Jon Stewart’s controlled environment, people might start asking uncomfortable questions, like why no clips of Joe Biden? After all, just a few months ago he said Obama was not ready for the presidency and now he says he is. You could throw Hillary and quite a few others into that mix as well. Of course, since Democrats get the softball treatment on his show, he would never allow it himself.

    Sorry, truth hurts.

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