FiveThirtyEight Deep Sixes Lanny

Adventures in Lannyland is one of those posts that is just too good to quote any single part, and completely, totally, and relentlessly shreds to pieces the idiotic Lanny Davis modest proposal for Michigan.

Go read it.

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    Incertus says:

    I wish I knew math like that. I had to beat Lanny up using his presumptions and dishonesty.

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    JGabriel says:

    On another amusing note, David Kurtz at TPM has a nice new nickname for Fossella:

    Republicans are having a hard time finding candidates to run for the seat being abandoned by Rep. Vito “Families Guy” Fossella (R-NY).

    Heh, indeed.


  3. 3
    cleek says:

    one of the comments:

    “…you so thoroughly debunked him point for point that he should be required to register as a “truth offender” wherever he moves to.”


  4. 4
    jake says:

    Lanny = Yappy slipper dog.
    Pablano = Tank full o’ pirahna.


    Lanny Davis modest proposal for Michigan.

    I thought this was snark but the beginning of Davis’ piece does read like a high school senior’s attempt to riff on Swift. I suspect he was going for the Super Formal & So Intelligent You Don’t Dare Call BS on My BS tone.

    Please make these people go away.

  5. 5
    El Doh says:

    The Clinton campaign’s shameless lying and distortion over the situation in Michigan alone is reason enough to not support them.

    Especially after the last eight years of deception, spin and bullshit.

  6. 6
    Rick Massimo says:

    Hillary, whose name was the only major one on the ballot, should get more than half of Michigan’s uncommitted delegates?

    Hillary herself is becoming the least obnoxious member of her campaign. God I’ve had it with these people.

  7. 7
    PaulB says:

    I have to say that I read Lanny’s proposal with disbelief that he could be proposing something so blatantly dishonest. The sheer chutzpah of the guy is beyond belief. And it’s even more beyond belief that someone actually gave him a platform from which to spout that complete bullshit.

  8. 8
    CT says:

    Clearly, a great many Michigan voters couldn’t decide whether HRC is merely “awesome” or “teh awesomest”, so they voted ‘uncommitted’. Barry should take his 30 delegates that he doesn’t even deserve and be glad of it.

    The next time Lanny appears on TV, I’ll be curious to see if the makeup can cover the big hand imprint across his face from that mighty slap from Poblano.

  9. 9
    Andrew says:

    I know John wants us to be nice to Jeralyn, but what can you say when she buys into something so plainly stupid and absurd?

  10. 10
    El Doh says:

    I know John wants us to be nice to Jeralyn, but what can you say when she buys into something so plainly stupid and absurd?

    “Don’t mock the afflicted.”

  11. 11
    marjowil says:

    Considering that the ONLY reason I dragged my Michigan butt out to vote in January for a primary that was not supposed to count was to register my OPPOSITION to a Clinton-by-fiat election, awarding any of the uncommitted votes to Clinton would tick me off extremely.

    Even though technically I was pro-Edwards, Obama is/was the next logical choice, given that Dodd was already out. If you were for Clinton, Gravel or Kucinich, you voted for your candidate. If you were for Edwards or Obama, you were uncommitted, and since Edwards has now endorsed Obama, um… seems rather obvious that anyone-but-Clintonites would be for Obama, since he is NOT CLINTON.

  12. 12
    JGabriel says:


    I know John wants us to be nice to Jeralyn, but what can you say when she buys into something so plainly stupid and absurd?

    “Just because someone hands you a loaded gun, doesn’t mean you have to pull the trigger.”

    – First heard that from Stacy Horn, at, who attributed it to an unspecified someone else. If anyone knows the original source, please post it.


  13. 13
    Andrew says:

    The person handing out loaded guns to strangers should be locked away for their own safety.

  14. 14
    Zifnab says:

    Listen, after crunching the numbers in Michigan and Florida, I think the only safe and sane solution is to find out how many delegate votes Hillary needs to win the nomination and give her that number + 5.

    By assigning Clinton number + 5 delegates, we settle the argument of “who has more delegate support” and reinforce the Clinton “win big states” theory of electoral success. This will put us in a stronger position to win the general election. Furthermore, we can now add in the vote totals from Michigan and Florida by an equivalent proportion. This should give Clinton the popular vote as well. If you assume each of these delegates and their voters donate money (say $1150 each, to be reasonable) to Hillary in the general election, she’ll quickly accrue over $2 billion to spend on her campaign, making her the easy favorite in terms of fund raising. McCain won’t have a chance.

    This diving up of electoral votes from Michigan and Florida is the only real way the Democrats have to win the White House in November. It’s clear that if you want to end the war, bring about real health reform, and fix our sagging economy, you’ll support my proposal. Anyone who disagrees is probably just in the bag for a 3rd Bush term. I wouldn’t trust them.

  15. 15
    ThymeZone says:

    Man, I have seen fact-based smackdowns, but that is a frickin’ smackdown.

    Whoo-ee dogies.

  16. 16
    timb says:

    Just so we all know, P. Luk has now moved so far to the right of the rest of Democratic party, he gets favorable mentions on right wing blogs! The latest I saw was on Protein Wisdom after his wonderful turn at Taylor Marsh’s site. Whence the Hillary supporters? They are lauded by Fox News, Limbaugh, and a host of kooks

  17. 17
    cleek says:

    P. Luk has now moved so far to the right of the rest of Democratic party, he gets favorable mentions on right wing blogs!

    good riddance

  18. 18
    dr. bloor says:

    Watching Lanny run from set to set of the various teevee news shows and listening to him shill for HRC reminds me of addiction studies I read in undergrad psych, wherein addicted monkeys press bars literally thousands of times to the point of death to get hits of cocaine. He’s never going to find another money trough to feed at as deep and as wide as the Clintons’.

  19. 19
    Freemark says:

    I’ve seen similar posts all over the blog-o-sphere using similar math. But they were tagged as ‘snark’. Maybe Lanny just forgot to put the tag on his column.

    Of course if it isn’t snark then I know how to get Hillary out of debt. Just sell a few ounces of whatever it is that he’s smokin’. I’ve heard rumors,though, that it destroys the ‘rational’ and ‘moral’ thought centers of the brain. But so far I haven’t seen any evidence of that.

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